YouTubers SPEAK OUT About THIS... Logan Paul, DanTDM, KSI, TwoMad

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Gabriel Alvarado
Gabriel Alvarado - 2 days ago
I agree with Logan Paul my only problem is that he is trying to make money off something that's actually very serious
Rivalfeather 200
Rivalfeather 200 - 2 days ago
Yeah yeah don’t be Racist but don’t be stupid and go to a protest you’ll get everybody sick
Cucky Cheese
Cucky Cheese - 3 days ago
Logan Paul: Racism Bad
Jake Paul: haha glass go break
Autistic Cat
Autistic Cat - 3 days ago
Love Logan or hate him he’s spitting some facts
SupremeTax Gaming
SupremeTax Gaming - 3 days ago
Logan Paul sounds like a priest.
db d
db d - 3 days ago
Logan Paul has taken what I say for years, there's only one race, the human race.
ReaperGoliath27 - 6 days ago
Logan Paul has gained my respect again.
So, wait, Logan Paul, who is 1 of the richest "white boys" in the world is going to talk to us about white privilege? Does anyone realize how much money he has and is worth? He's saying what he wants to to get more money and subs! I believe that 💯%
Oscar - 6 days ago
I love how unbiased you are
carbonated - 6 days ago
I don’t think America is racist
Zusanoo. - 6 days ago
I mean cnat just people agree for once. Idc if its for the money idc if its fake but atleast hes spreading something that would make the world better and recognize something far more than just racism.
And btw ricky was just an asshole like really dude i respect you but to bring a something like that shit the guy is already done with that why bring it up and compare with something jake has done the man will just get more hates dont wonder why.
And for logan to block person just because of critism is just stupid and he just misunderstood people. But yeah others were just completely mean and stupid at desame time
David Lazzeri
David Lazzeri - 7 days ago
it is also funny as hell that all these americans claim to wanna be 1 race and stop all the hate but i don't see none of them doing this same shit for the south korean ppl and north korean ppl who are being controlled by ppl in north korea
David Lazzeri
David Lazzeri - 7 days ago
this white privilege crap is so stupid considering how many black ppl i can look up on the internet and find out the millions and millions of dollars they make every year from all sorts of professions
Jake Kinsella
Jake Kinsella - 7 days ago
That’s weird that DanTDM would make a video like that since his channel viewers are mostly kids
Guillerexdoge - 7 days ago
twomad 😂
Biggy Chucc Thicc
Biggy Chucc Thicc - 7 days ago
I dont know why people are still blaming logan of the forest he didnt know someone killed them selfs also a take back from this is: he fucking posted it, for a dumbass like him any other dumbass would know not to post it but its 2 years ago why bring it up now? forget about it also why would an important member of Society worry about that when a whole new bigger problem is at hand...
Lofibounds - 7 days ago
Dans mic is beautiful.
Aige - 7 days ago
Oi nice
Cookiepie219 - 7 days ago
Dude is Logan Paul is reading what he is saying
Fishstick Rifty Clan
Fishstick Rifty Clan - 8 days ago
The only time dantdm is on this drama channel is him being the most amazing human being
Lucas Neelson
Lucas Neelson - 8 days ago
6:00 someone handed him a molly?
The Micropenis Maniac
The Micropenis Maniac - 8 days ago
Damn Paul that really would’ve been a lot more impactful if it didn’t come from the dude with a brother who was arrested for looting and filmed a dead guy in a forest

White privilege is not real
Mountain Moonlight
Mountain Moonlight - 8 days ago
I usually hate Logan but this, this is amazing.
Luke Hall
Luke Hall - 8 days ago
Bruh Logan Paul does this for clout on a daily
This is a speech that was written for him not by him
OnlyUseMeEquip - 8 days ago
white priviledge? so now i have yo apologise for being white
AndikaZaffar Ahmad
AndikaZaffar Ahmad - 8 days ago
when the bad guys starts doing good thing, you know worse thing has already happened.
Deleted Videos
Deleted Videos - 8 days ago
“Hey what’s up guys it’s scarce here
Oscar Does
Oscar Does - 9 days ago
Logan:black lives matter

Everyone:hehehe you record suicide
GamerGodPlays - 9 days ago
To all the people accusing Logan of doing this for publicity, why would he do that? Support a movement just for publicity? Give the man some credit, not all popular influencers are incapable of change / telling the truth.
Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas - 9 days ago
if he wants everyone to think he is helping then he has to spend more money on black lives matter then he receives and tell everyone that he is doing it
Benjamin Thomas
Benjamin Thomas - 9 days ago
want to know what the Europeans did to australian aboriginal kids
abiy yugha diwangkara
abiy yugha diwangkara - 9 days ago
Great fully I live in Indonesia no racism and no Donald trump
MobilGames - 9 days ago
Whos george ffloyd? Nanacy pelosi said george kirby was killed by a cop 🤔
ChasoSpeaks - 9 days ago
So no one can joke anymore ? No more dark humor? Tf
Wyxkit KitKat
Wyxkit KitKat - 9 days ago
2020... wth
Jayy From FL
Jayy From FL - 9 days ago
Logan Paul doesn’t have any black people on his team, which could just be coincidence but he has no history of racism & was really good friends with multiple black creators who definitely would’ve spoken out (king Bach being a good example) So I do feel like it was some great actor type shit but at the same time there was some genuineness behind it
Jayy From FL
Jayy From FL - 9 days ago
This nigga Logan spittin lowkey. He said some shit I hadn’t even thought about
Dr. Samuel Hayden
Dr. Samuel Hayden - 9 days ago
Cancel culture is an immature practice where people will look back at things you’ve made when you were possibly young and immature and weren’t thinking about your actions is apparently still accountable for you when once again you made it when you were possibly young and didn’t think about your actions but that doesn’t matter your opinion doesn’t matter because you made a video that wasn’t in the best taste of today’s standards where once again it’s something you made before it wasn’t in the best taste (I am of course only talking about most instances of cancel culture but for events like the current Shane Dawson incidents he deserves to be canceled because nothing can defend his actions)
Marţipan - 9 days ago
bag pula in rasism
Randy Arnold
Randy Arnold - 9 days ago
I always take my white private advice from a child star who made there career by being intolerant of others. What a fing hero using his white privilege to tell other whites what to do!
FOP Lodge 3 Benevolent Fund
You know the world is done when dantdm talks about it
Mike TheMemest
Mike TheMemest - 9 days ago
It dosent matter if you're black
It dosent matter if you're white
I hate everyone equaly
WILDZZZ !!! - 9 days ago
Those outros just hit like BAM!
Ilmi Izzuddin
Ilmi Izzuddin - 9 days ago
Then we all know that Logan is not bad guy at all we all know he change now so don't bring him to Japan stuff . I don't say this because im fan of Logan . I say this because he better guy now
A_Good_Name - 9 days ago
Man spitting facts
GhostCXR - 10 days ago
The... the... the P.F Chang’s...... no.... it didn’t deserve that...
Banana Muncher
Banana Muncher - 10 days ago
Who’d Logan pay for this script? Interesting.
UbobqueSanders - 10 days ago
Listen I know I’m a little late but I’m against the death of George Floyd and the deaths of many other people in this country. People are saying black lives matter. I think they should be saying all lives matter.
Darkey Boi
Darkey Boi - 11 days ago
we r all the same come on lets go back to the old days we all r brothers and sisters
Darkey Boi
Darkey Boi - 9 days ago
@Fetus Dat Yeetus i know but we could change bro
Fetus Dat Yeetus
Fetus Dat Yeetus - 9 days ago
Hate to break it to you but the old days were worse not gonna go into but yea google it
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins - 11 days ago
It should be all lives matter, not black lives matter. We are all the same structure, we are all human. And we need to remember, we could be a lot worse. There is a lot more racist countries.
Cynical_ DarkWolf
Cynical_ DarkWolf - 11 days ago
Thank God for Logan Paul
xypher dc
xypher dc - 12 days ago
U could see he meant it in his heart
xypher dc
xypher dc - 12 days ago
I not a fan of logan but this made me respect him
tommy boy 830
tommy boy 830 - 12 days ago
8:28 finally a youtuber actually says sorry instead of avoiding the topic
Totally Average Gamer
Totally Average Gamer - 12 days ago
Lmao like jake doesnt have enough money and needs to loot he aint that stupid
Ned_Filip - 12 days ago
I'm kinda late on the video but, if you ever feel like you are starting to think you know any of these people you see on yt, and other media, please just remind yourself that what you're seeing is their internet personality and they make a lot of money being trendy, likable and whatever. Their primary goal is to make money, and nobody but close circles knows what's actually going on inside their life. They can be totally different people and you wouldn't know it. Don't be too invested in their lives that you forget a bout enjoying yours
ThatDinoGuy - 12 days ago
That doctor is a idiot. I respect what he does but he does not understand the community he is talking about. Logan has a podcast, and 99% of podcasts are monetized because Logan invested his money in the podcast, and needs to make money. Just because he is talking about what he thinks does not mean that he should not be making money. it is his job after all.
Okay - 13 days ago
WeeksΨ - 13 days ago
logan paul ssaid the n word in a video a few weeks ago
Bahlol Lodhi
Bahlol Lodhi - 13 days ago
Listen I love how everyone is standing up I hate this man racism should not exist ps I love dantdm he also said in the full vid that his channel his is a distraction I love him bro been watching for more then 7 years
EMxEmizon - 13 days ago
Good on logan, he’s changing.
Rogue - 14 days ago
Jake Paul said he doesn’t NEED to vandalize
John - 15 days ago
Does anyone just find keemstar just annoying af now
J. S.
J. S. - 5 days ago
Real Slimy Asian
Real Slimy Asian - 6 days ago
Jesus Joestar
Jesus Joestar - 15 days ago
I actually kinda feel bad for Logan paul because they just hate him for what he did 2 years ago. You can see that he changed now.
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin - 15 days ago
As Ice Cube said ''Fuck the police!''
Izzy Wayne
Izzy Wayne - 15 days ago
I’m not white and I never had to fear for my life? Lol Logan Paul is delusional
Constellation - 12 days ago
Noah Timejardine
Noah Timejardine - 16 days ago
jake paul's new moto is "its every one else's fault"
Ya Like JaZZ
Ya Like JaZZ - 16 days ago
i bet the Japanese thing whuz bd ause he whuz nervous i mean what would you do if you found a dead body huh. I i side with logan but jake paul.... he could at leat say sorry.
Quackberry with a hat - Art, animations and more
I can’t believe I’m actually siding with Logan Paul, I guess people really can change, I’m proud of him
FDR - 17 days ago
Remember, racism against white people does exist
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DraguvTheRussian - 17 days ago
Two mad trolling 🤣🤣
DraguvTheRussian - 17 days ago
Wait I don’t understand now not being racist is not enough
DKsaNn Kat
DKsaNn Kat - 17 days ago
Meh I dont really care about the protest. Seems to me the rioting is out weighing the pros. Just like previous riots not much will come out of it. What the people want is 100% peace and for racism to be gone, which is literally impossible
Luke AHsaur
Luke AHsaur - 17 days ago
Wonder who wrote that
Death Stalker
Death Stalker - 17 days ago
I'm delusional, says the person who showed a dead body and then says "OH I DIDN'T THINK IT WOULD GET THIS REAL" bud, its called the suicide forest for a reason, they don't give names to forests just because its a forest.
Mr. Tornado
Mr. Tornado - 17 days ago
Lol u know he's reading that from a script and not from the heart.
10th Hokage
10th Hokage - 17 days ago
I forgot danTDM even existed
peace chan
peace chan - 17 days ago
Yep if the black don't know when to stop
We gonna just have a black supremacist
And if you think black can't do that
Well the white also think about that and looks where we are
SithLee - 17 days ago
Stop deleting posts, let people add their opinions
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