Keith Eats $1200 Of Steak | Eat The Menu

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I’m not good, just good at it
For $1200 of steak, I will have a penis sewn onto me to become a Try Guy....
Natalie Akins
Natalie Akins - 2 days ago
As someone who's had to become vegetarian and dairy-free for health reasons, watching Keith eat these menus is me living vicariously
Riley Kouf
Riley Kouf - 2 days ago
NEW TITLE: 22 minutes of keith seductively eating expensive meats
Crafty Lad
Crafty Lad - 3 days ago
When your a vegetarian and this still makes you hungry
Spinge Bill
Spinge Bill - 4 days ago
*Me watching people eat gourmet steaks while eating chips and salsa*
Truth BeTold
Truth BeTold - 5 days ago
You are very polite to not say owwww! 🤣🤣🤣
Clay Chapin
Clay Chapin - 5 days ago
I'm sorry I don't care how good it is $200 for just that little amount is ridiculous sorry not sorry
kim jin
kim jin - 6 days ago
Keith should have said that is raisin the steaks lmao
DJkittykatt 543
DJkittykatt 543 - 7 days ago
8:01 I thought you didn’t get meat from baby cows Minecraft taught me wrong.
Caitlynne Haworth
Caitlynne Haworth - 7 days ago
Hughie's goddaughters are so beautiful like ughhh. They're incredible. And the youngest? Absolutely adorable.
Charlie Duke
Charlie Duke - 7 days ago
Did anyone catch his pun “the steaks”
Samantha Elliot
Samantha Elliot - 8 days ago
very peculiar how keith associates flavours of red meats with strong masculine role models?
poppy pop pop
poppy pop pop - 10 days ago
well, sign me up
WakenField - 10 days ago
I have just posted Danielle Cohn nudes on my channel
Macy Skaggs
Macy Skaggs - 12 days ago
Watching this video then getting McDonald’s is so disappointing
Okitsdestyne - 12 days ago
does anyone else think all of it was under cooked or just me?
Moe Green
Moe Green - 13 days ago
Look at his eyes.. you're meat drunk.. go home. Lmao..
Devs Devor
Devs Devor - 15 days ago
I'm always so damn hungry after watching these
Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz - 16 days ago
Lmao when he changes shirts he looked like my kitchen table
Csde K
Csde K - 16 days ago
11:59 on is Keith high
Csde K
Csde K - 16 days ago
Keith was definitely high for this video
MsKiwi0507 - 17 days ago
Ive never craved beef..until i watched this video smh lol
Ericka Hill
Ericka Hill - 17 days ago
None of this is cooked enough for me, but at least he enjoyed it
Adriana Carreno
Adriana Carreno - 18 days ago
Ned: It reminds me of my Italian grandmother
Keith: AnnD How iS SHee DoIng?
Ned: well uh she’s deaddd
Jonathan Ming
Jonathan Ming - 25 days ago
Stop speaking with your mouth full. Donald habersberger would not approve. Think about that, yeah, think about that
10,000 subs with trash videos challenge
Keith HasMoreBurgers is his new name
Bags of YEET!
Bags of YEET! - 25 days ago
I think Keith said I’m building a dick in a tank top in front of some kids
Jacob Gonzales
Jacob Gonzales - 25 days ago
$200 for a few pieces of amazing beef vs my moms steak that she “threw together out of stuff from the pantry, it’s nothing special”

I wonder...
Steven Friedman
Steven Friedman - 25 days ago
what’s the difference lol
Stef S
Stef S - 26 days ago
How do I get a job like Keith to try foods all the time? lol
Kraft the Bat
Kraft the Bat - 27 days ago
I always wonder if they pay for these
Matthew Alsonsudardjo
Matthew Alsonsudardjo - 27 days ago
To be honest this steak looks so raw
K. K
K. K - 27 days ago
The water look so tasty
James Peers
James Peers - 28 days ago
This video made me wet
Will Spargo
Will Spargo - 29 days ago
this is where keith got his chicken sauce idea from
Zeeb Beeb
Zeeb Beeb - 29 days ago
Why do black chicks have that nasty hair always
IDoMusic ?
IDoMusic ? - 12 days ago
But to answer your question it’s a cultural thing
IDoMusic ?
IDoMusic ? - 12 days ago
Zeeb Beeb wdym braids are amazing
Rebecca Loder
Rebecca Loder - 29 days ago
"It's like the cows last bite back"
Musa Bhatti
Musa Bhatti - Month ago
I feel sorry for all the vegans that were triggered by this video and are now bitching about it like sissies 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maciej Chmielewski
Maciej Chmielewski - Month ago
theres no way he has balls
Gus Johnnson
Gus Johnnson - Month ago
Why is the Eat The Menu playlist dead?
Crystal - Month ago
This is torture watching this in bed with a bowl of ramen as a broke uni student.
Abby Elmer
Abby Elmer - Month ago
Did Eugene lend you that jacket?
Anna Grace Chaney
Anna Grace Chaney - Month ago
Keith will never not talk about his dad
Baby Cow 😂😂😂 They ate fetus like Chinese do 🤣🤣🤣 hahaha
tj - Month ago
vocal fry irritating.
Wieke De Jong
Wieke De Jong - Month ago
9:22 i could not stop laughing!
Wieke De Jong
Wieke De Jong - Month ago
the vegetariens :/ (not me tho :D)
Miyuki Jades
Miyuki Jades - Month ago
When he said baby cow I died inside.
Peg May
Peg May - Month ago
I don’t eat steak. And I’M SUPER JELLY.
Owen Lloyd
Owen Lloyd - Month ago
Loved that intro
YeetusMcBacon - Month ago
that poor 8 year old omg
Kemarie Bug
Kemarie Bug - Month ago
My favorite is the girl gnawing down on the tomahawk bone. I was like yep that's the first thing I'd do.
ArshTheMarsh - Month ago
Vegans have left the chat
YeetusMcBacon - Month ago
That steak was DaDdY's FaVoRiTe
YeetusMcBacon - Month ago
Hughie is my kinda man. Builds decks, loves a great steak and has a lot of hair
Moxvist - Month ago
K: "How she's doing?"
N: "Ssshhh shhh sh'es dead /laughs"
K: "/Nods"
shai.loves.tacos - Month ago
why is no one talking about 11:34 where Zach smiles while he gives baby girl a fork full of steak ? it’s so adorable !!
LillianaDodson - Month ago
Keith got very drunk towards the end lmao, drunk off the wine or off the meat lol
harrisnutter - Month ago
Of course zach burns himself 😅
Lick Me
Lick Me - Month ago
Ned: “This reminds me of my Italian grandma.”
Keith: “How is she?”
Ned: “She’s dead.”
Keith: “How *WAS* she?”
lochlan howard
lochlan howard - Month ago
This is the opposite of vegan
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