How Safe Is A Duct Tape Ladder?

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CactusxBlossoms - 8 hours ago
*well now kidnappers are definitely not leaving their duct tape behind....*
Laura Sohn
Laura Sohn - Day ago
And remember: if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy
Atiyyathul Hakeem
Atiyyathul Hakeem - Day ago
It will be dangerous if you did this alone.
JaEdoN - 2 days ago
WTF i can smell this video
JaEdoN - 2 days ago
Actually, 2 layers would be fine for me
gamerboy 264
gamerboy 264 - 3 days ago
Nate: "you're trapped in a 2 story room, and they left duck tape"
Me: *jumps out the window*
Jayden R
Jayden R - 3 days ago
His shirt says epic fail
He fails when he is wearing that shirt?
Vladimir Marshall
Vladimir Marshall - 3 days ago
Remember when Callie “beat up Nate and the cameraman” with makeup
EclipsedThunderga - 3 days ago
0:03 that one aunt/uncle
Juliann Fu
Juliann Fu - 3 days ago
DarkGengar94 - 4 days ago
Cure every known decease with your DUCK TAPE!!! Awhoo Ooo
Creepers 290
Creepers 290 - 4 days ago
Parvina Ahmedova
Parvina Ahmedova - 5 days ago
I loved the beginning of the video it was really funny
Ava Hall
Ava Hall - 5 days ago
You couldn’t do it in an emergency if the steps were that far apart
Jade _Savage
Jade _Savage - 5 days ago
Can u use duck tape to have sticky hands so that u can stick to things 😂(with added things )
Mythic Universe
Mythic Universe - 6 days ago
Dam Nate with that upper body strength tho I'm jealous
Evilive - 7 days ago
Anybody else think it might be more logical to just make a rope and slide down it? Not that this would be a very logical scenario.
JerJer C25
JerJer C25 - 8 days ago
How many duck tape rolls did you use?
Santosh Raj
Santosh Raj - 8 days ago
I want to make a bold question.Are Nate and Cally dating?
Benjamin Hoang
Benjamin Hoang - 10 days ago
Girls will always do that
Billie - 11 days ago
try a FLEX TAPE ladder
Nathan PBowes
Nathan PBowes - 11 days ago
I would have just made a thick duct tape rip if I was held captive and had to escape. It’s super easy to climb up and down a rope if u know what ur doing and how to do it
Shin Cabiguen
Shin Cabiguen - 11 days ago
Nate was like shiverring when he was climbing down .Xd😂😂😂😂😂
Zaire Butler
Zaire Butler - 13 days ago
5:29 for the people who love calli LOL.
Timothy D’Oliveira
Timothy D’Oliveira - 14 days ago
What. Sport does callie not do
Eshkner - 14 days ago
This would be useful for sneaking out if you can hide the ladder
Ahnaf Qatar Adventures
Ahnaf Qatar Adventures - 15 days ago
No Nate has king of random but calli told Nate king of random is mine
I8Chocolatecake - 21 day ago
This will only work if your captor leaves the tape in the room, theres a window, the window is low enough for you to climb out, AND your captor never comes to check on you. :P
Thanos - 21 day ago
Wait why do you have a jungle jim
Matthias Roca
Matthias Roca - 23 days ago
If was being kidnapped and i was only on the second story I would just jump. It would hurt and I might break and ankle but you could get away
Jordan Partridge
Jordan Partridge - 24 days ago
I watched this when it came out but watching it again now I've just realised what his top says
Jeff Gedgaud
Jeff Gedgaud - 24 days ago
Can you imagine the walk-through when they sell this house, ceiling climbing points, burnt ceilings, etc...
Dorothy Aarons
Dorothy Aarons - 25 days ago
Can you Melt down 1,000,000 rubber bands and turn it into a ladder
Nate Frisk
Nate Frisk - 26 days ago
Nate: I'm not telling you hot to kidnap people. I'm telling you how to NOT kidnap people.
Bence Zrinyi
Bence Zrinyi - 27 days ago
Why build a ladder if you can burst through the door
Nate TGS
Nate TGS - 27 days ago
11:35 you could probably just jump from the window and be fine tbh
xX Galaxy Studios Xx
xX Galaxy Studios Xx - 28 days ago
This takes very long so would you hide it when the person comes to check on you?
Dooby doo Plays
Dooby doo Plays - Month ago
So in this one video he told us how to not kidnap someone and how to escape...
Clayton Barber
Clayton Barber - Month ago
Nate Ur skinny but fit and flexable
Line Rip
Line Rip - Month ago
Use Flex Tape
VlogNiteツ - Month ago
I would just jump dude
Ben And TL
Ben And TL - Month ago
Captor: Would you like help creating your duct tape ladder to escape?
Captive: I... Would not refuse help...?
Clearly the captor is really just a grunt captor and about to be fed to the fish(or maybe it’s a trick and the captive is about to trigger a booby trap)
Rose Houston
Rose Houston - Month ago
There’s to tiep
Rose Houston
Rose Houston - Month ago
There are to types of Cale
Kara Hinson
Kara Hinson - Month ago
I knew you could lick away the duck tape!
alexanderdumas123 - Month ago
So, does this video make Nate a duct tape Rapunzel?
Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon - Month ago
I keep thinking they are saying catheter
Death Trooper
Death Trooper - Month ago
That knot oh his rope tho
Felix Henson
Felix Henson - Month ago
I love how they don't have kids but they have a swingset. People after my own heart.
Ashlyn Knight
Ashlyn Knight - Month ago
You just have people ways to sneak out at night😂
Delilah TheGreat
Delilah TheGreat - Month ago
At the beginning of the video I said that I would just jump out the window and hope for the best
Tracy D D
Tracy D D - Month ago
Why do you have rope anchors in your ceiling?
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - Month ago
This video is why I started watching them.
Ckinggaming 2.cking
Ckinggaming 2.cking - Month ago
I would just make a rope,and go a little way down,and jump,FREEDOM,or in other cases,I would just jump down and break my legs
SunshineCountry - Month ago
Is it bad that I could actually see Callie kidnapping and doing that to Nate?😂🤷‍♀️
Vloggy - Month ago
Laura Sohn
Laura Sohn - Month ago
Man, did you draw inspiration from the Red Green Show?
Jordan Does Stuff
Jordan Does Stuff - Month ago
This sounds like somthing just Dustin would do
Benjamin Alvarado
Benjamin Alvarado - Month ago
I would just jump out the window
Abiha Zainab
Abiha Zainab - Month ago
Who is balley
ella fajardo
ella fajardo - Month ago
Looks fun
Zombie Rusher
Zombie Rusher - Month ago
Its called the PhoneBook effect because if you find the weak spot of a phone book you can rip it in half with your bare hands
Guy Firey Boi
Guy Firey Boi - Month ago
Nate and Calli into some freaky shiii 👀👀👀
Matt L
Matt L - Month ago
Who else was bored during quaratine and watched this?
Melissa O'bryan
Melissa O'bryan - Month ago
So... are you too dating? Or are you too sibling
Tejasvini Ojha
Tejasvini Ojha - 2 months ago
Why wear a shirt of epic fails though...😂
Leah Kim
Leah Kim - 2 months ago
i think this is the first time nate doesnt have 1000 rolls😂
Bryant Smyth
Bryant Smyth - 2 months ago
Carrie the caring captor
JT Gilkerson
JT Gilkerson - 2 months ago
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PandyCandy_ Gacha
PandyCandy_ Gacha - 2 months ago
Me when she put tape on his mouth! Her has a (sorta) beard...would it not hurt to rip it off?
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann - 2 months ago
Mythbusters says duct tape breaks at 67lbs. So technically he could use only 3 layers to support himself.
Mohamad Saad
Mohamad Saad - 2 months ago
Make a rope from tuk tape
F1rew0lf - 2 months ago
Try to make a rope of bubblegum
Sarah Sleamanová
Sarah Sleamanová - 2 months ago
How long have you been making it?
Arishimiaki - 2 months ago
that intro was priceless
PupPup McGee
PupPup McGee - 2 months ago
5:30 Just leave it at the group, you don’t even need a ladder.
Emily Hill
Emily Hill - 2 months ago
ok so this is coming from someone who has snuck out a two story house multiple MULTIPLE times before if you want to get out a two story window either tie a long piece of double duty rope to your door and climb and that or if there is a sturdy tree just climb down that it makes it a lot easier
Shy Wolf
Shy Wolf - 2 months ago
Neighbor : What are they doing this time?
Nate : * climbs down duck tape ladder *
Neighbor : Oh well he might be dead
Yvette Mundy
Yvette Mundy - 2 months ago
I don't think it matters if it's comfortable or if it hurts you because if you're trying to escape a life or death situation you would just go
保羅 - 2 months ago
What do you call that type of duct tape ?
Ava Hamilton
Ava Hamilton - 2 months ago
Piono riff L
Piono riff L - 2 months ago
Sees the first 10 seconds of the video checks to see if your on the right website
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