Tamar Braxton Gets Real!

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Terry Goldwire
Terry Goldwire - 10 hours ago
I loved tamar on the real. Culd someone give me an example of her acting like a diva on the show? Could someone give me an example of people on social media posting comments and giving information that gas nothing to do with the show? I think people just love to gossip and keep mess alive?
Keren Iyalla
Keren Iyalla - 2 days ago
Patricia Harris
Patricia Harris - 8 days ago
Tamar is very cute, especially with her hair cut short
Coco Osawa
Coco Osawa - 8 days ago
Whose watching this during covid times?
Jasmine Lopez
Jasmine Lopez - 8 days ago
I’m glad she’s finding herself. Sometimes wife’s lose their identity being married as a man’s wife,serving etc. They sometimes forget to be their own person:)
Komal.A - 9 days ago
Her chocolate is fucking hot tho!
Dani Walt
Dani Walt - 10 days ago
Wendy is so disrespectful and to say Wendy is ignorant is an understatement. To mention anything about eating crickets is ridiculous. Just crazy
Barb - 11 days ago
Tamar looks beautiful!
Phoenix Flight Manual
Phoenix Flight Manual - 11 days ago
Yaaaas gurl!! Gotta get ready for Gods blessings 🙌🏽 up & up & up & up!!
kester branche
kester branche - 15 days ago
Queenie - 17 days ago
Crickets! Why is Wendy being ignorant????
Domanick Lucious
Domanick Lucious - 19 days ago
That “WHAT!!!!!” Lady strikes again 0:57
Nmarmi 7
Nmarmi 7 - 20 days ago
I can’t stand these two ladies
A N Detjen
A N Detjen - 21 day ago
Tamar looks so cute with that Toni haircut!
TheHiddenArchives - 21 day ago
Wendy looks like a godamm bixon
pierre milhau
pierre milhau - 23 days ago
It s.solid this girl!!.damage a good face.but...
Hannah Wootton
Hannah Wootton - 27 days ago
i love it first husbands club
Ava Overcomer
Ava Overcomer - 28 days ago
Vince is a good guy tho he has some flaws
Ava Overcomer
Ava Overcomer - 28 days ago
Yes Wendy come at me I'm a Jamaican n not rich but maaa am happy u rich n petty n poor in ur behavior u mad at the real n jealous n using tamar to say stuff.. U mix up until u look it.
shakinupthescene94 - Month ago
Expound isn’t a word Wendy. Get educated
V - Month ago
Why is she wearing spanx as her outfit......?
Natasha Minaj
Natasha Minaj - Month ago
The real girls are stunning cuz they unproblematic and Wendy ain’t that that’s why she looks like that
Monica Gonzales
Monica Gonzales - Month ago
...no hate but tamar is not my cup of tea
Providence Oasis of Love Usiobaifo
She won't even let Wendy talk. She is lousy.
Rebecca Adewusi
Rebecca Adewusi - Month ago
That was so disrespectful of you to say “eating crickets” thats really ignorant
Zinhle Malinga
Zinhle Malinga - 27 days ago
Yeah... it was very rude
laur laur
laur laur - Month ago
They don’t need her
laur laur
laur laur - Month ago
No just no
Veronica - Month ago
What the hell is she wearing???? Like I know why she’s wearing but wth lol on national television I’m dead 😂😂😂
David T
David T - Month ago
Why she look hella different
Chandré Alleman
Chandré Alleman - Month ago
Eating crickets??? What bullshit remark is that just because they were in Africa. Wow.
timhoward5 - Month ago
*They made sure they put the main topic at the end*
timhoward5 - Month ago
*Height...Thickness 👌🏾👌🏻👌🏽👌🏼👌👌🏿*
*0:28** homeboy said I want some chocolate*
Richard Cole
Richard Cole - Month ago
What you mean cute show you are doing your show way longer than the real and you and the real have the same amount of subscribers
Gugu M
Gugu M - Month ago
Why is Tamar Braxton wearing grandma underwear and no clothes?
Gael Cerritos
Gael Cerritos - Month ago
11:28 it’s were they talk about The Real
Its me Kay
Its me Kay - Month ago
The Real does not need Tamar 🤣
H2O CO2 - Month ago
Whoooo weeeee wendy 🤦‍♀️
sophie s
sophie s - Month ago
“ cute show but they need you “
you wish
Angie Baby
Angie Baby - Month ago
Support small YouTubers.. subscribe to my YouTube channel
Chris Med
Chris Med - Month ago
why did she just come out in spanx, shoes and jewelry? did she forget her dress?
Erika Rascon
Erika Rascon - Month ago
Big fan of Tamar She is beautiful and Real💞
Alice Right
Alice Right - Month ago
They don't need her if they won an Emmy without her.
LO - Month ago
I think her walk to the sofa was the sexiest thing. She looks so clean and fresh mmmmm
conishkee - Month ago
04-09-2020: Between yesterday and today, I completely watched ALL of the Braxton Family Values shows in their entirety on Netflix and, while most of the shows were entertaining, to keep it 100, the one thing I can express is that I CAN'T STAND TAMAR! She was WAAAAY too much and over-the-top in MANY instances and spoiled rotten!! Her behavior filled me with anxiety. She ALWAYS has to be the center of attention and has to ALWAYS be right. Good grief, there was no winning with her. Even though the sisters love her, as they should, because they're sisters, they sure put up with a hell of a lot. It makes me wonder, though, why she and Vince divorced and why she was fired from The Real. I have to admit that I started viewing The Real a lot more AFTER she was gone, because I can only take someone like her in small doses, especially when you can’t get a word in edgewise. She talks all over you…just saying!!
Raxsan Miller
Raxsan Miller - 2 months ago
Am late but sorry honey the real don't need her at all they have a new co host and they don't need her either😯🙄, just saying
thembisa makhoba
thembisa makhoba - 2 months ago
Wht on earth is she wearing 😂😂
Victoria Tolson
Victoria Tolson - 2 months ago
You say cute show I say Emmy winning show
Kyle - 2 months ago
Drugs are bad y’all.
Anjali - 2 months ago
Cute show", uhu wendy, more like emmy winning starshow🔥
KK - 2 months ago
Tamar looks like she has on underwear, spanx to be exact. That's not a good look.
Madison Powell
Madison Powell - 2 months ago
The Real is so much better off without Tamar. They won an Emmy without her
Madison Powell
Madison Powell - 2 months ago
Tamar just brought so much drama to The Real
Rafael Reyes
Rafael Reyes - 2 months ago
It’s better without her at the real tbh
Sokun Sorn
Sokun Sorn - 2 months ago
Shes annoying. I'm glad the real won an Emmy without her.
ugly poop doodle bob
ugly poop doodle bob - 2 months ago
a conversation between muppets
AMellon Keller
AMellon Keller - 2 months ago
U know ur getting old when u watch Tamar go from background singer who didn’t want a kid to her kid going into 2nd grade
Katie Alyse
Katie Alyse - 2 months ago
That show didn’t need her. She’s not real, she’s just rude. She’s disrespectful to the rest of the girls and she’s a loud mouth.
K M - 2 months ago
Tamar really out here in spanx
Lakendra Jones
Lakendra Jones - 2 months ago
Man I can't get on t v and lie I would go off
Lakendra Jones
Lakendra Jones - 2 months ago
O no I can't fake she going suffer about those lies on the king watch I'm take her hold show
Mervin Britoe
Mervin Britoe - 2 months ago
So of all the things Wendy could say about Africa, she insinuates we eat crickets???
Gregory Love
Gregory Love - 2 months ago
Tamar looks so hurt
Ziyanda Nhlapho
Ziyanda Nhlapho - 2 months ago
honestly guys i'm so sick of wendy making nasty ignorant comments about Africa,she needs to learn the countries names and stop saying Africa like she doesn't know it's not a country and i'm gutted that she said people in Nigeria eat crickets(last time she thought there were only huts and no houses in Africa).she needs to sit down and read up on African countries before blurting out disrespectful and offensive comments!
Tyson Nolan
Tyson Nolan - 2 months ago
Tamar said nothing wrong at all 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
SidraAdele - 2 months ago
Her jewelry is 😍!
lipsohlips97 - 2 months ago
She looks like she's just wearing her spanx as her outfit lol
Osie Puente
Osie Puente - 2 months ago
She’s too ghetto sorry
Brittany Robinson
Brittany Robinson - 2 months ago
The Real is cute but lets not forget EMMY WINNING❗
Talks with MiMi
Talks with MiMi - 2 months ago
Tamar: here's the thing 😂😂😂
Keiterra Cotton
Keiterra Cotton - 2 months ago
I love it She Looks Beautiful ❤️
Mariam Taiwo Sonekan
Mariam Taiwo Sonekan - 2 months ago
Wendy... Nigerians do not eat crickets! Africans do not eat crickets!!
LIL WOKE - 2 months ago
If Thot was a person
Jae Nut
Jae Nut - 2 months ago
WTH...is she wearing!?!?!?!....lmaoooo....doesn't look right, she needs a dress over it...
nmc nmc
nmc nmc - 3 months ago
i didnt get or catch wat was going on till cookie came out,

now i understand when she says,"" what if in doing the braxton's and doing another show(the real) and girls are being catty, ""
Hümi Meyra
Hümi Meyra - 3 months ago
When I saw her on The Real, I thought she's a transgender.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird - 3 months ago
I mean Tamar .. I love you but just dropped the mess work on that music girl !!! That’s what we need to know about
buffalobillbuffalove - 3 months ago
Wendy went out of her way to disparage the girls on the real...and she insinuates that tamar should keep wearing spanx because her man won’t like her. Who cares if he likes it. She’s insulting women of color like herself, women in general like herself, and good men like her own? How does that work?
Lillith ampadu
Lillith ampadu - 3 months ago
after watching the Real’s segment on this topic and acc watching Wendy’s segment, all i can say is that the real was reading too much into it!!!! Tamar didn’t say anything wrong bout the show ESPECIALLY the host like chill
Tanisha Townsend
Tanisha Townsend - 3 months ago
Love tay tay
Rochelle Barlow
Rochelle Barlow - 3 months ago
Finally! A celebrity that isn't all tatted up and has smooth beautiful skin, no distractions.
M Ess
M Ess - 3 months ago
Trash trash show
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