First to Find the Money Keeps It - Challenge

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Garvin Durai
Garvin Durai - 4 days ago
You cheaters
anja parajuli
anja parajuli - 4 days ago
When Ryan said I don't care about them
I was angry at him👿👿😡😡
hahha hahha
hahha hahha - 4 days ago
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins - 6 days ago
Carter and lizz stove and ryan did not steal
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins - 6 days ago
Stove and Ryan are the power team
Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins - 6 days ago
Oscar its not stealing
super sriyaan super y
super sriyaan super y - 7 days ago
No I think Carter and lizzy
exe boxed you
exe boxed you - 8 days ago
Ja'Qarius Watts
Ja'Qarius Watts - 8 days ago
Stove literally missed the one by the rope
Victoria Sorensen
Victoria Sorensen - 9 days ago
It’s on Phil’s back
ToxicApples Apple
ToxicApples Apple - 13 days ago
I don’t really like how stove and Ryan keep stealing carters and lizzys money
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez - 15 days ago
Ryan and stove chedid
Ashley Thornton
Ashley Thornton - 16 days ago
Cheaters stove and ry DO A RE MACTH
Moriah Adkins
Moriah Adkins - 17 days ago
stove and ryan stole from carter and lizzy
The garden of art
The garden of art - 22 days ago
Stove en Ryan play not fera
k m
k m - 23 days ago
I don’t share card
Rzinh Pham
Rzinh Pham - 23 days ago
i don't like team meh
vihaan mehta
vihaan mehta - 24 days ago
# team meh
Maroon Raccoon
Maroon Raccoon - 25 days ago
Carter and Lizzie should have won because team meh cheated
Konstantinos Baxevanos
Konstantinos Baxevanos - 25 days ago
Konstantinos Baxevanos
Konstantinos Baxevanos - 25 days ago
Stove and Ryan you are such chearers
Raisha Rai
Raisha Rai - 25 days ago
Ryan and Stove are cheaters
Nighat Yousaf
Nighat Yousaf - 26 days ago
Ryan. Prunty is the worst
Craig Hobson
Craig Hobson - 26 days ago
ryan and stove were mean in that video.
Meaghan Myrick
Meaghan Myrick - 26 days ago
I love your vids so much
Mini Shaiju
Mini Shaiju - 28 days ago
Carter should have got it
Mini Shaiju
Mini Shaiju - 28 days ago
Exploded Lion
Exploded Lion - 29 days ago
Man stove and Ryan had to steal to win wow
Abigail Barr
Abigail Barr - Month ago
Stove and Ryan are so mean this video
Dan Dinsmore
Dan Dinsmore - Month ago
go Lizzy I think you will get the money
TermedPolecat40 Yt
TermedPolecat40 Yt - Month ago
17:07 Who else realized bold and brash in the background
mhayverick Q34
mhayverick Q34 - Month ago
Carter and Liz are the winning team and Ryan and stove are the stealing team oh yaa
Jennifer Broadhead
Jennifer Broadhead - Month ago
Cristina Gali Agbayani
Rayan and Stove are lier
Zoe Lambert
Zoe Lambert - Month ago
They were sooooo mean
Tan Joeann
Tan Joeann - Month ago
ryan and stove is chearter
little Matthew
little Matthew - Month ago
By 15$ they lost that is so sad
James Noriega
James Noriega - Month ago
they are mean
Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly - Month ago
Mihir Dave
Mihir Dave - Month ago
3XPLODED - Month ago
Oabzan Drums
Oabzan Drums - Month ago
I think Lizzy and Carter should win because stove and Ryan stole their money
Mikey Rumson
Mikey Rumson - Month ago
Stove and Ryan are cheaters
Aliah Reflex
Aliah Reflex - Month ago
I wish liz in Carter one
Kristi Owens
Kristi Owens - Month ago
Hi Elle
My Life Style
My Life Style - Month ago
Carter was about to hug lizzy and then he realized it was to close
That was funny at
1:47 haha 😂
Like if u agree
Natalie Connally
Natalie Connally - Month ago
I feel like stove and Ryan cheated a little bit but I do about it now I’m mad at storage right because they cheated right to say one feel like that because I do
Abdullah khan
Abdullah khan - Month ago
Yeah Ryan won
Abdullah khan
Abdullah khan - Month ago
OK fine you got 2000 💵 in the start Liz and carter
Abdullah khan
Abdullah khan - Month ago
Your going to lose because Liz girls are week
Taiden Hanson
Taiden Hanson - Month ago
You be a loser
urjun khadka
urjun khadka - Month ago
Abdullah khan
Abdullah khan - Month ago
Dalila Burgos
Dalila Burgos - Month ago
Ryan is so annoying
Angel Sifuentes
Angel Sifuentes - Month ago
I think Ryan and Stove cheated bc Liz and Carter found most of that money but Stove and Ryan took it I think Carter and Liz should’ve won
Kevin Cruz
Kevin Cruz - Month ago
Angel Sifuentes i don’t think so
Bula Dey
Bula Dey - Month ago
who sow the money biehind pell at 13.20 pouse and see
Chuqi and Karson
Chuqi and Karson - Month ago
Stove and Ryan chested this challenge
Reid Knoll
Reid Knoll - Month ago
Ok let's be real here . Stove opened the door. On the roof when you couldn't I pen vlo see ed doors
800k subscribe without No video
There is money on Phil back
Yuming Chen
Yuming Chen - Month ago
I feel bad for carter and Liszt become stove and Ryan keep on stealing Lizzie and carter money
JOEL VLOG - Month ago
Sorry Carter because I thumbs down
Jodie Halfpenny
Jodie Halfpenny - Month ago
Deifilia Espinosa
Deifilia Espinosa - Month ago
i don't like stove and rayn
Talia Kaye
Talia Kaye - Month ago
Stove and Ryan won
Manuela Manfredonia
Manuela Manfredonia - Month ago
Natalie McQueen
Natalie McQueen - Month ago
Craft slime and More
Craft slime and More - Month ago
there was money on Phil’s back
lee myring
lee myring - 10 days ago
You're right there was money
vihaan mehta
vihaan mehta - 24 days ago
Amieke Vos
Amieke Vos - Month ago
Unfair unsubscribe to stove and rayn
Baseball4life Norwood
Baseball4life Norwood - Month ago
Liz is mean
cameron brits
cameron brits - Month ago
Dayanara Castellano
Dayanara Castellano - 2 months ago
How why did you split up at the share Pham house you didn’t have to be in team roar you’re supposed you’re the sheriff Pham
Will M 15
Will M 15 - 2 months ago
Ryan and stove are big cheaters
Rylan Rivero
Rylan Rivero - 2 months ago
Stove and Ryan cheated on the roof carter said no opening closed doors
fateen eriena
fateen eriena - 2 months ago
Ryan and stove 👎👎👎👎👎loses 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
Tamra Springer
Tamra Springer - 2 months ago
Ashley Allison
Ashley Allison - 2 months ago
ryan and stove cheated
trixx101 hi
trixx101 hi - 2 months ago
they cheters
Amanda Wantke
Amanda Wantke - 2 months ago
Kayla Searancke
Kayla Searancke - 2 months ago
Who is watching this when Ryan and Stove are not on team rar
Stephen Gross
Stephen Gross - 2 months ago
I love your hair cut so much better than the hair and y’all are the only person in my life
Frederick Price
Frederick Price - 2 months ago
Stop taking people money stove and Ryan
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo - 2 months ago
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo - 2 months ago
Adiadias For life55
Adiadias For life55 - 2 months ago
Ryan cheated
Sphephelo MK
Sphephelo MK - 2 months ago
R and stove chit
destiny lewis
destiny lewis - 2 months ago
i want money
Keygan Pfeifer
Keygan Pfeifer - 2 months ago
I am putting a thumbs down because Ryan and stove are mean
Kamiyah - 2 months ago
Tracy Edwards
Tracy Edwards - 2 months ago
Phoenix Ellis
Phoenix Ellis - 2 months ago
stove and ryan have cheated through the whole video so technically liz and carter win the game
Sarah Gacha meh
Sarah Gacha meh - 2 months ago
They cheated that's not aloud
Zionmm Maxima
Zionmm Maxima - 2 months ago
I. Want. Arc. Car
Joshua Sing
Joshua Sing - 2 months ago
Santino Villajuan
Santino Villajuan - 2 months ago
Rian and Stove is just steeling everthing
CJ’S 180 WORLD - 2 months ago
I didn't look at it close enough but I thought it sead Monkey instead of money
Renaye Tannous
Renaye Tannous - 2 months ago
There’s one behind the a guy
Saul Soto
Saul Soto - 2 months ago
#team meh
Games Games
Games Games - 2 months ago
at 13:30
i was like wow u are lucky its on that floor
prees this if u saw

Taylor Heckner
Taylor Heckner - 2 months ago
I cannot watch anymore do you need to give it back
Taylor Heckner
Taylor Heckner - 2 months ago
Give the money back
Art Ramadani
Art Ramadani - 2 months ago
Campbell Mcgown
Campbell Mcgown - 2 months ago
Team green cheated because they were seperate at about 9:50
Ayla Alhasan
Ayla Alhasan - 2 months ago
Expensive house
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