Best Joker: Heath Ledger vs. Joaquin Phoenix

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Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here!:
Riftzy_YT - 5 days ago
@1966Zodiac ye ikr?
Mike Cool
Mike Cool - 6 days ago
I think u dont have to compare this two
Doğukan Ayan
Doğukan Ayan - 7 days ago
Come on phoenix joker better
Davon Griffin
Davon Griffin - 8 days ago my favorite joker who is the one from the movie
Kami Sama Loves Me
Kami Sama Loves Me - 9 days ago
I recommend you all go watch Film Theory latest video on The Dark Knight Rises
Kelly Coleman Jr.
Kelly Coleman Jr. - 8 hours ago
Ted talk: Jared Leto is the best Joker!
Kelly Lovell
Kelly Lovell - 9 hours ago
heath is better.
Zx1 - 9 hours ago
Phoenix was mainly Arthur and and ledger was mainly joker it’s like comparing Tom Holland to Toby maguire Toby was the better Spider-Man but Tom was the better peter Parker
WillDaBeast 850
WillDaBeast 850 - 10 hours ago
Ten years from now people still won’t be able to tell which Joker is better...WHY DIDNT THEY TIE?
dnalpu ca
dnalpu ca - 10 hours ago
Joaqin phoenix is the winner.. he did a good job right from the start til the end of the movie!
Samin Islam
Samin Islam - 10 hours ago
Heath Ledgers' Joker Created Chaos while Chaos created Joaquin Phoenixs' Joker!
Toasty Cosplay
Toasty Cosplay - 11 hours ago
I love phenoixs voice
NJTDover - 11 hours ago
11 years since Heath Ledger departed to Joker's heaven or hell and here we are still making stupid comparisons between two different types of Jokers. Nevertheless, Ledger made sure to raise the bar to the stratosphere so no one could ever upstage him ... you heard me Jared Letto boy. LOOK AT ME!!! still reverberates inside my head after one decade plus.
TITANS HAND - 11 hours ago
phoenix is obviously the better joker. i’m sorry but why does everyone always say ledgers better. don’t get me wrong i love ledger. but just because the role killed him doesn’t mean he’s the best
Sylvia Young
Sylvia Young - 11 hours ago
This is really an incomparable study of one character portrayal. No one and I mean no one can or ever will top Heath's portrayal of the Joker we are familiar with. On the other hand no one can or ever will beat Joaquin's portrayal of of the madness and complete disintegration into the dark tunnel of mental illness. So different yet somehow the same. Both are pure genius in their portrayal. I learned to read with Marvel and DC in the early sixties and absolutely love Batman and his his most powerful Nemesis to have ever existed. I have studied and read a ton of perceptions and studies of each of them. Think about this and let me know what you think. Heath is DEFIANTLY the genuine Joker. Joaquin's portrayal is so very mysterious on so many levels. This is one concept I have...he's not really Joker. He is a severally mentally ill character who's muse is Joker. Nothing in his world is real simply illusion. He is way age inappropriate to fit categorically into the proper place and intent. I truly believe his role is that he loves Joker and has become him in his dive into being "someone" as he is personally pained by being no one and very alone. He needs to be someone powerful and unforgettable such as his personal hero. After all he is in the Asylum and all his people's around him are illusion's. Not at all saying I'm right but I find it to be a very incredible portrayal as such. So tell me...what do you think about my concept!? Either way they both are true genius and irreplaceable in their portrayals.
Patrick Falk
Patrick Falk - 12 hours ago
Of course heath ledgers joker won because he’s dead and they like to pander. Joaquin played the better joker hands down.
Raziur Rahman
Raziur Rahman - 12 hours ago
Phonixs Lough Is Haunting Man
Deranged Smithy
Deranged Smithy - 12 hours ago
In my mind Heath Ledger won in every category!
Leotique - 13 hours ago
you can't tell its the same's like saying Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are the same person cause they are both smart and avengers
Mynamefaish yeet
Mynamefaish yeet - 13 hours ago
Heath ledger pioneered the joker amazingly
Jaoquin phoenix played the origins of Joker spectacularly
But deep down we all know *jared leto was the worst*
Bhupesh Pradhan
Bhupesh Pradhan - 13 hours ago
*Joaquin Phoenix is the best living JOKER*
Shah Habibi
Shah Habibi - 13 hours ago
They both did a great acting, there's no doubt about it. But what I love about Phoenix is how he had to show a transformation from an innocent sad person to someone like Joker. In the theater, all the audiences experienced sadness, laughs, anger, hate, ... all because of his great acting.
utku hacısalihoğlu
utku hacısalihoğlu - 13 hours ago
Heath ledger
holemmo ramieres
holemmo ramieres - 14 hours ago
Man this video shouldn’t exist. Both of them are perfect.
Cornelia Lala
Cornelia Lala - 14 hours ago
I remember when I first saw the Joker from The dark knight at cinema... I didn't see Heath Ledger... I just saw the Joker playing the Joker... So, yeah.. Heath's Joker is irreplaceable. His laugh, his costume, his figure.. In dark knight, Joker was a rational psychopathic... And I loved how we didn't know about his past... This film ruined everything now... :/
John Sean
John Sean - 14 hours ago
"Heath,s joker is irreplaceable" nah the game is change phoenix change the game phoenix take it as the best joker
Jaarthurnax - 14 hours ago
Well watchmojo don’t have clue what Joker is actually about just from watching the first round.
Ghost 1899
Ghost 1899 - 14 hours ago
They just saying ledger won because he passed away. They both did a amazing job💯💯💯
Divyam Shah
Divyam Shah - 14 hours ago
dude. this how you gonna draw comparisons? missing the whole point.
caster castaneda
caster castaneda - 14 hours ago
Heath Ledger: Joker
Joaquin Phoenix: Joker
Jared Leto: Joke...😁😁😁
Shankar Chakraborty
Shankar Chakraborty - 14 hours ago
Phoenix played a good role but ledger is forever legend for joker
chivas gonzalez
chivas gonzalez - 15 hours ago
Ledger was the best joker
Gamerlevel Noob
Gamerlevel Noob - 15 hours ago
Phoenix's joker might be actually origins for ledger's joker
Lucjana Leśna
Lucjana Leśna - 15 hours ago
However -
in my opinion, the depth of the character Phoenix created wins, even if Ledger played adequately to the narrative and did it perfectly. Character study by Phoenix was more demanding. So in my opinion - wins.
J J - 16 hours ago
Ledger reminded me too much of Two face from Batman and Robin or Batman Forever. They are both shit so hard to remember.
TheNewHouse - 16 hours ago
Sometimes i feel like i should unsub from mojo.

Lucas Hammar
Lucas Hammar - 16 hours ago
For me, it's a tie.
Ju lia
Ju lia - 16 hours ago
After Heaths "Joker" i never thought someone could be on the same level but than came Joaquin Phoenix !! He is the only one who can be as good as Heath !! Such a good method Actor
Damn son where'd you find this.
Only thing i didn't agree with is appearence since i like Joaquin's joker appearence more.
J Bains
J Bains - 17 hours ago
Heath ledger without a doubt. His walk in joker, his tongue movement, his “psychotic behavior” all of those factors. I liked JP’s joker but he was missing that “crazy psychotic” aspect of joker.
John Sean
John Sean - 15 hours ago
Peoples says ledger bcuz they respect him buy my opinion phoenix is better
Here Is Truth
Here Is Truth - 17 hours ago
Phoneix is better.... Sure two different style movies, BUT I can see the overall impact of this joker... I'm even going to visit the stairs in the bronx to take pictures from that scene like people from all over are doing.
Emily MSP
Emily MSP - 17 hours ago
Just gonna say the joker 2019 movie is a brilliant movie. If you’re into that kind of villain stuff I highly recommend watching it. I loved it!
Felix Matveev
Felix Matveev - 18 hours ago
I really liked extremely intelligent yet sociopath Dark Knight version personally, yet I've to admit that Joker movie is way more deep and interesting. It's useless to compare them as they are similar only with general design and name, the rest is different. Same generally applies to the old Burton Batman movie.

You cannot compare them with lower that sh!t joker version from Suicide Squad either, just different league.
Hi Daßer
Hi Daßer - 18 hours ago
Phoenix played Arthur perfectly , he only played Joker for 5 minutes which is not fair to compare to someone who played joker for 2 straight hours
Patricia Olivia
Patricia Olivia - 18 hours ago
There is no comparing the two Joker one is becoming Joker an the other is already joker
about : blank
about : blank - 19 hours ago
After reading most of the comments, now i understand what the **DAMAGED** tattoo on Jared Leto's Joker means...
CHEEZE BALLZ - 20 hours ago
Probably one of the world's hardest questions
IC Jenkins
IC Jenkins - 20 hours ago
The ultimate joker in my eyes is the appearance and style of Ledger, the voice of Hamill and the story of Phoenix (except for the scars story Ledger brings)
The worst. Leto
your mom
your mom - 20 hours ago
Ledger is cartoonish joker approach(the allure is that the actor was actually suicidal), Phoenix approach is conceptually actual human becoming a bad person joker 😈
unspeakable_cupquake party booyah
Atleast theirs an AMAZING joker that is joaquin pheonix cuse hes perfect for jokers characters
Rhiannon Stegner
Rhiannon Stegner - 21 hour ago
Ledger wins 2 for 2! First up again Jack Nicholson, now Phoenix. All astounding actors, but Heath's portrayal of the Joker stuck with me because he had me shaking in my seat as a kid when the movie came out. Ledger's Joker had me thinking that if it came down to it, people I would consider friends, would turn on me to save their own skin.
Arun P Raj
Arun P Raj - 22 hours ago
ആരൊക്കെ jocker ആയാലും Ledger ന്റെ തട്ട് താന്ന് തന്നെയിരിക്കും....
Terry van scorpio
Terry van scorpio - 22 hours ago
Ledger's Joker is the GOAT
Neelmani Yadav
Neelmani Yadav - 22 hours ago
Clearly Heath Ledger wins all rounds...
But Ledger and Phoenix both worked on different storylines and they both nailed it
2 of the best jokers in history of comic movies
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - 22 hours ago
Heath wins I don't care what you say
Jaleel white
Jaleel white - 22 hours ago
I can relate to Joaquins joker better. Without the psychological woes. Joaquins Joker was innocent and because the movie was so intense I believe the writer had to give us something to root for by giving him a legitimate reason for allowing his crazy physiological mind to take over.
NUTCool - 22 hours ago
Imo Phoenix and Ledger are the same Joker for me, one is at his prime and one as an origin younger version.
Illest Motion
Illest Motion - Day ago
We can all agree Jared leto sucked as the joker
Prashob V Nair
Prashob V Nair - Day ago
Heath ledger was being the joker all the way.. There was no alternate emotions to him.. He is the JOKER...
Phoenix played more of a guy behind the mask character seeking the limelight..
Never compare..
I loved the chaotic joker more...
ConsoleRebels - Day ago
Heath Ledger was my favorite joker. This joker movie just became probably my favorite movie ever. I don't think anyone will ever be a better Joker than Joaquin Phoenix. I wish I have enough money to go watch that movie everyday.
Danish Kaloo
Danish Kaloo - Day ago
Divya Patel
Divya Patel - Day ago
Avengers end game sucks compare to joker
Joker vs avengers end game
For me it's joker obviously
firstino lastino
firstino lastino - Day ago
Alyas Bungo is still the best!
QymHD - Day ago
Joker:2008 vs batman so hard to kill
Batman: WTF New Joker
Benjamin Skinner
Benjamin Skinner - Day ago
I do not agree, their is no winner even though I really like ledger's joker Phoenix is just as good, please don't compare them, their both incredible
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