Tesla Autopilot For 24 Hours Straight!

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - 27 days ago
100k likes and Elon musk will buy me cough drops
infernal frit
infernal frit - 14 hours ago
@Ryan Trahan I'm waiting
capella95 - 2 days ago
It’s like driving but only without the fun part
Alien Boy
Alien Boy - 3 days ago
I’m from Texas Houston
Jj Looez
Jj Looez - 3 days ago
Can make a video Mexico to San Diego
Madelyn Jones
Madelyn Jones - Hour ago
Okay I can’t with his voice cracked 😂
Sweatyboy420 - 3 hours ago
Bro I literally live in waco
Erika Lopez
Erika Lopez - 3 hours ago
I live in Fort Worth Texas
Lilly Reed
Lilly Reed - 4 hours ago
im from texts
Jayden Bryant
Jayden Bryant - 4 hours ago
See the bad thing is that u have to go all the way back 😂
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz - 4 hours ago
Its called AAA insurance or roadside assistance
Cash Martinez
Cash Martinez - 5 hours ago
I’m from texas
Deadpool78910 - 5 hours ago
William Mathias
William Mathias - 5 hours ago
He sounds like Britney Spears baby voice with a bit a Catlyn Jenner alight tone
Samantha Jester
Samantha Jester - 5 hours ago
I guess she pulled you over because you looked young?😂
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 6 hours ago
I live in Oklahoma
Roger Heuckeroth
Roger Heuckeroth - 6 hours ago
So, Google maps said 17:08 of driving time. Actual drive time excluding charging was 27:57. That's way off! Never mind the 7:36 charging, I would have stopped every 2-3 hours anyway for a break and for meals. At my age my Tesla has more range than my bladder, LOL.
bennyjellyrun 2
bennyjellyrun 2 - 6 hours ago
8:59 did the lights lit up on its own?
awi alrasyid
awi alrasyid - 7 hours ago
NewYorkGaming - 7 hours ago
This video deserves my subscription
Kiker - 8 hours ago
Charging is free??
Roy Campbell
Roy Campbell - 8 hours ago
Car is cool but what shit country, when a cop pulls you over and you have to keep you hands up or your dead. I'm glad I've lived in countries where you don't have to worry about that.
Mince Lande
Mince Lande - 11 hours ago
I would never trust that far cause
You don’t know what road they changed and it didn’t update and then you pay money
LJJOGamer5 -Fun and Vlogs
LJJOGamer5 -Fun and Vlogs - 14 hours ago
*No one:*
*Ryan: teslas really do be autopilotin doe*
paul pierson
paul pierson - 14 hours ago
paul pierson
paul pierson - 13 hours ago
DriftPirateD - 14 hours ago
Why does every young youtuber live in a huge empty house?
elad galor
elad galor - 14 hours ago
14:00 hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂
CrAz SN - 14 hours ago
Model 3 is beter🙂
ACE21813 - 15 hours ago
So essentially the gas model got there significantly quicker while you were still charging.
TRue - 15 hours ago
Wait Springfield is real? I thought it was only in the simpsons😮 I’m Canadian btw
nao nino
nao nino - 15 hours ago
Net thing robot feeds you and cleans your ass and you wont need to work.
billyrayband - 16 hours ago
way too much hassle worrying about your next charge and you were on a main road...once more supercharger locations exist, they will not be "Free"...they are not free, many use diesel generators....
Space Bee
Space Bee - 16 hours ago
I think when it means 270 miles it means at like 70mph
Gustavo A Ramirez
Gustavo A Ramirez - 16 hours ago
Wouldn’t across the country mean East to west or west to East? Not south to north?
JoJo Grace
JoJo Grace - 16 hours ago
Now you need to drive back
Derrick Hoffman
Derrick Hoffman - 17 hours ago
If you lay your phone or something with a little weight on the wheel you dont have to keep touching it
Krusto Stoianov
Krusto Stoianov - 17 hours ago
Well they will have to do this twice because they need to return back to Austin 😮😮😮
Boy And life
Boy And life - 17 hours ago
Didn’t he have to drive back home
Jona Vss
Jona Vss - 18 hours ago
wait isn‘t that the guy that turnt 0,01$ into 1000$ and had like 10.000subs 2 years ago??
Who, Me? Nah
Who, Me? Nah - 18 hours ago
Hey Ryan! Big fan here... in case you’re a complete moron and haven’t noticed by now, everyone around you hates your guts. I hope you don’t really consider them to be your friends! If so, I genuinely feel sorry for you, even though you’re a douche
Lawson Enosa
Lawson Enosa - 19 hours ago
ceo of voice cracks
Mehul Khaitan
Mehul Khaitan - 19 hours ago
*Cop*- "yeah you look more like 12"
*Me*- Really...... I totally forgot when did I ask you for your opinion about that🤔
Fakeafythis - 21 hour ago
“Everyone gets distracted at the wheel.” Nope just you.
Victory Saber
Victory Saber - 22 hours ago
I've never seen a electric charging station. And I live near a large U S city.
Turkeyjerky's gaming
Turkeyjerky's gaming - 23 hours ago
Basically this whole video was just gas station breaks😂
viito 298
viito 298 - Day ago
8:50 thats why in germany you constantly drive 150 mph
keegnhd - Day ago
You went through a town that I live near.the town I live near is Springfield
Warren Unruh
Warren Unruh - Day ago
The Tesla’s aren’t as eco friendly as everyone thinks. Now that some Tesla’s are blowing up from the battery. They don’t know what to do with the batteries and toxins are spreading through the air. Now tell me how those toxins are good for humans or animals.
Warren Unruh
Warren Unruh - Day ago
Tesla is pretty flawed then now isn’t it
willikeskpop - Day ago
lol i live in chicago
The Booter Boi
The Booter Boi - Day ago
What’s the montage music when they show the google maps i need it for a project
XCLUSIVE 2K - Day ago
4:25 you passed my house😂😂i stay in Waco 😂
TutStore - Day ago
Imagine being born into a rich family
Jonathan Testardi
Jonathan Testardi - Day ago
I used to live in Waco, and went to school there. Drove by that Collin Street Bakery all the time. Good memories seeing that place again. haven't been back for like 2 and a half years, and I kind of miss it.
Natalee Suggs
Natalee Suggs - Day ago
mane dropped outta school and is unemployed😭😭
XRAY Bones
XRAY Bones - Day ago
Bro teach me how to grow money on trees and shit it out please!!!!
Vidmantask Vidmantask
AI is a long way from perfection.Hmmmm...
Samuel Vargas
Samuel Vargas - Day ago
First legit 24 hours video
jonathan rowe
jonathan rowe - Day ago
You are loosing your voice because You talk way to much! Irritating..
Lol all you people hating about the cop. Meanwhile they act like they’re 12 espically with that tiktok shit
Issac Spark
Issac Spark - Day ago
Sorta kinda maybe not free cus where do you think the electricity comes from? There needs to be energy to create different energy also needs to be employed people to maintain the energy generating foundations
Namu Cho 조나무
Namu Cho 조나무 - Day ago
OKAY THIS IS A COINCIDENCE!!!!! I literally just went to that pizza place! Like literally rn!! This is just.. :0
Vedang Kothawade
Vedang Kothawade - Day ago
Awesome video! It was nice to know that autopilot can last that long. Might try it. :) :)
Lenelove 89
Lenelove 89 - Day ago
This was dope! I will say when he got pulled over by the cop. One she didn’t say why she pulled him over and two if he was a different color in a freaking Tesla it would have ended differently! Anyway dope video gonna subscribe!
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