We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - Year ago
This is about as close as I get to vlogging. Have a look at Barry's video to see his garlic bread and garlic butter recipes; and if you ever want to send anything to the edge of space, you should definitely hire Steve!
Captain Plague
Captain Plague - 24 days ago
Doesn't the bread get irradiated?
Proftyion - 25 days ago
Real boxing News
Real boxing News - 2 months ago
Tom Scott I’ll buy one for $2,300
Rila Melek Şehirlioğlu
Rila Melek Şehirlioğlu - 2 months ago
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar - 3 months ago
Thanks for celsius or centigrade
Diego Lopez artz
Diego Lopez artz - Minute ago
Nice cgi
TheYellowTeam - 13 minutes ago
What's the Green thingy inside the bread?
Brenan Luke C. Matunan
Brenan Luke C. Matunan - 55 minutes ago
What's the thing at 2:31 right side
TRYHARD Gamer - Hour ago
How 'bout sending a pint of ice cream in space just to freeze it?
FluXas PW
FluXas PW - Hour ago
What could be aliens says if they taste it?
Charles Miller
Charles Miller - Hour ago
The news one day later ( some new alien virus has been spread amon humanity)
Joel Bjornsson
Joel Bjornsson - Hour ago
Stanley: I’m about to end this whole breads career
hazreen shah hazam shah
Rip camera
• Xephyr •
• Xephyr • - Hour ago
~Taste the space~
Katrina Meneses
Katrina Meneses - Hour ago
"Work at home"
Astronauts: We sent garlic bread to the edge of space
Monkey Zzz
Monkey Zzz - Hour ago
Youtube know what to recommend to me.
Amazong bread
Ultima XV2
Ultima XV2 - 2 hours ago
Imagine if the garlic bread landed in North Korea
Appo - 2 hours ago
Imagine just watching garlic bread fall out of the sky.
GGCgod - 2 hours ago
It should be frozen
Billy - 2 hours ago
Houston, we have a problem.
pinanims_fat - 2 hours ago
flat eathers retreat
Red Playz
Red Playz - 3 hours ago
How in the heck did they get or upload the video
Reality Boat
Reality Boat - 49 minutes ago
Rosaleen Smith
Rosaleen Smith - 3 hours ago
Show this video to flat earthers 🌎
gamaliel ramirezgiombini
gamaliel ramirezgiombini - 3 hours ago
Okay But why though
Okay But why though - 3 hours ago
Do the same thing, but afterwords let some flat earthers eat it.
Okay But why though
Okay But why though - 3 hours ago
dark Aura gamer
dark Aura gamer - 3 hours ago
Garlic fkin bread just garlic bread
vv.Trashboi - 3 hours ago
Space bread
Adrian Gracia
Adrian Gracia - 3 hours ago
I don’t believe this bc rockets barely make it through the atmosphere how did a ballon do it hmmmmmmmmm
Luis Munoz
Luis Munoz - 3 hours ago
*Flat earthens left the chat*
Lakhan Pramod
Lakhan Pramod - 3 hours ago
why you so stupid
David Reyes
David Reyes - 3 hours ago
When you suddenly realized the Garlic Bread is more lucky than you for it to be in space.
SekushiRicky - 3 hours ago
So was the earth flat or was the bread flat? ;)
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović - 4 hours ago
If that bread was above 100 km you just ate good amount of gamma radiation.
You shouldn't bother so much you could just buy yourself cigarettes.
honey nut cheerios
honey nut cheerios - 4 hours ago
Thing I wanna eat before I die
X_D18 - 4 hours ago
I’m glad that this was on my recommendation
Illfuckinjunkie - 4 hours ago
from up there earth looks really THICC
Ilike Dmm
Ilike Dmm - 4 hours ago
Imagine if it came back drugged
Caden N D
Caden N D - 4 hours ago
I love garlic bread
Totally Not 131
Totally Not 131 - 4 hours ago
Garlic must of touched radiation
Alex Silver
Alex Silver - 4 hours ago
Is this real???
Alberto Vicente Rivera Viñan
Nani earth is flat :00

Jordan mata
Jordan mata - 4 hours ago
The sun throws radiation around the earth so that can give them radiation poisoning
Zehunter 73
Zehunter 73 - 4 hours ago
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado - 5 hours ago
Jupiter: Hey guys, there’s a piece of garlic bread!
*Balloon pops*
The sun:Awwwwwwwwwww!
Tempest Anims
Tempest Anims - 5 hours ago
And then a alien bootgangs it
HAKUNE REI - 5 hours ago
Изабелла Свон
Galactic bread
Unknown Nickname
Unknown Nickname - 5 hours ago
How to get cancer:
Queen Qwerty
Queen Qwerty - 5 hours ago
when a loaf of bread has done more than you have in ur life
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup - 5 hours ago
Let’s be honest, no one actually searched for this video...
go_45H2O gaming
go_45H2O gaming - 5 hours ago
A Stolen Username
A Stolen Username - 5 hours ago
Alien: cool, the humans are sending us some garlic bread
paula ficada que deu no meu rabo play
Olha a terra não é plana !
Herman Hietanen
Herman Hietanen - 4 hours ago
Speak English
Behr Sullivan
Behr Sullivan - 5 hours ago
Herman Hietanen
Herman Hietanen - 4 hours ago
benjamin low
benjamin low - 5 hours ago
Airdrop: garlic bread
+50 health
+70 stamina
-10 speed
-50 fitness
Daniel Filipczyk
Daniel Filipczyk - 5 hours ago
Let’s all be honest we didn’t search this up
Dapperfield - 5 hours ago
Next Episode: We teleported bread and ate it.
David Rosev
David Rosev - 5 hours ago
Herman Hietanen
Herman Hietanen - 4 hours ago
fLaKzZy YT
fLaKzZy YT - 5 hours ago
Middle looks like molds
Unknown • User
Unknown • User - 5 hours ago
E p i c c
LaggyMe - 5 hours ago
Why can't we see the car In space?
Jiro Weiler
Jiro Weiler - 5 hours ago
I belive the "edge of space" is a few solar sistems further...
SomeGuyYT - 6 hours ago
“To the heavens and back” a breads’ tale
Rohan Asuthkar
Rohan Asuthkar - 6 hours ago
Plot twist: They died after eating the garlic bread
Ta Lae Moo
Ta Lae Moo - 6 hours ago
Garlatic bread
Koerix - 6 hours ago
Definitely better than regular garlic bread
MasterBaiter - 6 hours ago
Grubhub air.
Mohamed Djeffal
Mohamed Djeffal - 6 hours ago
Someone already sent a baguette in space (it’s CYRILmp4)
xXGamerXx Boy
xXGamerXx Boy - 6 hours ago
Garlic Bread Fly
2000yrs later
Akuma darkness The anime trap
Just seeing the sky made my stomach go....

Luka Tony
Luka Tony - 7 hours ago
How do they recover the video?
「ItsMini Cookie 」
「ItsMini Cookie 」 - 7 hours ago
You can see heaven 😍😍
Rawplim - 7 hours ago
And thats how the coronavirus outbreak started.
Luiz#14 - 7 hours ago
Depois de comer este pão, o cara virou um X-Men
randomkidTalking always
randomkidTalking always - 7 hours ago
We dont have to pay 1billon to NASA
Sasha - 8 hours ago
Спасибо за Русские субтитры
Bladescar1125 - 8 hours ago
ah yes SpAcE bReAd
Tom:were not saying space were saying the edge of space
Oh my bad EdGe Of SpAcE bReAd
Noodley Appendages
Noodley Appendages - 8 hours ago
Eventually, garlic bread stopped thinking
ANON - 8 hours ago
biggest flex ive seen
Aliens: The humans sent us food
Emmanueeelote - 8 hours ago
You could say that’s a *garlactic bread.*
I’ll show myself to the door.
sMile - 8 hours ago
*this garlic bread, proved that the earth is round, a garlic bread is less lazier than us, just let me sink that in.*
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