Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!

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WHYNOTONY - 4 hours ago
11:25 No bcz minecraft day is 10 min sooooo the speed of steve can be really slow but thé game plays in Timelapse
Coolboi McGee
Coolboi McGee - 4 hours ago
Ruining your childhood since 2011,nice
casey keller
casey keller - 5 hours ago
mincraft steve can hold the condensed weight of multiple entire universes in the palm of his hand... or rather the crevices of his inventory. i mean come on someone figure out where he puts it all.. THERES NO BACKPACK OR POCKETS ANYTHING
The Animation- -Bros
The Animation- -Bros - 13 hours ago
If You Can’t Punch A Tree In Minecraft You Can’t Do The 2nd Thing You Can Do In Minecraft Crafting Wooden Planks
Christopher Dibbs
Christopher Dibbs - Day ago
Okay, but he also cuts an entire log into planks... in his pockets?
Rose - Day ago
Was that a jojo reference
EXILE deathstroke
EXILE deathstroke - Day ago
Nah the wii sports boxer could do it in one punch
Bram Geusebroek
Bram Geusebroek - Day ago
Kyle Quain23
Kyle Quain23 - Day ago
I am from and Live in Australia
Overlord81 - Day ago
0:21 The part "I" was looking for!
epic sword mewz
epic sword mewz - Day ago
Meanwhile, me, an intellectual: * kick*
uncommonbeet 672
uncommonbeet 672 - Day ago
you have created a new definition of big brain
Noops Krof
Noops Krof - 2 days ago
Russian Girl: *punches tree*
MrBeast: try this trees.
Russian Girl: i no speak english.
shawnimates something
shawnimates something - 2 days ago
Steve in survival i am strongest of all fictional characters
Steve in creative i demolished planets and universes with one punch
Steve in adventure i am regular human
Steve in spectator i am ghost
Dio Brando but can 4 language
Only my stand can cut down tree in a single blink
Keagen McCurdy
Keagen McCurdy - 2 days ago
This proves Steve has GOD LIKE strength in minecraft
SUCMASS - 2 days ago
When steve uses star platinum
gagaplex LPs
gagaplex LPs - 3 days ago
So when you knock out the stem, the rest of the tree just floats in mid-air?
Hello There
Hello There - 3 days ago
Just make Steve bald and he be even stronger
Leons - 3 days ago
Not even Satama:
tbear rocks chetos
tbear rocks chetos - 3 days ago
Belly punch in the softwood
Red Animations
Red Animations - 4 days ago
Conclusion without even the watching video: Steve is the strongest man in the word
Darkstardragon - 4 days ago
SexyMan 0964
SexyMan 0964 - 4 days ago
No wonder why this guys not in smash 😨
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger - 4 days ago
One of the best editing of a game theory episode
Pink Safire
Pink Safire - 5 days ago
Maribeth - 5 days ago
He missed the wood and i lost it,... XD!!!
HG哈瓜 - 5 days ago
10:49 Star Platinum!(≧▽≦)
Ethan Bntz
Ethan Bntz - 5 days ago
Matpat sweared he just bleeped it out xD
Shade St Claire
Shade St Claire - 5 days ago
I know this is old but what if minecraft "physics" had a different scaling system altogether making steve ultra weak :)
Mariyam Rasheedha
Mariyam Rasheedha - 5 days ago
That voice crack at the tree lol 🤣🤣🤣
jevon tin
jevon tin - 5 days ago
Crimson and warped
Elias Helzberg
Elias Helzberg - 6 days ago
10:33 wait isn’t that the money u raised for cancer?
Goz? More like not goz.
little did he know...

Minecraft steve can hold more than the universe.
XxHydra PhoenixX
XxHydra PhoenixX - 6 days ago
you forgot about Minecraft vs real time 20 ticks is 1 second so 1 day is 20 minutes so 1 Minecraft day is 24000 ticks so 4 hours and 37 minutes and 14 seconds would be 12 and the square root of 12 rounded is 3 so divide twelve by 3 would equal 4 and that is how long it is to punch a tree in Minecraft.
Spiderandy 09
Spiderandy 09 - 6 days ago
Everyone: but yet... he can’t jump over a fence
Me: yes he maybe super strong but do you know know what’s not... his legs
Yeah he can survive at least 20m but gravity... get matpat to do that cause i don’t have the time.
Myrna Almojuela
Myrna Almojuela - 7 days ago
I never knew that he dose minecraft
Kaito Mimosa
Kaito Mimosa - Day ago
It's does, not dose.
Rob Dinglasan
Rob Dinglasan - 7 days ago
The thing we learned here is

Game theory was made before the release of minecraft
Kind of
Pixel the YouTuber
Pixel the YouTuber - 7 days ago
I smell a JoJo reference 10:49
Camron Charlemagne
Camron Charlemagne - 7 days ago
Minecraft was officially created in 2009 I was born in 2009
HyperAlpha007 - 7 days ago
in the book "Minecraft: The Island", the surviver said " oh jeez, im strong, i can punch trees with my bare hands....."
Tomasz Buksa
Tomasz Buksa - 7 days ago
"There are 6 known types of wood in minecraft"
Me: There's 8 actually

[Sorry if i stole a joke]
Spiderandy 09
Spiderandy 09 - 7 days ago
Maybe if you have maybe... a wooden axe
It won’t have much of an effect as a diamond axe due too the strength of the axe.
If you had the wooden axe it would not be as strong cause it durability and if you do the same strength as a punch, it would just break and it would take down some of the tree but that axe is destroyed.
If you use the opposite (netheriate) it would plam cut the said layer down and maybe play a game of janga
Cut a slither and hope it doesn’t fall, but the axe would... you know what? That’s why durability exists... pretend this was not here
Kaito Mimosa
Kaito Mimosa - Day ago
*to *netherite *jenga. You're welcome.
Jian Pamittan
Jian Pamittan - 7 days ago
Fun fact i was actually born on April 18 2011
Jian Pamittan
Jian Pamittan - 19 hours ago
Kaito Mimosa
Kaito Mimosa - Day ago
So you're 9?
BigBrainThinking - 7 days ago
Ace The Epic gamer
Ace The Epic gamer - 7 days ago
Steve is just god
What’s his Face
What’s his Face - 8 days ago
fatuma ahmed farah
fatuma ahmed farah - 8 days ago
your welcome😆😆😆you will make me blush 😆😆😆😆😅😅
st17 teaser videos MFN
st17 teaser videos MFN - 8 days ago
Why did you even punch that tree
True Free Thinkers
True Free Thinkers - 8 days ago
lol alex need an axe tio do it for 39569y76490y7669845759679476 seconds wile steve can do his bear fist for 43 seconds
Tableton Usernamington
Tableton Usernamington - 8 days ago
No wonder steve isn't in smash bros...
MyAdam4321 - 8 days ago
Its my first time watching this video eventho its months old, but I like the reference to utada hikaru's simple and clean song at 7:25
Good O’l British Bendy!
Moral: Dont Punch Trees Idiot
Olivia Inman
Olivia Inman - 9 days ago
A guy that has hilarious humor, cool March and teaches me stuff I might as well subscribe
Matt Deacon
Matt Deacon - 9 days ago
I’m Australia and I can confirm, all trees are hardcore
Nitcha Phonamnuai-suk
Nitcha Phonamnuai-suk - 9 days ago
steve is
as a
Puppy Tube
Puppy Tube - 9 days ago
Hey, MatPat
I love in Australia and wanted to test what you said about it being hard here and yeah my rist is gone and I have a bionic.

Puppy Tube
Puppy Tube - 9 days ago
1 Like = one bone in my rist
JIM ICEN CAGALFIN - 9 days ago
4:26 a lot of pokemon profesors in minecraft
Sad Man
Sad Man - 9 days ago
9:19 *_Ow_*
dino on a stick gaming
dino on a stick gaming - 9 days ago
Yes rlcraft
young_ROBLOXIAN - 9 days ago
10:51 so are we really just gonna sleep on the Jojo’s reference?
Settings - 10 days ago
since i can’t find the comment...
Waltuber - 10 days ago
Dang, he missed a bad pun at 3:50... "How hard WOOD it be to damage a tree with a human punch?"
RedStrike 97
RedStrike 97 - 10 days ago
At the beginning animation the neck is just way too big for the body 😂
Vertex Gaming
Vertex Gaming - 10 days ago
In The Dark
In The Dark - 10 days ago
Well steve could hold infinity weight so umm that explains evrything
sarp tutanç
sarp tutanç - 10 days ago
Steve is about six foot six with shoulders three feet across I think he's fine
Superhappylove Studios
Superhappylove Studios - 10 days ago
Me: *Takes 5 hours to clean my room*
My friends: *Come over and mess up my room*
My mom: Asking me to clean it up again
Me: 0:16
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda - 11 days ago
Steve is m and de outta diamonds or something.
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda - 11 days ago
Sølve Bolme Moen
Sølve Bolme Moen - 11 days ago
Oh no you sunburnt on your nose :(
ktq 410
ktq 410 - 11 days ago
Let's go I just started working there
Wortex Gaming
Wortex Gaming - 11 days ago
Is anyone surprised even whith all this power steeve stile can't punch stone
Joshua Alayemi
Joshua Alayemi - 11 days ago
Man talk about gender equality they always forget about Alex
goingoofline2020roblox - 11 days ago
that intro tho is just cracking me up
Ellie Da Failure
Ellie Da Failure - 11 days ago
“Unless Steve is a super human” Steve Rodgers super soldier. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT! But that’s probably just me...
Linda Dunagan
Linda Dunagan - 11 days ago
Then how can I brake a pencil
Wake Resident
Wake Resident - 11 days ago
MInecraft logic:*exists*
Mat pat:Lets add logic to minecraft
Draven Grondona
Draven Grondona - 12 days ago
Minecraft days are shorter than real days.
Chickyismycat K
Chickyismycat K - 12 days ago
Soviet Australia...
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