Ferris Bueller's Day Off | Reunited Apart with Josh Gad

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Grimlock77 - 4 hours ago
For years and years I've been saying I love loads of things about Ferris Bueller's Day Off but I hate the titular character... but after seeing this reunion I'm not so sure anymore! I'll maybe give it another go, since this was lovely ;)
M U - 4 hours ago
The tributes to John Hughes at the end was so touching!
Sean Spark
Sean Spark - 4 hours ago
You guys made one of the best movies of all time :)
S.O.S. Exploration
S.O.S. Exploration - 4 hours ago
Half expected Ryan Reynolds to pop on at the end... 🤣
U. Yorubulut
U. Yorubulut - 4 hours ago
“Don’t touch!!”
TheMojoRanch - 4 hours ago
For those who haven't seen it, Joe Keery of "Stranger Things" did a pretty spot-on version of Ferris Bueller: https://youtu.be/739t2RZqNpA
(They should do a remake with him)! BTW, I donated to this fundraiser because it's FAR BETTER entertainment than anything I've paid to rent in the past 10 years. Thanks so much for posting!
Matt Magayna
Matt Magayna - 4 hours ago
I think it would be impossible to count the amount of times I smiled during this. Does one long continuous smile... count as more smiles? Idk... this just hit home. FBDO and the rest of John's movies were definitely part of building me as a person early on. Thank you Josh! This was Awesome!
Rocketeer - 5 hours ago
This was awesome! So cool to see how much it meant to the Economics teacher!
Chris Horst
Chris Horst - 5 hours ago
Now I need to rewatch this movie now for the 200th time
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis - 5 hours ago
Beautiful....you’ve made a doofas from London UK extremely happy....thank you! ❤️
AndrewKendall71 - 5 hours ago
Perfectly done, Josh. And thanks.
JDMime - 5 hours ago
I just can't understand how there was a parade on a week day right before rush hour. Schools and work is still in session and someone had this parade?
Mat Nelen
Mat Nelen - 5 hours ago
when I was a kid in the 80s we watched this movie every night. Every night.
Gwyn Pasterchek
Gwyn Pasterchek - 5 hours ago
liked allan in this, but he was great in Twister
Chris Horst
Chris Horst - 5 hours ago
Love this movie ❤️❤️
Chris Horst
Chris Horst - 5 hours ago
Am I the only one getting constant popping sounds while listening to this video
Gary Pranzo
Gary Pranzo - 5 hours ago
After watching the movie in 1986 my girlfriend said it was not possible to turn back the odometer and it was true by that time cars did not do that but I had a 66 mustang and I made her a bet and I drove most of the backstreets home backwards and took 2 miles off the odometer. The mustang was restored so I cannot confirm if that was possible out of the factory or that it was a third party odometer.
john frogman
john frogman - 5 hours ago
the 80’s! the best decade ever.
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris - 5 hours ago
Please keep doing Reunited Apart. Its a hit show with SO many more movies u could do!!. Absolutely love it✌
yehmiyah - 5 hours ago
wonderful , HalLeLuYAH
Ben Cummings
Ben Cummings - 5 hours ago
Matthew one upping Josh with better mic and camera quality.
Wrath Oranos
Wrath Oranos - 5 hours ago
"Ferris Bueller, you're my hero."
6String Ronin
6String Ronin - 5 hours ago
Bueller was a villain. Flip Mode
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - 5 hours ago
Josh please fix your audio. You're muffled. Thanks!
Dane Ulekowski
Dane Ulekowski - 5 hours ago
Perfect. Just Perfect. Loved this.
JulyN78 - 5 hours ago
Jake Gyllenhal added some fun to this.
Terror Shark
Terror Shark - 5 hours ago
Damn, Mia is still hot
MrPrice2u - 5 hours ago
When Cameron was in Egypt's land...
GuanoLad - 6 hours ago
I wish the Superbowl commercial they teased a few years ago was a genuine movie or Netflix series. Another day off from work would just make sense.
Nick Jethwani
Nick Jethwani - 6 hours ago
Rooney should have came!
JulyN78 - 6 hours ago
The professor is a delightfull dude!!! Loved him!
espartacos1 - 6 hours ago
Matthew looks awesome
Larry Lachmann
Larry Lachmann - 6 hours ago
I loved this one!! Really sweet!
Jennifer Cole
Jennifer Cole - 6 hours ago
This just makes me smile. :-D
Lázaro Santos
Lázaro Santos - 6 hours ago
very good
phillips4 Energy
phillips4 Energy - 6 hours ago
THIS IS GREATNESS!! This is my high school years this movie!
Iam Sancho
Iam Sancho - 6 hours ago
I am guessing Jeffrey Jones wont be showing up, can the man even legally own a computer?
Aldrin Mazzei
Aldrin Mazzei - 6 hours ago
congratulations! great video, great moment but...where was mr jeffrey jones? haven't you been invited?
Jochen Enste
Jochen Enste - 6 hours ago
Here comes another "Danke schoen" from Germany! We love you guys!
cynthia mell
cynthia mell - 6 hours ago
Ferris says when he dies hes donating his eyes to Stevie Wonder,...😂😂
EddyGurge - 6 hours ago
I was going to complain so loudly if this didn't end the way it did!
Robert Ciresi Jr
Robert Ciresi Jr - 6 hours ago
This was pretty cool. Well done.
Bonafide Rojas
Bonafide Rojas - 6 hours ago
wow. that was great.
Scott Moore
Scott Moore - 6 hours ago


Lance YT
Lance YT - 6 hours ago
Love this series please keep doing it. It is so awesome to see everyone and it is a great cause. Thank you
Jeff P
Jeff P - 7 hours ago
OMG... I found this video by accident. Started watching because... Ferris Fricken Bueller! 45 minutes later and I have a huge smile on my face. Thanks to everyone who brought back such an iconic moment from our past! Still love this movie and all of you guys. Thanks to Josh Gad, you are doing a lot of good here, I'll definitely check out more of your reunions :)
Justin Quinn
Justin Quinn - 7 hours ago
No Charlie Sheen?
Blue Luny
Blue Luny - 7 hours ago
This is so brilliant.... Hope everyone watched to the end..
LittleHobbit13 - 7 hours ago
_"[John] treated kids with respect, he treated 'em like complete human beings. Nowadays so many teen movies, they're objects of derision or it's all sex jokes or whatever, but he treated kids like they have problems, they have worries, and he honored all of that."_
When you watch these movies as a teenager, this is exactly the tone they radiate. You feel like you matter, that your problems still matter even if you're not an adult. As Grey said, it felt like John Hughes was validating your point-of-view and experience as a teenager. We need more movies like that in today's world. *RIP John Hughes*
Funkstar124 - 7 hours ago
Absolute Gold...Great to see what feel like old friends...
PrintOn Plus
PrintOn Plus - 7 hours ago
and Jennifer Grey is still super cute!!!
PrintOn Plus
PrintOn Plus - 7 hours ago
This movie was great, but it also introduced me to Dream Academy, Please Please Please!
corndog1868 - 7 hours ago
I loved the 80s! Search here for (Sucker For a Pretty Face) by Rock Candy, it's a great under rated 80s album!!!! Enjoy
David Pienta
David Pienta - 7 hours ago
this is freakin epic! And the John Hughes tribute.... awesome! Bravo!!!! SOOOOOO many memories watching there iconic movies!
Winston Mace
Winston Mace - 7 hours ago
My favorite movie of all time
Miriam Diaz
Miriam Diaz - 7 hours ago
And ... "Twist & Shout" the parade float!
Miriam Diaz
Miriam Diaz - 7 hours ago
I used to start my Mom's meetings at my daughter's school with "Bueller, Bueller" - still remembering seeing it in the movies!
Jenie's MindEscape
Jenie's MindEscape - 7 hours ago
This was awesomely done!! Love it!! Thank you!!
David Dartley
David Dartley - 7 hours ago
I know the Academy snubs entire categories of movies no matter how great a film is, but Ruck shoulda been at least nominated for Best Supporting Actor!
EZ does it
EZ does it - 7 hours ago
Outstanding. Thank you.
Johnny Stanworth
Johnny Stanworth - 7 hours ago
I wonder if Charlie Sheen declined or he's cancelled.
PopdanceWorld - 7 hours ago
My absolutely favourite film of all time - thanks so much for getting together and doing this amazing reunion for an amazing cause. And what a wonderful tribute to John Hughes - a true genius and a massive part of my teenage years xxx Thank You x
arthouse films
arthouse films - 8 hours ago
That was great. Thanks so much for getting the cast together!
Meme Machine
Meme Machine - 8 hours ago
Damn Cameron looks so cool now with the hair & beard
Ashley Compton
Ashley Compton - 8 hours ago
OMG..Please Please Please reunite the cast of Beetlejuice?!!!!!
natureboy - 8 hours ago
Jeffry Jones and Charlie Sheen couldn't make it. They're too busy giving out candy to young children.
Nial Westwood
Nial Westwood - 8 hours ago
Jeffrey Jones ahem
Julie Vazquez
Julie Vazquez - 8 hours ago
Epic reunion right here
Graham - 8 hours ago
Who here came just to see Sloan/ Mia Sara
Charles Avery
Charles Avery - 8 hours ago
Happy Birthday Alan Ruck (July 1)!!
JMB 629
JMB 629 - 8 hours ago
Alan Ruck is HOT!
uh huh
uh huh - 8 hours ago
Well now you've just got to do the breakfast club
wurly one
wurly one - 8 hours ago
Literally the best thing I have seen all year - about the best film ever made (IMO!)
Thank you all so much for doing this! 😁 Just brilliant 😍
Cristian Villalpando
Cristian Villalpando - 8 hours ago
Do The NeverEnding Story
P.M.Télé - 8 hours ago
awesome! next stop? the breakfast club!
Anthony Alligood
Anthony Alligood - 8 hours ago
What, no Jeffrey Jones?
Sheila Bennett
Sheila Bennett - 8 hours ago
Thanks to Barefoot Wine and Josh Gad for the support to CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees! You are helping employees with children in the food and beverage industry when either the parent or child faces a health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster. Thank you!!!
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell - 8 hours ago
I’ve seen this movie hundreds of times, and it’s probably the greatest teen movie ever made
Paul - 9 hours ago
John Hughes made the 80s iconic and legendary! And he gave us the gifts of dozens of actors that made my childhood so memorable! When we lost, John Hughes, we lost a HUGE talent in the movie industry. And I'm so grateful he left behind a legend that will last for centuries.
David Vu
David Vu - 9 hours ago
Do the movie “Friday” cast
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