Laine Hardy Wins American Idol 2019 and Performs New Song "Flame" - American Idol 2019 Finale

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Mary Stinnett
Mary Stinnett - 19 hours ago
My special needs son loves music and American Idol. He is taking guitar lessons now even though hard for him he is dedicated. He would love more subscribers to his channel, please check it out and subscribe.
Monica Cafaro
Monica Cafaro - 5 days ago
Kane Brown is the worst country performer. They shouldn't allow him to perform on American Country Music awards.
1, Kane Brown's songs are not country. No country elements in his songs.
2, Kane Brown can't sing. Even Laine and Alejandro can sing better than Kane Brown!
Hillary McDonald
Hillary McDonald - 5 days ago
Alejandro is not a singer. He is a mumbler, he mumbles a lot!
Laine is 10x better than Alejandro! 😣😣😣
ROB FAY - 5 days ago
They Turned this kid into K. D. Lang. Alejandro was MILES better.
George Chlada
George Chlada - 7 days ago
Who's Kane Brown? Even Laine Hardy sings way better than Kane Brown. 😁😁😁People just don't wanna see Kane Brown on American Country Music awards. He's not worth it. He;s a rapper not a country singer.
Charlene Miller
Charlene Miller - 7 days ago
Alejandro sounds so horrific!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 He is not a stage performer. He sounds like a bad street singer!
Chayla - 7 days ago
I was beyond furious when Alejandro didn’t win , he’s obviously more of an actual artist and is going to go further
Sunny M. P.
Sunny M. P. - 7 days ago
1, Lauren alaina, STOP STALKING LAINE AND ALEJANDRO, you're not their type! go back to your old boyfriend, a crossed eyed guy! Trevor! 2, People don't listen to Alejandro. He's boring as hell. 😅😅😅 Alejandro will be forgotten soon, Artist? please! LOL
Gretchen M.
Gretchen M. - 7 days ago
The judges were terrible this year. I don't think either one of them deserve to be in the finale to be honest!😅😅😅😅
Tammy King
Tammy King - 8 days ago
Laine will always be better than Alejandro. Although his vocal is not perfect, he makes connection with the audience. He has power and strength in his voice, Alejandro sings from his throat and has no power. Boring😅😅😅😅😅😅
St. Gravel
St. Gravel - 8 days ago
Kane Brown can't sing country!😅😅😅 no more Kane Brown on ACM. He's an embarrassment to real country singers!
Chucky Finesse
Chucky Finesse - 8 days ago
Katy kept saying be humble, I guess she knew. And laine can’t sing
George Chlada
George Chlada - 9 days ago
Who's Kane Brown? Even Laine Hardy sings way better than Kane Brown. 😁😁😁People just don't wanna see Kane Brown on American Country Music awards. He's not worth it. He;s a rapper not a country singer.
David De ruca
David De ruca - 9 days ago
Alejandro is so overrated, he sounds like a street singer!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Yellow redcorn
Yellow redcorn - 9 days ago
Alejandro's voice is not powerful enough to be in top 2. 😅😘😅😘😅😅 this guy has no strength in his voice! Laine deserves to be the winner!
Wilson Santos
Wilson Santos - 9 days ago
Pelo menos EUA tem os mesmos maus gostos que o BRASIL !!!kkkkkk
Wilson Santos
Wilson Santos - 9 days ago
Alejandro Champions !!!! Absurds
Wilson Santos
Wilson Santos - 9 days ago
Sunny M. P.
Sunny M. P. - 10 days ago
Alejandro is really boring. Most people don't even listen to him or watch him, they fast-forward. Alejandro is the worst runner up in AI history!😁😁😁 His songs are garbage!
A. Leigh
A. Leigh - 10 days ago
Alejandro should have won😭😭
A. Leigh
A. Leigh - 6 days ago
I am free to my opinion
Nancy Kirby
Nancy Kirby - 10 days ago
Lauren Alaina, your amateur opinion doesn't even matter, you lowlife troll!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 At least you have power in your voice, Alejandro's voice is weak and boring as hell. Jeremiah was robbed, Jeremiah should've been in the finale with Laine Hardy!
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I respect their decision, but I do not agree with their choice.
Tunnel Of Life
Tunnel Of Life - 11 days ago
Don't bother to watch this crap.....for someone who NEVER watches TV.....anyone else take notice that "Laine" FAKED his surprise?!?!?!?!?! damn if Americans aren't brainwashed!!!!! RIGGED SHIZ!!!!!!!!
demo iphone
demo iphone - 12 days ago
I love this group so much. They are so happy.
jamie duckworth
jamie duckworth - 12 days ago
Best show this year
Sammi Boo
Sammi Boo - 12 days ago
Booooooo 👎
Kristy Manson
Kristy Manson - 12 days ago
Alejandro sounds like a street singer. He's nothing but a hotel lounge singer. Actually, even hotel lounge singers sound better than him.
Sunny M. P.
Sunny M. P. - 12 days ago
Alejandro is really boring. Most people don't even listen to him or watch him, they fast-forward. Alejandro is the worst runner up in AI history!😁😁😁 His songs are garbage!
Pyramis Cmc
Pyramis Cmc - 13 days ago
This song Is helllllla trash 😂😂😂
Pyramis Cmc
Pyramis Cmc - 13 days ago
Alejandro will make timeless music. Doubt I'll remember this guy next year.
George Chlada
George Chlada - 14 days ago
Even Laine Hardy sings better than Kane Brown. Remove Kane Brown from the country music chart cuz he's not a country singer. He can't sing country. From Brazil!😁😁😁😁😁
WingStorm2.0 - 16 days ago
R.I.P to the janitors that have to clean all that confetti 😂
Scott Gallagher
Scott Gallagher - 20 days ago
Fan girls for you
Charlene Miller
Charlene Miller - 22 days ago
Kane Brown should be banned from COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS! 😅😅😅😅 he's not a country singer, he's a rapper!
CMDR MyCustardLove
CMDR MyCustardLove - 22 days ago
kristine Loverly
kristine Loverly - 22 days ago
I thought you're done watching. Why keep saying the same thing over and over again? 😅😅😘 are you really that sad and lonely? LOL. Stop bullying Laine and Alejandro, loser!
Sandra MacArther
Sandra MacArther - 23 days ago
I don't want to see Kane Brown on the next American Country Music awards. I wanna see real country singers like Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Luke Combs, and Dan and Shay! No more rap songs from Kane Brown! 😅😅😅
St. Gravel
St. Gravel - 17 days ago
@Wyatt Highfield I love watching Dan and Shay performing on ACM awards cuz they have voice and they can sing. Kane Brown? Please, he is a joke! He can't sing. I started doubting how did he even become a singer? Even Lazaro Argos can sing better than that rapper.
Wyatt Highfield
Wyatt Highfield - 21 day ago
Sandra MacArther Dan and Shay😂 Good joke
Stacy Pearson
Stacy Pearson - 24 days ago
Oh my I can't even imagine what you're feeling when they announced your name. As for me I was in tears. Thank you too your mom and dad for taking you too guitar lessons and giving the chance too live out your dream. You're the sweetest person ever. God couldn't have picked a better person too be American Idol. Absolutely love seeing what your music career has in store for you day too day. So far I know it's probably been a wild ride for you. But your fans me being a big one will always show you love and support you. I'm glad too see your family supporting you. I just wanna say a big thank you and God Bless You. So happy you decided too take the golden ticket too Hollywood. God has you right where he wants you. I could listen too you sing and play guitar all day as I find it very relaxing. Can't wait too see what's next in store for you. I will always be there too find out. Again a big thank you for letting me follow you on your journey. I will always give you all the love and support you need. Just watching this video again has brought me into tears. Hope you have a great day. Be safe in all you do.
Mark Lydon
Mark Lydon - 24 days ago
Typical shitty winning song, immediately forgettable in every way.
Leoni Cayan G.
Leoni Cayan G. - 25 days ago
Wow! Amazing! Congratulations Laine:)
Strategy Gaming
Strategy Gaming - 27 days ago
These two people were the only ones with actual talent and the right amount of hope I would say I feel bad for the guy for the contract but this is his second time on this show so it’s his fault
Scott Adams
Scott Adams - Month ago
I only like Laine, Lacy and Jeremiah this season! Alejandro is really boring! 🤗😇
That's right, even my dog sings better than Alejandro. He has no power in his voice, his voice is lame! 🤗🤗😇😇
richard boyden
richard boyden - Month ago
My dog can sing better than that boy. Shows that this country is brainwashed to vote for not talented pretty boys, end of story
Hillary McDonald
Hillary McDonald - 28 days ago
Lauren Alaina!, don't watch it. You are spending way way too much time on Laine Hardy and AleJandro Aranda You're a loser. Get a life you loser. 😄😄😄
Xx_Iphone_xX - Month ago
Celebrating like this is a goal in life 🙄 youre about to sign a contract selling your soul away smh! Goodluck💙
Sandra MacArther
Sandra MacArther - Month ago
Laine is the best!😅😅😅
Alejandro is boring.
yulia catron
yulia catron - Month ago
Alejandro will still do better than Laine in their pro career.
Agent - Month ago
Love both of them but what the hell is this American Idol production? They used to hold the finale at the Kodak Theater.. and now just inside a studio?!
clary jace
clary jace - Month ago
Wow.... You know what my love is in laine 😍😅😜💕
Congratulations Laine Hardy
Next Alejandro
You both is American Idol
Alex C.
Alex C. - Month ago
Fucking politics...
TheDing1701 - Month ago
Alejandro can play guitar, write passable songs, but as far as singing goes, that breathy, high pitched mumbling made me want to slap him.
Alejandra Sanchez
Alejandra Sanchez - Month ago
Monica Cafaro
Monica Cafaro - Month ago
They are in a different league for Laine. Alejandro is boring and has 0 talent. He's a good guitar player, but his voice is horrendous 😏😏😏
Monica Cafaro
Monica Cafaro - Month ago
@Yan Blanchette You're entitled to my opinion and I'm entitled to my opinion right!😄😄😄😄 Alejandro is one hell of a boring singer. Even hotel lounge singers don't sound as bad as Alejandro. Not for me. 😄😄😄
Yan Blanchette
Yan Blanchette - Month ago
I'm just going to assume you are mentally challenged.
joseph cezar
joseph cezar - Month ago
This reminds me of why Chris Daughtry lost. Laine got the looks but Alejandro has the talent
Billy Burn VanDusen
Billy Burn VanDusen - Month ago
One word "fluff". I'm glad Alejandro looks like he understands how this works: the pretty face wins Idol and gets their 15 minutes, the talent gets a lifelong career. Looking forward to hearing Alejandro grow and experiment as a musician. I hope the music industry doesn't hamper his artistry too much.
Billy Burn VanDusen
Billy Burn VanDusen - Month ago
@Monica Cafaro Thank you for taking the time out of your exceptionally productive day to put someone down for leaving a comment on a youtube video? You are obviously a true winner! Best of luck to you in your life and relationships 😁
Monica Cafaro
Monica Cafaro - Month ago
You are spending way way too much time on this video, get a life you lonely loser! B
galaxy:kiss - Month ago
I wanna see Laine Hardy at American Country Music Award not Kane Brown!😄😄😄😄😇😇😚😚
David - Month ago
Alejandro did not belong to AI ..he is an artist..
Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson - Month ago
Alejandro can't sing, he mumbles. 😇😇😇😇😇
Chelsea - Month ago
Dude, I’m bopping to flame
Mihir Jha
Mihir Jha - Month ago
Rhion Ysmael
Rhion Ysmael - Month ago
Can we not include the people's votes in the finale. Adam Lambert Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Sanchez and now Alejandro Aranda are defeated because of the numbers of votes. But if it will be the judges who'll decide they know who's the best. But in the end of the day, this is why it's called American Idol. It's for the American to decide. Sometimes it's not just rightful but they are still deserving.
Hillary McDonald
Hillary McDonald - Month ago
Nobody cares what you think.! Like I said Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica, Alejandro, they all will have great success in music except you Lauren Alaina. I know what you're trying to do, but you don't have what it takes to be a singer!😚😚😚😚
uniquecritique - Month ago
uniquecritique - Month ago
Charlene Miller
Charlene Miller - Month ago
Alejandro always puts me sleep. 😄😄😄 I don't listen to his music.
Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson - Month ago
I like singers like Laine Hardy and Jeremiah Harmon. Alejandro doesn't know how to sing on stage!😅😅😅
JewishJesus - Month ago
You are entitled to your opinion but fuck you, you're wrong.
amayuru wadanambi
amayuru wadanambi - Month ago
Americans have the worst taste when it comes to real music...
choosing Hardy over Alajandro is the closest example to prove the above statement... damn! Idiots!
Sunny M. P.
Sunny M. P. - Month ago
Who cares your amateur opinion. 😇😇😇 your an idiot!
pmvoice88 - Month ago
Alejandro Aranada is a true original talent and is light years beyond the others. But that's also why he lost.
Sunny M. P.
Sunny M. P. - Month ago
You're an idiot!😆😆😆
St. Gravel
St. Gravel - Month ago
Laine Hardy is a better singer,😇🌺😇😇 I didn't expect to see Kane Brown on the show. Once again, he has poor stage performance and sang like a rapper😍😍😘
David De ruca
David De ruca - Month ago
Laine was the best! Jeremiah was robbed. Alejandro didn't deserve the 2nd! The runner up should've been Jeremiah not alejandro!😣😣😣
Kristy Manson
Kristy Manson - Month ago
Laine and Jeremiah are the best contestants this year !😎😎😎
Dr. Meredith Grey
Dr. Meredith Grey - Month ago
2:14 - 2:18 bromance gallore😂 omg mah heart 😍😍😂
Dr. Meredith Grey
Dr. Meredith Grey - Month ago
lmao walker's dance steps at 2:44 😂
Osama Bin Fappin
Osama Bin Fappin - Month ago
American idol voting is a terrible system and it’s a popularity contest in the end. Laine Hardy had the looks and the charisma but Alejandro had the talent.
Tammy King
Tammy King - Month ago
Alejandro is boring. I usually fast forward when he performed. Time is valuable!😣😣😣😣😣
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes - Month ago
Kane Brown can't sing country. He's a rapper. Even Laine and Jeremiah sound better!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Heather So
Heather So - Month ago
Even Laine Hardy sings better than Kane brown. Kane Brown is not much of a singer @👎👎👎
Monica Cafaro
Monica Cafaro - Month ago
They are in a different league for Laine hardy. 😆😆😆😆😆😆Alejandro is boring!
Mary Miller
Mary Miller - Month ago
Jeremiah and Laine should've been in the finale. I'm not much of a fan for Alejandro!
Dorrie Gardell
Dorrie Gardell - Month ago
Best American Idol ever!!!!!
Frenn Moreno
Frenn Moreno - Month ago
This season was bleh because of the eliminations. If anyone deserved to win was Ashley or Alejandro. Laine is great but it was too predictable 😩
Frank Maturo
Frank Maturo - Month ago
bagchi uttam
bagchi uttam - Month ago
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson - Month ago
play 5 chords wins 1st place 500 chords and wins 2nd ......totally not fair
hnh pol
hnh pol - Month ago
because most of the greatest songs ever written were played in just 4 chords
Alberto Alegria
Alberto Alegria - Month ago
Una basura
angela yamashita
angela yamashita - Month ago
I don't know if it's just me but the people's reaction was not the one that I expected even the judges and ryan. It's a bit anticlimatic. I bet they were all thinking it's alejandro.
galaxy:kiss - Month ago
75% of Americans were happy about the fact Laine Hardy won the title!😎😎😎 we don't need an amateur opinion from Lauren Alaina! She can't sing, she's a loser!
angela yamashita
angela yamashita - Month ago
@galaxy:kiss and who is my victim? You? coming from someone who just called me a loser 😂 are you a kid? Then it's fine cause you probably don't know what's observation means.
galaxy:kiss - Month ago
@angela yamashita your a bully, you know what you're doing?😍😍😍😍😍😍
angela yamashita
angela yamashita - Month ago
@galaxy:kiss I never said that I'm not happy with the results though. You didn't get my point, it's the reaction of the crowd and the judges. I just watched both their last performance and the reactions are entirely different.
galaxy:kiss - Month ago
It's you, everybody was happy with the outcome except you. You loseris! 🙂🙂🙂🙂
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