Taylor Swift - Lover's Lounge (Live)

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i Jimmu
i Jimmu - Day ago
i Jimmu
i Jimmu - Day ago
la diseñadora hablaba mucho jJAJAJAJAJA
Milmil Dee
Milmil Dee - Day ago
Nakakainggit 😭😭😭😭😭
Aditya Girish
Aditya Girish - 2 days ago
She is sooooo genuine ❤️
Hey wait a sec, 6:59 did she give us a clue about a folklore track🧐
matt frazer
matt frazer - 4 days ago
Have A nice week
睿Jerry - 5 days ago
Colin Loves Roblox
Colin Loves Roblox - 8 days ago
Wait so the music is your video ‘ME!’ ?
Aisha Merchant
Aisha Merchant - 9 days ago
Thank you Joe for giving us this!!!!
Aisha Merchant
Aisha Merchant - 9 days ago
Damn, how con someone be this perfect!!! SHE IS SUCH A QUEEN!
Kenneth Ignacio
Kenneth Ignacio - 10 days ago
The two songs said to be dropped from the album still makes me curious. I hope she releases the box of unreleased songs someday.
jesse mayer
jesse mayer - 11 days ago
i am your bigist fan
hamda almheiri
hamda almheiri - 12 days ago
I dont why people are hating on this amazing stunning album like every album is amazing and unique
a person
a person - 14 days ago
*And she (Meridith) love humans*
well that didn't age well
Lester James Gunderson-Kryger
-or+ICAN=π2make it work
Lester James Gunderson-Kryger
Tayluv lounge
Lester James Gunderson-Kryger
Lester lounge and lover lounge
Akshadha Amirishetty
Akshadha Amirishetty - 16 days ago
Best singer,artist, pianist, guitar player in the whole world, I listen to your songs daily
Priya Ramesh
Priya Ramesh - 18 days ago
Why are the likes dislikes removed
Darien Solis
Darien Solis - 22 days ago
6:59 shes said "The 1" and then she saif once you love me (1 girl) you go to the other and relize shes the 1 (2 girl)
Kumkum Mehra
Kumkum Mehra - 25 days ago
*YOU GUYS!*~ Taylor Swift
Caelynn-Rayne Taylor
Caelynn-Rayne Taylor - 27 days ago
2:13 🤣🤣🤣
Kaden Kang
Kaden Kang - 28 days ago
Who else is here 1 year later
Kishori Patra
Kishori Patra - Month ago
For TVS, watch it from 15:40 to 25:12
Matthew Jay Castillo
Matthew Jay Castillo - Month ago
Hi Taylor.
MehBuggiesGurl - Month ago
corona be stoppin us from doin this
Cody McLendon
Cody McLendon - Month ago
don’t get me wrong. i’m a swiftie. i love taylor as an artist and she’s a wonderful person but there’s something to be said about everything she does or says being an event. calm down ppl please. she’s human just like the rest of us. she’s not perfect. please stop acting like she is. you don’t have to scream and cheer for example, because she got a kitten. that’s just it she got a kitten. have some class. 😊
zoltan csulak
zoltan csulak - Month ago
y lov you byb you beautefol grl y lov you
Irene Crocetti
Irene Crocetti - Month ago
ok am I the only one who tought that the third question was asked from Kurt Hummel
Somya Gauri
Somya Gauri - Month ago
She said 'the 1', 5 times while reading her journal (6:59)
Then gives us the best album of our lives - FOLKLORE, with a song titled 'the 1'
Her mind, perfect!!!!!!!
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel - Month ago
Is Stella McCartney related to Sir Paul McCartney?
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel - 7 days ago
@Amy Stout Thank you.
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel - 7 days ago
@Amy Stout Thank you.
Amy Stout
Amy Stout - 7 days ago
Stella is his daughter!!!
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel - Month ago
I have all of beloved Taylors albums. Thank you so very much for sharing.
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
taylorswift would
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
super bowl
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
opry opry
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
county music festival
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
new Jersey taylorswift would
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
new Jersey giants stadium
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
miley cyrus nashville tennessee
Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey - Month ago
Philadelphia eagles stadium
Floyd Schwab
Floyd Schwab - Month ago
Raven Mangilaya
Raven Mangilaya - Month ago
Sana all haha
Егор Шамли
Егор Шамли - Month ago
I adore you
Share Ko Lang
Share Ko Lang - Month ago
Yeah. Same her. Since I started loving her music, been a Swifties and will always be a Swifties.
Just realized, not all in PH sings TS songs. 😅
Love you Taylor! 😘😍
Anthony Mayo
Anthony Mayo - Month ago
Hey Taylor swift ever seen Hannibal or silence of the lambs
Danilo Casagrande
Danilo Casagrande - Month ago
Tiger Wood
Tiger Wood - Month ago
How did I just find this now?
Come YouTube
Zakaria Tetbirt
Zakaria Tetbirt - Month ago
The most amazing and kind of weird and special for me that is when she talks about her self I feel that she is who wrote her songs like she putting pieces of her life into vocals and I find that very generous and hard so thanks for all the work in time were everyone is hidden and faking it 🥺😭 just thank you 🙏 🌺🌸🌼🌼🌸🌺
I don’t know 🤔 if all that have meaning !
Maylee Pigman
Maylee Pigman - Month ago
I'm totally not crying because I didn't get invited :(
Alok Ranjan
Alok Ranjan - Month ago
I listen many of your songs on any circumstances your grace song never be get dirt because it is my favourite song.exellent songs.
Olowo Jeremiah
Olowo Jeremiah - Month ago
#ArtisteandFanbaseinpinkundertheshadesofitwiththeSwiftswon: thank You
Stop the Delux edition; fuity edition is better: it relates with thrill and feel, , trust her; she is under my care, remember the Diva, I'll watch- thank You
#DoyouwantapieceforyourFans truly guided they have been for you: thank You, Love
Yinessca Aponte
Yinessca Aponte - Month ago
Did taylor drop an easter egg for the 1 here???
full movie HD
full movie HD - Month ago

I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirlir
Holly robinson
Holly robinson - Month ago
love my friend so much and shes loves me
zoltan csulak
zoltan csulak - Month ago
y lov you byb my princes very mach
Robert Rapley
Robert Rapley - Month ago
Hi Taylor Swift I am a big fan
Erwin Lbj
Erwin Lbj - Month ago
Box Mix kids
Box Mix kids - Month ago
elody sioco
elody sioco - 2 months ago
I remember that I woke up early just for this💗
Holy Moly Ravioli
Holy Moly Ravioli - 2 months ago
9:56 ok thats some MAJOR foreshadowing
Harshita Bharadwaj
Harshita Bharadwaj - 2 months ago
Yt had to wait for a pandamic to recommend me this -_-
Happy Naldoza
Happy Naldoza - 2 months ago
A big SANA ALL 😢 ❤️
T S - 2 months ago
T S - 2 months ago
Нуркен Раимбердиев
🍓🍓🍓Taylor Swift🇺🇸🍓🍓😔😔😔🇰🇿
Carmel_Bear - 2 months ago
Taylor I think folklore has the best cover now
The Ballet -lover
The Ballet -lover - 2 months ago
Fascinating that she did a song called "The One" by now and also used the line "drew stars around my scars" as a line in "Cardigan" because she likes drawing hearts (Lover) and stars (Folklore).
Ngwe Hnin Yati
Ngwe Hnin Yati - 2 months ago
i love it when she smile
CLAUDIA CATIVA - 2 months ago
Que le digan a Disney que se les escapo una princesa 😻😻💫💕💖👑👸
Grace_RandomGirl 123
Grace_RandomGirl 123 - 2 months ago
The amount of times I’ve watch this is unhealthy
Rowell Andrei
Rowell Andrei - 2 months ago
just rewatching this because i miss taylor so much. still waiting for her to surprise us with some live performance or interview for folklore.
Nathaniel Melott
Nathaniel Melott - 2 months ago
What cat would folklore be?
Zainab Mahfooz
Zainab Mahfooz - 2 months ago
I'm a low-key swiftie and wants to post so much and so many things about her but every time i stop thinking, it would never reach her, i won't be able to tell her ever that her songs mean so much to me, more like a therapy
Yeasin Mahi
Yeasin Mahi - 2 months ago
Yeasin Mahi
Yeasin Mahi - 2 months ago
I love you Taylor swifts
PRABIR PAL - 2 months ago
A probable setlist for her tour 2021😅
Cruel Summer
Cornelia Street
Blank Space
Miss Americana
Shake it off
My tears ricochet
Mr. A
Mr. A - 2 months ago
6:41 will give you a lot of insight about The1
Jitendra chauhan
Jitendra chauhan - 2 months ago
I am the big big big big biggest fan of Taylor Swift. She is awesome
Kygo シ
Kygo シ - 2 months ago
Org Indo Mana
Spider skpe
Spider skpe - 2 months ago
JINJER Fridays!
Berkeley Gal
Berkeley Gal - 2 months ago
Love Stella McCartneys line for Taylor.
Internet Sensation
Internet Sensation - 2 months ago
Taylor S
Taylor Sw
Taylor Swi
Taylor Swif
Taylor Swift
We L
We Lo
We Lov
We Love
We love y
We Love yo
We Love you
*read my name*
it took some time to make this
Internet Sensation
Internet Sensation - 2 months ago
Taylor S
Taylor Sw
Taylor Swi
Taylor Swif
Taylor Swift
We L
We Lo
We Lov
We Love
We love y
We Love yo
We Love you
*read my name*
it took some time to make this
Grace Keehn
Grace Keehn - 2 months ago
ou812593 - 3 months ago
break up with him
Hey kids spelling is fun !!
What why she happy with him!! He probably the one
Tracie Trosclair
Tracie Trosclair - 3 months ago
Samaa N
Samaa N - 3 months ago
The besttt❤️❤️
C Novika Maharani
C Novika Maharani - 3 months ago
Crying from Indonesia, wishing to see you live one day! ❤
Kevin - 3 months ago
The day before yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Lover Album .. whice are your top 3 from the album. Mine are
Cruel summer
London boy
Catherine Larouche
Catherine Larouche - 3 months ago
Tbh it changed almost everytime I listen to it. That was a GREAT album. To me, RED, Lover and Folklore are the best ones.
ً wizxteria
ً wizxteria - 3 months ago
Together One
Together One - 3 months ago
It's a public announcement 013 There's an alert all radio communication devices with the numbers 13
Together One
Together One - 3 months ago
I will never give up on a possibility of Love and becoming whole. Please (PAGE) #️⃣0️⃣1️⃣3️⃣📟
Madelyn Perdue
Madelyn Perdue - 3 months ago
we stan a humble genius
John Tripler
John Tripler - 3 months ago
Taylor swift loving your show you are absolutely amazing and fantastic always truly enjoy love ya always Taylor swift
Sarah - 3 months ago
https://youtu.be/JH-3g7Umy94 😍👍👍
이충권 - 3 months ago
Sunny Swift
Sunny Swift - 3 months ago
Happy 1 Year of Lover everyone! 💕💕🧚🏼‍♀️✨🧸🎀
jbaptiste 10ots
jbaptiste 10ots - 3 months ago
Happy Birthday Lover !
Rick •_
Rick •_ - 3 months ago
Exactly one year ago I was so excited for the release of this beautiful album. ✨♥️✨
Amy Stout
Amy Stout - 3 months ago
Taylor you probably won’t see this but:
What Cats character is Folklore?
Jaison Jeyaventhan
Jaison Jeyaventhan - 3 months ago
Who's watching this ONE YEAR later? #oneyearoflover 💗
Eunice Olaivar
Eunice Olaivar - Month ago
ME! I'm too late 🥺
Amy Stout
Amy Stout - 3 months ago
ShaiShanong Tv
ShaiShanong Tv - 3 months ago
Oh taylor love it we love you. So prettyyy
Samaya kumar
Samaya kumar - 3 months ago
if i was there, i wud be crying my eyes out....imagine being a couple of inches away from THE taylor swift....like i wud be straight up having a mini mental meltdown
Aashika ARTHULAX Rai
Aashika ARTHULAX Rai - 3 months ago
I'm so surprise because I post one picture of Taylor by editing on Facebook before this album release which is more similar to this album post .
Selio Lopes
Selio Lopes - 3 months ago
Deus meu Senhor meu Jesus Cristo sua majestade têm grandeza para nos amém linda Taylor Swift I Love you baby.
Thành Việt Bùi
Thành Việt Bùi - 3 months ago
The one
Bliss Bits
Bliss Bits - 3 months ago
What specific?
I don’t get it
Next videos