YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place

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ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - 7 hours ago
idk if its actually fred that i remember but there was a dude that looked EXACTLY like him in this dumb tv show where he's an alien or something
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show - 7 hours ago
there were emos, then there was filthy frank..
osta Wikis
osta Wikis - Day ago
the shane part did not age well ://///
L E I A ___ A N A V I I
Ryan: So you know what Shane Dawson Nowandays , He’s doing pretty well
Me in 2020:😬
yikes - 11 days ago
youtube was a scary place two years ago
NAJLA - 16 days ago
That’s funny
PandaPlayz - 16 days ago
The boxy definetly had 8DHD
PandaPlayz - 16 days ago
6:35 chick munch
PandaPlayz - 16 days ago
10 years ago: normal vlogs
Now:Fortnite “family vlogs” and crying :)
who in the heck put the muffins in the freeza
I've only been alive for 11 yrs my dude!
Mimi moo moo
Mimi moo moo - 21 day ago
I like watching fred
quack queen
quack queen - 21 day ago
boxy gives me the same vibe as belle delphine
213 x 741
213 x 741 - 28 days ago
Miss Mentats
Miss Mentats - 28 days ago
Shane’s cancelled now
Ryan Wills
Ryan Wills - Month ago
I am only 8
ARCHY - Month ago
I remember fred🤣
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - Month ago
When Fred got mor subs than him🤣🤣🤣🤣
Poncho Andrade
Poncho Andrade - Month ago
Im watching in 2020👁👄👁
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson - Month ago
It was awesome 10 years ago.
Loops FourTwentyThousand
Omgggg thank you I've been looking for supermac18 but I couldn't remember his name lmaoo I loved him
Stacey Weller
Stacey Weller - Month ago
Just looking at the old vids

Read more
Stacey Weller
Stacey Weller - Month ago
Danna - Month ago
Anyone remember Fred from icarly
depression - Month ago
There were so many emo kids
Rainbow Stuffies
Rainbow Stuffies - Month ago
MAXIMUS ! - Month ago
Fred was actually the first ever youtube channel to hit one million subscribers
le col
le col - Month ago
i remember when my friend had a crush on boxxybabe, a early simp if i can say
believer 101
believer 101 - Month ago
There are kids that weren't alive back then
The slayer
The slayer - Month ago
mac was using fish eye lens.
dont subscribe
dont subscribe - 2 months ago
10 years later Ryan making video about stupid old videos
AidanOTime - 2 months ago
6:27 are you ok?
Quinten Haaksman
Quinten Haaksman - 2 months ago
fred is so relatable XD
Etwan Burrow
Etwan Burrow - 2 months ago
Shane looks like Rumple Stilsken from shrek
Ethary MB
Ethary MB - 2 months ago
i know shane
Milo Cantrell
Milo Cantrell - 2 months ago
this video aged like moldy cheese.
Jamez Viole
Jamez Viole - 2 months ago
What about smosh
BILLIE EILISH FAN!! - 2 months ago
charlee harris
charlee harris - 2 months ago
me and my sister used to watch fred when we were little
Please get me 10k subs before the year
Tbh supermac18 looks like a younger version of Colby Brock
Faris Priady
Faris Priady - 2 months ago
beacuse this is ten years for is his scary,old youtube can be out in a horror movie called "Old youtube was hell"
Turbkey Samdwich
Turbkey Samdwich - 2 months ago
Shanes Charles
puppy gamer
puppy gamer - 2 months ago
👁👄👁 I think I agree with the title
siem roubos
siem roubos - 2 months ago
UniRiah - 2 months ago
fred is so relatable XD
I AM A QWEEN - 2 months ago
Fred will never die. He’s just a result of an alcoholic mother.
Dre Schuster
Dre Schuster - 2 months ago
Fred is so Relatable XD

Ps read bottom of Ryan’s description
Bluethunder - 2 months ago
He's in 3 movies
typical player
typical player - 2 months ago
Yapin Yapin YAPIN
nanaspickle - 2 months ago
8:00 couple things straight.... how bout u get ur brain straight and fixed...gud idea...
Still better then pewdiepies camera
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 2 months ago
He’s a tax associate
Irena - 2 months ago
Boxybabe has to be a furry SHE HAS TO BE
ayana v.
ayana v. - 2 months ago
“king of youtube”
that didn’t age well
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
Tento - 2 months ago
I had to dislike this because of boxy
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
Ok you think he cares
Addison Always
Addison Always - 2 months ago
I’m 11 help me
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
What do you need help with
MaiAmiMayAmy - 2 months ago
“Shane Dawson is still thriving” Haha iconic aging...
Caroline Mullikin
Caroline Mullikin - Month ago
Aged like milk
Momo Royale
Momo Royale - 2 months ago
smosh is better than these channel. Profanity maybe?
Sangwoo - 2 months ago
i like social studies :(
Stephan Haraldsson
Stephan Haraldsson - 2 months ago
Youtbe of Youtuber Watching Youtubes of Youtubers.
Aaron's Vlog Tube
Aaron's Vlog Tube - 2 months ago
Hey Fred I am Aaron
AdullahAlMahmood - 2 months ago
Maybe in like 10 to 20 years there will be a video saying "20 years ago".
RburtonShredz - 2 months ago
1 year ago was an even scarier place
galaxygirl plaz
galaxygirl plaz - 2 months ago
Who eals is goig to his old videos after this
Melanie R
Melanie R - 2 months ago
Does anyone remember Jenn x penn and supermac18 being friends? I swear I've seen them in each other's videos..
larisa gisele
larisa gisele - 2 months ago
anyone here after shane got canceled?...... just me ok
Kamila Titanic
Kamila Titanic - 2 months ago
Candy_ floofX
Candy_ floofX - 2 months ago
U knows these kids has took over freds channel😢
Celestial Being
Celestial Being - 2 months ago
Nice hair
Angelina Gomes
Angelina Gomes - 2 months ago
here is fred
Angelina Gomes
Angelina Gomes - 2 months ago
here is mac
TheWinterReviewer - 2 months ago
YouTube was filled with crazy people 10 years ago, the weird way not the mental way.
roZy - 2 months ago
It really was different!! I’m glad I still have this account 😭 had it since 2010
That equestrian Penelope
That equestrian Penelope - 2 months ago
iPhone thor thale
camille - 2 months ago
i used to be obsessed with supermac18 😭
Abigail arona
Abigail arona - 2 months ago
kath and kim
Rayne Davila
Rayne Davila - 2 months ago
a simpler time 😔✌🏽
Landom Boy
Landom Boy - 2 months ago
6:27 see that
Neptunez - 3 months ago
0:30 haha well..
Clinton Richards
Clinton Richards - 3 months ago
iPhone 4 haha
Mia Robinson
Mia Robinson - 3 months ago
I was literally 2
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
You’re 12???
john cena
john cena - 2 months ago
Lmao your 12 rn?
The Island Royale God
The Island Royale God - 3 months ago
yeah shane aint doin too hot right now...
Simpsons Shelf
Simpsons Shelf - 3 months ago
Fred was my #2 entertainment source #1 being cartooon network and nick
ThinkExtreme - 3 months ago
wtf is that on the ceiling 11:35
Thomas Ruytinx
Thomas Ruytinx - 3 months ago
Me in 10 years: guys this is how scary youtube was before
Colin Vavra
Colin Vavra - 3 months ago
6:27 to 6:36
Itzia Rodriguez-Avalos
Itzia Rodriguez-Avalos - 3 months ago
Who else is here in 2020
Bradyn Brown
Bradyn Brown - 3 months ago
Fred is Lucas now
Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones - 3 months ago
Fred is so realatanle XD
Sonya-Denae - 3 months ago
now he’s engaged
Randomer Raze
Randomer Raze - 3 months ago
"The future scares me"

Extreme AP Fishin
Extreme AP Fishin - 3 months ago
Mindset - 3 months ago
Who remembers smosh ten years ago
groundhog punchy
groundhog punchy - 3 months ago
GTR btw
GTR btw - 3 months ago
Super Mac it looked he was talking to a doorbell
GTR btw
GTR btw - 3 months ago
I only know one which is Fred
360nas - 3 months ago
Damn boxy got different
360nas - 3 months ago
That was 2010 that when i was born
Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffy Pancakes - 2 months ago
You’re too young to be on this app
I Don't Even Know
I Don't Even Know - 3 months ago
if FRED was only a character made when tiktok started... holy shit he would still be peaking
Berry xo
Berry xo - 3 months ago
10 years ago (2018) i was 1 yrs old.
jennifer. valdes
jennifer. valdes - 3 months ago
supermac looks like a young Colby Brock
Jimena Moreno
Jimena Moreno - 3 months ago
I watch Lucas daily😳
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