Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

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Bryce Hurd
Bryce Hurd - 2 hours ago
I'm probably 1,000 of the views..
an cermet
an cermet - 2 hours ago
Jason sings like a french man
Carolina Gavilanez
Carolina Gavilanez - 3 hours ago
Aww I love this ❤️❤️❤️
Tim Hanley
Tim Hanley - 3 hours ago
Nitsku - 4 hours ago
Absolutely love the song, so catchy and the lyrics just pop.
I cannot stop thinking how they keep singing "what did I do to deserve you" which can be taken both in a positive and negative sense... that's simply brilliant.
Moonlight - 5 hours ago
Omg Jason’s actually good at singing
toybox6 - 6 hours ago
but god this is so fucking cute though
MrsCB15 - 6 hours ago
Bahahah!!! This is GREAT
LunarSapphire93 - 7 hours ago
When Jason's true self comes out in a music video
Katie George
Katie George - 7 hours ago
Kind of a bop
Laurel - 8 hours ago
A lot of you are really rude smh I loved it! Its cute and catchy. Great job you guys, dont listen to the trolls :) You inspire me every day, Trish!
ki teresa
ki teresa - 8 hours ago
Love this
Steffi Lea
Steffi Lea - 8 hours ago
I dont know how to feel
dusty t
dusty t - 9 hours ago
Chicken drum sticks for legs
keesha hirsekorn
keesha hirsekorn - 9 hours ago
Hanna Fuller
Hanna Fuller - 10 hours ago
This is trash
Vktorriaa Cifuentes
Vktorriaa Cifuentes - 11 hours ago
redcandi 39
redcandi 39 - 11 hours ago
Since this girl does porn I wonder why she never did one with Jason lol
Rum Chata
Rum Chata - 12 hours ago
Trisha looks better in that yellow dress than kate hudson did !
Rachel Leon
Rachel Leon - 13 hours ago
Is she n Jason back together or is this just a collaboration
iBluetastic Gaming
iBluetastic Gaming - 2 hours ago
it was made a month ago and i think they're broken up?? idk tbh
Maxx F
Maxx F - 13 hours ago
Puke. She’s so gross.
Camila Diaz
Camila Diaz - 13 hours ago
I didn’t see this in high school musical._.
*xXshystarXx* - 14 hours ago
I thought y’all broke up
Katie K
Katie K - 14 hours ago
this a bop
Debbie Escobar
Debbie Escobar - 15 hours ago
Such a horrible video 🤬
emily taylor
emily taylor - 17 hours ago
Why is this so catchy lol! 😂
Murphy Massey
Murphy Massey - 17 hours ago
damn..........I actually really liked the video lmaoooo
Amanda Y
Amanda Y - 20 hours ago
sharpay and ryan from hsm are still at it?
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Wat ze fuq?!
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This made me very uncomfortable 😬
Sabina De Lange
Sabina De Lange - 21 hour ago
I hate that I love this
thomas - 22 hours ago
HSM references YEASS
Lia Grehan
Lia Grehan - 22 hours ago
I’m sorry the knife bit is wierd
Jordan Malbrew
Jordan Malbrew - 23 hours ago
When Ariana’s take on using movies in her thank you next music video inspires you...
Genavieve O'connor
Genavieve O'connor - Day ago
Trisha this is soo amazing, such a good song and music video! Happy you still posted it
crystal clear
crystal clear - Day ago
What did I just see! I can't groove to this music! What is this really!
koolbeanskh - Day ago
Awww I still feel so bad about them breaking up! I miss it! 😢
Isaiah Brookman
Isaiah Brookman - Day ago
Trisha sounds like Jordan Peele in the "baby its cold outside" parody skit lmfao
Whitney Lisette
Whitney Lisette - Day ago
Allie Geletka
Allie Geletka - Day ago
Awe Trisha we love you!!!!
Elisa Dier
Elisa Dier - Day ago
Wait are they back together
kawaiipoodle - Day ago
Still obsessed with this song
Tori's Stories
Tori's Stories - Day ago
I think that this was a really cool video idea and the song is so catchy. I hope nothing but the absolute best for you and Jason, together or apart. Both of you are beautiful people inside and out, but are both broken in your own ways. I can't wait to see what content you have coming for us music wise. I've loved your music since fat chicks
Big Biscuit
Big Biscuit - Day ago
Is 2:07 why they broke up?
AR D - Day ago
I love the melody at 0:40 with the la's, the reason I like the song tbh.
Aimee Gaskin
Aimee Gaskin - Day ago
Cheese city !
blue chalk
blue chalk - Day ago
You look so fat now as in not well heart attack fat soon
Litzy Cortes
Litzy Cortes - Day ago
Trish u don’t know how to sing 🤣 this video is soooooo confusing... stop using Jason for viewers 🤣😂
Spill The tea
Spill The tea - Day ago
I’m so flipping confused 😅
Dylan Alberta
Dylan Alberta - Day ago
Bailey Bourque
Bailey Bourque - Day ago
wtf lmaooo
Jade Versace
Jade Versace - Day ago
savannah lopez
savannah lopez - Day ago
This is an insult to all those movies.
Od Night
Od Night - Day ago
I don’t want them to break up
Subliminal Flash Alpha waves
I think I gave this song the last 100,000 views
Faith Tholley
Faith Tholley - Day ago
Is it just me or do I genuinely love this song🤥. I actually enjoy it lmao. But everyone hates Trisha and Nate so I just watch and laugh about who are mad. Imagine being mad about a fabricated toxic relationship that is obviously for views but people are slow.
Faith Tholley
Faith Tholley - Day ago
Trisha looks so good with that yellow dress
Faith Tholley
Faith Tholley - Day ago
We stan a toxic relationship yum
ninahbean keliihananui
Sneaker Sense
Sneaker Sense - Day ago
Oh so david dramas over...
Mariam Ashraf
Mariam Ashraf - Day ago
Ok I kinda live for the music and some bit of the vid is a bit questionable but I love these two together idccccc 😂😂😂
Charybdis ¿?
Charybdis ¿? - 2 days ago
Oh god trish I'm praying for you and jason. Yall are soulmates. This is AMAZING. Both of y'all are amazing!
Krysten Chambers
Krysten Chambers - 2 days ago
Very catchy
Sarah Acchione
Sarah Acchione - 2 days ago
I’m OBSESSED Trisha! 😍😍😍 you guys did such a great job making this video. On repeat all day! 💕
Thick Sister
Thick Sister - 2 days ago
Who else cried.. just me.. ok
HannahHoneyZ Hive
HannahHoneyZ Hive - 2 days ago
Is this there own version of Thank You Next? Lmao 😆
Bri Leigh
Bri Leigh - 2 days ago
Ok but why did I actually like this?
J Jay
J Jay - 2 days ago
Tbh this is so cute. I was not expecting it
Miss Sharp
Miss Sharp - 2 days ago
This is so well made, though... ugh, I really really really like it.
Kiara Faith
Kiara Faith - 2 days ago
Day T
Day T - 2 days ago
2:41 is it supposed to be like the notebook?
S. M.
S. M. - 2 days ago
No shit, Dora. Guess you didn’t pick up on the clues there.
Kiddo Todd
Kiddo Todd - 2 days ago
okay its super cute tbh
Tally22 - 2 days ago
Hahah Jason’s lowkey a better singer than Trish
Water Million
Water Million - 2 days ago
aw I love it
Kidabelle K
Kidabelle K - 2 days ago
2:17, that’s it. That’s the comment
Ethan Gretsky
Ethan Gretsky - 2 days ago
Jason’s voice makes my ears bleed
Victoria Hanke
Victoria Hanke - 2 days ago
She is a fat slob, what man would want her,,,,without her cash? Sad, sad, sad,
Tommo Drauhl
Tommo Drauhl - 2 days ago
i’m sorry for all of these good movies...
victor luiisss
victor luiisss - 2 days ago
Speechless, love it though lol
Sergieg Halliwell
Sergieg Halliwell - 2 days ago
Jason Nash has a horrible voice. Trisha as usual has an amazing voice and range. I hate how he uses her for his spotlight. She totally made him and he owes her. I wonder why he treats her like shit and talks about her negatively even after all the stuff she has done for his career. I wish she would just let him go and see she is way better without him. Good riddance...
WhiteRaven696 - 2 days ago
They’re back together? Oh, that’s awkward.
Jenna Nell
Jenna Nell - 2 days ago
Okay but I love it.... it’s catchy
Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins - 2 days ago
2:41 Did anyone else notice Trish wearing an engagement ring? Just me?
Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins - 9 hours ago
+M M1989 ok, thanks
M M1989
M M1989 - 9 hours ago
Because the character in the film is engaged
Jessica Holub
Jessica Holub - 2 days ago
from me e e e e
Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins - 2 days ago
Are you and Jason back together?
Sophie Lorraine
Sophie Lorraine - 2 days ago
Why am I crying ? I love this, the high school musical reference is my favorite way to use the best part
Saint Arcana
Saint Arcana - 2 days ago
*This video looks like it took an army and a shit ton of money to make*
Nadia Anderson
Nadia Anderson - 2 days ago
Why is this actually a bop
We Are All Luigi Official Channel
Timothy heller is in the background where she belongs 🤣🤣🤣
Barbe Virgil
Barbe Virgil - 2 days ago
I might be alone on this and I don't give a shit if am... This made me cry a bit.. I fully believe these two belong together and I feel the input of the rest of the world has pushed them to the point that was reached. I also feel everyone involved is to blame.. However from day one Trish did say she would do an exposed video if something like what happened happened... To that I feel Trish should have at least called both David and Jason to find out why they did such a hurtful act when Trish has said time and time again not to mention a threesome and neither one of them had the decency not to post it... Jason that's the girl you say you LOVE to every morning and you forgot she wants to be with you and only YOU!! Are you fucking kidding me, you would NEVER allow such an act to happen if it was your kids.... That's BS!! Jason you make it seem like the views are more important than Trish's feelings... I'm a huge fan of you two, and I'm hoping for the best. Life is not perfect and neither are humans.. If you truly love some one then you will do anything for them and are there to protect them. David you also focus to much on the views you have enough money to miss a day of contact. Why would you intentionally hurt your so called friend and post something so wrong to fuck up a relationship?? I just don't get it.. I expected more from you David, Jason and Trish. #my2cents Peace, love and harmony
Kate West
Kate West - 2 days ago
Ohh my she’s gotten fat
Princekaspar - 2 days ago
2:45 is me lol
Micah - 2 days ago
This song is honestly not bad
Gabby Newcomer
Gabby Newcomer - 2 days ago
BRAVO👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 y’all were PERFECT in that & it describes your relationship perfectly.
Candi Hinojosa
Candi Hinojosa - 2 days ago
This made me tearful 😢
Brigid Hester
Brigid Hester - 2 days ago
Honestly... I’m not normally a fan of your music but I LOVE THIS SONG
Kaia - 2 days ago
Too cute.
BodyMod Lover
BodyMod Lover - 2 days ago
Omggg I love his voice like yesss
Lidzia ok
Lidzia ok - 2 days ago
high key loving this bop ❤️😻
Lauren Teel
Lauren Teel - 2 days ago
I love Jason's singing omg
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