The Secret Corvette Chevy Tried to Kill | Bumper 2 Bumper

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Donut Media
Donut Media - 13 days ago
Which Corvette is the best Corvette? 😎
Tommy Razor
Tommy Razor - 15 hours ago
Donut Media C06
Chauncy Clyde Bagayao
01 C5 Z06 in speedway white
Sean 2002
Sean 2002 - 2 days ago
Duke Craig ...I get it! I had a 75.....I just decided to build my last car, after this one I'm done. So it's going to get done in stages, and it's going to take some time...but this is the last hurrah! So I'm going all out, super car.....race car with plates.....ant the GTP blew my brain! I'm an old gear head as well....and totally understand your point. I'm selling my 79 t/a to start the process, and will finance the rest.... hopefully I won't be too old to enjoy it when done! Peace brother!
Duke Craig
Duke Craig - 2 days ago
@Sean 2002 When I say they might as well not exist it's not only based on scarcity it's also based on cost, a new base model mid engine Corvette is going to cost $60,000, in several years on the used car market they'll be $40,000-, by the time they're 10 years old they'll be from $10,000 to $15,000, then your average gearhead like me can buy one, a GTP reproduction will most likely always be beyond the grasp of John Q Citizen, not that I think people shouldn't build them, I'm just looking at it from the point of view of someone who will never have the money to buy something like a GTP that's an original or reproduction, I'd like to buy my own Saturn V rocket origional or reproduction but money will never allow it, oh well, I'll always settle for a nice used Corvette, I did it before in the late 80's with a 73 Stingray, if I sell one or two of my Harleys I can do it again.
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons - Minute ago
It would have been interesting to see the Gran Sport go against the later 427 Cobra...
NaYawkr - 8 minutes ago
listening to this guy is torture.
Mike Oleksa
Mike Oleksa - 9 minutes ago
From what my Dad says, I shouldn't be here either. But here I still am, almost 50 years later. so........ ROFLMAO
Brian Parker
Brian Parker - Hour ago
Redo your review on the Z! I'm so dispointed in it!
710 1978
710 1978 - 3 hours ago
Dino Rei
Dino Rei - 3 hours ago
Fantastic video.
Roger Leo
Roger Leo - 3 hours ago
Ah. Brother please start taking your Meds.
Francis Aaron
Francis Aaron - 4 hours ago
Hay stooooooner. 🛵🕺🏻💃🏽👙👀
Wendell Sims
Wendell Sims - 5 hours ago
WOULD be a good video if you did not act so goofy.....❌❌❌
fatbuddycat - 5 hours ago
This car redefines sexy.
elbacanreal - 7 hours ago
I'd put a duramax in it, or a rotary, just cuz.
E A - 7 hours ago
Just gorgeous
Vincent Novick
Vincent Novick - 9 hours ago
The government just sucks like that
James Holbrook
James Holbrook - 11 hours ago
I mean 650 is probably enough but why put a stock cam in and not change the pullys
James Holbrook
James Holbrook - 11 hours ago
Laws are stupid
g zimmermann
g zimmermann - 12 hours ago
hipster... get to the point.
According To Honda
According To Honda - 15 hours ago
Bout time you cover this
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas - 17 hours ago
Research the "C-48" option of which 20 were built, 16 ended up in the country and the location of 7 are known.
Dunton and Barris were both mad scientist
PrOSs - 19 hours ago
One day I will buy this car
frank - 19 hours ago
A little greedy with all the ads, no?
trespire - 21 hour ago
GM top wigs shortsightedness. Should have spun off a new company with Zora in charge.
Sherman Rzepnick
Sherman Rzepnick - 23 hours ago
I am speechless. This Vette is living legend. 🤩 Model from golden era of American racing cars. And very, very rare. In order for me this one was unseen until now. I saw other Corvette in 'The box' movie.
fortyninehike - Day ago
Thanks U.S. bureaucrats and their R-Tard rules for killing the greatest car that never was
Brad B
Brad B - Day ago
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thebetatester800 - Day ago
Zora knew some shit about how to design a good looking car. Nothing like the ugly ass C8
I was liking your video until you placed a advertisement on it... YOU SUCK!
angel figueroa
angel figueroa - Day ago
This dude is annoying with his extra energy but I had to watch this episode cause of this corvette
Josh Larochelle
Josh Larochelle - Day ago
Pops the hood, “this one is powered by the new corvette LT4”. No longer interested. Those engines are horrid compared to the history of chevy, those engines are pathetic and can only be modified to just under 900 hp for a BRAND NEW engine. Where as the ls9 can make multiple thousands.
Outlaw Pawley
Outlaw Pawley - Day ago
It’s a replica. I used to build replica cobras
Duke Craig
Duke Craig - Day ago
Faust - Day ago
I have a 1984 convertible Corvette not sure when or who built it .
I was told that it was built in Los Angeles and it was a prototype for the convertible C4.
I was thinking of selling it if anyone is interested let me know
Casey Waller
Casey Waller - Day ago
Great vids man
Tyrus Deluca
Tyrus Deluca - Day ago
To think Carol Shelby was a chevrolet fan and went to Chevrolet to start off his career as an automotive engineer... Zuro and Carol building the most badass car in the world...
Duke Craig
Duke Craig - Day ago
Don't know how true it is or not, but I remember reading once that Shelby originally wanted to use a Chrysler engine in the Cobra but there was some sort of fitment issues or something like that when it came to the original small displacement Cobra.
Green Keewee
Green Keewee - Day ago
Fuk Ford
MrExtrodius - 2 days ago
This very quickly took my spot for #1 corvette
David Soltai
David Soltai - 2 days ago
Jose Montano
Jose Montano - 2 days ago
This corvette should have been mass produced
Jacob Daniels
Jacob Daniels - 2 days ago
Please do an up to speed on BRE Brock Racing Enterprises
Swag - 2 days ago
Wait we’re u actually sitting next to the real one or is it green screen.
(Edited) watched further question answered
J_ White
J_ White - 2 days ago
You guys should try to get some of these cars you cover on lifts and show the undercarriages.
TechDove - 2 days ago
The Corvette is the most American car ever made. Don't @ me
Duke Craig
Duke Craig - 2 days ago
@TechDove 👍👍👍yep, spent years as a mechanic and had the fortune to work on some very nice automobiles including 2 Rolls Royce Cornish's and a 308 GTSi Ferrari, open the door of a Rolls and look at the wood that runs along the top of the door panel, unbelievable workmanship with no end grain showing, open the door of a Cadillac and look at the fake plastic wood grain at the top of it's door panel, but the thing is I can own a Cadillac, the Rolls is so expensive they might as well not exist in my world. Footnote; more of a Rolls Royce Cornish is liscense copy or supplied from GM then you would believe, air conditioning compressor, front steering assembly etc etc.
TechDove - 2 days ago
@Duke Craig exactly. The Corvette is the best performance car for the money. Always has been
Duke Craig
Duke Craig - 2 days ago
New mid engine, world class performance for $60,000, go to Europe and buy a car with that kind of performance and you'll spend at least $250,000, makes me proud to be an American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Vivek Shingada
Vivek Shingada - 3 days ago
He flinched
Thomas Munk Jensen
Thomas Munk Jensen - 3 days ago
Love your Steve Miller thing "Fly like an eagle" F****** Freedom and bald eagles!
Harsh Gadley
Harsh Gadley - 3 days ago
THe 1996 Corvette Grand Sport was one of my favorite cars on Gran Turismo. blue with thde white racing stripes. That Vette, looks really good racing along side the Dodge Viper GTS, yellow with black racing stripe.
Sean 2002
Sean 2002 - 3 days ago
Best Corvette??
Corvette GTP....!
The baddest vette ever!
nomosushi nomo
nomosushi nomo - 3 days ago
I met a guy that has proto type road runner in ft myers fl saved from the crusher
James Earl Cash
James Earl Cash - 3 days ago
Glad you import boys show respect to American muscle. Great channel and a great episode. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Maurice Tenada
Maurice Tenada - 3 days ago
c8 corvette specs :
60 in under 3 sec
lt2 engine, 495 hrspers 470 turcks
and lotta leather interior
Alset - 3 days ago
Waaaay better than the mid engine or what ever event tonight.
know your limitations
know your limitations - 3 days ago
Please be in business in ten year , I will start saving now for my 230000 dollar dream car .... in Sunoco blue
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