PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"

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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus - 10 days ago
Taseman Morientes
Taseman Morientes - 5 days ago
Jou guys are lid
Taseman Morientes
Taseman Morientes - 5 days ago
Jou guys are lid
Jakobi Lee
Jakobi Lee - 10 days ago
Noooooo don’t delete it I love it
Andrea Huffman
Andrea Huffman - 10 days ago
I have never got a give away
Willow Caston
Willow Caston - 4 hours ago
Hey!!! I love the new song
Randy Mangal
Randy Mangal - 4 hours ago
I love you guys so much you 'really so cool
cathy Babchak
cathy Babchak - 4 hours ago
cathy Babchak
cathy Babchak - 5 hours ago
I really wanted a iPhone my brithday is coming up it's on June 5 I thought you'll give me a present
Ylli Nebiu
Ylli Nebiu - 7 hours ago
Nice song👌🏼
Zachary Hanif
Zachary Hanif - 7 hours ago
1 to 10
I vote 10
Andrew Sejas
Andrew Sejas - 8 hours ago
Probably only reason they doin iPhone giveaway is so the comments can’t focus on the song and talk trash💀💀
Lulu Tanik
Lulu Tanik - 8 hours ago
I have done it. Please can l hav the iPhone everyone has it in the family except from me.
Stella Yan
Stella Yan - 8 hours ago
I thought Darius was like hugging red gatorade
Cindytan Lye Shin
Cindytan Lye Shin - 10 hours ago
i like this video and i just subscribe
Willo Mclachlan
Willo Mclachlan - 10 hours ago
I love the Sony
Unknown PAW
Unknown PAW - 10 hours ago
Bro they have straight faces while talking to there parents doesn’t seem like they have any emotions towards them or even excited there parents like the video and the acting idk doesn’t seem right it’s off a bit
suzette tran
suzette tran - 10 hours ago
10 out of 10
selene roman
selene roman - 11 hours ago
iPhone Entry.
Why? My laptop just broke and I have an old android. I heard iPhones are great for holding huge files, which I need to send my school work to my professor during this quarantine. Cant afford to buy a new laptop or better phone right now. Have to save every penny since my hours at work have been cut a lot due to covid19. Still thankful to at least have a job. Please help! Thanks.
BreezusTv - 11 hours ago
My name is Skylah and I love your videos
Mr everything
Mr everything - 11 hours ago
"iphone entry'' ''done'' why: because my mum got the iphone 11 pro max and dropped it on a concrete floor and i want to give her that one for her birthday
yt X2sweatss
yt X2sweatss - 11 hours ago
I don't like it at all
Jeff Jeffery
Jeff Jeffery - 11 hours ago
Luis86rg day6uf
Luis86rg day6uf - 12 hours ago
I would like if you do it with xxxtentacio whith him a rapp music but no he died
Elisha Melke
Elisha Melke - 12 hours ago
The song was dope
Imani Burson
Imani Burson - 12 hours ago
I get a iPhone11
Imani Burson
Imani Burson - 12 hours ago
Katie Allen
Katie Allen - 12 hours ago
i loved the song and lil pump
jb not hot
jb not hot - 13 hours ago
I know real hip hop sound like but this is trash
Austin Mickey
Austin Mickey - 13 hours ago
This song sucks
Crazy gamer
Crazy gamer - 13 hours ago
lil pump is fake...😂🥳🤯🙃
Jose Luis
Jose Luis - 13 hours ago
Can I get the iPhone 11
Rafael Moreno
Rafael Moreno - 13 hours ago
Rafa moreno mora
Reanna Williams
Reanna Williams - 14 hours ago
cruz hernandez
cruz hernandez - 14 hours ago
1m out of ten
Mari Montiel
Mari Montiel - 14 hours ago
I still like your music video
Mari Montiel
Mari Montiel - 14 hours ago
You guys should not tell your mom to do that I’m not mad at you
Erica Thacker
Erica Thacker - 14 hours ago
Like subscribe hit notifications check
Nevaeh Wills
Nevaeh Wills - 15 hours ago
i subscribe
Iaia Ture
Iaia Ture - 15 hours ago
Real fans trying to be nice be like:ThIs Is BeTTeR tHaN Lil tjay
Cyn B
Cyn B - 15 hours ago
I love that song.
Cesar Tadeo
Cesar Tadeo - 15 hours ago
nicecat21 - 15 hours ago
Jesse Rubalcava
Jesse Rubalcava - 15 hours ago
Nevaeh Jackson
Nevaeh Jackson - 15 hours ago
It was amazing especially Maddie had action
Natassia Brooks
Natassia Brooks - 16 hours ago
Jake Breaux
Jake Breaux - 16 hours ago
No phone
Nohemy Escobar
Nohemy Escobar - 17 hours ago
Lucas and Marcus
Gillermo Pastor
Gillermo Pastor - 17 hours ago
You are so lit❤❤❤❤❤
chris granados
chris granados - 18 hours ago
i liked that
Kamuni 300
Kamuni 300 - 18 hours ago
tf was lil pump thinking doin a song with yall🤣🤣 straight garbage
Ariella Sebag
Ariella Sebag - 18 hours ago
Ik people hating but it’s not bad
Jordan Gabriel
Jordan Gabriel - 18 hours ago
poly Khanom
poly Khanom - 19 hours ago
Oh my gid
Lesly Ramirez
Lesly Ramirez - 19 hours ago
I want to do or iPhone and I never had one
Ana Garza
Ana Garza - 19 hours ago
I like your song Dober Brothers
Salah Mehdi
Salah Mehdi - 19 hours ago
I love the song my name is rami
jonathan owen
jonathan owen - 20 hours ago
Y'all are so great. So talented. Funniest parody song with pump. Genius
Orlando Guzman Jr
Orlando Guzman Jr - 20 hours ago
I like the part when they did the black flip to
Zlatanonio Melendez
Zlatanonio Melendez - 20 hours ago
I. Saw your music video
Aistė Cirtautaitė
Aistė Cirtautaitė - 21 hour ago
I love that song ❤️🥰😅
In music video ivanita was ignoring the dance time 1:11
Katerina Elter
Katerina Elter - 21 hour ago
Your mom has coronavirus stay 6 feet twins ;)
Ostena Daley
Ostena Daley - 22 hours ago
@Emily green
Tijuana Taylor
Tijuana Taylor - 22 hours ago
Pretty fire
Sequoyah Lightfoot
Sequoyah Lightfoot - 22 hours ago
a 10/10
Rekan Dana
Rekan Dana - 23 hours ago
Rekan Dana Ali
raphael_ 25
raphael_ 25 - 23 hours ago
The music was a 10++++
Aku Keppz
Aku Keppz - 23 hours ago
I have never tried i phone ..
I have started with an android and im still on it.
Wish i could afford an i phone..
OBJ LMhac - 23 hours ago
Not to be any thing rude but the lil pump is faker
Miracle Moore
Miracle Moore - Day ago
Iphone entrey my phone has a virus and I'm homeless
Bonginkosi Gumede
Bonginkosi Gumede - Day ago
I love a red iPhone please can I have it
REDACTED Clan - Day ago
When special Ed kids try to make a rap song
Kadiatou Camara
Kadiatou Camara - Day ago
loved the song and tell lil pump i said hi and i am a fan of you guys but i dont think yall should delete but can i have lucas number no offense marcus dont you think your mom was pumped a litle i love you lucas and marcus
Marco Vazquez
Marco Vazquez - Day ago
Never rap again
Sawyer Newton
Sawyer Newton - Day ago
Their dad: I lover your all together
Mesfin Anteneh
Mesfin Anteneh - Day ago
I always still ever family phon and subscribe to you guys i love you guys i will die for you guys
Esther Martínez
Esther Martínez - Day ago
I want it and i was suscribe for years aredy
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - Day ago
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - Day ago
I did all of that
Grobelska Wioleta
Grobelska Wioleta - Day ago
Aisha Alkaabi
Aisha Alkaabi - Day ago
Frankie Shields
Frankie Shields - Day ago
You guys are fricken awsome
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