Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Expensive Items!!

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Jaroli Salas
Jaroli Salas - Day ago
She could have had a dyson blow dryer but she just had to SMASH it! And she blames Joey. No hate, still love you guys❤
Daph Hodder
Daph Hodder - Day ago
Toasty - Day ago
0:03 idk why I put this time stamp
Nova Petrichor
Nova Petrichor - 2 days ago
Me walking into math 8:38
Sameer Javed
Sameer Javed - 2 days ago
Corey can just go and get the screen fixed then have a brand new I pad
Liz Haynes
Liz Haynes - 2 days ago
Feeds Apple
Penny McKnight
Penny McKnight - 3 days ago
A PS4 also plays blu rays
Bumpkin - 3 days ago
What’s the black at the bottom of the ketchup
2023Brent Gordon
2023Brent Gordon - 3 days ago
it should have been mayo
Стефан Цветковић
9:38 ahahhaha first the bryan face and than the J-Fred with fact im dying of laugh
King67abc D
King67abc D - 6 days ago
Jackson Hodkey
Jackson Hodkey - 8 days ago
Why do they where a white shirt when they get ketchup splattered all over them?? The logic is over 9000.
Lennoxmatt - 8 days ago
*asks for a $500 safe
Paige Emily
Paige Emily - 8 days ago
Anyone find Bryan annoying cuz I sure do
Jack wheelie
Jack wheelie - 9 days ago
6:10 dose he say fucking iPad
Mick Thicken
Mick Thicken - 9 days ago
This is hard to watch lol
whyD.On'tyougetit - 9 days ago
Kyle rocking that Teddy Fresh hoodie tho 😩😩😩👌👌👌
Night Mare
Night Mare - 10 days ago
13:20 omg lol
Mystic Fox101
Mystic Fox101 - 11 days ago
hot toys jk
hot toys jk - 11 days ago
What is that mini hat called
Michelle - 11 days ago
Kyyyyyyle wrong merch!
Doggy Gamer
Doggy Gamer - 11 days ago
6:00 looks like a Saw scene there
Ivy Lily
Ivy Lily - 12 days ago
This is Kayla she is 0 years old let’s see how old she can get
Little Flora
Little Flora - 12 days ago
everyone wants something technical
Caleb’s Clipzz
Caleb’s Clipzz - 14 days ago
Should have done something they already had would make it actually fun
Mervat Sweiss
Mervat Sweiss - 14 days ago
I wanted al the employees to get there items and Bobby Bryan and Fred would get a splat
Justin Frehner
Justin Frehner - 15 days ago
Big chungis
Eli Maksymec
Eli Maksymec - 15 days ago
I want to try :(
Ben Collins
Ben Collins - 17 days ago
dk looks like keemstar
Lil' Piggy xxx
Lil' Piggy xxx - 18 days ago
when u cant afford ketchup
SPCsevierville1992 - 18 days ago
This is an Old Glory. 🇺🇸
Keep it waving.
Keep these waving too. 🇦🇺🇧🇪🇨🇦🇹🇩🇮🇱🇯🇵🇳🇿🇰🇷🇬🇧 and especially this one.🇫🇷
Tear these. 🇨🇳 🇰🇵 🇷🇺
Like = one burning flag under tear these. And one day of honor for the flags that should be honored.
Sophia Workman
Sophia Workman - 16 days ago
All flags should be honored
Headers CA
Headers CA - 19 days ago
On the last guy he screams out yeah b4 the hammer hits the table and he's eyes were closed
ShammyShakes - 19 days ago
You should redo this battleship style with more sledgehammers and more open slots
Sleep Queen
Sleep Queen - 19 days ago
14:54 love this moment
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson - 20 days ago
U guys just wasted so much useful item I can’t even get any of those items
Aiden Nie
Aiden Nie - 20 days ago
ReeseG1002 - 20 days ago
JayGaming17 - 21 day ago
The ipad is fixable
Kristen Remmers
Kristen Remmers - 22 days ago
They should have put all three items down and smashed two of them and they win 1 item
TzT-panda Gaming-YT
TzT-panda Gaming-YT - 22 days ago
Why do you have to smash the hairdryer if he already put a sledge on it
Dashel iorio
Dashel iorio - 22 days ago
Arjun Motwani
Arjun Motwani - 22 days ago
You know they have warranty so they get their money back
jack goff
jack goff - 23 days ago
okay so they didn’t smash corey’s ipad after it still worked but they smashed natalys hair dryer even though it worked
FTF Clan
FTF Clan - 23 days ago
Kids in Africa could have eaten those
Fahad Al Khlaqi
Fahad Al Khlaqi - 24 days ago
corey yeung
corey yeung - 24 days ago
My name is Corey too!😂😂😂
Patrick Ortlieb
Patrick Ortlieb - 24 days ago
Irk why this happens aNobody consents like a months later on videos?
Pulse rirro
Pulse rirro - 25 days ago
As soon as Joey pooled the lever I got an ad
red headed explorer
red headed explorer - 25 days ago
I don't watch these unless Bob's in it
Mr Brawl
Mr Brawl - 26 days ago
Hola Iveco Bogdan uva con a clona códec a clona códec a clona códec a clona😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Capoeira Nova Visao Aruba
j was right!
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith - 26 days ago
Joey ruins everyone dreams
Zelda Spraul
Zelda Spraul - 26 days ago
Rich looks down at his phone and Bobby chose to pick the other side what a man! 7:07
Leksi Bender4ever
Leksi Bender4ever - 27 days ago
Me at the beginning of the video: "Wow, Joey has good fashion sense for once".
Me when they get back from Best Buy: "Nope, it's gone".
Rodrigo Flamenco
Rodrigo Flamenco - 28 days ago
J Fred was the only one who smashed the items
timelyw525 - 28 days ago
Jfred always knew because since he's tall he can see over the little Gap
DarkDemise Gaming
DarkDemise Gaming - Month ago
Byran is stupid
Ayden Hayes
Ayden Hayes - Month ago
At 7:39 when your pizza rolls are done
Skyler Brown
Skyler Brown - Month ago
THIS IS DAVE happy birbt to you😐
Forgettable - Month ago
Cory's the funniest 6:08
tanat viboolmeth
tanat viboolmeth - Month ago
I have it
tanat viboolmeth
tanat viboolmeth - Month ago
Btw i have that bose noise cancelling headphones
SaltySolv - Month ago
R.i.p. iPad 2019-2019
Cameron Hawkins
Cameron Hawkins - Month ago
Fosels exist😂😂 what a beast comment
Tucker Moore
Tucker Moore - Month ago
My parents getting anything new 2:26
HYDRO PLAGUE - Month ago
XxSupremeJxX -Fortnite & fifa
Title: *don’t sledgehammer your employees expensive items*
Me: then don’t
Ribal Arbid
Ribal Arbid - Month ago
I subbed watching the intri
Kale btw
Kale btw - Month ago
Radio shack lol
Joseph McCracken
Joseph McCracken - Month ago
11:30 what it sounds like on the news or outside my house or when I sneeze
Cyrus Wyatt Winder
Cyrus Wyatt Winder - Month ago
Can you please tell me what brand Kyle's sweatshirt is, in team edge smashing things please
Chain Fire games
Chain Fire games - Month ago
Eric looks like Luis Suarez it’s so odd
DICE GANG - Month ago
Dyson is my name
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans - Month ago
How violent
DARTH JAYDER - Month ago
The Natalie ketsup smash almost made me pee from laughing
Noah Overton
Noah Overton - Month ago
Does Cory realize that it has a warranty
FiDelis - Month ago
The second guy meant to pick the wrong one he saw him look at the phone when he turned around he looked right at the phone he’s a good guy
Ethan Mannier
Ethan Mannier - Month ago
La team françaises est elle la ???❤🤣😂
Sophie Lean
Sophie Lean - Month ago
Cory could take the iPad to the apple store to get fixed
GATES BROWNE - Month ago
Lets go dodgers! 1:40
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