Snoop Dogg Talks Death Row Stories, Jay-Z's NFL Deal, Nipsey Hussle + More

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Chamba Nairobi
Chamba Nairobi - 5 hours ago
@32:01 Gotdamnit! She's pretty!
Melanie S
Melanie S - 7 hours ago
Snoop was always in my top 5.
Adrian 91
Adrian 91 - 11 hours ago
Snoop the snitch!!!... Snoop Is a pussy for snitching
Chris Groves
Chris Groves - 11 hours ago
Racist dumbf*
Tommy Cuba
Tommy Cuba - 12 hours ago
Pac shot at off duty officers...What rapper did that
Junior Munoz
Junior Munoz - 14 hours ago
Jay The Greatness Fields
Jay The Greatness Fields - 18 hours ago
BKazzanova05 - Day ago
TEKASHI 69 44:07
Marcos Carino
Marcos Carino - Day ago
Yo this video really made me appreciate snoop way more
jill scottman
jill scottman - Day ago
Snoop look young af here
I dont know why he dont keep his mustache like this
His skin is amazing too
Tirivashe Shamhu
Tirivashe Shamhu - Day ago
Angela is bad bad though 😍
Amir Amir
Amir Amir - Day ago
"slow motion with potion trying to get to the ocean" 😅
got to love uncle Snoop man!
Roberto V
Roberto V - Day ago
Snoop dogg could do stand up comedy
Johnny Vega Music
Johnny Vega Music - Day ago
Snoop left the 815 to new york
Johnny Vega Music
Johnny Vega Music - Day ago
Jay Kay
Jay Kay - Day ago
Snitch ass snoop dogg
Deem Nixon
Deem Nixon - Day ago
Slow motion w the potion tryna reach the ocean
Cedric Hampton
Cedric Hampton - 2 days ago
Man yall my show love you guys
Cedric Hampton
Cedric Hampton - 2 days ago
Man I love this interview I got so mad respect for nope dog you can't go against the G-code am not from the streets and no that lol
Alfredo Zertuche
Alfredo Zertuche - 2 days ago
lmfao when snoop talking about leaving clubs with the band giving it to others after you leave. Remember those days giving my wrist bands out when leaving
I AM THE HIGHWAY - 2 days ago
I love Snoop, but the Vietnam thang is BS. It WAS ALL SOLDIERS expected deaths. I'm white, My Pops was there 67,68,69. Came home with 9 purple hearts, Bronze Star. He was 100% disabled and I took care of him till he passed in 2010. All soldiers were Equal and Black/white didn't matter. Don't try saying Black men were more likely to die. They ALL DIED. Go to the Vietnam Memorial wall. 90% are white. Stop with the racist victim shit. Truth is Truth.
Rich Stacks
Rich Stacks - 2 days ago
Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte team. About 95% of the team. Most owners in every sport has partners tho snoop wrong about that aspect
luciddreamer1975 - 2 days ago
I like this Snoop Dogg I believe he is way better then first,no offense the first Snoop Made the legend we see today. But Snoop today can walk up to the mic and bust In a wicked awesome killer way.
moety2 - 2 days ago
Not saying I know Snoops position and involvement in this but Deathrow was robbing Tupac. The money that Tupac was supposed to be making went to pay shit like other people’s child support, car payments etc. How do I know this? Had a friend that had some connections inside the law firm that copied the documents and showed us. We were reading it like daaaaaam.
130996makaveli - 2 days ago
BabyLane DidIt
BabyLane DidIt - 2 days ago
Snoop one of the fakest artist out. Been fake since they exposed his ass in death row.
Larry Dickerson. Jr
Larry Dickerson. Jr - 2 days ago
Thought you were the realest motherfuker but I never thought you Antoine
Torrie Royals
Torrie Royals - 2 days ago
mack17able - 3 days ago
Help Support Flint,MI Artist
gringo livin
gringo livin - 3 days ago
60 years from now... when YGs wearing Vans and a Trucker hat with his perm flowing out of it... He'll be on here articulate as a mf still talkin good about Nip.
Bianca Wallace
Bianca Wallace - 3 days ago
What is that cereal box in the back? 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Bouboune - 3 days ago
peeps the interview starts at 51:26
Abel Cervantes
Abel Cervantes - 3 days ago
6ix9ine spotted at 44:04
Diamond Arrow Outdoors
Diamond Arrow Outdoors - 3 days ago
Snoop for President! His ability to have no enemies and be a genuine dude to every person no matter color or circumstance is truly amazing and all people should strive to be like him. Keep rockin' Unc.
closed butopen
closed butopen - 3 days ago
My Dad made out of Vietnam survived 1968 Saigon with a brozne metal and memebr of Screaming Eagles .
Cesar cruz
Cesar cruz - 3 days ago
Jordan Hip Hop79
Jordan Hip Hop79 - 3 days ago
Tell me something an I hope you read this Charlemagne,your supposed to be the one to call out BS or go at interviewes ,how come you never call Snoop on all the lies his come up there an told,the Nas story,the story of pimp c getting Buntry told Wich is crazy an you should of called him out,I could actually go on forever how Snoop has been the biggest snake in Hip Hop,Biggy didn't even want him no we're round him in the end,also he started the east thing,PAC took it to another level an he got scared,he wasn't scared wen he was kicking the buildings down,but iv been saying this for years ,along with Diddy there the devil's in this game,look at wat he wore the night he conducted Tupac into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame,a pentagram poncho,Wich means sacrafice!!! An now he's saying he's bigger than PAC,it's time someone sat down an asked Snoop the questions that real hip hop fans want answered💯✌️
seasonvett - 4 days ago
"There are men that are designed to do that" lmmfao
steven walker
steven walker - 4 days ago
😂😂 In 1992 when Snoop Dogg said "One, two, three and to the four Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the door" until he said "New York New York big city of dreams And everything in New York ain't always what it seems" with the Dogg Pound in 1995 ... Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound was better than Tupac and The Outlaws and that's a fact!
Benu shaft
Benu shaft - 4 days ago
Watching this, Snoop was talking about how the industry was and it reminded me of an interview Ice-T did back in, i believe, the 80's when he told the host of the show; "I live by the pimp, ho philosophy, Warner Brothers is the pimp and I'm the best money making ho the got." The both see reality for what it is, without the sugar coated lenses of reality that we are daily conditioned to believe.
Benny Bloodsaw
Benny Bloodsaw - 4 days ago
I Love UNC mane!!!! Real OG
Pharaoh Jelani
Pharaoh Jelani - 4 days ago
There’s parts of Angela’s face I’ve never seen before, she’s beautiful. Thanks HR for her giving her a face seen camera angle.
Aisha Johnson
Aisha Johnson - 4 days ago
Snoop is the greatest PERIODIT
João Coelho
João Coelho - 4 days ago
Gotta love Snoop!
Fabiola Graceffa
Fabiola Graceffa - 4 days ago
oooh uncle Snoop, what a man. What a fucking example!
Dwayne Cruz
Dwayne Cruz - 4 days ago
aaron was deff a blood before the fame. get them facts straight
Dom DES - 4 days ago
Why his nails so long though?
Patrick Otaweke
Patrick Otaweke - 3 days ago
Weed chopper
Kamal Hussain
Kamal Hussain - 4 days ago
Legendary Rapper - Check
Legendary Personality - Check
Legendary Street Rep - Check
Legendary Staying Power - Check
Basically Snoop is the Human version of Halo on Legendary difficulty.
Kamal Hussain
Kamal Hussain - 2 days ago
@young city Is that right? Which one of your boyfriends told you that? As far as the world is aware, Snoop is respected whichever hood he goes to. He's respected by Bloods as well as crips. Also, a motherfucker calling someone a "studio gangster" on youtube comments, needs to kill themselves.
young city
young city - 2 days ago
Kamal Hussain street rep lmfaooooooooo Snoop is a studio gangster
K P - 4 days ago
Damn snoop giving Pac props just gave me goosebumps...Pac the 🐐🙌
Snoop a 🙌🐐
Young Mu11ah
Young Mu11ah - 5 days ago
Snoop preachy preach. Charlemagne laughs extra hard to make the artist feel comfortable. Every one wants to hear people laugh at jokes they say. His laughs are way too forced.
Hazy300 - 23 hours ago
Young Mu11ah loool
Young Mu11ah
Young Mu11ah - Day ago
Hazy nice spot to pic where charlemagne laughs snoops nuts off.
Hazy300 - 2 days ago
Young Mu11ah 10:26
R Blu
R Blu - 5 days ago
Charlemagne really do want some booty warriors for real
Akoben Renaissance
Akoben Renaissance - 5 days ago
WTF do they have a RAINBOW flag on a Black show (and RIGHT BEHIND the guest??!)
WHO is gay on the show and WHY is this so damn important to represent on a BLACK Hip-Hop Show???

These NEGROPEANS are pawns (smh)
Akoben Renaissance
Akoben Renaissance - 3 days ago
@closed butopen These NEGROPEANS dont have no balls. Traitors (smh)
closed butopen
closed butopen - 3 days ago
They had that flag forever along with the barbie dolls
Shamsudeen Mohammed
Shamsudeen Mohammed - 5 days ago
Couldn't agree more 42:30 - 42:40
DineroDaHero - 5 days ago
Snitching topic @44:11
Brenden Lisi
Brenden Lisi - 5 days ago
Snoop is the Dave Chappelle of Rap. He has so much to give and proper information is always told straight.
john black
john black - 5 days ago
Snoop Dogg the biggest scam ever... Bro is lying his ass of and people still praise him... Smfh
General Atrox
General Atrox - 5 days ago
Im not from the USA, but in my humble opinion only way young black Americans( or anyone dont matter the race) can prosper, is by getting superior studies(University) and each generation with more and more graduated people.
I know University is expensive in the USA, my recommendation is to learn a different language and go study abroad, there are plenty of countries where educación is cheap( almost free) and on most of them you can work same time you study. Traveling out of the USA will give the youth a brand new point of view of life and take them out of the victim mentality that cripple them into a vicious cycle of generation after generation of poverty and undereducation.
One last thing, people should stop idealizing "Gangsta" rap, dont get me wrong, its fun to listen to if you only listen it for the music or lyrical skills(in some cases), but as soon youngster listen to the songs as if they were life lessons or that only way to make it, is to be a thug that wastes money only on superficial bullshit, they end up wasting their prime years.
Travel, get educated and success is granted. ( success is personal, and dont mean that you got to be filthy rich to be successful. There are many ways of getting a satisfying and happy life).
D'Mario 3rdEye 2000
D'Mario 3rdEye 2000 - 4 days ago
General Atrox Not that simple.
E. Molly
E. Molly - 5 days ago
None of us have ever seen or met Jesus Christ nipsey is a actually man that I’ve seen in person
B Holiday
B Holiday - 5 days ago
After nip death i wouldnt be close to nobody snoop lost so many friends as rappers i bet he cant even take it anymore i wouldve role solo in hip hop RIP PAC & BIGGIE & NATE DOGG AND OF THE KING OF LA NIPSEY
lizards boy 81westcoast shawn Britton
Yo mike check I'm gna putta bullet in ur head just like nipsy's hustle ur DEAD 😉😁😂
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