Will Ferrell Deeply Regrets Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 8 months ago
What's the best Will Ferrell movie of all time?
Stu B
Stu B - Day ago
@Memphis Drinks Some Water Criminally underappreciated. Great writing, killer characters.
Just here 4 the T
Just here 4 the T - 8 days ago
Step Brothers.
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds - 16 days ago
WunderWaffle - 22 days ago
Step Brothers
Anthony S
Anthony S - Month ago
The Other Guys for sure. Supremely underrated
General Grievous
General Grievous - 5 hours ago
Where can I aquire these sauces
Adrian - Day ago
Why have I fallen down this rabbit hole?!? 😩😭🤣👍
Catherine Jenkins
Catherine Jenkins - Day ago
Meryl Streep said it in a movie called, A Cry in the Dark, she said "the dingo TOOK my baby"
Stu B
Stu B - Day ago
Sean TheMoneyMagnet
dingo ate my baby what movie was that from? lol Called real life will. lmao
Aaron - Day ago
8 seasons in and the "watch your eyes" always comes in right after they near rub their eyes
Zachariah Bowen
Zachariah Bowen - Day ago
Does Will have green eyes because some parts of the interview he looks like one of the posessed from supernatural. Have to assume the green screen is leaking onto his eyeballs or that he is actually a hilarious demon 😅
anthropologyable - Day ago
Why does he look like a knock off David Hasslehoff
Luke Jones
Luke Jones - 2 days ago
Loved him in wedding crashers aswell, mom.. The meatloaf!!
Miguel Makhubo
Miguel Makhubo - 2 days ago
Ya'll should Get Joe Rogan on This Show 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Goku'strainer 17
Goku'strainer 17 - 2 days ago
Hey look its ron burgundy
Kenneth Ahn
Kenneth Ahn - 3 days ago
You should do adam sandler
Tickle ThyPickle
Tickle ThyPickle - 3 days ago
Rewatching this cause it’s one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite shows
Vida Photography
Vida Photography - 4 days ago
Anthony Mackie would be great on the show
Vincent Durgin
Vincent Durgin - 5 days ago
Id like to seebob henson on this show
Snake Eater MCOC
Snake Eater MCOC - 5 days ago
They mention Paul Rudd twice here, but I can’t find that video anywhere !! Was it deleted or something? I know I’ve watched it before
Roxanne May
Roxanne May - 5 days ago
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ

I lo stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirlii
I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii
Wyatt Spencer
Wyatt Spencer - 5 days ago
Missed a perfect setup for saying "It's so hot, milk was a good choice"
MrJeffrs - 5 days ago
Stepbrothers for me.
COZMO TRIPP - 6 days ago
Y'all need to get Marshawn Lynch on this show..
Private Name
Private Name - 6 days ago
Da bomb is clearly hotter than the last 2. Every episode ppl struggle more with it. Ths scoville system is clearly flawed.
lSAMV31l - 6 days ago
Pussy bites....little baby nibbles...
gem Stone
gem Stone - 6 days ago
My honest-to-god favorite Will Ferrell movie has to be Anchorman 1 and 2
Michael D
Michael D - 7 days ago
How do we get on the game show?
ASTROCHRONIC - 7 days ago
Julia had the COVID.
Wiremu matenga
Wiremu matenga - 7 days ago
Can you get taika waititi on this? I swear korg will be sweating bricks haha
David Potts
David Potts - 7 days ago
Megamind: (Eating spicy wings) Mmm, these are good. What’s this feeling in my mouth?
Minion: Sir, I believe you’re starting to feel the spiciness.
Megamind: Ha! Oh, Minion that’s a lau...Oh! My mouth is on fire! Quick, Minion, get me some water!
Minion: Right away, Sir. (Pulls out a hose and spray water into Megamind’s mouth) Is that better, Sir?
Megamind: (Sighing with relief) Ah, yes it is. Thank you, Minion.
Minion: You’re welcome, Sir.
BENT BUT NOT BROKEN - 7 days ago
Steven Rinella would be an interesting guest.
Michael Rosa
Michael Rosa - 7 days ago
We need rock stars Axl Rose / get it Sebastian Bach Gene Simmons Corey Taylor even the lead singer of Hatebreed
Katpitz7 - 8 days ago
I really expected him to just pick up the hottest one and eat it first while sean freaked out lol
Lee Sandwhiches & Construction
Tom Age
Tom Age - 10 days ago
I almost wany to become famous just so I can go on this show
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke - 10 days ago
Will is tripping, on the chillies haha
pay fone
pay fone - 11 days ago
“Will Ferrell Explains What He Was Doing On Epstein Island” video coming 1st of never....
Cody - 9 days ago
Was he on the list?
Scriptango - 11 days ago
Only the OGs remember will on the show Top Gear
Adrian M
Adrian M - 11 days ago
Get Ray Romano on the show!
Borkosaurus - 11 days ago
idk why but will ferrell just cracks me the fuck up no matter what he's talking about, he's so pseudo-serious yet every word oozes with more sarcasm than i can imagine lmao what a legend
Tita Real
Tita Real - 12 days ago
T G W - 12 days ago
No one likes the Da Bomb hot sauce
Rtrooper W
Rtrooper W - 12 days ago
What a friggin’ POS Will is!🖕🏼
Chris christie
Chris christie - 12 days ago
I love that will says that Seinfield picked him up in a kit car... It was a superbird which can sell for over $300,000 in some cases.
Kellum Dooley
Kellum Dooley - 12 days ago
perfect video.6star
Brian Evans
Brian Evans - 13 days ago
joshua holmes
joshua holmes - 13 days ago
Everybody gangsta til they hit Da Bomb
drewski west
drewski west - 13 days ago
i swear water shouldn't be offered because all it does it spread the capsaician
Mad monkey Slade
Mad monkey Slade - 13 days ago
Tom Hanks for Hot One's
Leona Salinas
Leona Salinas - 14 days ago
Can someone interview the host??? lol
Elif Başak Has
Elif Başak Has - 14 days ago
johnny johnny yes papa
iNFOFUSION - 14 days ago
Pre covid😭
Jaden Bradford
Jaden Bradford - 15 days ago
Dumpster is my Uncle
Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox - 15 days ago
I know that people are going to mock me for this, but I think it would be interesting to see Taylor Swift on the show. She's a fantastic lyricist, and she's fascinating to listen to. I'd love to see her fall apart over hot wings.
JJordxn - 15 days ago
land of the lost 2 needs to happen
Kiarum i
Kiarum i - 15 days ago
you should get brendon urie to come on hot ones
skylar gagne
skylar gagne - 15 days ago
skylar gagne
skylar gagne - 15 days ago
What if Sean is doing this to a bunch of famous people to collect their DNA from used towels and clone them?
Kayla Brandon
Kayla Brandon - 16 days ago
You guys should bring on review bruh
Tyler Gregory
Tyler Gregory - 16 days ago
Elf was the best move that he was In
TheRelandi - 16 days ago
12:03 to 12:20 Will's whole reaction is hilarious
TheRelandi - 16 days ago
Sean in his head "did HE just say Chinaman??"
TheRelandi - 16 days ago
I'd love to get interviewed by Sean because he'd have no clue who I'd am, so it'd be awkward as fuck but I'd also get to eat wings. Let's go team.
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds - 16 days ago
Actually he shouldn't have. Ulcers and hot food don't go together
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destroyer playgames
destroyer playgames - 16 days ago
OMG i love your movie taladaga night
Milton Clark
Milton Clark - 16 days ago
Hey that's Gator!
Zachary Wiley
Zachary Wiley - 16 days ago
Get Kaitlyn Dever on the show now!!!
Ghosta_ Roary
Ghosta_ Roary - 17 days ago
Love this man
Froggo - 17 days ago
Why do we like watching famous people suffer? Lol
Floaty Weirdo
Floaty Weirdo - 9 days ago
funny to watch
Blissful one
Blissful one - 13 days ago
Because we’re evil
Just a Random Guy
Just a Random Guy - 17 days ago
Nobody talking about how close we got to having Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the show?
sylverlightz - 17 days ago
“She was feeling under the weather” *7months ago* Covid?
Also an active ulcer eating this shit wtf?
K Dusty
K Dusty - 18 days ago
Bro the most favorite movie I’ll love that about this dude was stepbrothers that was hilarious if you have not seen the movie then you uncultured
Capi - 18 days ago
I love Chad Smiths
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 19 days ago
“Why you so sweaty?”
“I was watching cops”
Mitch - Day ago
Step brothers 🤣
Ballin Connor6
Ballin Connor6 - 6 days ago
Cops doesnt start till 4
Floaty Weirdo
Floaty Weirdo - 9 days ago
this is funny as fuck
Londo Jabacce
Londo Jabacce - 19 days ago
PLEASE do Aubrey Plaza it would be so funny
It's The Steve Show
It's The Steve Show - 19 days ago
7:33 Sauce Sherpa
JLo™ - 20 days ago
get Joe Rogan hahahahah
Brandon McCollum
Brandon McCollum - 20 days ago
It seems like da'bomb is the worst always has the best reactions
cherrysoda97 - 23 days ago
afterrain71 - 24 days ago
KC Michelson
KC Michelson - 24 days ago
Da Bomb scoville seems really low compared to the hottest yet it ruins everyone lol
writerpenn2012 - 24 days ago
This would be a great skit on SNL
B A - 25 days ago
William Dune
William Dune - 26 days ago
Did they just basically say Julia Louis-Dreyfus had corona virus 😦🤒😷
SSJpro - 23 days ago
I don't think so. This was shot and released before the covid outbreak in US. She was most likely just sick with something Else.
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen - 26 days ago
Am I the only one who worries about their next bowel movement? They will be screaming. Or rather, I would be.
Braxton Henning
Braxton Henning - 27 days ago
Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil - 27 days ago
we need Conan O'Brien here.
Kristy McMillan
Kristy McMillan - 27 days ago
Koala Nectar
Koala Nectar - 27 days ago
Woahh, no Shep, that's rat poison!
Chase Sanderson
Chase Sanderson - 27 days ago
Anyone know the acoustic song that starts at 18:37?
Jerrett Bennett
Jerrett Bennett - 28 days ago
I wanna See Tom Delonge
Redamin - 28 days ago
stargazer is my absolute favorite. I hope everyone else gets to enjoy that garlicy zest of hotness. Love your show dude!
But, Let Me Just Say This
We want PewDiePie on hot ones!
Christian - 29 days ago
I thought Hollywood was painful enough. Will is insane. What is he trying to prove?
K. Caroline Jones
K. Caroline Jones - 29 days ago
I love Friends AND Seinfeld! Could watch them both repeatedly!!! They made up MustSeeTV Thursday nights on NBC. COME ON!!!
Nyonyo Reservoir
Nyonyo Reservoir - Month ago
This one I didn't skip a sec.
Go will!
mystic majin
mystic majin - Month ago
is it just me or does he look like jeremy clarkson
mml xxo
mml xxo - Month ago
I’ve been looking for the Paul Rudd Hot Ones episode that they keep referencing, but I cannot find it and it’s driving me crazy!
Is it just me?!
Edit: ppl are saying that it’s on the first we feast website so thank goodness, but still whyyyyyy?!😩
Bring it back to YouTube!
your mom
your mom - Month ago
All the wings needed was some heinz relax
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele - Month ago
Dont drink water. Get some info
Michael Condon
Michael Condon - Month ago
Will Farrell the funniest by far.
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