How The First Ever Telecoms Scam Worked

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott - 11 months ago
Quick tip if you ever go to France: don't let the rental car company give you a free upgrade to an SUV. SUVs do not fit well on tiny rural French roads.
Joshua Waite
Joshua Waite - 26 days ago
Can confirm.
Naomi Barnes
Naomi Barnes - 2 months ago
@Patrick Hanft probably because they can't get anyone to use it due to said road size
Safety First
Safety First - 4 months ago
There’s a road near settle with a 6 foot width limit. It’s the narrowest road I’ve ever been on. Thank god I went on my motorcycle
Joetoep - 4 months ago
I laughed so hard
romulusnr - 5 months ago
I hate "free upgrades." In my opinion they are downgrades.
Teddy H
Teddy H - 13 hours ago
So they basically just played Telephone
crash6674 - Day ago
Grz349 - Day ago
No what I find funny? in the 1830's this was a scam, but now it's common and accepted practice.
basil fawlty
basil fawlty - 3 days ago
doe's notty notty gauls
Federico Olivares
Federico Olivares - 5 days ago
There were 0 indians and or nigerians, this is clearly false
Andrew - 10 days ago
It's the clacks!
MrUnseen - 11 days ago
Didn't also Napoleon use these telegraphs and won some battles thanks to the information, that reached him through it.
Philemaphobia - 11 days ago
GNU Terry Pratchett 😍
januzi2 - 15 days ago
I've read this story in one of the Terry Pratchett's books.
Elso - 19 days ago
So the system was basically the "now all of China knows you're here" scene from mulan.
R - 22 days ago
What a great video! Great content, excellent writing and delivery, high production value... just a great channel all around! One of my favorite subscriptions!
fuckfannyfiddlefart - Month ago
Notice how the superior French democracy banned the scam but in America they INDULGE the scammers.
fuckfannyfiddlefart - Month ago
Capitalists using massive resources to achieve some socially and environmentally destructive aim in order to game the system.
Nothing new there, nothing good there, and this continues today, it will ALWAYS continue...
...until we stop capitalism.
Joshua Reavis
Joshua Reavis - Month ago
You are such a baddass
Big Blue
Big Blue - Month ago
I have heard this story before but in was very interesting to hear it again. Thanks for that.
Doctor Lolchicken
Doctor Lolchicken - Month ago
And I thought semaphore towers were only a Discworld invention
Howard SIX
Howard SIX - Month ago
just a point Tom, its "aerials" not "antennas".barsteward yankism again.H6UK.
adajanetta1 - Month ago
The clacks-- Terry Pratchett.
1323GamerTV - Month ago
Capitalism isn’t a bad thing
Astrocat2374 - Month ago
30 seconds in and this sounds like me blaming the router for my death in a video game
Thanks subbed, and shared to OCCUPY AMERICA at wordpress
rockets4kids - Month ago
If you count Galileo's telescope, the benefits of advance information for financial transactions goes back considerably further.
Alf Noakes
Alf Noakes - Month ago
Anyone who has read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series will recognise this method of communication ...
Marcus Gault
Marcus Gault - 2 months ago
Most Excellent content Tom
Tie Shianna
Tie Shianna - 2 months ago
Damned Clacks, we should going postal on them.
Glitched Blox
Glitched Blox - 2 months ago
Tim Collins
Tim Collins - 2 months ago
I hate how high frequency trading is in the way of investing these days. Investors lose enough money to fees already.
Martin Bruhn
Martin Bruhn - 2 months ago
Names don't just translate. They are in english what they are in french. No changes made (I give you that though, that last names sometimes have a litteral meaning)
dan110024 - 3 months ago
My brain heard you say "any errors are hers and not mine". I was like, you dog!
RayRae 559
RayRae 559 - 3 months ago
Love how you took blame for any inconsistencies in the story.
Abdelrahman Mostafa
Abdelrahman Mostafa - 3 months ago
Dude why do you always look that you just woke up
Diego Peruzzo
Diego Peruzzo - 4 months ago
Very interesting! Thank you for that
ShadowKick32 - 4 months ago
The c in blanc is silent.
Kkakay77 - 5 months ago
Very interesting.
Russ Crawford
Russ Crawford - 5 months ago
Thank you mama Victoria ... we all love you ...
Sarufiction - 5 months ago
The Audio is Amazing
Nena Garcia
Nena Garcia - 5 months ago
i never subscribed to someone so fast, thanks for bringing smart funny content onto a platform thats just toooooo silly sometimes.
Zac packman
Zac packman - 5 months ago
that is epic
jesus god
jesus god - 5 months ago
You know I barely understand what your saying half the time but I just find your voice really satisfying 😂 witch is quite gooid because I've learnt alot from your channel
fresh donkey
fresh donkey - 5 months ago
There was stock markets in the 1800 hundreds?
MICHGO1 - 6 months ago
Oscar Bear
Oscar Bear - 6 months ago
The world is full of scammers, unfortunately some of them are governments scamming the poor who voted them in. Bring back the guillotine.
AbsolX Guardian
AbsolX Guardian - 6 months ago
0:55 or something made up by a fantasy writer! The clacks of discworld are desgined as semaphore towers if people kept upgrading them in a world where the telegraph was never created (and they became for commercial use).
john wallcraft
john wallcraft - 6 months ago
Is this real a scam, or just and ingenious way of making money?
The Garden of Eatin
The Garden of Eatin - 6 months ago
I like the idea of sending coded messages in shipments of clothes or other goods like that. It's so French Resistance.
IronBat - 7 months ago
Gondor calls for aid!
Jake Harlow
Jake Harlow - 7 months ago
The second one that ever worked the Australian NBN network
Saturn_Devouring - 7 months ago
So cool.
CNCcamon1 - 7 months ago
So what you're saying is...
The semaphore beacons are lit, and Gondor calls for aid.
c182SkylaneRG - 7 months ago
What I can't figure out, is if this signal system is so much faster than any other form of transmission, then how did clothing packages get selected, purchased, assembled, shipped, and arrive in Tours, all before the Semaphore signal arrived at the relay station?
pancudowny - 7 months ago
Imagine if Trump's Tweets could only be sent by this method!😄
ben Jovi
ben Jovi - 7 months ago
so "The Clacks" from Pratchett's Diskworld is a real thing?
BurningIceCube Productions
Francois ***BLONK***
That guy u watch at 3am
That guy u watch at 3am - 8 months ago
Vsause 4
Julian Danzer
Julian Danzer - 8 months ago
also adapted in parody in Terry Pratchetts discworld series
TheMightyKinkle - 9 months ago
I still don't get what message they were sending
erg0centric - 9 months ago
The Clacks!
Dimitris Andreou
Dimitris Andreou - 9 months ago
Vodafone was not involved? What a surprise
Muhammad Shuaib
Muhammad Shuaib - 9 months ago
This goes at the speed of light
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