Can We Spot The Identical Twin? (GAME)

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All Mixed Up
All Mixed Up - 15 hours ago
Dylan was definitely hitting on Ariana 😂
K M - 18 hours ago
Everyone’s over here talking about Curtis and I’m just amazed that there are identical quadruplets
Heaven Knox
Heaven Knox - 3 days ago
Heaven Knox
Heaven Knox - 3 days ago
“Talking dolphin” *chicken noises*
Heaven Knox
Heaven Knox - 3 days ago
윤대현 - 3 days ago
If you read the Triskellion trilogy novel, you will know that twins really have their own secret occult and it involves other twins. 😂😂😂
GrzlyG - 5 days ago
It's 5 am. I haven't slept in over 20 hours. This entire episode felt like a fever dream.
Rachel Jenkins
Rachel Jenkins - 7 days ago
Dang, I wish I was a twin.
nur damia nabila
nur damia nabila - 8 days ago
Its Jeremy
Traps aren't Gay
Traps aren't Gay - 9 days ago
Phillip got them Fornite dances on point
Mist - 10 days ago
His Australian accent was way more British 😂
Idek what his British accent was
Rachel From Staples
Rachel From Staples - 11 days ago
The Quadruplets Youtube channel is Forever1 , they sing as a group
Gacha Snowflakes
Gacha Snowflakes - 11 days ago
No one:
Literally nobody:
Actually no one:
Curtis :

I’m NoT dAwN JoHnsON
Mariah Green
Mariah Green - 12 days ago
waaaaaaaah jeremy and his twin are so hawt. just sayin. :3
F o x
F o x - 12 days ago
Omg the end...I live in Twinsburg!!
Eileen W
Eileen W - 13 days ago
Literally she got asked to compliment him and I’m surprised she didn’t start flirting with Dylan cause I would 😂
Namtiddies Activist
Namtiddies Activist - 13 days ago
Ayee I live I Ohio and the Twinsburg Twin Convention is always so fun. I'm not a twin but I still go for the fun.
pillagethevillage455 - 13 days ago
Dylan was absolutely hitting on Ariana
Kristen Lake
Kristen Lake - 14 days ago
Where was the follow-up where they told us how they guessed?! How did Rhett get them all right?!?!
Colby Brock Is Awesome
Colby Brock Is Awesome - 14 days ago
I love cole sprouse I know this is Dylan but cole 🤩
Toni Gardner
Toni Gardner - 14 days ago
rhett is curtis' biggest fan
Ryan Rider
Ryan Rider - 15 days ago
Bring Curtis back for another episode
Kasi Casillas
Kasi Casillas - 15 days ago
There's FOUR of them??! Wow, I'd love to be their friend
Taylor Nagel
Taylor Nagel - 15 days ago
if you know me, you know dylan is my favorite
John MM2
John MM2 - 15 days ago
from various stores 😉
Brian Bakker
Brian Bakker - 16 days ago
am I the only one who sees similarities between Arianna & Jake Gyllenhaal?
Treesap Studios
Treesap Studios - 16 days ago
He did not age well
Kitsune-157 - 16 days ago
I like how none of the 'talking animals' talk 😂
John Secret Spirit
John Secret Spirit - 17 days ago
0:58 dylan looking up like waiting for the fetti to pop
Endless Wolves
Endless Wolves - 17 days ago
This is the best GMM video, change my mind.
Splix - 18 days ago
U should’ve had Cole on the show too
Machete RS
Machete RS - 18 days ago
Hey I'm not Don Johnson.
Ehlanna Herron
Ehlanna Herron - 18 days ago
"Do you have a connection to all other twins?" Wasnt that a movie Dylan and Cole were in one time?
Luna Dogg
Luna Dogg - 19 days ago
Who is Dylan
Your boy trey
Your boy trey - 19 days ago
Bro Rhett link and Curtis new show??💀💀😂😂
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon - 19 days ago
yasmina ataya
yasmina ataya - 19 days ago
We love Curtis
Lil Chonk
Lil Chonk - 19 days ago
Is it me or does Dylan look like the scout from tf2?
Elise Mayes
Elise Mayes - 20 days ago
I wish they brought Cole and Dylan together
arihant jain
arihant jain - 21 day ago
I have a new favourite person... Hint he's not don jhonson
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette - 21 day ago
Hey do you know what time it is lololol
TApoulton 25
TApoulton 25 - 22 days ago
Why does rhett look really young?
Rosana Ramos
Rosana Ramos - 22 days ago
I'm not don Johnson
Nic User
Nic User - 22 days ago
The identical quadruplets were a surprise, for sure.
#1 Besties
#1 Besties - 23 days ago
can u just do vids with curtis
Ameera - 24 days ago
These are how many people like me Curtis
Wilson Bell
Wilson Bell - 24 days ago
Dylan just hitting on Ariana the whole first round.
Angelina Strother
Angelina Strother - 24 days ago
Dylan technically won that last one because there weren’t twins they were quadruplets or whatever you call it
Kevmaster2000 - 24 days ago
Zack in the house!
Nathan Ely
Nathan Ely - 25 days ago
Welp. I’m a twin. Not identical.
Melissa Nugent
Melissa Nugent - 25 days ago
Curtis is my life. My new best friend.
DigBickHero - 26 days ago
We stan Curtis
Karlyn Faith
Karlyn Faith - 26 days ago
What if they picked somebody who was a twin just not that round.
Cuber 57
Cuber 57 - 27 days ago
DJ Dipstick
DJ Dipstick - 27 days ago
I'm not Don Johnson!
Mayumi Prevost
Mayumi Prevost - 27 days ago
Wait why haven’t I seen this before
Lydia Thompson
Lydia Thompson - 27 days ago
ive seen philip somewhere on yt but idk what it was
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 28 days ago
I thought Rhett was big boy...Now Curtis is big boy.
monskie2007 - 28 days ago
If Curtis did the Australian accent,but a bit deeper,his new catchphrase "I'm not Jason Statnam
Uni_Songs - 28 days ago
Janelle looks like Jennelle Eliana!
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