Morbius Trailer REACTION

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masterkiller28 - 2 days ago
Grace that was the best reaction ever!!! What is happeninggggg??
Dan H
Dan H - 2 days ago
Wouldn’t he have an urge to consume small insects and fruits?
Gabriel Gabe Powell
Gabriel Gabe Powell - 4 days ago
Blade v Morbius
Joseph Mascia
Joseph Mascia - 4 days ago
Morbius is the Living Vampire
Vishal Goswami
Vishal Goswami - 4 days ago
Who else know the piano tiles of morbius trailer but don't know that this is morbius theme
The_Artistic_Movieman 98
I enjoyed this trailer!! Hopefully this movie is R Rated lol. Great video Grace.
Prosjl - 5 days ago
Vaulture got out of prison endgame 5 years later
Ephram Off
Ephram Off - 5 days ago
How did leto stick the landing as joker?
rip LunarBird CLH
rip LunarBird CLH - 6 days ago
You saying Michael Keaton is in it?
That's not what's important. What's important is that he played Vulture in "Homecoming".
AND THAT MEANS THIS MOVIE IS TIED TO THE MCU. Probably Venom will also get tied to the MCU too in this movie.
Cytron1515 - 6 days ago
I have a feeling Mahershala Ali's Blade as well as Spidey are gonna fit into all this.
Semaree Ga
Semaree Ga - 6 days ago
mike keaton batman vs jared leto joker
Kylo Robb
Kylo Robb - 7 days ago
NO, Jared Jeto did *NOT* _"stick the landing" with the Joker. His version sucked so hard, it was the 1st DCEU reboot.
tasnim hossain
tasnim hossain - 7 days ago
Dr. Strange vibes.
You have to find a cure for the disease ,ends up getting super powers
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt - 7 days ago
Everyone: Jared Leto
Me: Beethoven’s Für Elise
Just Jessi
Just Jessi - 7 days ago
looks like a piece of shit but hopefully this means we're finally getting man-spider
Andy Rea Puga
Andy Rea Puga - 7 days ago
This should have been called deacon frost.🤔
Randy Langi
Randy Langi - 7 days ago
Here we go again we played with Dark mode type of movie
Black Magician
Black Magician - 7 days ago Keaton Vulture, I take it.
Ben - 7 days ago
He stuck the landing? What the fuck are you talking about?
REZ VISION - 7 days ago
I LOVED him as Joker!!!!!
Jerry devil dog666
Jerry devil dog666 - 5 days ago
HardrockGX - 8 days ago
I’m going to see it..
shyam mohanty
shyam mohanty - 8 days ago
This movie looks good and i hope jared leto succeeds in this one but he didn't "stuck the landing" with the joker character.
jf Viramontes
jf Viramontes - 8 days ago
Not a vampire, The Living Vampire!
Movie looks to be great, love the Für Elise music in the background. Loved your commentary during the trailer more Grace.
Joanna - 8 days ago
For me, this movie will never be complete unless Jared Leto says “I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a comedy.”
Brandon Harrell
Brandon Harrell - 8 days ago
Leto was TRASH as the joker. Lol stop Grace. He was terrible.
Sam - 8 days ago
Blade post credit scene at the end of the movie would be the best case scenario
MrRednexus - 8 days ago
Morbius is not in sinister 6
Joanna - 8 days ago
Wait... I didn't catch Keaton on the first go round... So... Assuming he's portraying vulture, did Marvel approve that cameo? Are they maybe going to allow some of these Sony fil
Woc 19
Woc 19 - 8 days ago
What am I watching? I don’t get it!
Jolean Thorton
Jolean Thorton - 8 days ago
Yay! 😁
Buck Mountain Taxidermy
Would love to see a crossover with Morbius and Blade,since they're both Vampirelike!😄
Jay - 8 days ago
Jared stuck the landing as joker???
Keithan Birch
Keithan Birch - 8 days ago
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - 9 days ago
Jaredbieber Justin Bieber and Jared Leto Best Friends Yay! Whooo yes
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - 9 days ago
Billie Ellish as Hatsune Miku
Rin JD mcrarry Len Maddie Ziggler
Matio Jared Leto Vocaloid art series póster
j p
j p - 9 days ago one's gonna lose their shit about Batman being in a sony/marvel joint?
Janew Wu
Janew Wu - 9 days ago
So what's happing with the Blade movie? And is anyone getting Underworld vibrations from this trailer.?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 9 days ago
Tired narrative!
Will Williams
Will Williams - 9 days ago
The vulture baby this looks great
Nicholas Louie
Nicholas Louie - 9 days ago
To be fair Grace, nobody ready Captain Marvel either.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 9 days ago
„Jared Leto really stuck the landing with the Joker“... Hahahahah... ... oh, you‘re serious huh?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 9 days ago
I dont think Grace liked the trailer guys....
ARTY TECH - 9 days ago
Batman: I am batman
Morbius: WTF I am?
Sony: you are manBat
djhutchison - 9 days ago
0:11 Wha-? I must lead a very sheltered life. I don't personally know anyone that liked Leto's portrayal of the Joker...
emjackson81989 - 9 days ago
Wait... I didn't catch Keaton on the first go round... So... Assuming he's portraying vulture, did Marvel approve that cameo? Are they maybe going to allow some of these Sony films into the MCU while others are not? I think that's cool as long as we get a clear indication as to which one are and which ones are not connected.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 9 days ago
Leto's Joker stuck the landing... really? 😲😶
Petar Gulin
Petar Gulin - 9 days ago
şhowed whole movie in a trailer
Rozemberg Barbosa
Rozemberg Barbosa - 9 days ago
I Heard something like Mozart from behind am i Crazy 🙂
Emma Gemma
Emma Gemma - 9 days ago
Ah Grace wtf kind of Lighting do u expect a vampire to be in? Bright as Sun Light? The lighting looks pretty damn good to me, nothing about this looks low budget. I swear you smoke crack....
Quentin Martinez
Quentin Martinez - 9 days ago
Did she just say that Jared letos joker stuck the landing?
Andy Randall
Andy Randall - 9 days ago
I've been a Morbius fan for decades. It sticks too his origins very well. Looks awesome
Wesley Lepper
Wesley Lepper - 9 days ago
Its Tobey Maguires spiderman though?
Emily An
Emily An - 9 days ago
“Literally becomes Batman.. that’s ManBat” Lmaooo
cooldude27ish - 9 days ago
Stuck the landing as joker? Pass me that good good shit you’re smoking
Johnathan Rodriguez
Johnathan Rodriguez - 9 days ago
I was already interested becouse michael morbius is one of my favorite spider man villians
Shadman Khan
Shadman Khan - 9 days ago
Do u ever like any movie honestly
Emily An
Emily An - 9 days ago
Spiderman movies. That is why seeing Michael Keaton seemed so weird.
SuperMichael 98
SuperMichael 98 - 9 days ago
Wow she’s trending!
Tech Borras
Tech Borras - 9 days ago
I dont think Grace liked the trailer guys....
Blackflame24 - 9 days ago
Are you serious? No, many of us think he CRASHED AND BURNED as Joker.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - 9 days ago
It better be R-Rated
Aunty Ro Knows
Aunty Ro Knows - 9 days ago
Leto's Joker stuck the landing... really? 😲😶
SP Potterstark
SP Potterstark - 9 days ago
Either critics will positively recieve this film or will criticize it for being to serious . Still looking forward to this vampire super antihero film .
Fluttershys_tree m
Fluttershys_tree m - 9 days ago
leto did not land the joker dont know what the hell you're talking about.
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