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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory - 29 days ago
What else did you what to see in the trailer? I wanted to see Anakin or at least hear him. I think the hologram that Finn and Poe are looking at during 10:51 could be this scene.
What about Mech Palpatine? Is he half man half machine now?
MADMUKS - 2 days ago
@sami repo it was finn tho because it said in the trailer subtitles
Larryz World
Larryz World - 14 days ago
David Robbins
David Robbins - 21 day ago
Did anyone notice that the music playing for the first half of this trailer is a dressed up variation of Leia’s theme?
exposing the dirty few 2
The ice thing is a floating ice berg
Novakzmus - 21 day ago
Didn’t they remove his memory in episode 3?
Kae - 2 hours ago
i could be very wrong but i have a strong feeling that at 11:55 the emperor is in a hovering throne/chair not a mech suit. But can we take a second to imagine, the ending of the 9 movie star wars series ending with Sheev in a fuckin Mech Suit 😂
Nicholas Strong
Nicholas Strong - 16 hours ago
You never know the mandalorian could make an appearance in this movie
Remington Duchene
Remington Duchene - 18 hours ago
palpatine: now, you are all together
me: palpatine gonna say some Pennywise type stuff
Yaju Gohil
Yaju Gohil - Day ago
I think ray saw her parents
Hunter Weeks
Hunter Weeks - Day ago
Mech suit? I think that's just a chair and camera movement. That would be awesome though
Aaron Cooke
Aaron Cooke - Day ago
03:15 That is NOT a reflection. Look at the ice above and below the supposed reflection line, it doesn't match AT ALL. Something else is going on here.
Tommy Irwin
Tommy Irwin - Day ago
Yeah I agree, Kylo Ren is very interesting.
Darthloganian - 2 days ago
I think C3P0 is looking at his memories from the clone wars
Jacob Ray
Jacob Ray - 2 days ago
That “Map” or whatever they have looks a lot like the Atrium from fallen order
E2 M5
E2 M5 - 2 days ago
Its baby time! Its baby baby ti-wait im not finished!!!
IVGTAGODIV - 2 days ago
What if that dagger is to kill palpitine and is the only way
Corlea - 2 days ago
I really hope Anakin shows up somehow
frederic vuillemey
frederic vuillemey - 2 days ago
Here's a theory that I know will never happen in rise of Skywalker. what if Ezra and thrawn where in the unknown regions and that Emperor Palpatine sense thrawn is in the unknown regions with him and send Maybe a rescue mission to find him and aid him rebuilding the empire and while capturing Ezra but Ezra escapes and fleas to the new Republic telling the rebels that Sidious is still alive and building in Armada which leads the the rebels try to find Palpatine's location and securing the help of the Galaxy since of the danger Palpatine possesses which also says why there so many ships of types
Boi 5000
Boi 5000 - 3 days ago
2:33 how is this lightsaber back together wasn't it destroyed in the last jedi
Michael Martin
Michael Martin - 3 days ago
It’s simple, time travel. All the movies will loop together through that one reason... time travel
[Redacted] - 4 days ago
God, this might be worse than the last movie. Disney is really just killing the franchise.
[Redacted] - 2 days ago
We've seen the two previous movies. Utter shit. It'll take a bloody miracle to fix all those holes, and that ain't happening.
NightmareBeats - 2 days ago
[Redacted] the movie isn’t even out yet, relax.
Chebz - 4 days ago
If you pause the ice-burg shot, the peaks don't reflect the same and the shadows and light are hitting different points so it must be the top and bottom. I'm guessing its a chunck of ice floating in space.
meOS - 4 days ago
Hear me out: In Star Wars Rebels a new dimension with the starry sky of the World Between Worlds, a mystical place where all times happen at once. Ezra enters this strange space and finds himself able to visit doors into the past and future. Maybe they are also looking for that same place OR Palpatine already found it and that's how he's still alive.
Paella Motor
Paella Motor - 4 days ago
Ill watch the movie on Screnner quality on the internet. Thats what they deserve.
Gamerii - 5 days ago
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Austin Gross
Austin Gross - 5 days ago
For those who have played SWTOR that story about the Father, Son, and Daughter reminds me a lot of Valkorian, Arcaan, and Vaylin from Knights of the Eternal Empire. The little details about who is good, bad, neutral are a bit different but that's what it reminded me of.
Aaron Mercier
Aaron Mercier - 5 days ago
On the dash a new stark reactor
Onestop Funstop
Onestop Funstop - 6 days ago
We all missed Disney/ABC hiding and protecting Jeffrey Epstein's Pedophile ring.
As well as promoting Jussie Smollett and his Fake Lynching.
As well as promoting forced Sex Change Operations on Children.
I can't find a good yt name
Plot Twist: The real villain is Sand
Red Hood Gaming
Red Hood Gaming - 6 days ago
What if anakin comes back through rey hence her strong connection to the force and ren gets a big boost to make his connection stronger with then force to tie their connection and leave it up to a strategic battle between them rey/anakin vs palpatine/kylo
Ryan Borcicky
Ryan Borcicky - 7 days ago
I have heard so much about the "space horses" and where they are riding. I have also heard theories of the Resistance looking for ships in Ep. 9. Now, think Solo. I think the horses are on Corellia, not the outside of a Star Destroyer.
William Tavares
William Tavares - 7 days ago
Funcuz Chris
Funcuz Chris - 7 days ago
There's no TIE fighter reflection because there's nothing to be reflected. Look more closely...the top and bottom aren't mirror images. It's some sort of base.
Matthew Bezzina
Matthew Bezzina - 8 days ago
The blue compass shown at 5:08 is also in the star wars bf2 campaign and in the campaign Luke takes it so i think that it is a nod for where to find luke which in the trailer they find his planet which he was on in the oast movie
Sam1982 whittingham
Sam1982 whittingham - 8 days ago
This trilogy has no Direction whatsoever. Ray Aka Mary Sue, became an expert at the force within two days of hearing about it. They made Luke into a coward. Luke sees the light in people where none can. So him trying to kill a conflicted teenager who has slight tendencies towards the dark side is stupid.
Layer got obliterated on a ship only to survive without even a papercut, then did a Mary Poppins through space. They killed their main protagonist off in the second movie. Yoda laughs at the burning Jedi texts which is a loss of Jedi history and Culture. The real Yoda would mourn at loss of those books. So they basically made Yoda piss on his own religion.
The back and forth scenes between Mary Sue and Emo Ren are cringeworthy. Rose is the worst character in the history of fim, which they went on a side mission to save animals to send a PC message or some BS
There's no consequences for the characters actions, they could basically fly around and do anything and totally get away with it without any risk at all, meaning no character development.
Ray went to be trained by Luke only to tell him he's useless and kick his ass in a typical Mary Sue manner.
Star Wars has essentially took on a new fan base. A fan base that tries to explain Star Wars to the original fan base.
Further more I urge all true Star Wars fans to avoid going to the cinema to watch episode nine. Don't give Disney your hard-earned money
Erxi Shang
Erxi Shang - 8 days ago
No way palpatine could live that long. Episode 1-9 wtf. He was 50+ in episode 1 when anakin was a kid, episode 7-9 Luke looks 50+, therefore Vader should be 70+ and palpatine will be 115+
Denise Wallace
Denise Wallace - 8 days ago
Do you remember and the third movie when bail oranga going to gave threepio to Captain Antilles and told him to wipe the memory isn't wedge Antilles that same captain Maybe they were unable to wipe threepio memory entirely
T Whalen
T Whalen - 8 days ago
It may just be me, but at 40 seconds in your video, the girl jumping over the ravine looks like Ray, but I think it's Princess Leia from the past or a flashback. The hair is slightly different but the boots are very different. Also, the pistol is not at her side during the jump, just the light saber. I don't have any software to slow it down that much but, check it out?
DenStærkeRolling !
DenStærkeRolling ! - 9 days ago
Ghost are to the Rights side of the falcon
Vara Lyn
Vara Lyn - 9 days ago
My birthday is December 14th and I’m WAY more excited about this than my actual birthday, or even Christmas
yeet boi
yeet boi - 9 days ago
someone has been looking at the leaks
Jon - 9 days ago
At 1:11, where Rey transitions to a "Ship", could that be the remains of the Death Star? As the catwalk in the background looks a lot like the catwalk where Obi-Wan deactivated the tractor beam...
Deandre Lamont Solomon
Deandre Lamont Solomon - 9 days ago
All the dead Jedi give rRey their power so she can beat him. That’s why she could beat him easily and couldn’t before with him.
J Prins
J Prins - 9 days ago
Maybe the ice planet is around the super star destroyer that contains Palpatine’s throne that hes been hiding in since after coming back after return of the jedi, because it is space camouflage like floating ice in space in the unknown regions
Progressive Opinion
Progressive Opinion - 9 days ago
Plot twist: Rey is the inbred daughter of Luke and Leia
Progressive Opinion
Progressive Opinion - 9 days ago
As soon as you start including non cinematic material you get a thumbs down
Pay attention! Non cinematic star Wars universe has had 0 influence on Disney thus far, so how would it in the final movie? Dumb smh
johnny523 - 9 days ago
Isn’t it Anakin who says “it’s an instinct”?
Kevin Teran
Kevin Teran - 10 days ago
I sware I thaught you were about to recite the our father
TrapTombstone - 10 days ago
If Disney fucks this up, I demand a canon Force Unleashed Starkiller movie with zero changes from EU canon.
David Spencer
David Spencer - 10 days ago
I'm like video
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter - 10 days ago
The throne looks like the eternal throne
REASANTZ Z - 10 days ago
Rey is a skywalker I’m calling it
Brian St. James
Brian St. James - 11 days ago
Its snokes throne.
Arun Phull
Arun Phull - 11 days ago
4:26 isn't that the Ghost ship? (next to MF on right side) From star wars Rebels.. Phoenix squadron?
Antal Shaw
Antal Shaw - 11 days ago
That compass looks the same as the one in the campaign on Star Wars Battlefront 2 that Luke took from the bunker on the planet Pillio.
Hero's Journey
Hero's Journey - 11 days ago
Rey: I'll never join the darkside, I'm a Jedi!
Palpatine: Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plagues the wise?
Check out my episode 9 predictions at https://youtu.be/662abIr7iMI
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield - 12 days ago
For anyone seeing The Rise Of Skywalker reply I love Star Wars. For anyone seeing it reply I hate my family
Pᴜʀᴇ Fɪɴɢᴇʀ
Pᴜʀᴇ Fɪɴɢᴇʀ - 12 days ago
I will never watch this garbage.
AGASLable - 12 days ago
is palpatine a skywalker???
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland - 12 days ago
This movie trailer feels oddly like Ready Player One, appealing to Nostaliga for Nostaliga sake, a generic mediocre story, easter eggs in the background to make fans go "woaah! i recognise that!". This wont be a good film
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland - 12 days ago
This movie trailer feels oddly like Ready Player One, appealing to Nostaliga for Nostaliga sake, a generic mediocre story, easter eggs in the background to make fans go "woaah! i recognise that!". This wont be a good film
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland - 12 days ago
Rey should turn to the dark side and be killed by Kylo. that would be an interesting story. But it wont be like that because Disney
Blake Arts
Blake Arts - 12 days ago
Commander Sato's ship was above the Falcon.
blueness012 - 13 days ago
5:07 that's Luke's
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