We Sent Garlic Bread to the Edge of Space, Then Ate It

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - Year ago
This is about as close as I get to vlogging. Have a look at Barry's video to see his garlic bread and garlic butter recipes; and if you ever want to send anything to the edge of space, you should definitely hire Steve!
Real boxing News
Real boxing News - 16 days ago
Tom Scott I’ll buy one for $2,300
Rila Melek Şehirlioğlu
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar - Month ago
Thanks for celsius or centigrade
George Costarica
George Costarica - 3 months ago
@Deepak Prajapati you have a shitty name
Deepak Prajapati
Deepak Prajapati - 3 months ago
I think there are lot of poisonous gases at the edge of atmosphere .
C.G playz
C.G playz - 5 hours ago
Mutated garlic bread
hEllO aLya
hEllO aLya - 8 hours ago
'90 : _we' re going to have flying cars in the future_
In the future (aek 2018) :
Andres Taker
Andres Taker - 9 hours ago
Newt Scamander
어e영 - 10 hours ago
It's crazy
Jason Hinoguin
Jason Hinoguin - 11 hours ago
Are those worm on the bread
El Jefe
El Jefe - 12 hours ago
You should have ended it by saying subscribe if you want to see ANOTHER ONE
Sivart3 - 14 hours ago
This is definitely a 3am recommended video
gilibab - 16 hours ago
They sent garlic bread to the edge of space
Robert Moraru
Robert Moraru - 22 hours ago
Need anything cold but quick? Just send it to the stratosphere!
NineEyeRon - Day ago
🎶we sent garlic bread to the edge of space🎶 ba ba ba 🎶 we sent garlic bread to the eeedge of space🎶
Ryad Arlan
Ryad Arlan - Day ago
There is a joke about yeast or flour somewhere in here.
CloudyHopi - Day ago
That bread is lucky more than me and u
Zeyy 999
Zeyy 999 - Day ago
Imagine if ur the garlic bread..
PUFFY-kun - Day ago
Challenge: launch an ice cream mixture (liquid) and send it up to the edge of space so it will be frozen when it lands..?😛
Soviet Russian Man
Soviet Russian Man - Day ago
What if went in the complete wrong place and it just landed on a homeless kid in Africa
The Thought Machine
Are you rich, but don’t have a refrigerator for some reason
Try this
One Nation
One Nation - Day ago
Edge?? More like beginning of space.
Mike - Day ago
Roasted DJ Khaled there
Harry May
Harry May - 2 days ago
New title: how cavemen froze things
Enchanted Productions
Enchanted Productions - 2 days ago
That garlic bread must have tasted out of this world
nachua - 2 days ago
1950: In 2018 we will have flying cars
2018: *Sending Bread to Space*
CJ Raven23
CJ Raven23 - 2 days ago
Random but I like it
Patata Cactus
Patata Cactus - 2 days ago
imagine being on a plane and watching a piece of garlic bread soaring through the sky
FizzyPiggy - 2 days ago
Now I want garlic bread
IONZ- BTL - 2 days ago
Intergalactic crust
Qi Wan
Qi Wan - 3 days ago
the most awesome food delivery in the future: to the moon(or mars etc.)
a random person on earth :” look! ufo! omg! aliens!”
garlic bread : 😎
MashRoyale - 3 days ago
Can you please sell this I need space bread
Troll - 3 days ago
*Almost two years ago, did this people die?*
Eduardo C. Guizar Sainz
This is one of the most dangerous action made with a weather balloon and something to eat. It can return with dangerous bacteria or virus.
KevinShinwoo - 3 days ago
4:57 He's so excited and happy that it makes me happy :)
Evan Barnes
Evan Barnes - 3 days ago
I didn't know Carl the Pugapegacorn started his own space flight company
RaymondHng - 3 days ago
NASA sends Sam, a rhesus macaque, up in space to an altitude of 88 km (55 mi) in 1959. In 2018, Tom Scott sends a loaf of garlic bread up in space to an altitude of 35.8 km and then eats it. His breath is now out of this world.
The King of Moab
The King of Moab - 3 days ago
This is the perfect video
steffinpink - 3 days ago
35.5km 4.4ºC 🤔
Arno Vol
Arno Vol - 4 days ago
Cyril la fait plagiat
Саня Головачёв
I like the society
very wet bread
very wet bread - 4 days ago
Mmm garlic bread
João Silva
João Silva - 5 days ago
The earth is Flat__________
J - 5 days ago
If i were that garlic bread i would be so scared
кат я
кат я - 5 days ago
I just realised that Tom looks a little bit like James Charles...
T0 Ku Gav A
T0 Ku Gav A - 5 days ago
gentanaprod prod
gentanaprod prod - 5 days ago
Cool i can see a hole America
jamesblunt006 - 6 days ago
This video shows that even a garlic bread is smarter than a flat earther.
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez - 6 days ago
Eats garlic bread, BOOM SPACE AIDS
Please don't feed the animals
《jvnata》 》
《jvnata》 》 - 6 days ago
Now the final question,how did you sent it
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels - 5 days ago
Using a helium balloon? 🤨
Sythotic - 7 days ago
People brag about home made food but. It is only truly home made if you launch it into outer Space a true chef knows that
Bum Bum
Bum Bum - 8 days ago
what if it go straight in plane motor?
KeyzZ - 8 days ago
Bravo MEC !!! D'avoir copier Cyril !!!
Paula Dumagan
Paula Dumagan - 8 days ago
Fafe you lose camera
Elwood P. Dowd
Elwood P. Dowd - 8 days ago
Space isn't real, therefore, garlic bread isn't real.
HFpure24 - 8 days ago
how to come back?
Zeen Daniels
Zeen Daniels - 5 days ago
On its own, after the balloon popped 🤷🏻‍♂️
Toby Gilkes
Toby Gilkes - 9 days ago
Sending garlic bread to space : OK
Then eating it - Not so much
Brother Bungle
Brother Bungle - 9 days ago
Firefox-chan Quantum
Firefox-chan Quantum - 9 days ago
2102: "Hey look, theres space spaghetti, and theres also space chicken. (Just different foods in space at the same time)
Papphase - 10 days ago
2:30 What is that stuff?
STH151NicoleFan - 10 days ago
Space bread anyone?
Subjohny - 10 days ago
pause video at 2:35 you see concave!
Nervous Nick
Nervous Nick - 10 days ago
They'll have Cancer in a year or so!
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