Crazy and Desperate Music Video - Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

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Christopher Biggs
Christopher Biggs - 7 hours ago
i miss them, but Trish deserves better 💕
Rejkk - 8 hours ago
Say what you want, but this music video is really iconic
alwaysloving Linn
alwaysloving Linn - Day ago
Damn. This was actually good
Kayla Enstad
Kayla Enstad - 2 days ago
Keep coming back because its a bop and miss seeing trisha and jason
Amna - 2 days ago
it sounds so nice
Marcie C
Marcie C - 4 days ago
Love you Trisha.
Magdalen Moore
Magdalen Moore - 5 days ago
2:29, definetly best singing ever, tbh I actually really liked that bit ;-;.
Marykate Hennessey
Marykate Hennessey - 6 days ago
this is one of her best songs and wish they were still together even tho it probably was for the best.
Shannon Robillard
Shannon Robillard - 6 days ago
iSpunkrandom - 7 days ago
Does anyone know the first movie that they reference?
Nikki Bilbrey
Nikki Bilbrey - 11 days ago
Jason Nash is such an old, pathetic, old failure of a man.
Simply Tea
Simply Tea - 11 days ago
Trishas auto tune on 1000
queenbTi'lee - 13 days ago
whos here in august?
Marsbar_ Doglover
Marsbar_ Doglover - 14 days ago
why is jason's voice zo much better than trisha's?????? dafuq?? come jase!!! make some music!!!
SadEars A
SadEars A - 15 days ago
I dedicate this song to all my relationships
TERESA KAPOOR - 17 days ago
You are underrated Trisha...
Camila DN
Camila DN - 17 days ago
Incest? Weren’t they siblings?
Hector :/
Hector :/ - 19 days ago
why is this my favorite song from her 💀💞
sunsbookishgamesx - 19 days ago
Her music videos are decent I can't even liw about that
Mckenzie Joshua
Mckenzie Joshua - 19 days ago
Awww Trisha I love this
Saturn Aldc
Saturn Aldc - 20 days ago
Didn't they brake up
Ally Cabs
Ally Cabs - 20 days ago
Aw kinda miss these two
Whitney Stapleton
Whitney Stapleton - 20 days ago
This is so cringeworthy, like who’s gonna tell them they are grown adults rein acting a kids movie! Wtf!
Mikaela Perkins
Mikaela Perkins - 21 day ago
The song that Tana and Jake dance to at their wedding...
Ashley Sipes
Ashley Sipes - 21 day ago
I really enjoy this song ❤️ one of my faves by Trish
Graham Crackers
Graham Crackers - 21 day ago
My favorite part 2:46
Miguel Gastelum
Miguel Gastelum - 21 day ago
1st I cringed
Then I cried
3rd I binged
Next I die
Lilia Palomino
Lilia Palomino - 22 days ago
Kermitify - 22 days ago
Songs a bop but like damn
TehJish - 22 days ago
OTL He just tossed the baby off and it disappeared into an infinite abyss
Aracelli Garcia
Aracelli Garcia - 22 days ago
Trisha has lost a lot of weight you can tell by her recent videos
Mariah Johnson
Mariah Johnson - 22 days ago
This is so good wtf
Lexi Strunk
Lexi Strunk - 22 days ago
this shit fire
cåñdŷ ïs Däñdŷ
cåñdŷ ïs Däñdŷ - 23 days ago
She warned him
Hurt .
Hurt . - 23 days ago
Love the video, love the song, love everything about it. But I hate that Jason in it, I hate this guy ew.
Alyssa Ruiz
Alyssa Ruiz - 24 days ago
Iconic 👑
Allison Mohr
Allison Mohr - 24 days ago
2019: well this is awkward...
Lara Galaxy Wolf
Lara Galaxy Wolf - 24 days ago
I love the how to luse a guy in 10 days ref
Soph Crossley
Soph Crossley - 25 days ago
Jason singing is funny but also cinda good 💜
Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit - 25 days ago
@jasonnash @trishapaytas
:) Jus make it private
lia - 25 days ago
imagine how confused someone would be if they were just going through their recommended and had no idea who trisha or jason were and clicked on this video
lia - 25 days ago
they literally would be like “wtf is this old guy tryna do to her lol”
Kira Schneider
Kira Schneider - 25 days ago
Geeze I didn’t realize how much weight she’s lost since this.
:::: - 25 days ago
annalee yergensen
annalee yergensen - 25 days ago
They were so cute...but so toxic
Atomic Blueberry
Atomic Blueberry - 25 days ago
what sick fever dream am I in and is North Korea's atom bomb the only way out?
#whatever - 25 days ago
Aww they were a cute couple
Erin Blackmore
Erin Blackmore - 25 days ago
I miss Trish and Jason
Stitchy Love
Stitchy Love - 25 days ago
This song is amazing but I wanna cry since they were cute together. I mean if they are happy then
Mystical Pineapple
Mystical Pineapple - 26 days ago
This song has grown on me 😆
Black magic Woman
Black magic Woman - 26 days ago
This is the best !!!!💜💜😘
JulZ SuN
JulZ SuN - 26 days ago
My apologies, but I fucking love this video It does things to me like yeah ok I’m not frothing for the song but this music video though mmmhm.
JulZ SuN
JulZ SuN - 26 days ago
The song grows on you REAL QUICK
Juana Isa
Juana Isa - 26 days ago
Samantha Waters
Samantha Waters - 26 days ago
I love Jason’s voice 🥰
Sage Smith
Sage Smith - 26 days ago
What movie is the crazy drowning scene from lol
Sara Patterson
Sara Patterson - 20 days ago
Fatal Attraction
Saffythecob - 26 days ago
I still do love this song.
Marcie C
Marcie C - 26 days ago
Allison Ruckart
Allison Ruckart - 26 days ago
This is still such a bop
Kelsi Haller
Kelsi Haller - 26 days ago
This actually makes me so sad... they had their issues but I truly think they were good together...
Chelsea culprit
Chelsea culprit - 26 days ago
oh shit i hate how much i love this lol
Nat_The GachaQueen
Nat_The GachaQueen - 27 days ago
Honestly I shipped them so much it's humanly impossible 👽
originaldiary - 29 days ago
a bop honestly
Dee Flood
Dee Flood - 29 days ago
Jason's singing is actually good 👌
Burt Miller
Burt Miller - Month ago
Jason was only with her for the exposure. He is waaaay out of her league. She’s gross af.
honey leigh
honey leigh - Month ago
This is the one couple from the vlog squad that I miss the most :(
Maria Maciel
Maria Maciel - Month ago
I actually like this aw man I shipped them so much. But they are both doing better for them selves
Nikkita Andrews
Nikkita Andrews - Month ago
I actually love this
Olivia Bowen
Olivia Bowen - Month ago
this did not age well
katie rowland
katie rowland - Month ago
I dont why everyone is confused by the ryan and sharpay scene because there a differant types of love other than sexual ...sharpay loves her brother as family x🤣😂
Kirammer - Month ago
I love jason
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann - Month ago
this didnt age well
Gary Key holder
Gary Key holder - Month ago
Poppy O’Connor
Poppy O’Connor - Month ago
this didnt age well lol
Bianca Fahlin
Bianca Fahlin - Month ago
Wow....ummmmmmmmmm...... Huh.....
Brooke Bishop
Brooke Bishop - Month ago
Best video and song ever
Petra MCCafferty
Petra MCCafferty - Month ago
🤢 for fucks sake
localchristina - Month ago
Very Cute!
Hollands Babyy
Hollands Babyy - Month ago
I’m glad they broke up cause it wasn’t good for trishas mentally health and Jason why did you make Trisha feel like a piece of trash cause she’s beautiful the way she is .
Manuel Mercado Reynoso
Everything the thank u, next video wanted to be
Drea Amaya
Drea Amaya - Month ago
Wtf 💀
Jules Dolan
Jules Dolan - Month ago
Omg...girls! If your ever self-conscious about your thighs, take a look at Tricias!
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