$13,000 Custom 350Z vs. $33,000 Custom 350Z | HiLow

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Donut Media
Donut Media - 25 days ago
So what do you think? After all this, are you Team Hi or Team Low?
killshot madman
killshot madman - 7 days ago
99 civic or 04 subaru sti
George Paramushchak
George Paramushchak - 25 days ago
Miata M- miata I- is A- always T-the A- answer
Gage Griffith
Gage Griffith - 25 days ago
cartoondboy - 25 days ago
Civcs hi lo
Savier Osman
Savier Osman - 25 days ago
Do a mustang next plz
b man
b man - 23 hours ago
HiLow Mustangs would be really cool!
Miguel Lirazan
Miguel Lirazan - Day ago
Nice to see a father and son bonding over cars
Christopher Slusher
Super entertaining.
Do hi low mk3 gti vr6
Noah Johnston
Noah Johnston - Day ago
You should trick out some miatas!
Andrey N
Andrey N - Day ago
buy a salvaged 2007 s4 for $2500 fix it fot $1000 and kill both of this Z's for $3500 )))))
K J - Day ago
Hi Low S2000
Matthew Santillan
Matthew Santillan - Day ago
Hi lo with beater trucks
Mohammed 7
Mohammed 7 - Day ago
A g35
Irvin Gonzalez
Irvin Gonzalez - Day ago
Basically low car got gapped lmao
Anthony - Day ago
how about next season a hid low and a mid STI?
Deniz Oğuz Sevil
Deniz Oğuz Sevil - Day ago
Put a huge motorcycle engine in a small car! and put small car engine in a huge motorcycle!
pazzaz blue
pazzaz blue - Day ago
Do a la Ferrari
Lance Rumery
Lance Rumery - Day ago
Do a series where you (the Donut Gang) try to make a rally car on a budget of what ever you choose.
What the car has to be:fwd or awd from factory, must start with no mods except for interior, can't have over budget parts.
christopher brandon
Build rally cars and enter a rallycross!
Arturo Castillo
Arturo Castillo - Day ago
1969 charger
Lance - Day ago
James: *Builds car that costs $33,000*
Also James: I can't afford this car.
leong b
leong b - Day ago
U should put which one is more recommended for each category,like recommend put more money on brakes or recommend use cheap suspension etc
Ben Doonis
Ben Doonis - Day ago
next HiLow should be BMW 325
Carfanatic 9
Carfanatic 9 - Day ago
My ant drives a stock white 370z she's 60
Taylor Swofford
Taylor Swofford - Day ago
The new car for hi low should be a american muscle instead of imports. So either a Mustang or Charger.
Jodecy Cruz
Jodecy Cruz - Day ago
It would be awesome if you guys did a build with Toyota matrix 2004 base models or xrs I haven't seen so much builds with that car it would be cool
Jason Andrade
Jason Andrade - Day ago
Foxbody Mustang
Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura - Day ago
Or just buy a 370z nismo...
Armando Penaloza
Armando Penaloza - Day ago
Bestbuddy - Day ago
Porsche 944 High or Low
Jan Baglan
Jan Baglan - Day ago
Team low
Clayton Csonka
Clayton Csonka - Day ago
U guys should do two 8th gen honda civics
Mario Peric
Mario Peric - Day ago
I would like to see bmw e30 hi low
Patak EF
Patak EF - Day ago
would like to see a simple civic. let's end the fight here.
Fantastic - Day ago
Next one should be Nissan Skyline for hilow
Silvio Jimenez
Silvio Jimenez - Day ago
Do some vw golfs
masterofmice - 2 days ago
Next hj low needs to be mk1 audi tt
Aaron Carr
Aaron Carr - 2 days ago
Do a hi-low on a golf gti
Michael Aaron
Michael Aaron - 2 days ago
Mazda 3s for the next season!
Legit Christian
Legit Christian - 2 days ago
Go classic American
Antonio Velez
Antonio Velez - 2 days ago
Hi low Honda Civics?????
PISI GARAGE - 2 days ago
Hey guys! Do you think in Honda S2000 there’s million ways to tune them!!
Hunter Neilson
Hunter Neilson - 2 days ago
Next season can you guys high vs low subaru wrx's?
Alle Bosma
Alle Bosma - 2 days ago
Supra pls
Ben Frankovich
Ben Frankovich - 2 days ago
Chrysler Crossfires
Kevin Duby
Kevin Duby - 2 days ago
Do a Hi Low of either a miata to keep it cheapish and have a lot of options, or to make it different, do more of an on/off road thing and run a HiLow WRX or STI. both have a tremendous amount of after market out there and lots of support.
Alpali - 2 days ago
Deffo worth to try out some old mercedes benzes. Either w124 or 190E. These cars are classics in the EU.
Eddie Fassnacht
Eddie Fassnacht - 2 days ago
Honda civic high low eg
Atraydeez - 2 days ago
86/Brz would be amazingggg
PAC257 - 2 days ago
Do some Subarus! WRXs or Foresters would be sick.
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon - 2 days ago
Pls do a nissan s15🥺
Luis Henrique Pereira Taira
Hi lo cayman
TheCrazyN - 2 days ago
Do MX5!!!
It's Me Remember
It's Me Remember - 2 days ago
We need a VW Golf hi - low
Splashking 313
Splashking 313 - 2 days ago
So if they can't afford the hi car so wst they gone do wit it sell it?
Mike Fortier
Mike Fortier - 2 days ago
Hey guys, my dream car is a 3000gt vr4 that might be too expensive but I miss what Mitsubishi used to do. Maybe you guys can do that and give a car that doesn’t get as much love as a Supra a try!
Nicholas Mackey
Nicholas Mackey - 2 days ago
3 sec faster with a twin turbo i defenatly go with team low its not worth the money for only 3 sec
Josue Barrantes
Josue Barrantes - 2 days ago
Honda Civic !!!
PurpleHeart - 3 days ago
Hi car: Ford mustang GT
Low car: Ford mustang GT
rosskie320 - 3 days ago
I’ll offer 3k for the hi car.
Ben Somaini
Ben Somaini - 3 days ago
do a vw product
Christian Gonzalez
Christian Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Rensouhou-Chan Studio
Rensouhou-Chan Studio - 3 days ago
Mustang GT highlow
Kairexs - 3 days ago
Next one bmw e34
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