YouTube 10 Years Ago Was A Scary Place

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Stariato - Day ago
You should make a YouTube challenge when you watch YouTube videos from 10 years ago for 24 hours only( this sounds weird but I hope you get it)
Random Cat Lady
Random Cat Lady - Day ago

*I like social studies...*
Mia And Hannah
Mia And Hannah - Day ago
10 years ago I wasnt alive ._. I'm only 10 years old soooo yeah
Switch Gege
Switch Gege - 2 days ago
What’s yapping my yappers
Giancarlo Sgarbi
Giancarlo Sgarbi - 2 days ago
10 years agoo from when you made this i was 1
asasinx 1
asasinx 1 - 2 days ago
I finally found this video after months of not knowing what it was called
CloXz - 3 days ago
I like watching u bcuz I'm not gay
Chantal Prins
Chantal Prins - 5 days ago
I know Fred because of iCarly lmao😂
HypoVonify - 6 days ago
bruh i remember fred and im 12
cheifspikes memes
cheifspikes memes - 6 days ago
I wasn’t even born ten years ago...
get it... cuz I am ten
NAS Games
NAS Games - 6 days ago
1:36 I respect that he has 2 cruisn' USA's in the background
Ashyboy51 - 6 days ago
panchito Panchito's
panchito Panchito's - 6 days ago
This made me remember the pokemon go kid
Thieske 6
Thieske 6 - 6 days ago
im 10
Benjamin Forman
Benjamin Forman - 7 days ago
fred has like 4 movies now
Malala Lalala
Malala Lalala - 7 days ago
What happened to that gothish girl with the cat and cat ears? Something chan
She used to be a big channel
The Mocha Muffin
The Mocha Muffin - 7 days ago
Shane looks like onion boy 😂
Maddie Jones
Maddie Jones - 7 days ago
I was one and yes I’m commenting two years later.
Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen - 8 days ago
aggressive typing
QuickBabyHippoYT - 8 days ago
Fred is so relatable XD
AJ - 8 days ago
That’s the way I remember him
AJ - 8 days ago
I know Fred from the Fred figgelhorn movies
Dakota_ Myst
Dakota_ Myst - 9 days ago
Does boxxy have different personality disorder...?
Logan Smith
Logan Smith - 9 days ago
Maybe when these you tubers react to you reacting to this 10 years later we will look at this
Brayden Robinett
Brayden Robinett - 9 days ago
I did yt 6 years ago
C A R B O I I - 10 days ago
But..l thought Pewdipie was the king of YouTube???
JustinZung1 Roblox
JustinZung1 Roblox - 10 days ago
Im not even 1 year old on there i havent been born yet
Destiny Spiritsツ
Destiny Spiritsツ - 10 days ago
3:58 Its So Obvious, Its A Doorbell Camera Man.
Ava Clark
Ava Clark - 11 days ago
Gosh I used to watch FRED!!!! Ahhhh
Lily Atkins
Lily Atkins - 11 days ago
I watch Lucas all the time lol
Lily Atkins
Lily Atkins - 11 days ago
Gael Rodelo
Gael Rodelo - 11 days ago
“That is an interesting case I must sure” 😂
NBD Michael
NBD Michael - 11 days ago
No Shane... It looks bad
Jedi Knight Revan
Jedi Knight Revan - 11 days ago
Gotta be honest...
Nothing has changed.
Kiwi DuDe
Kiwi DuDe - 11 days ago
Yup Matt or mac lDK is definitely reincarnated into
Sad life
EmmaMozzarellaChesse I
EmmaMozzarellaChesse I - 12 days ago
I was born in 2010 that's ten years ago..hmmmm I wonder if I were watching YouTube back then. Yeah no I was a new born
Christopher Gonzales
Christopher Gonzales - 13 days ago
What am I watching damn I need to get a life
B Poor
B Poor - 13 days ago
fred is so relatable XD.
gamala alaqri
gamala alaqri - 13 days ago
7:49 she was the past belle delphene
mapletree - 14 days ago
I can imagine Logan Paul posting a video like that what boxxybabe did.
The Red Dinosaur
The Red Dinosaur - 14 days ago
I was vibin in my mothers womb 10 years ago
—-—- - 14 days ago
Just call us the.. Trahoes?
Pysco Peep
Pysco Peep - 14 days ago
0:18 𝚘 𝚔 (𝚙𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚝'𝚜 𝚏𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚢 𝚒𝚖 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝚛𝚢𝚊𝚗!😂) 𝚜 𝚗 𝚒 𝚏 𝚏
Thomas and friends
Thomas and friends - 14 days ago
I'm yes I will be there at the time I was in a meeting when you get here I will get it to me
LPS Velvet Muffin
LPS Velvet Muffin - 14 days ago
“i’m sure he’s upgraded from the iphone 4”
*haha i havent*
Damien and me Have a lot of fun
Free is so relatable XD
Fraz_flips - 15 days ago
They made Fred movies
Slicer348 - 15 days ago
It still is a scary place
Thomas and friends
Thomas and friends - 14 days ago
Is it even a place?
Jack attacks universe Gaming
Social studies is my fav subject
Chan- Man
Chan- Man - 15 days ago
I wasn’t alive 10 years ago
IMP!WAR - 17 days ago
11 years ago i did not exist. Im watching this 1 year later after the video
Charlotte - 17 days ago
That Fred video was on icarly
Andrejs Darjevs
Andrejs Darjevs - 17 days ago
Makobuns or macobuns tf, on Instagram... She is totally like the gir in that video lol
Johny Davis
Johny Davis - 17 days ago
Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll - 17 days ago
Im 10
Rose Nguyen
Rose Nguyen - 18 days ago
Rose Nguyen
Rose Nguyen - 18 days ago
Stop commenting ARMY on everything
Lucas Cruikshank!!!
Gaming with Alexander
Gaming with Alexander - 19 days ago
0:28 other than PewDiePie
hagia safiyya
hagia safiyya - 19 days ago
fred is so relatable XD
Elenoor van der Weij
Elenoor van der Weij - 19 days ago
What about smosh :(
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