Can We Spot The Identical Twin? (GAME)

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Olivia Brooke
Olivia Brooke - 26 minutes ago
Rhett:omg there three twins
Me: *what*
Alex Sherfield
Alex Sherfield - 2 hours ago
I love curtis
Kayleigh McMillan
Kayleigh McMillan - 2 hours ago
you should do this again but with cole😂
Valerie Thomas
Valerie Thomas - 3 hours ago
where is Cole???? 🧐😞😔
Gabby Willa
Gabby Willa - 5 hours ago
I'm in love with Jeremy and Jourdan okay bye
Biarara Larkin
Biarara Larkin - 5 hours ago
Honestly, where can I find me a Curtis? He's hilarious and quick on his feet. The "On the Barbie" still has me crying
Ada Tara
Ada Tara - 5 hours ago
Heather Woodard
Heather Woodard - 5 hours ago
"Are you Don Johnson?" Best GMM ever!
Zoe Belle
Zoe Belle - 8 hours ago
i’m not don johnson
Emppos - 9 hours ago
I've never realized how tall Rhett is
Kimberly Velasquez
Kimberly Velasquez - 9 hours ago
I was upset there wasn't more Curtises
Buggyboo 2006
Buggyboo 2006 - 9 hours ago
Lizzie Visconti
Lizzie Visconti - 10 hours ago
Ⓘ saw Dylan's twin Cole in person at a chicago riverdale convention i went to with my mom for my birthday and i got 2 autographs from the original sheriff and Lochlyn Munro but he also hugged me too it was so cool meeting them.
Chelsea Smith
Chelsea Smith - 11 hours ago
Curtis needs to join the mythical crew! He’s so funny 😂😂😂
Fria Hakim
Fria Hakim - 12 hours ago
Its so weird seeing dylan and cole all grown up,im so used tp seeing ben from friends
h3art1224 - 12 hours ago
Oh wow how'd they get Don Johnson😮😂
HelloKittyEcstasity - 12 hours ago
I beg of ya'll. X3 do not let someone else take your place on ya'lls show anytime soon. Keep being you. Please.
Maggie12MD - 12 hours ago
13:54 Oml we need more of this 👏🏽 can’t believe that they found Quadruplets!
Silvana Felix
Silvana Felix - 12 hours ago
Everybody talking about Curtis but like Arianna tho.
Curlyhunny - 13 hours ago
Dylan was feeling Ariana lol
Breanna Busch
Breanna Busch - 14 hours ago
Plz stop changing the intro go back to the first one
Nicolas Aires
Nicolas Aires - 16 hours ago
Dylan looks like Jughead from Riverdale
JKisthebest - 17 hours ago
I LOVE YOU DYLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AirNeptune03394 - 17 hours ago
I need one with Cole and Lili, that would so awesome!!
Pirate - Peach
Pirate - Peach - 18 hours ago
Love that twist they did at the end
Pirate - Peach
Pirate - Peach - 18 hours ago
One of my favorite episodes yet!
bay Panda
bay Panda - 20 hours ago
I love Dylan ❤️
IttyBitty Goose
IttyBitty Goose - 20 hours ago
Bro, is it just me or does Curtis look like he could be Scump's brother?
ThankMeLaterYT - 22 hours ago
All the comments have something to do with Curtis lol
Srisha V
Srisha V - Day ago
Lmao this was just Dylan hitting on Arianna 😂😂😂💕
Kaitlyn Cox
Kaitlyn Cox - Day ago
I’m not Don Johnson!
DuckW' ̄rth24
DuckW' ̄rth24 - Day ago
What happened to links left arm??
Laura Kokyova
Laura Kokyova - Day ago
Chino Gambino
Chino Gambino - Day ago
Dylan was tryna mack on Ariana. Lol
Chino Gambino
Chino Gambino - Day ago
That kid Fillip is a weirdo
jack meshell
jack meshell - Day ago
soneocidae - Day ago
Curtis rocks!
SpaceCatCan't - Day ago
*_o i o i ,_* how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood _-on the barbie-_
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist - Day ago
J U G H E A D ‘ S T W I N
Mariana Vega
Mariana Vega - Day ago
What is the thing about the I’m not don johnson thing?😅
Ashley Wiggonton
Ashley Wiggonton - Day ago
I wish I knew Curtis. He’s hilarious!
like, realizing stuff -kylie
ok great ppl be getting 4 twins and I got none
That Øne Førtnite Yøutuber
Curtis is a legend lol :-D
Sophie - Day ago
I have met Hayden and Trevor before at the twinsday festival😂
Jake Wallace
Jake Wallace - Day ago
Dylan was just hitting in the girls lol
Hannah Lehr
Hannah Lehr - Day ago
I laughed so much
McKenzie Beck
McKenzie Beck - Day ago
Can we just talk about how much taller Rhett looks?
zoeymonster 101
zoeymonster 101 - Day ago
Wheres cole
Genevieve - Day ago
I was NOT expecting the quadruplets. How'd they even find one?
ᅲᅲ지원 - Day ago
I love Jeremy and jourdan
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