If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge

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Angela Baker
Angela Baker - 12 minutes ago
Teletubby! Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣
Angela Baker
Angela Baker - 13 minutes ago
Eraser there is no emergency button! What!? 😳😳😳
Markus Lukasz Marta Constantino
I love this animation UwU
Mon Cayanan
Mon Cayanan - 43 minutes ago
2 impostors
Mon Cayanan
Mon Cayanan - 44 minutes ago
Tennis ball is the impostor
Carl the diamond
Carl the diamond - Hour ago
among us
The fox {dr.k}
The fox {dr.k} - Hour ago
Every coment
*ship doesn’t exists*
Mine coment:
Why is four dress like among us player?
Samsung Samsung
Samsung Samsung - Hour ago
ok cary add in bfb27 new challenge quiz 2 with new intro of quiz show of bfb there is... Garfield show intro
별별별 by varioUs kind s
0:23 Card Jelly you Food sery
DumbytheDab - 3 hours ago
Remote Voice Is Google Text-to-Speech

Too Everything, Try Again
marco lopez
marco lopez - 3 hours ago
If the winner of the BFB was from space...4:43
Mary Trujillo
Mary Trujillo - 3 hours ago
I said what do you mean by no steps are no love ship
Mary Trujillo
Mary Trujillo - 3 hours ago
Latest series makeup series
marco lopez
marco lopez - 3 hours ago
Creeps in plublic... 3:55
marco lopez
marco lopez - 3 hours ago
Warn - nin-g voi--- ce war---nin-g 2:45
Cringe Chan
Cringe Chan - 3 hours ago
1:32 best part no joke
marco lopez
marco lopez - 3 hours ago
If your a bird... 1:41
Rockstar Louis
Rockstar Louis - 3 hours ago
4 sus
yin yang
yin yang - 3 hours ago
Oof O_o
Oof O_o - 3 hours ago
When you guys gonna make huan huan plushy squish
Brandon Stevano Johansyah
Eraser be like: 4:26
Chung Ying Lee
Chung Ying Lee - 4 hours ago
Henry stickmin X bfdi
ludilyn irish panuelos
ludilyn irish panuelos - 5 hours ago
Pencil sounds like four
radenrex - 5 hours ago
Among us who have got a head head
2_ yutiu
2_ yutiu - 5 hours ago
among us role sound 3:08
Nicolas Animation studios
Kid: look mom a airplane what it sound like?
Mom: listen
Airplane sound: 2:22
Ihatecoinmaster coinmasterhater
2:33 tf pencil she's your friend
Plainrocky123 Plainrocky123
Next time, AnimationEpic will upload a part 2 and Wii will be ate a black hole and always win in the end.
Brandon Salazar
Brandon Salazar - 6 hours ago
I tought black hole was gonna say i aint never seen two pretty best frirnds🤣🤣
Rachael Lawson
Rachael Lawson - 6 hours ago
Ooga booga I like food hehe dhbdhfj
Channel Manning
Channel Manning - 7 hours ago
4:10 w h a t d i d h e d o t o h i m
BaseballTheCat - 7 hours ago
He made him listen to bts
Elias Vigil
Elias Vigil - 7 hours ago
Four and x has their suit
Everyone don’t have it
莊小胖 - 7 hours ago
Ethan dwayne
Ethan dwayne - 8 hours ago
4 impostors
Zachary Potter
Zachary Potter - 8 hours ago
What up with 2764
Mary Charlotte Fresco
Mary Charlotte Fresco - 8 hours ago
why arent you making vids any more
BrownFox LazyDog
BrownFox LazyDog - 9 hours ago
The caption said goopy so goopy is a word???
Melanie Greeke
Melanie Greeke - 9 hours ago
Next one at a fire alarm BFDI
Ratna Widyasari
Ratna Widyasari - 9 hours ago
harga spesial d dan juga sangat impstor?
Emery Brown
Emery Brown - 9 hours ago
Hey um jacknjellify I want next last extra video clip to check up on woody and blocky how they doing in the brb
or are u to buzy to read comments :(
Lisandro Lemme
Lisandro Lemme - 9 hours ago
Michael You Mean BFB 27
• DoodleBarkz •
• DoodleBarkz • - 9 hours ago
And when did pencil and match like tennisball-
Unless im dumb and dont remember
Winnie Chien
Winnie Chien - 9 hours ago
Emergency buttons are FOR emergency’s. Eraser says “SHIPS should not EXIST” yeah that definitely an “emergency”.
Winnie Chien
Winnie Chien - 9 hours ago
X’s lucky 7 made him/her have to kill cool down. 1 like=more cool down seconds. 1 reply=more objects (or participants) have Telly-tubby suits.
Stargirl_player gc
Stargirl_player gc - 9 hours ago
Frisk Dreemurr
Frisk Dreemurr - 9 hours ago
Xian Migel Saludo
Xian Migel Saludo - 10 hours ago
lol nice
Apple Yee
Apple Yee - 10 hours ago
4 is a among us
Edward Betancourt
Edward Betancourt - 10 hours ago
3:59 is full nightmare fuel
xXdanky pizzaXx
xXdanky pizzaXx - 10 hours ago
Ships should not exist, maybe cause they suck but i think they are also canon by the way reply to my comment jacknjelify "Ships should not exist" if you care about your fans (:
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
By the way the other 2 comments beside this one I posted are for BFB 27
tower of heck boss piggy boss
(4:42 and pause where they are out of space ship) bell has no string and look at four x's and matches face
Willito Plays
Willito Plays - 10 hours ago
Willito Plays
Willito Plays - 10 hours ago
Among us in BFF (there is an eliminated contestant among us)
bunnabeanchii studio
bunnabeanchii studio - 10 hours ago
Yall I think they don't want us to ship the characters
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
Eraser: hey remember when I pressed the emergency meeting button?
Coiny: Yep
Eraser: Well glad we're back!
Everyone else than Eraser and Coiny: Yeah! Sure!
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
Then u get to figure out what will fit in with the episode!
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
4: Fine *intro plays*
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
Donut: oh.
Julien May
Julien May - 10 hours ago
X: intro time! 4: WhY sO LaTe‽ X: my clock said that
eltonlim - 10 hours ago
I like the part where they try to screech the vase
eltonlim - 10 hours ago
Can you make another video?
Quinton the Gemmy Boss!!!
Quinton the Gemmy Boss!!! - 10 hours ago
What does BFF stand for
Ethan Schutt
Ethan Schutt - 11 hours ago
Samuel Pasumarthy
Samuel Pasumarthy - 11 hours ago
X and Tennis ball were the only impostors I am sure or got a clue of. But I am not sure if X really killed Gelatin in Admin.
Dandre Gamecoin
Dandre Gamecoin - 11 hours ago
Alexander Banks
Alexander Banks - 11 hours ago
Why does David and the girl one only has heads when emergency meeting came
Bradens Bam bam
Bradens Bam bam - 11 hours ago
When gelatin licks the card it’s so gross
leonardo Maneiro
leonardo Maneiro - 12 hours ago
man this is actually oficial
Dragon ball Blader
Dragon ball Blader - 12 hours ago
I want a another one plz
Puffball Studios
Puffball Studios - 12 hours ago
Who are the imposters
littlejaxon2013 - 12 hours ago
Can you make a Christmas episode named bfb 27
LaZr - 12 hours ago
*H I G E L A T I N*
Creepman__1010 - 12 hours ago
Oh my mint!
roblox Among us and bfdi
roblox Among us and bfdi - 12 hours ago
i love among us
Wolfiegirl29 - 12 hours ago
Red sus.
spam pooper33
spam pooper33 - 12 hours ago
1:48 but why are you wearing scrape of the body of an innocent teletubby
Vinny Byak
Vinny Byak - 13 hours ago
Not nmap
Vinny Byak
Vinny Byak - 13 hours ago
Vinny Byak
Vinny Byak - 13 hours ago
Do polus nmap next
Drus 13
Drus 13 - 13 hours ago
0:08 Fries is the only cannibal you say?
ByteThe Flight
ByteThe Flight - 13 hours ago
!= problem Timer=reactor meltdown
ByteThe Flight
ByteThe Flight - 13 hours ago
I. Play among us
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 14 hours ago
Eraser: ships should not exist Shippers: Say sike right now!
Lucas Cohin
Lucas Cohin - 14 hours ago
pls make bfb 27!
Four - 14 hours ago
1:43 I want you to listen to this sound and imagination a car drifting
PokéKid 169
PokéKid 169 - 14 hours ago
Noel0522 - 14 hours ago
Make a version where they dont die in a black hole
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss - 14 hours ago
I new it it was him>:( BECAUSE HE KILLED EVREYONR!
mahmoud gaming
mahmoud gaming - 14 hours ago
We need more among us
Adrian Ibarra
Adrian Ibarra - 14 hours ago
four among us xd
Jori Shibani
Jori Shibani - 15 hours ago
why 4 sus?
Krishma rai
Krishma rai - 15 hours ago
When is BFF 27 coming pls tell me🥺🥺🥺🥺
Super Broder1
Super Broder1 - 15 hours ago
BFB character request: banana
Ćhicken Nùgget
Ćhicken Nùgget - 15 hours ago
What made you have the idea of the number 4 being the host but why 4
EnderrmanGamer09 - 15 hours ago
"I Wana cry. Blocky eraser pen and marker got sucked in a black hole..* :c
EnderrmanGamer09 - 15 hours ago
"MARKER.. NOOO-.!!!"
Theodore Benau
Theodore Benau - 15 hours ago
Why was x yellow?
ink 200
ink 200 - 15 hours ago
Your animation is soooo smooth 😎😊
Geoff Ruedeman
Geoff Ruedeman - 16 hours ago
Can you animate firey comics pls?
Navymal Gaming
Navymal Gaming - 16 hours ago
Hey when is TPOT coming out
Aaron a
Aaron a - 16 hours ago
I new it it was him>:( BECAUSE HE KILLED EVREYONR!
Aaron a
Aaron a - 16 hours ago
Black holl was the imposter(0 imposter left)
Bere Abdi
Bere Abdi - 16 hours ago
Xander tenns ball are imposter
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