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Welcome Gamers!
This is the Ur Cool Stuff Community USa-video Channel!
Feel free to DM me on Discord or email me at our business email!
Stop by Ur Cool Stuff, the exclusive Reward Points Discord owned and operated by a Non-Profit Organization based out of Philadelphia. Here at UCS, we give you the opportunity to earn Reward Points to be used to cash in on a variety of prizes. Ever want to use all the money you earned by playing bot mini-games? Well now you can! Ur Cool Stuff is the place to be. Come, hangout and earn big!
Want to earn a free some free Discord Nitro?
Swing by to find out how
We also offer:
- Super Fun atmosphere
- Extremely active staff
- Regular Weekly Giveaways
- Reward Points to use towards prizes or cash!
- Unique Pop-Up Events