Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | "All In" | Medical Drama Review

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Alexis Anderson
Alexis Anderson - 2 hours ago
Can you watch untold stories of the ER
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 2 hours ago
Dr. Mike, I'm disappointed you didn't get the poker metaphor! The two cards Wilson won with (correct or "winning" diagnosis) are the two cards he was dealt (initial hypothesis/diagnosis): to whit, House had the right answer the whole time and the changing narrative had done nothing to affect this (e.g. the flop, river, turn didn't affect the ultimate winning hand).

Also, I'm all for minimizing unnecessary treatment but if the one-liner on a patient was hemorrhage from his anus and "coordination issues" my thought would NEVER be uncomplicated gastroenteritis unless the patient had a preexisting neurological condition; gait disturbance, lightheaded, lethargy, waxing and waning A&O, or focal deficit are all non-worrisome in that the most likely cause is anemia and/or electrolyte imbalance, but ataxia is a red flag symptom far more often than the aforementioned.
E P - 4 hours ago
He should react to “houses head” and “Wilson’s heart” (s4 ep 15+16)
E P - 4 hours ago
Or the one where house drugs Wilson with his coffee
Maddie O'Dwyer
Maddie O'Dwyer - 5 hours ago
Curious as to witnessed arrest guidelines in other areas. In the Queensland Ambulance Service for a witnessed arrest it’s three stacked shocks (obviously with rhythm checks between) and then CPR.
Carolina Ramos Lora
Carolina Ramos Lora - 7 hours ago
-Chase: The kid doesn't have kidney failure
-Doctor House: Oh, he will!
Me: hahahahaha
Chelsea Lavallee
Chelsea Lavallee - 9 hours ago
James Fair
James Fair - 10 hours ago
But these are not your regular residents. They are all part of houses highly trained specialists they do all their own test to make sure 1000% sure it was done right
Allie Pruett
Allie Pruett - 17 hours ago
Dr. Chase isn’t a resident. He’s an attending on House’s team.
billy lilly
billy lilly - 20 hours ago
I'll subscribe to you if you react to every episode of House
isinox - 21 hour ago
I love this show, keep it up man!
Shori Hikari
Shori Hikari - 21 hour ago
I can see the torture in Dr. Mike's eyes when nobody did chest compressions. He's so stressed out just by watching this episode. 😂 I'm dying haha
The Good Reverend
The Good Reverend - Day ago
They’re fellows at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (fictional). Not residents.
They work under House to learn from his psychotic genius.
And even if you watched every episode of House backwards...
It still wouldn’t be lupus. 😂
Fish buddy
Fish buddy - Day ago
Thanks random guy who shouted at him to do another House episode.
Fish buddy
Fish buddy - Day ago
He shout have a t-shirt that just has the words "CHEST COMPRESSIONS" On it.
Claire - Day ago
Dr. Mike was so upset haha soooo cute
Raj Chua
Raj Chua - Day ago
You should try the medical series "Monday Mornings" I'd like to know your thoughts on the series. It involves a lot of ethical issues in the medical community.
Benjie Farlin Sabanal
The bloody blue pillow behind you just looks creepy and gross..
Sofía Olivera
Sofía Olivera - 2 days ago
Toad Day Get Toad
Toad Day Get Toad - 2 days ago
Dr Mike sitting quietly in the corner...”can someone pleeeeeaaaaase do chest compressions?”
Francisco D
Francisco D - 2 days ago
Maybe i am mistaking but dr chase, cameron and foreman arent residents but doctors hired by house to work in his specialized department and they all have different specializations
neuralwarp - 2 days ago
Your next challenge is House MD season 2 ep 24 "No Reason". House's greatest ever piece of detective work.
Stephanie Frazier
Stephanie Frazier - 2 days ago
Put a case on your phone!!!
Emilia Moise
Emilia Moise - 2 days ago’re saying that the way to get Dr. Mike to do something is to follow him in real life and scream at him to do it? Hmm...
sandra sanders
sandra sanders - 3 days ago
The reason why Doctor Mike gets so upset is because some of the things in these medical shows can be extremely misleading, and people can take them the wrong way and base anything medical on a series... you can't do that...and I hated, hated House...
Grahf TheDestroyer
Grahf TheDestroyer - 3 days ago
I like your House videos but you should know that House is a Board certified Diagnostician with a double speciality in Infectious Disease and Nephrology. His 3 team members are not residents. They are overly qualified specialists. Cameron is a Immunologist. Chase is a surgical critical care specialist, Intensivist and Foreman is a neurologist. They all work for him in the Diagnostics Dept. You should see the episode where he predicts a hospital epidemic after seeing 2 sick babies
Rangkap Selari
Rangkap Selari - 3 days ago
Kinda bumped into this one, seriously, there are people watching this and commenting 'professionally? 'real doctor', seriously, this is Hollywood, entertainment, you'd think a 'real doctor' does not only have time to watch this, dissect, consult, review and debunk? This fucker is obviously frustrated/bored or both and some to try and knock a soap with his 'professional opinions' in a YouTube channel... I mean who really cares if 'a heart biopsy is not done on a child' blah blah.. A lot of 'not done' became standards over time but that's not even the point... We watch House not for some earth shaking medical info that we can learn from but the soap opera... Cheese what a fraud doctor not dealing with medical stuff but doing YouTube diagnosis...
Ju Ju
Ju Ju - 3 days ago
Use to love watching Dr House, now I love watching Dr Mike.
Andrew F {pluckyfella7}
Hey, Doctor Mike : Have you heard of Hugh Laurie playing the dimwit Prince George in Blackadder the Third? lol.
 To Americans, he is more famous as House, but to us Brits, as Prince George!
MsKat - 3 days ago
My mom had almost dangerously low iron and her doctor had a hunch so he sent her for a bunch of tests. The thing he was looking for came back negative but it turns out she had breast and colon cancer. TWO CANCERS! Shes alive today because of a hunch.
I had low iron last year and I was just told to eat a couple of bananas a day for a few weeks. Imagine my mom getting that response and then not knowing she had cancer until it was too late.
I am gratefull for her doctor to run the tests even if it could of been nothing.
Cassie Stewart
Cassie Stewart - 3 days ago
Yes, we do want more house!!
Romina Urlich
Romina Urlich - 3 days ago
Is gained time I will said I will be doing that as a dr sometimes I think drs don’t take much attention I almost die and I told the dr many times I went 3 times to emergency that day thanks God this Dutch dr hear me and put me into cergury straight away
RemyLeBro - 4 days ago
Yo, I know you're busy saving lives and all but could you put out more House and Scrubs videos? Those were my favorite shows as a teen and had some of the most edgy and relatable (respectively) writing out there. Whenever you get a chance.
Debbei Roland
Debbei Roland - 4 days ago
Im so upset ur not continuing to do any more house vs ur point of views. Tonight was my firat night . i watched all 3 of them back to back. Would love for u to do any of them to make my day. I believe my favorite part was the reaction u had in 3 stories and it was house. Lol i knew it was Doctor House and u just made it amazing. Please do more of them so i can learn and be entertained at the same time. I love this. Doctor Mike we need more from u on House. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. However, was curious if you knew that House and his team was a very highly demanded diagnostic team only...even tho eaxh member of his team alao has degrees in other areas. He uses them to help him think of what things could be In fact he will use anyone just as u seen with his best friend Doctor Wilson, whom is an Oncologist. I love the show been a fan for years and NOW IM A FAN OF YOU! Thanks. Cheers Debbie
justinin trump
justinin trump - 4 days ago
When I first started watching Dr mike I wondered why people couldn't just major in doctoring in uni watching his reaction to Dr house made me truly fear the impossibly small possibility of the system I thought better for society just a few months prior could exist. I now understand why they don't let the average uni grad do this stuff9
omnitrixian - 4 days ago
If you do decide to watch more House I can’t recommend enough the season 3 episode Lines in the Sand.
Susana Lopez
Susana Lopez - 4 days ago
Dr Mike calm down it's just a TV show 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob - 4 days ago
Oh boy! Dr Mike looks pissed!
Nico van Niekerk
Nico van Niekerk - 4 days ago
Please do House MD S03E12 - One Day, One Room. Would like to hear your take on how to handle such a situation.
Demetrius Botyuk
Demetrius Botyuk - 4 days ago
Luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity. It is best to have as much preparation as possible, and seek opportunity
ScarriorIII - 4 days ago
8:39 Dr Mike genuinely getting upset for a split second there.
Neil Son
Neil Son - 5 days ago
Plz watch The Good Doctor S01E13 and E14 ( two sisters with conjoined skull )
JohnnyTheSnow - 5 days ago
Can somebody do chest compressions?😂😂
Room 101
Room 101 - 5 days ago
Dr. Mike is cute when he's mad.
Skiptonius - 5 days ago
Shouldn't a doctor know to cover his mouth when he coughs? 😷
Hali Brewer
Hali Brewer - 5 days ago
As a healthcare professional that gets so upset at this show, I LOVE how irritated Dr. Mike gets over this 😂😂
Lanceload - 5 days ago
Doctor Mike so frustrated about no chest compressions 9:01 is funny and right ofcourse HAHA
Axel Valdes
Axel Valdes - 6 days ago
Think Dr. Mike is missing the point of what Dr. House does, I understand Dr. Mike is a professional but the role of Dr. House is to threat special cases in all of the episodes
SuperYellowcats - 6 days ago
Me personally having tests done it’s so horrible and painful and stressful. Doctors try to do the least harm to you and make you the most comfortable. I use to be perfectly fine with needles, in fact I’d watch the people put them in because it’s so fascinating. Now my body just hates it and so if I look I start shaking uncontrollably because my body doesn’t want that stress, it’s not sure if there is fluid going in or a medicine or what. I watch doctor house and I really like it but knowing how bad a simple needle going in feels to also being cut open a bit to being probed in different areas. You really can’t do many tests on someone because it’s way too stressful on the body and it will stop working with you.
Lilyana Acharya
Lilyana Acharya - 6 days ago
Check it
That should be a T-shirt. NOW.
PrinceBarin77 - 6 days ago
Like House but also want the medical angle for an episode? This is a great companion piece to the show:
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