Why So Many Airlines are Going Bankrupt

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matyan - 25 minutes ago
Malaysia Airlines also going bangkrupt..it ''technically bangkrupt'' as of 2019.now looking for buyer.
Daniel Dato
Daniel Dato - 2 hours ago
7:19 call it palma de Mallorca not just palma because there's an island called palma in the canary islands
swordman2000 - 3 hours ago
amazing video
Fenixz Filip
Fenixz Filip - 3 hours ago
Goes to show the UK government will go far and spend high , just to get rid of the drunk peasants that call themselves British , even for a week.
Juan Gallego
Juan Gallego - 8 hours ago
Why Airlines are becoming bankrupt? Because they keep flying Sam Chui on them.... 😂
Chuck Tomney
Chuck Tomney - 10 hours ago
9:14 Air asia's flights also started dropping in 2014, only true avgeeks will get this
SunsetSheen - 10 hours ago
How about all the taxes and fees that are part of the ticket prices? Those eat massively into the airline’s margins.
i'm Rib3r
i'm Rib3r - 13 hours ago
1:01 primera air is only 1800 km away buddy
TG V1p3r
TG V1p3r - 13 hours ago
American CIA: Badasses assassinating and spying.
British CIA: Gives people free flights.
Azoz Boj
Azoz Boj - 17 hours ago
Not only airlines, all Europe is collapsing because of aging and social problems . Europe aging is the most problem responsible of collapsing Europe .
Delkor - 21 hour ago
Thanks socialism
SwissMarksman - 23 hours ago
7:40 So they gave out free 1st & Business on Thomas Cook customers? That's quite generous tbh.
JonnesTT - 23 hours ago
So many jokes ._. and i thought I had a dad humor...
MatthewPlayz - Day ago
6:12 i thought he said CIA that made me jump.
Cancerino - Day ago
Speed train is more appropriate for Europe's scale anyway, we should invest more on it than airplanes.
Rechordian - Day ago
So they're going bankrupt because they have nobody who knows how to plan ahead? Sounds like they deserve bankruptcy
Eurekify! - Day ago
Wendover productions?
more like...
*Bendover productions*

I'm sorry I don't even know
Annie - Day ago
What's up with this stupid melodramatic background music?
Moe - Day ago
*without watching video*
*shakes fist*
Geert Polmans
Geert Polmans - Day ago
You should make a video about the logistics of Tim Horton's. They have locations even in the most remote northern settlements. Would be very interesting to see how they supply them, how they can still sell things at an affordable price.
rishabh jalan
rishabh jalan - Day ago
Jet airways also collapsed
Marcus Magarian
Marcus Magarian - Day ago
Very good presentation! I was the last banker for XL Airways...
Kyle Darwin Enriquez
It thinks there is going to be a disruption in the aviation industry yin the coming decade when battery density doubles.
namme hauusw
namme hauusw - Day ago
8:43 "This business model is a rather new phenomenon, made possible by squarespace"
Anonoz Chong
Anonoz Chong - Day ago
AirAsia X a financial success? No LOL.
Lava Yuki
Lava Yuki - 2 days ago
I never thought Thomas Cook would go bankrupt since it seemed so popular
Daniel Eyre
Daniel Eyre - 2 days ago
And this despite the generous subsidies.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 2 days ago
uhhhhh..... 5:50 ? Someone has had a substantial accident....
Lilitha11 - 2 days ago
Seems like they knew ahead of time they were going to collapse, so not saying anything til the last minute and stopping flights when people already boarded them seems like a dick move. I am sure they could of canceled a lot of flights further out, and then sold off planes and stuff to fund operations for the more near term flights, to have a more controlled collapse.
Ban - 2 days ago
It bothers me you spent a significant portion of this video making a socialist pitch, wherein you completely acknowledge the benefits of the government funded flights and dont even have the objectivity to mention whether the dollars spent on those flights are worth it.
Craig Lawson
Craig Lawson - 2 days ago
Not raising the prices by 200% in summer would help them get more bookings instead if trying to rip off hard working people
Spring4030 Zxqa6519
Spring4030 Zxqa6519 - 2 days ago
If your completion went out of business, wouldn't that get you more customers and you can then increase prices.
Spring4030 Zxqa6519
Spring4030 Zxqa6519 - 2 days ago
If your completion went out of business, wouldn't that get you more customers and you can then increase prices.
Nick P. Wilde
Nick P. Wilde - 2 days ago
2:40 The Airline Passengers Per Month graph is deceptive. It starts at 90 instated of 0.
Biko from the Lowlands
Biko from the Lowlands - 2 days ago
Same thing as with car brands right? I’m going to watch the video now, let’s see
Solid_Snake - 2 days ago
Also Alitalia is going bankrupt🇮🇹
Mike Imbesi
Mike Imbesi - 3 days ago
If you think that's a bad business model, you should see shipping. Constant overcapacity. There's also typically a 7 year cycle where 5 or 6 years are unprofitable and only 1 or 2 years are profitable.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 3 days ago
You have a lot of airlines in europe.
TheFlyingCoconut 07
TheFlyingCoconut 07 - 3 days ago
7:59 That’s 300 Toyota Corollas!
bagariddum - 3 days ago
8:08 thomas cook cost the uk TAX PAYER a shit tonne of money NOT the bloody govt ! meanwhile the 'execs' robbed the company of 50 MILLION pounds. JAIL TIME required for those scum.
bagariddum - 3 days ago
Thomas Cook "executives" (AKA: criminals) looted 50 MILLION POUNDS from the company in the lead up to its collapse. They called the stolen funds: "bonuses"...how quaint.
Bruno Lapinski
Bruno Lapinski - 3 days ago
It's good these companies are going bankrupt because less planes means less CO2, so its better for the environment.
FST Study
FST Study - 3 days ago
OK this is a little off topic comment here.

But I think new YouTubers (like myself) should learn the art of making thumbnails from you.
Laurens Rodi
Laurens Rodi - 3 days ago
how big of a factor is (expensive) unionized air and ground personnel in Europe on the struggling finances of these (former) companies ?
Levy Roth
Levy Roth - 3 days ago
No one can afford to travel anywhere anymore because we're all getting poorer, not richer. Duh!
Diogo F
Diogo F - 4 days ago
Wendover should do some videos not about planes
Jahn Kaplank
Jahn Kaplank - 4 days ago
so the problem is not the airlines but the debtors. Why don't they structure the pay-back of debt to coincide with high profit months? (pay more when the cash flow is good, and pay near NOTHING during the hard months).

it is common knowledge that, since their inception, BANKS have been nothing but trouble. They leave you alone as long as you're making them money, but the MINUTE you don't pay, they STEAL your wealth through foreclosures. Fight the banks, not the operators.
Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim - 4 days ago
Salam from Kokdiang, Malaysia.
Whyareall - 4 days ago
"everything is ready to go, everyone knows what to do and how to do it, but the flight can't go because everything is owned by some old white dudes in suits thousands of miles away and they say no" is a big reason capitalism is such bullshit
vengefulenigma - 4 days ago
Adria airways has had problems for years now, but only went bankrupt like 2 weeks ago. It wasn't that big of an airline, but it was the only Slovenian airline.
Henry Phillips
Henry Phillips - 5 days ago
I used to LOVE flying when I was a child then I started to hate it for all the obvious reasons: Long queues, ears pop, crying children ect ect. But then I stopped flying Thomas Cook and everything changed, I LOVE Flying again. No coincidence.
Certified Dead Memes
Certified Dead Memes - 5 days ago
Wendover productions is secretly a 737
Dugroz Reports
Dugroz Reports - 5 days ago
Chipriot? With an "h"? Is that right?
Baran Orak
Baran Orak - 5 days ago
That loser from HalfAsInteresting just called you plain and lame! >:
Charlie - 5 days ago
There's like a minute missing that I cannot remember and in that time I ended up at this video

a demon did it,,,
Southern Arawak
Southern Arawak - 5 days ago
We are seeing the end of European coercion and colonialism. All European nations and their main colonies (USA, Australia, etc) are hurting badly and I strongly doubt here will be a recovery from the next recession-depression.
Alex - 5 days ago
Wendover: Airlines
kirtikumar sonawane
kirtikumar sonawane - 5 days ago
Jet airways?
Tim Keachie
Tim Keachie - 5 days ago
the big shits are buying them up its to keep us in our owe country and keep there plane up to chemtriling our skys
Subodh Karwa
Subodh Karwa - 6 days ago
You missed Jet Airways which went bankrupt in 2019. Its was a Star Alliance Partner operating out of India.
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