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From the micro to the macro

Launching Water Rockets @ IIST
Launching Water Rockets @ IIST
2 years ago
These are water rocket launches by the students of aero club in Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology on 4th August.
4 Revolutionary Riddles : Veritasium : Video Response
4 Revolutionary Riddles : Veritasium : Video Response
3 years ago This is a video response to veritasium's video, 4 Revolutionary Riddles If you have not watched that video yet please watch the video by clicking the link in the description before watching this video :)
~ ( ~ Involution )
~ ( ~ Involution )
3 years ago
Why is a negative times a negative equals a positive? It's a question whose answer is not that obvious. In this video I've proved it in different ways; while doing that we come across involutary functions & their properties. Actor / script by / edited by : Sandeep Prasad Shaw Music by : Jake Chudnow ( I'm a great fan of him ) Clip from the movie : Stand & Deliver .
Idempotence  :3
Idempotence :3
3 years ago
If doing something again and over again gives the same result as at the 1st time, the the procedure is known as Idempotence. Taking the mod of a no. Is elevator call button is idempotent: once pushed it will come to you, pushing it again n again n again will not make it come in a different way. Guys plz give your opinions in comments or message me. Your suggestions are invaluable. Thanks for watching.... :)
Proving E = mc^2 ( Another Method )
Proving E = mc^2 ( Another Method )
3 years ago
Proof of the equation by measuring the total change in the energy of a body, its kinetic energy + the energy lost for emitting radiation taking into account the relativistic Doppler effect while in relative motion.
Deriving E = mc^2
Deriving E = mc^2
3 years ago
This is simple derivation of this formula by using calculus.
Conservation of Energy: Proof by Algebra
Conservation of Energy: Proof by Algebra
3 years ago
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Queen edits
Queen edits - Month ago
Thanks a lot brother eventhough I'm a tamil girl I easily understand it
Shovan Ray
Shovan Ray - Month ago
I think it is not total Energy but the kinetic Energy of the particle!!!To get actual Total Energy we have to calculate the total Hamiltonian
Guilherme Mendes
Guilherme Mendes - 3 months ago
The usa e : MC 2
Einstein Lover
Einstein Lover - 9 months ago
Karl Davis
Karl Davis - 10 months ago
Ok, but at 2:54 where it famously says m=m0/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2), doesn't that equation need some derivation or proof in itself. The math here is fine, but by the time you have m=m0/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2), you have done everything that's impressive and difficult already.
Nellvin Cervantes
Nellvin Cervantes - 10 months ago
Hi sir question. Do delta E and delta m always negative (emitting energy) or can they be positive (absorbing energy) ?
Mr MEMé - 11 months ago
Phundy Thyne Phundy Mary Kab Arch-Bhekrreed Thoomb? ?????
NEBULA Gaming - Year ago
You are good
Mehul Manian
Mehul Manian - Year ago
where does the extra part with momentum get derived from
Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari - Year ago
Not good
Edward's Workshop
Edward's Workshop - Year ago
I've been finding other ways to derive e=mc^2 but I think this is the most simple way (of course, with calculus). Thank you for the informative video!
Reign - Year ago
I just like watching you write lol you have awesome handwriting.. Even if I dont understand anything you teach that isn't why I clicked this video
teach Babbar Narender Singh
teach Babbar Narender Singh - Year ago
Thanks to you
Santosh Yadav
Santosh Yadav - Year ago
Mark Bergseid
Mark Bergseid - Year ago
Hiro Namikaze
Hiro Namikaze - Year ago
Prem Raj
Prem Raj - Year ago
Very very thanks you sir thish problem are simply solve tricks
Dr. Ashna dev
Dr. Ashna dev - Year ago
10001% wrong
imperfect - Year ago
whats d
abhijith s
abhijith s - Year ago
Very good proof
Mohannad Islaieh
Mohannad Islaieh - Year ago
Thanks bro I liked it That was useful!
Red Orbiter 10.1
Red Orbiter 10.1 - Year ago
Kerbal space program tune :D Superb.. Why don't you try Sugar rockets too? that will be really great to watch.
Riya - Year ago
very much easy to understand thanks alot sir for this much easy derivation and clear explanation. Also do make video for Compton's effect derivation
RʌɴᴅᴏᴍGuY2 - Year ago
shawfi alom
shawfi alom - Year ago
Thank you sir
Alfredo Tifi
Alfredo Tifi - 2 years ago
This is a magic hat trick. The equation for the relativistic mass already contains E = mc² and was derived by Einstein AFTER his 1905 papers on relativity. I was searching a video explaining the very FIRST method originally used by Einstein in this paper, yet more intuitively.
Hello - 2 years ago
Aur sandeep bihari
Sasha Jenner
Sasha Jenner - 2 years ago
Hi, I believe that when you found d(P)/dt you should have put dx on the denominator of the first fraction when you did the chain rule
Naveen - 2 years ago
Sandeep Follow My channel bro
Naman Soni
Naman Soni - 2 years ago
truly fantastic
babita tudu
babita tudu - 2 years ago
Thanku sir😊😊
tamjid songram
tamjid songram - 2 years ago
respect from Bangladesh
Joel Fry
Joel Fry - 2 years ago
Thank you for this video. It would help if you defined all they symbols first.
Rishabh Mahajan
Rishabh Mahajan - 2 years ago
samitmohan - 2 years ago
Oh nice man. Why didn't you derivate c^2 when you were derivations 1-v^2/c^2
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh - 2 years ago
What is the meaning of these equation...can u understand step by step meaning of these derivation......i mean to say.....kya tm samajhte ho......step by step sakte ye equation ..kya keh rha h....isse kya matlab niklta hai...samjha skte ho...mujhe to samjh nhi aya aaj tak???
SAMIRR DAZU - 2 years ago
Okk tum hindi mein bolte huye aacche laagte ho
SAMIRR DAZU - 2 years ago
Are you from america or india .. arreeeee yaaarrrrrrr .. i am understanding nothing hindi mein bolo yaarrr
Nayan Jee
Nayan Jee - 2 years ago
amazing yaar it's to good
Nayan Jee
Nayan Jee - 2 years ago
amazing yaar it's to good
Nayan Jee
Nayan Jee - 2 years ago
amazing yaar it's to good
Nayan Jee
Nayan Jee - 2 years ago
amazing yaar it's to good
Aniket Choudhary
Aniket Choudhary - 2 years ago
your writing is very good
anil2015 - 3 years ago
As always thanks for watching..thats vsauce lol
Kacem Elamri
Kacem Elamri - 3 years ago
the 3rd response seems illogical if we consider the v(avg)=v1+v2/2 2v1=v1+v2/2 ----->4v1=v1+v2--------->4x/t1=(x/t1)+(x/t2)=x(t1+t2)/(t1t2)-------------->4t2=t1+t2-------------->3t2=t1----------->t2 =(1/3)t1 v2=x/t2=x/((1/3)t1)=3x/t1=3v1 by the way the formula of v(avg) is (the sum of speeds/number of speeds)
ThePrankDudes - 3 years ago
The first one is corn starch and water as it is a non-Newtonian fluid. And it might be enough to slow down the momentum of the cylinder. But I'm not really sure I'm just guessing here.
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma - 3 years ago
+summation tag veritasium
Sandeep PS
Sandeep PS - 3 years ago
I'm sorry guys, but there was a small mistake made by me....I said v1 & v2 are the 'velocities' for 1st & 2nd lap, but it's actually the 'speed' not 'velocity' Hope you'll overlook that... Thank you =)
Barnabás Oláh
Barnabás Oláh - 3 years ago
The 3rd solution seems incorrect. The right way: v1 = s/ t1 v~ = 2s/(t1+t2) v~ = 2v1 = s/2t1 s/2t1 = 2s/(t1+t2) devide by s 1/2t1 = 2/(t1+t2) multiply by (t1+t2) and (2t1) t1+t2 = 4t1 t2 = 3t1 which means you need third the time cover the same distance. so v2 = s/t2 = s/3t1 ==> 3v1 = v2
Herr Schmidt
Herr Schmidt - 3 years ago
Isn't divided by 0 undefined rather than infinite?
bioLarzen - 3 years ago
I think you have the four correct answers.
preetam ghosh
preetam ghosh - 3 years ago
well, got it right using the 'Y'( uh, gamma i wanna say....) factor...could it be possible to be proved by energy conservation, deviating from the relativistic concept?
Divya Gupta
Divya Gupta - 3 years ago
bhai ... m a commerce student still m really happy to see ur videos ... luv it .. tum skul me itna chup rhete ho , hmko toh pta hi nhi tha ki itna acche se video bnna k explain bhi kr skte ho ..... really proud of u ..😁😁
Ritam Kabiraj 8051
Ritam Kabiraj 8051 - 3 years ago
nice concepts. but the part which included the graph and the description about the third and fourth quadrant isn't very much clear to me ... Except it , everything was good
Anu Pandey
Anu Pandey - 3 years ago