Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | "All In" | Medical Drama Review

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Brianna McClung
Brianna McClung - 3 hours ago
Gamergirl 123
Gamergirl 123 - 5 hours ago
I am a doctor too. And all the time they defibrillated the child with no rescue breaths and chest compressions made me sooo mad haha. And yes i also don’t know what is this erdhein chester disease and i am sure my consultant would not know that too lol
Brutus Judas
Brutus Judas - 6 hours ago
Nothing wrong with a big ego when it’s earned. In his Universe, it’s earned.
maddyandlauren - 7 hours ago
Started watching House recently (maybe became obsessed). And then I found out dr Mike has has videos about it... best day ever?!?!
Raven Preston
Raven Preston - 7 hours ago
I'm making you a t shirt that says "can someone do chest compressions?'
fatherpi - 7 hours ago
Watching House is great, seeing your reactions is priceless!
Francisco D
Francisco D - 13 hours ago
I think you misunderstood the part that the other doctors working for house arent residents but doctors hired by him to help him solve cases and do the procedures as he has a special department for rare special cases.
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar - 20 hours ago
I like how you get so upset, it's fun watching you like that haha
HiIeric117 - Day ago
Yo can someone find this guy and scream at him from across the road again? A new episode would be awesome.=
Sarah Albrizio
Sarah Albrizio - Day ago
More reaction videos of house if there isnt any
Daher Zaidan
Daher Zaidan - Day ago
love those videos, but keep in mind House doesn't allow anyone to touch the patient other than his team that why you always see them doing nurse duty (that is how the show makers explained it)
Abhishek Bhattacharya
The show is actually made from real rare cases published in some journal for these type of cases....
So it's ALL zebras in the show! Maybe they just don't just show us the horses.....
andi le
andi le - Day ago
you and your friends did poker inside jokes but do you do doctor tv show jokes too?
Chippa sree
Chippa sree - Day ago
Can you watch skin deep episode of house season 2?
DownPro1 - Day ago
Im surprised you didn't mention the fact they randomly intubate the child fully awake and don't call for Anaesthetics or critical care.
Fred Lombardo
Fred Lombardo - Day ago
House’s team are not residents, just sayin. And again, if you had watched the entire episode you would have seen that they didn’t do the kidney biopsy lol.
Juan Pablo Miranda
Juan Pablo Miranda - Day ago
Just one thing... House's entourage are not residents... they're fellows... they each have their own specialty...
Undyla - Chan
Undyla - Chan - Day ago
I just love how angry Dr. Mike got when they weren't doing chest compressions.
vypex - Day ago
A couple of points, he notices things that others don't because he is a world renowned diagnostician with a double doctorate in infectious disease, and he has his assistants doing the procedure's because he doesn't trust others to do the procedures
oblivion tenant
oblivion tenant - 2 days ago
well I mean, he is a "DIAGNOSTICIAN" right?
that's what he does. DIAGNOSE patients..
and in HOUSE MD Universe, he mostly deals with weird and rare diseases so I don't understand why are you getting mad..
hahaha, yeeeesh.
Unic Unic
Unic Unic - 2 days ago
Alexis Mayle
Alexis Mayle - 2 days ago
I'm not sure! I had a colonoscopy at 18 and they found 4 polyps. The guidelines don't make sense to me, 50+... I had stomach pain and blood in my stool. I just had another one this year and they found another polyp, a rare tumor called Elastofibroma.
Black Lungs
Black Lungs - 2 days ago
Then the show would be over in 5 minutes if it was easy.
HeathenNinox - 2 days ago
Greetings Dr Mike! I have a question, or several. ^^
In House Season 6 episode 15 "Black Hole", they show a device that can translate images from your mind and show it on a screen. Do you know if any such device really exists? If it does, is it nearly as accurate as it is shown in the show?
Ashley Wilson
Ashley Wilson - 2 days ago
You should react to 9-1-1
Karthik Rao
Karthik Rao - 2 days ago
House MD 4 🙄
TnT FoX - 2 days ago
6:50 are you saying a child cant make decisions on their body? Are you saying a child cant be trans??? Are you saying a child cant consent????
Sorry, I listen to a lot of crazy people on YouTube. Mostly to feel better about myself cause I'm not that crazy yet.
Megan Gross
Megan Gross - 3 days ago
House MD 4!
Witch Bitch
Witch Bitch - 3 days ago
I just want a t shirt of Dr. Mike’s worrisome half grin and in all caps... CHEST COMPRESSIONS!
Kitsuyuutsu R
Kitsuyuutsu R - 3 days ago
Watch Son of Coma Guy, I think you’ll find that episode interesting and I’d love to see you review it
Haron Anaim
Haron Anaim - 3 days ago
They’re not residents, they’re technically fellows but foreman is a bird certified neurologist, Cameron is an immunologist, and chase is surgical but I’m not sure what specialty or subspecialty rather.
Haron Anaim
Haron Anaim - 3 days ago
Board certified*
Santeri - 3 days ago
I loved house md so much till i saw u ranting it 3x10 mins. Ty so much
xScript - 3 days ago
All of his three doctors arent residents btw, they are one of the most talented doctors on each of their field
Tomas Novellino
Tomas Novellino - 3 days ago
Hi Mike. Just a quick note ... House's team is not normal residents they are a selected and is an elite Zebra team
Natalia Lo
Natalia Lo - 3 days ago
I can see the frustration in your face when House shocked the kid hahahahaha
11:55 But Dr. Mike, House prescribed me some drama with my diazepam.
Martynas Misanthropia
Martynas Misanthropia - 4 days ago
Awesome. Do MASH! Much more realistic cases and more convincing dark humor
DEITY OF STEALTH - 4 days ago
What I wanna see is an episode where you go over all the things you would normally do in the order that you would actually do it and use the test results from the show (cause every time you mention one they end up doing it) and see what the results would be in the timeline of the show....just curious, I think that would be very interesting.
Kendall Williams
Kendall Williams - 4 days ago
Dr Mike should react to the House episode where the boy thought aliens we’re coming for him.
Anyone knows the name of the episode on house?
Azuraz Dandaridae
Azuraz Dandaridae - 4 days ago
Hmmmmm, you're a doctor who looks fresh out of University and you're giving opinions of tv show doctors? This is a "react" video? Seems like you watched it first and did some research, put notes on the table in front of you and blurted out your own results.
Supposedly this is a show about top level doctors trying to help special cases that lower level doctors, (possibly you), gave a typical unknowingly wrong diagnosis based on your fresh University training. Then gave them medication that further exacerbated their ailment.
Michiel van geel
Michiel van geel - 4 days ago
The pillow on the couch behind you looks like it was made from very bloody scrubs.
Sammie Leigh Styer
Sammie Leigh Styer - 4 days ago
Goodness gracious this man is handsome...but he also has a kinda...geeky, quirky charm to him that makes him go from hot to angels singing in the backround
sexy lol 😂
Sharon Sam
Sharon Sam - 4 days ago
It’s a movie 😂😂 like a lot of things are for dramatic effects. We have to enjoy the drama Doctor Mike 🙄
Plus I think he said he’d treated a 70 year old woman with the same symptoms before maybe that’s why he knew what what was wrong the boy?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm - 4 days ago
one mistake dr mike is doing here is assuming house is a normal doctor in a normal show... dr house' ego is bigger then the hospital
sravan - 4 days ago
Yay I have that 1:01
Michiel Breur
Michiel Breur - 4 days ago
Rose Everett
Rose Everett - 5 days ago
Doctor Mike calls everything dramatic
Also dr. Mike chest compressions chest compressions somebody do some chest compressions CHEST COMPRESSIONS CHEST COMPRESSIONS CHEST COMPRESSIONS
Sammy Olives
Sammy Olives - 5 days ago
9:00 his doctor OCD kicks in as soon as they start shocking the kid
Dubious - 5 days ago
Must shows doesn't know how to do CPR and the rest does it wrong
I have never seen anyone do it correct
Ahmed Hissan
Ahmed Hissan - 5 days ago
Whats up with the loose shirt doc??
Daisy - 5 days ago
Dr. Mike you really got mad with this episode. Awww you really love your job.
Tim Osmon
Tim Osmon - 5 days ago
I don't think houses team are residents I think they are doing a fellowship ... at least from watching the show enough.. since they seem to already have their own specialty ... Froman being aa neurologist... chase being a former ICU doc .... etc
Avinav Stevence
Avinav Stevence - 5 days ago
House is based on another famous smart guy Sherlock Holmes.
Holmes became House. (if you are smart enough you can get the connection)
Watson became Wilson.
This show is about extreme cases. 1 out of million cases. Just like Sherlock cases. This show is about puzzles and a smart guy solving that puzzle. And it can even help guys get views too. Works as click bait too. Kudos.
Aryan mavalvala
Aryan mavalvala - 6 days ago
8:03 he takes away the pillow but it suddenly comes back at 8:05
Sophie Markscheid
Sophie Markscheid - 6 days ago
dr. mike: “wow, that’s a lot of blood”
me: “wow, that’s a lot of damage”
nicholas dean
nicholas dean - 6 days ago
Do you not do 2 rescue breathes too? 9:20
KingJulienOfficial - 6 days ago
Mikeeeee they are not Resident aaaaaaaaa
sarah rigdon
sarah rigdon - 6 days ago
do cells at work
Ifer - 6 days ago
Love the doctor getting visibly upset at the lack of chest compressions
StrikersLegacy - 7 days ago
But they’re not residents they’re a diagnostic team brought together by one of the best diagnosticians in the country (plot of the whole show)
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