I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - 8 days ago
HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! yes, i bought a large amount of amazon products and this is what happened... which product was your favorite? would you use any of these? xoxo, saf!
Kathryn Wehner
Kathryn Wehner - 3 hours ago
Safiya Nygaard I love how you where playing with a dawn and the music 🎶 was a pice called. Carnival of the Animals Swan
Cats Exist
Cats Exist - 6 hours ago
Safiya Nygaard oh hi
Alfonso Peinado
Alfonso Peinado - 13 hours ago
the jacuzzi looks amazing
Стефания Манаскова
Safiya Nygaard Hello Saf can you do wish spa at home things video😍
Artsie Cat
Artsie Cat - 22 hours ago
Safiya Nygaard I really liked the hot tub! ♥️
Gaming Rabbit
Gaming Rabbit - 38 minutes ago
I liked this video because of the surprise Shane clip! 😂lol QUEEN!
Charlie Pippins Girl
Charlie Pippins Girl - 47 minutes ago
Safiya - my feet are very Calaisy and bumpy. Me - saaaaaaaame!!!!
junaid khan
junaid khan - Hour ago
why she talk like that
junaid khan
junaid khan - Hour ago
what is her voice
Brandon W
Brandon W - Hour ago
i lost it when you put the video with shane
Melonie P
Melonie P - Hour ago
“It’s just water right?” Yeah but I don’t think water goes into your lungs 😂
drawing with riceu김치 군대
*fAncY trAsHCaN*
*hUmAn luNchBoX*
*glAm DiApeR geNiE*
Fluffyducky13 - 2 hours ago
Safiya could you use amazon smile to buy your products in the future. All that does is give a portion of the profit amazon gets to a charity of your choice.
Wolfcat 675
Wolfcat 675 - 2 hours ago
I had that hot tub! It was great but it wouldn't last long so we bought two that only lasted about a week each and then never got it again but while using them they were great
Dupey Doo
Dupey Doo - 3 hours ago
Monnette Mullenix
Monnette Mullenix - 3 hours ago
All her candles 😂😂
Jeff Schuele
Jeff Schuele - 3 hours ago
I want the virtual jacuzzi.am I right. I will add one 💩 for every like . And one🚬 for every reply.
Kaitlyn Wright
Kaitlyn Wright - 3 hours ago
You should buy all the brands of Mac&Cheese and mix them together for a FrankenMac
Laura Arias
Laura Arias - 3 hours ago
I’m definitely getting that jacuzzi 😍
Monnette Mullenix
Monnette Mullenix - 3 hours ago
"Jacuzzi a la Shane.." 😂😂
Zoe Beth Parent
Zoe Beth Parent - 3 hours ago
Fiona O'Keefe
Fiona O'Keefe - 3 hours ago
This is how Camelia Katoozian looks with short hair💁🏻‍♀️
Amber Tee
Amber Tee - 3 hours ago
Is it weird that I'm watching this while using my neck and back massager? 😅 although I found a rechargeable one which won't actually work while charging 😄
Wendy Marvell
Wendy Marvell - 3 hours ago
Della Quine
Della Quine - 3 hours ago
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Charli Bear
Charli Bear - 3 hours ago
You know I have never been in a sauna and I wonder what it does, then I realised I live in Australia..
robi lenuje
robi lenuje - 3 hours ago
wheres your dress from queen
Ryan and Sofiath
Ryan and Sofiath - 4 hours ago
“This one is for spa day only”😂🤣 *raises eyebrows*
your_my _person
your_my _person - 4 hours ago
did anyone notice the candles from the Franken-Candle video at 16:02 and other times
Me,Myself, and I
Me,Myself, and I - 4 hours ago
“The shaft massager” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣 I can’t even.
andrea smith
andrea smith - 4 hours ago
I want a PT. 2 of this lol
Unicorn Ninja
Unicorn Ninja - 4 hours ago
at 14:53 lmao
Kate C
Kate C - 4 hours ago
I love that she has like 5 candies everywhere because of her last vid!!!! Lol ilysm safia💕💞
Randomness - 4 hours ago
*Jacuzzi ala-Shane *
Gatcha Wolf
Gatcha Wolf - 4 hours ago
It was very good it’s just I have an eye problem
Gatcha Wolf
Gatcha Wolf - 4 hours ago
My eyes started to bleed while I was watching this video
Catillac - 5 hours ago
I personally love the sound of raging water
Aathiga Pathmakaran
Aathiga Pathmakaran - 5 hours ago
“It’s like Frankenstein’s giant blue vagina.” 😂😂 Love it!!
XxKimberlyxX - 5 hours ago
23:54 24:11 baby shark do do do.
Ash - 5 hours ago
love this video! i suddenly want a facial steamer now lmao keep up the great work, i love what you're doing!
Breasandbrookes Challenges
10:55 her voice was so different
Squirtle The Turtle
Squirtle The Turtle - 5 hours ago
Alternative Princess
Alternative Princess - 5 hours ago
That jacuzzi is the coolest thing ever!
Mary Shriver
Mary Shriver - 5 hours ago
CAITLYN L - 5 hours ago
Unleash the cool air!!
GacchaFoodies Oofies
GacchaFoodies Oofies - 6 hours ago
HELLO friends
super puppy
super puppy - 6 hours ago
The steamer is just like a fancy trash can humidifier.

P.s. I do that with my massager. My hands do the wAvE
Summer Darcey
Summer Darcey - 6 hours ago
Safiya is so adorable
Like while she’s in the jacuzzi she’s just such a bean ♥️♥️♥️
Ankrystin Concepcion
Ankrystin Concepcion - 6 hours ago
Why is it when i see her engagement ring it makes me smile lol
Ruby Neighbour
Ruby Neighbour - 6 hours ago
Okay but Safiya is literally the most gorgeous being ever❤️
Ever Girl
Ever Girl - 6 hours ago
*fancy trash can*
dat one mewa
dat one mewa - 6 hours ago
omg my aunty has a one person sauna and when there’s a party we cram like 6 kids in it and see how long we can stay in it before we *die* (calm down I’m jk 😂)
Jack Cochran
Jack Cochran - 7 hours ago
So not sarcastic
Ali jo Carr
Ali jo Carr - 7 hours ago
Why are your eyebrows so thick
Alex Hufflepuff
Alex Hufflepuff - 7 hours ago
Jamy Rose
Jamy Rose - 7 hours ago
Safia: *plays clip of Shane in a trash can * “it’s a jacuzzi ala' Shane.“
Me: repeats like 50 times 😂😂
Karla Pineda
Karla Pineda - 7 hours ago
You look like the youtuber superaedizzle.......
Kaye Stotler
Kaye Stotler - 7 hours ago
WOW!!! I think I could actually go for the spa even though it is loud. Loved your review! Happy Sunday!
Ella Smith
Ella Smith - 7 hours ago
For the massage on the back of the neck lay on it
elliewellie - 8 hours ago
That Jacuzzi looks pretty nice. I kinda like the roaring but my neighbors would DEFINITELY complain
sophie chen
sophie chen - 8 hours ago
*“i’m a women”*
Awesome gamer Kitten
Awesome gamer Kitten - 8 hours ago
My mom had that back masoger and she HATED IT i did to
Laci Marie
Laci Marie - 8 hours ago
My grandmother has one of those inflatable hot tubs. They are actually quite practical.
Olivia Salisbury
Olivia Salisbury - 8 hours ago
i love her ring its pritty
Gancha life Clips Channel
The steam sana look like a hamper of dirty clothing 😂🤣😂
kale fiend
kale fiend - 9 hours ago
lol, the neck massagers rolls looked like rotating fembot weaponized breasts.
Mileo iS kInG
Mileo iS kInG - 9 hours ago
“Sexy snow slut” 😂💀
missdivakk - 9 hours ago
happy spa day
Rosie Griffiths
Rosie Griffiths - 9 hours ago
Lacy Daugherty
Lacy Daugherty - 9 hours ago
My thoughts were I hope nobody splashed that electrical box so close to the jacuzzi 😬
Zara Royce
Zara Royce - 9 hours ago
I’m really curious about the inflatable Jacuzzi because I really really love Jacuzzi/hot tub’s but sadly my current place does not have one just has a regular old bath/shower, how does it work? Is it extremely difficult to set up? How do you do it? I know you mentioned that it was kind of lengthy but was it really difficult?
Casandra Rico
Casandra Rico - 9 hours ago
I like her but it kinda annoys me how she always tries to sound like she has a large vocabulary no hate 🤷🏽‍♀️
Alsana3 - 9 hours ago
Is it just me.. or does she kind of look like Billie Eilish..
Robert Ressi
Robert Ressi - 9 hours ago
Why aren't u on Ladylike anymore
dreamingg __
dreamingg __ - 9 hours ago
That women on the cover is nina dobrev
Delilah .r. Cost
Delilah .r. Cost - 9 hours ago
GirlsRule68 Dorantes
GirlsRule68 Dorantes - 10 hours ago
You should do a homemade spa
Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine - 10 hours ago
I luv u
jone - 10 hours ago
Don't mind me just rolling my feet
Morbid Stitches
Morbid Stitches - 10 hours ago
kayla Leahy
kayla Leahy - 10 hours ago
Why am i watching this
fairy_ BestPlayz
fairy_ BestPlayz - 10 hours ago
I just got an ad for that 1st hot tub... WHATS MY LIFE
Kamila's collections
Kamila's collections - 10 hours ago
So nobody is gonna talk about that *_yes_* intro?
Randy Panebianco
Randy Panebianco - 10 hours ago
Safiya you make me laugh every episode. I'm not sure if you do it intentionally or not, but keep up the good work. LOL. :)
Luna Margo
Luna Margo - 10 hours ago
I’m 4ft11 my head wouldn’t stick out of the sauna 😂😂
Olivia Machado
Olivia Machado - 10 hours ago
50% Off
50% Off - 10 hours ago
Tbh you could probably make anything from things you buy from Amazon
Suni Marie
Suni Marie - 10 hours ago
"Frankensteins giant blue vagina" made my year
Luna Margo
Luna Margo - 10 hours ago
Facial entrance
Ashley Jeong
Ashley Jeong - 11 hours ago
This world should have more people like saf
-leah- - 11 hours ago
i remember when you got the intro from fiverr, i subscribed to you after watching that video. hearing the intro again gave me so many memories
iisa mikkonen
iisa mikkonen - 11 hours ago
The sauna part is so funny becouse the sauna tent thingy is only 52°C warm and finnish people usually go to sauna between 80°C- the fires of hell. 😂
Elif Tiglioglu
Elif Tiglioglu - 11 hours ago
nazar boncugu guzelmis
Picolas Cage
Picolas Cage - 11 hours ago
I feel kinda mad she never used this emoji 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️🧖‍♂️🧖‍♂️
Tiwana Wilson
Tiwana Wilson - 11 hours ago
Is it bad that when u showed the back massager it scared me😂😂❗️
Snow is the World
Snow is the World - 11 hours ago
10:52 casually says “We have to inflate the air bladder.”
Corey Flowers
Corey Flowers - 11 hours ago
I think i would do the footbath in the sauna.
Heather Morgan
Heather Morgan - 11 hours ago
The emoji rating system is everything.
Corey Flowers
Corey Flowers - 11 hours ago
Could you add essential oil in the sauna?
Chavelinga 24
Chavelinga 24 - 11 hours ago
I listen to that classical music for some reason
Emily Markey
Emily Markey - 11 hours ago
I got a hot tub ad for this video
Snxw Smh
Snxw Smh - 11 hours ago
My mom uses that massage thing and it’s really good and comforting. I used it before and it helped my legs and back a lot. There is another kind that’s better so u don’t need to keep your arms still.
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan - 12 hours ago
does anyone else notice the candles in the background from her frankencandle video
Christina Thea
Christina Thea - 12 hours ago
wth is that footage at 16:41 all about?
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