Keith Eats $1200 Of Steak | Eat The Menu

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I’m Anya
I’m Anya - 10 hours ago
16:24 is Loki
Violet Huang
Violet Huang - 12 hours ago
Lucy Bliss
Lucy Bliss - 13 hours ago
11:21 That's my mom's birthday!
Alayna Mcguire
Alayna Mcguire - 13 hours ago
Who’s still waiting for Popeyes?
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson - 13 hours ago
Does Keith smoke weed?
AnAsianGeek FX
AnAsianGeek FX - 14 hours ago
Can somebody explain to me what's the difference between T-Bone and Porterhouse steak? Whenever I see American people eat Porterhouse I see it with the bone which looks like a "T", which would be in the "T-Bone" steak. Plus in Australia the Porterhouse steaks we get don't have a bone in it, at least not to my knowledge.
Rudy Gold
Rudy Gold - 16 hours ago
What’s Brentwood, Los Angeles?
miya - 17 hours ago
keith eats everything at subway pls :))!!
Ellen Jones
Ellen Jones - Day ago
worth it boys are q u i v e r i n g
Dc King
Dc King - 2 days ago
Eat everything at jack in the box or wendys
Mista Love
Mista Love - 2 days ago
Keith’s looking sharp
Just Looking
Just Looking - 2 days ago
this is the defiantly the creepiest thing i have ever seen.
Cc Nicholson
Cc Nicholson - 2 days ago
RiptideV10 - 2 days ago
What do you see?
This comment over and over again
ningombam tonika
ningombam tonika - 2 days ago
keith would be an awsm voice artist
DEATH SCREAM - 2 days ago
Is he gay or he's acting like one
McButt - 3 days ago
more videos like this pls. it's like food network but better
RiptideV10 - 2 days ago
Each video shortens his lifespan by a month
Aaron House
Aaron House - 3 days ago
Keith * close your eyes, what do you see?*
Jordan * darkness*
Keith *same*
Honey Baker
Honey Baker - 3 days ago
I'm Kansas city soooo

_thats all_ lol
Gina DiPiazza
Gina DiPiazza - 3 days ago
𝘿𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 𝙉𝙚𝙙
pc baklengs
pc baklengs - 3 days ago
Mrbeast: am i a joke to you
RiptideV10 - 2 days ago
Yes. All flair, no substance. (the golden tomahawk)
DAVID ANDERSON - 3 days ago
Imagine being those kids and be like "Yeah I was on Try Guys eating epensive steaks"
Brittney Athey
Brittney Athey - 4 days ago
Keith smoked too much lol
Erin McNamara
Erin McNamara - 4 days ago
Its like December 27th... So my due date?
strikingVapor - 4 days ago
everyone having that religious experience with the wagyu beef is such a mood. wagyu is so fucking good
Marsha the Marshan
Marsha the Marshan - 4 days ago
You should do this with- DQ, white castle, Jimmy Johns, chick-fil-a, chipotle, and chillies
Liberty Bonin
Liberty Bonin - 5 days ago
Wheres McDonalds?😂
Abbie Haker
Abbie Haker - 5 days ago
Keith should try everything at chilli’s
NoGod_Haha666 Demon
NoGod_Haha666 Demon - 5 days ago
Females better be paid for it
Ryname Otaku Gaming
Ryname Otaku Gaming - 7 days ago
I felt like I've been hugged, inside of my mouth?
I'm dead😂😂😂
dimi terzov
dimi terzov - 7 days ago
fucking season 2 now please
John Choi
John Choi - 7 days ago
Ink!sans ,
Ink!sans , - 8 days ago
Next Keith eats the fucking store
Keith: Mm drywall is supriseing wet
Davina Artega
Davina Artega - 8 days ago
16:22 -16:35 I laughed so hard 😂😂
Ashley Raymer
Ashley Raymer - 9 days ago
I'm going to go eat a slice of bread and pretend it's meat now.
Lexington Randall
Lexington Randall - 9 days ago
Give the extra food to the homeless!!!!
EGP - 9 days ago
He should eat at Pizza Hut next
timidlittlescrewup - 9 days ago
this dude acting like a straight psycho. i dont think he was always like this. Its a mixture of flamboyant Disney villain + Lele Pons + the Joker . Can we fucking chill for a second!
David - 9 days ago
What do you mean season final?
MeOw Myth
MeOw Myth - 10 days ago
me: 1am my mouth watering im biting my arm starving
Evelyn Xie
Evelyn Xie - 10 days ago
August Wilder
August Wilder - 10 days ago
I relate strongly to the part when he steals ned's wine... LOL
Brooks2beautyxo XoXo
Brooks2beautyxo XoXo - 10 days ago
Keith gets drunk off eating too much 😭😂
Destini - 10 days ago
i appreciate keith eating these steaks “for the ladies” on national woman’s day 🤝🖤 an ally
Charles James
Charles James - 10 days ago
Why does Keith seem drunk?
Charles James
Charles James - 10 days ago
I mean...

Aaaaaaargh I can’t stop thinking that they r eating with their mouths open
TheLifeofJevins - 10 days ago
18:29 Ohhhhhh fucccckkk
Lee Everett
Lee Everett - 11 days ago
Koos Koos??? Its cous cous lmao
jenna sanchez
jenna sanchez - 11 days ago
Also hi let’s talk about how stunning all of those young women were? Genuinely so stunning I can’t.
jenna sanchez
jenna sanchez - 11 days ago
Fuck it I’m not a vegetarian anymore.
Yeet with Jeets
Yeet with Jeets - 11 days ago
Do BWW next on eat the menu
Shannon Nickels
Shannon Nickels - 11 days ago
OMG!!! Those steaks look soooooo good
King Of The Rascals
King Of The Rascals - 11 days ago
If you make it right the bone-in ribeye is one of the best cuts ( for me personaly )
Orange diarrhea
Orange diarrhea - 11 days ago
“How are you enjoying the day”
That weird Girl
That weird Girl - 12 days ago
Baby cow?!?? Forget the turtles save the cows?!?!!?!!?!!?!!!?? 🐄
Rainier Acojido
Rainier Acojido - 12 days ago
eat everything at in n out
Kelly T
Kelly T - 12 days ago
My pregnant self can't handle this. The craving is so real now.
JAY DESIGNS - 12 days ago
did you just eat raw meat
Hanne Kirkebø
Hanne Kirkebø - 13 days ago
Keith drinks every flavor of Starbucks
Keith eats everything at Wendys
Keith eats everything at Subway
Ben Rodrequez
Ben Rodrequez - 13 days ago
Eat everything at whataburger
bip bop
bip bop - 13 days ago
Jaclyn and Jada look like the twins from trolls😂
Daniel Henninger
Daniel Henninger - 13 days ago
How did it go from illegally loitering in the parking lot of Olive Garden to special guest in a fancy steakhouse in one episode?
Huzaifah Din
Huzaifah Din - 13 days ago
this guy is fkin weird. worth it is so much better
thiccdoggos - 13 days ago
the vegans are crying
Ziggurat Tempest
Ziggurat Tempest - 13 days ago
Do Keith eats everything at Salt Bae’s restaurant
A Hubscher
A Hubscher - 14 days ago
I need a season 2 🤣
Jordan the Shitlord
Jordan the Shitlord - 14 days ago
can we talk about how beautiful the color is in all the girls' hair !!!!!!!! especially against their skin and in those braids !!!!!!!!!!!!
fizz bitch
fizz bitch - 14 days ago
Those women are gorgeous
Trickyy - 14 days ago
I feel like he’s baked af when doing these
Starbie Sensei
Starbie Sensei - 15 days ago
Why do I torture myself by watching these videos when I cannot eat bruh moment
O comentador
O comentador - 18 days ago
This episode should be called "eat the meat"
Zavier Samaniego
Zavier Samaniego - 19 days ago
Imagine Eugene there and the wine bar will be gone
Mister Random
Mister Random - 19 days ago
“A proud erection in the middle of the plate”
That’s what I call...

A gastronomic erection
Grace Franklin
Grace Franklin - 19 days ago
The temperature that they eat their steak at gives me anxiety
fay xoxo
fay xoxo - 19 days ago
Keith stop talking with food in your mouth the sound made bite my cheek
fay xoxo
fay xoxo - 19 days ago
Vegans are quacking 😂😂😂😂😂😂
dexter redd
dexter redd - 20 days ago
Dark potatoes: 15:00
sadie miller
sadie miller - 20 days ago
he looks soooooo high during the last stake😂I was laughing so hard! Also, my fav episode!!!!!
Alex - 20 days ago
that was beautiful (crying emoji) don’t judge me I’m using a laptop
Kayla Rotondi
Kayla Rotondi - 20 days ago
daddy ned😂
Jdj alex
Jdj alex - 21 day ago
Calvin Vu
Calvin Vu - 22 days ago
Eat all of Applebee’s menu
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez - 23 days ago
It's better the food of my own home
Awesomecraft 360
Awesomecraft 360 - 23 days ago
Keith just had several organisation at once
ArtsyOtaku23 - 23 days ago
now I wan't to go to this resturaunt to propose to my significant other
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess - 24 days ago
I love this guy
Nihaal Sandim
Nihaal Sandim - 24 days ago
I want ramsay to taste this
Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller - 25 days ago
i can’t watch this it makes me too hungry
Jess Newman
Jess Newman - 25 days ago
Mia Moreno
Mia Moreno - 26 days ago
Keith should do red lobster
DyzMonstar - 26 days ago
I literally drooled watching this video. And now I want steak. Rare bloody steak.
honey bear
honey bear - 26 days ago
i have seen a lot of disturbing stuff in my day, but this, this is beyond what ive seen.
Crystal Boyle
Crystal Boyle - 26 days ago
when the camera panned to ned, i was like “why does he look like ted bundy?”
Brian Hom
Brian Hom - 27 days ago
now do cheesecake factory and never have a solid poop again
Richard Elizabeth III
Richard Elizabeth III - 27 days ago
The Middle School Llama
The Middle School Llama - 27 days ago
I’m ready for a “Keith eats everything from Dairy Queen’s Food Menu" (no ice cream just the actual food)
Jiminsjamminjams Aj
Jiminsjamminjams Aj - 27 days ago
That little girl is eating more expensive food than I am and I’m like twice her age 😂😂
bhavya garg
bhavya garg - 27 days ago
Season 2 plz
Shiro Adi
Shiro Adi - 27 days ago
That ASMR......🤤🤤🤤
That One Shipper
That One Shipper - 27 days ago
Eat everything at Rita’s
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