How Safe Is A Duct Tape Ladder?

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Jamie and friends
Jamie and friends - Hour ago
I knew there was something up
with her!
Daring Dog
Daring Dog - 3 hours ago
Couldn’t you theoretically just make a ten layer rope instead of a ladder?
MAYOH 2 - 4 hours ago
His shirt is perfect 👌🏼
Jarad Hudepohl
Jarad Hudepohl - 5 hours ago
Why not use hurricane tape
Cain Lovy
Cain Lovy - 11 hours ago
You only need two tools in life, duct tape and WD-40
Saniya shaikh
Saniya shaikh - Day ago
it is not going to work if you are really kidnapped as it takes a lot of time!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
SippyYT - Day ago
Why didn’t you Just climb down a duct tape rope?
Elizabeth Rose Scalf
Elizabeth Rose Scalf - 2 days ago
the king of random i love your youtobe videos
JoeKillsYou - 2 days ago
Just make 1 duck tape rope and absail
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming - 2 days ago
That intro tho
Autumn kearns Barrera
Autumn kearns Barrera - 2 days ago
It works I didn’t because I want to go to a party at my mom said no but then my sister Sammie and now she is Batman lol
Sailor W
Sailor W - 3 days ago
How are sharpies flamble
Leaderbot_X400 - 3 days ago
The channle is grants
Mackenzie Crews
Mackenzie Crews - 3 days ago
When I clicked on the video for the first 10 seconds I thought it was a Brazzers Video lmao
Dartian - 3 days ago
Dude, that’s like 15 ft. You could jump that. Did you really need the harness?
MeowicAngel - 3 days ago
How much tape did you use?
brendan waas
brendan waas - 3 days ago
The opening scene of her duct taping him was actually the beginning of there home porno7
Andrew Menteer
Andrew Menteer - 3 days ago
We have an open second story window oh oh ohhhhhh *falls out window* lol jk
Edgar Bustos
Edgar Bustos - 4 days ago
Duck tape isnt elastic bro why would it strecth
Not The Boop
Not The Boop - 4 days ago
8:45 It sounds like "Baldi's ruler slap"
Kookii - 4 days ago
I was watching William Osborn and thought this was still him. I was surprised to see the intro
DRIFT MASTER 04 - 5 days ago
You said don’t try this at home but you’re at home and why are you want to do it
Black galaxy
Black galaxy - 5 days ago
And their neighbors watching them do that on my Lord that's funny that would be really weird to
dean O
dean O - 6 days ago
Could you make a rope to hold you using dental floss?
Random things happen here
5:20 who is that. Wild stranger appeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beverly Wagnee
Beverly Wagnee - 7 days ago
You are crazy
Oliver Stub
Oliver Stub - 8 days ago
Just make a rope!
Master Xavier
Master Xavier - 9 days ago
Question, how many roles a duck tape did you use?
Aesthetic Sounds
Aesthetic Sounds - 9 days ago
Lmao imaging what their neighbors think when they see them doing stuff like this 😂😂
blake underwood
blake underwood - 10 days ago
Jojo meme:
Stand user: 『Nate』
Stand name: 『DUCT TAPE』
Zion Joy
Zion Joy - 10 days ago
Nate's shirt says it all
alastaire vlogs & gaming
alastaire vlogs & gaming - 11 days ago
You made a rope latter
arshan jamil
arshan jamil - 12 days ago
can you spray your self in never wet and go to a swimming pool.
potato girl
potato girl - 14 days ago
That begging doe😬😬😅😅
Frost Paws
Frost Paws - 14 days ago
"How strong is duct tape?"
Me: Is this an insult to *Flex Tape*
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace - 15 days ago
How to sneak out 101
Justin Armour
Justin Armour - 16 days ago
Have yall ever broken bones on this chanel
feds54 - 17 days ago
Why not just watch the Mythbusters duct tape special episodes, showing you all the things you can do with duct tape.
Foxy Gamez
Foxy Gamez - 17 days ago
I used that kinda rock climbing belt for abseiling
-idiosyncratic- - 18 days ago
Just apparate out
Nova_Star Gacha_Queen
Nova_Star Gacha_Queen - 18 days ago
I kinda wonder what their neighbors are thinking like are they just used to it or are they confused, like a duct tape latter. I’m used they are confused
Beast _21
Beast _21 - 18 days ago
Alan Dearman
Alan Dearman - 19 days ago
if you still have all the shells of empty silly puddy you could make homemade fire works for the forth of july
Sarah Peterson
Sarah Peterson - 19 days ago
That would be so cool to see a floating mattress with someone laying on it. :-)
Shyene Lainhart
Shyene Lainhart - 19 days ago
Can you make a air mattress from plastic wrap?
Shelbs XD
Shelbs XD - 19 days ago
I'm that one kid you don't want to tell not to something it's best to tell me I can
Aurora 131313
Aurora 131313 - 20 days ago
I love seeing him act like a kid
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson - 20 days ago
Not to burst a bubble.... But you only need to go down not up..... Why not just make a rope with knots to climb down (I. E. the bed sheet escape method haha)
csx dash 8 productions
csx dash 8 productions - 21 day ago
I meant 1:18
csx dash 8 productions
csx dash 8 productions - 21 day ago
I feel bad at 1:19
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