Friends: Phoebe Takes a Tranquilizer Dart for Marcel (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

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PRASHANT M - 7 days ago
2:22 Phoebe 😂
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Did Mr. Heckles take some steroids?
C. D. Oro
C. D. Oro - 22 days ago
Dayyymm courtney on 0:33 with the slowmo
Jason Song
Jason Song - Month ago
That was real sexy
Gulya Swift
Gulya Swift - Month ago
Monica 😍
Brunette Tn
Brunette Tn - Month ago
I hate Rachael ... she is the kind of woman I never want to be friends with ... Always playing the victim and ruining people's lives
VC26 - 8 days ago
@SARtistic96 Except Ross can & has recognized when he's been an ass, and is capable of apologizing. Rachel rarely admits to being wrong because she always feels entitled to have her way & the last say. Metaphorically speaking, it's easier to sympathize and be a sport if someone farts & says excuse me compared to someone farting & acting like it doesn't stink or that you should be grateful for smelling it. 🤣
SARtistic96 - Month ago
And Ross doesn’t? If Rachel is annoying and manipulative, Ross really is exactly the same.
Pratika Singh
Pratika Singh - Month ago
I wish they continued with that dude from downstairs
Miriam Cervantes
Miriam Cervantes - Month ago
I hate the fact that Rachel was wearing a skirt during the middle of WINTER IN NEW YORK!
Captain Brooklynite 007
They should kill that fat cow New York’s a dangerous place for cunts
Phoebe looks so stunning, lovely, amazingly beautiful 😘
Clawbytes - Month ago
@PRIYANKA THAPAR I think you look more beautiful. 😍
@Clawbytes don't you think she still looks amazingly beautiful... I think so that's why I said... ☺️
Clawbytes - Month ago
Looked. Past tense.
Karina Shavel
Karina Shavel - Month ago
You know when u have to study and friends vedios just popping in
your notification..😅
ForeverSweetx3 - Month ago
I wouldn't date early season Ross. He just cursed at her and was possessive/jealous.
VC26 - 8 days ago
Rachel has been just as bad, if not worse to him. And unlike him, she rarely apologized or admitted to being wrong. The relationship was toxic, but Ross was not the only one who made it that way. lol In this episode, Rachel was careless. Ross could've lost Marcel forever or he could've been killed and that would've been Rachel's fault. I've been in Ross' position, except my pets got killed due to other people's carelessness. You'll get over it but at the time you're pissed off & upset when the entire thing was avoidable.
Brittany Mays
Brittany Mays - 18 days ago
This should have been the episode that killed any future between them. She made a mistake and he lost his shit, and then tried to save face at the end by romancing her with wine. Nope.
Nicole Wray
Nicole Wray - Month ago
@Elena Christian right? I hated their relationship, it's pretty toxic.
Kee Leichtle
Kee Leichtle - Month ago
They're both that way.
Elena Christian
Elena Christian - Month ago
He was a petulant asshole in every season.
m. p.
m. p. - Month ago
Boah, Luisa has beautiful thick hair!
Felipe Borges
Felipe Borges - Month ago
Why I don’t remember that scene?
Thomas Hindmarsh
Thomas Hindmarsh - Month ago
Friends is a shittie version on Seinfeld
Thomas Hindmarsh
Thomas Hindmarsh - Month ago
Marinette is definitely not Ladybug yes
Nayeon loves you
Nayeon loves you - Month ago
@Thomas Hindmarsh Wait so, do you watch Friends?
Deeson Jame
Deeson Jame - Month ago
Why is Rach dressed like a schoolgirl. So hot.
MrHarumakiSensei - 12 hours ago
@angelica But you don't know how old Deeson Jame is. Not to mention he was actually saying Jennifer Aniston was hot, which is something I'd say most of us could agree on.
angelica - 14 hours ago
MrHarumakiSensei THAT is okay but a grown person thinking that a school girl is hot is alarming
MrHarumakiSensei - 7 days ago
@Amelia Sommers So you made it all through high school without ever thinking a single one of your classmates was hot?
Big Potato
Big Potato - 13 days ago
Why not? :D
Amelia Sommers
Amelia Sommers - Month ago
You should NOT be finding schoolgirls hot.
Pari S
Pari S - Month ago
Phoebe's so gorgeous !!!
Ruben Teckmun
Ruben Teckmun - Month ago
No patty no marcel, just monkey okay.
Higashi Why
Higashi Why - Month ago
Never realized that Ross was a total bitch this episode. Rachel is saint for still loving him after that
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - Month ago
rachel is hot, but the pheebs is downright STUNNING
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - Month ago
phoebe in that thumbnail and this whole clip and the early seasons is so gorgeous
HOLY COW😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Nadim Abbas
Nadim Abbas - Month ago
It's strange how Phoebe got shot with a tranquilizer dart without passing out. I know it's for monkey but tranquilizer makes you faint regardless
Kee Leichtle
Kee Leichtle - Month ago
She kinda did when she collapsed in Monica's arms.
Cyheem Williams
Cyheem Williams - Month ago
"You had to be a bitch in high school. You couldn'tve been fat?" Lmao
Kaitlynn McQueen
Kaitlynn McQueen - Month ago
well than how about i call your supervisor and tell her you shot my friend in the ass with a dart😂😂
love that line
Ebizzill - Month ago
phoebe looked AMAZING!
crazy mind
crazy mind - Month ago
Then whats all with bananas
TheFlair4thedramatic - Month ago
I feel like the earlier seasons had so many more new locations and interesting storyline’s.
But towards the end, they were just people who stayed in the apartment a lot, with the R/R drama and with the love triangles and dating your students.
Brittany Mays
Brittany Mays - 18 days ago
@Ulysses432 Marcel, who appears in the first season, is literally introduced as a sort of surrogate child. Ross is about to have a baby, and Marcel is literally how he learns to be a father. That's it. He goes away before Ben is born.
Ulysses432 - Month ago
@Big Fish Theory I'm not going to go back and check what season a monkey showed up (and btw this accounts for *ANY* sitcom)...but whatEVER you're working on when you're a professional comedic writer and it entails a monkey - you need to stop - right there. Or, you need to stop if you're working after 1947
Big Fish Theory
Big Fish Theory - Month ago
@Ulysses432 no little buddy, you are specifying it with the monkey that appears since the first season.
Ulysses432 - Month ago
@Big Fish Theory Of babbling...we're specifically talking about the later seasons - and your idea of funny might entail a monkey, so we have decidedly different approaches to humor.
Big Fish Theory
Big Fish Theory - Month ago
@Ulysses432 true about the simpsons, no idea what ure babbling about otherwise. This is the first (1st) season, and friends is consistently funny throughout all the seasons.
Phoebe is the best!!
Ima KeepItReal
Ima KeepItReal - Month ago
This scene is iconic.
tavia warner
tavia warner - Month ago
If you disagree with me, you’re wrong!! This IS the best show ever!!
Shawn Hong
Shawn Hong - Month ago
"Off in her little Rachel land doing her Rachel thing" he really was in the I hate Rachel club
vivekgupta1717 - 20 days ago
Faye Mckither
Faye Mckither - 20 days ago
SARtistic96 they can’t! They’re just a stupid Rachel/Ross shipper. Which means they’re into toxic, annoying on/off relationships. I agree with u! Rachel and Ross were horrible with each other. They were better as just friends. Never was a fan of their relationship.
SARtistic96 - Month ago
Lucky Jar Yes, it was uncalled for. Why was it dumb? If you’re gonna spout shot like that, give a reason for it.
Lucky Jar
Lucky Jar - Month ago
@SARtistic96 It's the truth, it can't be uncalled for. That statement was dumb.
SARtistic96 - Month ago
Lucky Jar Excuse me? That was extremely uncalled for.
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique - Month ago
Ross and Rachel had no ideia that they would fight even more than that in the future 😂😂
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers - Month ago
Ross is such a baby. And he got all the best girls
Bleach is Good for ur health
He was right in this episode tho. I would have acted the same way if someone lost my cat.
Leah Kent
Leah Kent - Month ago
In many episodes he is. However in this episode, given what Rachael did and what it nearly cost Ross, this is one of the few episodes where he demonstrates tremendous strength, majority, and restraint. Simply by not killing Rachael.
Aqsa - Month ago
"One side of my butt is totally asleep and the other side has no IDEA."
Haha Pheebs
Blanca Rosales
Blanca Rosales - Month ago
You have to be a bitch in high school why you couldn't be fat XD
Arctic Falcon
Arctic Falcon - Month ago
4:05 Wicked
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico - Month ago
Funny how when friends started Ross always stood up to Rachel when she was out of hand but then completely became her puppet without a backbone and agreeing with everything she said and did
Moonlit M
Moonlit M - Month ago
I think being close to Rachel for all those years and getting to know her on a deeper level has taught him that there was point in trying to argue and defend himself against her since Rachel is self-centred and unreasonable, so by the later seasons he knows it's just safer to agree with whatever she says to avoid the risk of a contention occuring.
Wyatt Wistrom
Wyatt Wistrom - Month ago
No, there were other times
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico - Month ago
Titus Maluleka 😂
Titus Maluleka
Titus Maluleka - Month ago
I do enjoy shrimp... Don't tempt me☺️
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico
Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico - Month ago
Titus Maluleka k
mrjj 107
mrjj 107 - Month ago
Phoebe looked astonishing on season 1, wow
Fan 2 Fics
Fan 2 Fics - 16 days ago
Actually she looked stunning in all 10 season's
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