Can This Chef Make Marshmallows Fancy? • Tasty

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Christopher Hallock
Christopher Hallock - 12 hours ago
Every single time I watch make it fancy I'm always wondering if Rie's ate the main food before.
Rozia.chor.n - 23 hours ago
From the thumbnail, I thought it looked like a really huge piece of dandruff on non-gravity defying hot chocolate 🍫
ZebraaZachary Z
ZebraaZachary Z - Day ago
Me: where’s it?
Bernard Ringström
Bernard Ringström - 2 days ago
My little Sister when she finds marshmalows 9:35
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea - 3 days ago
Rie: But I'm a adult, I DO WHAT I WANT

Me: Queen
Tsukiko Shimizu
Tsukiko Shimizu - 4 days ago
Oki oki don’t hate, I know this isn’t related to the video but what the heck does smh mean?
Decembercat42 - 5 days ago
Where’s the alligator?
Palak Bhatia
Palak Bhatia - 5 days ago
Please give rie her own netflix special 🥺 so wholesome
Hayley Thai
Hayley Thai - 6 days ago
She should go to Master Chef she would be probably top 3
JulisKreativWelt aus Bullerbü
Wooow thats amazing😍
No other Like my own skin
Could you make videos for make it fancy recipes?
Lays Simply Sea Salt Potato Chips
Cheetos Puffs Cheese Chips
Lays Chips Cheddar Jalapeño Potato Chips
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot Cheese Chips
When you're able to.
Litten Girl
Litten Girl - 9 days ago
2:56 why did rie loose her accent when she said that?
Can I reach 1k subs with no vids
Why dont they say "Watch adorable Rie make marshmallows fancy" instead of "Can this chef make marshmallows fancy"
• Bhxrbie •
• Bhxrbie • - 10 days ago
*Little bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the alligator I-*
leilah Burgos
leilah Burgos - 11 days ago
“I am adult. I don’t what i want” can’t relate 😂😂
Simonas K
Simonas K - 12 days ago
Name of the video: Can This Chef Make ...... Fancy
Me: Ofc she can. It's Rie, what do you expect lol
Archna Pohwani
Archna Pohwani - 14 days ago
Khushi Tejwani
Khushi Tejwani - 14 days ago
Jack - 15 days ago
You know along time ago marshmallow would be really really expensive and also I think in ancient time only the top of the top could eat it
Vichny Liv
Vichny Liv - 15 days ago
Give water to her she can even make it fancy
The Anonymous K-pop Fan
The Anonymous K-pop Fan - 16 days ago
My Sister gets so annoyed when I do this dance 🤣🤣🤣
Because I always do this EVERYTIME 😂😂😂
toasted marshmallow
toasted marshmallow - 16 days ago
I've become fancier :)
Lavender_heart :3
Lavender_heart :3 - 18 days ago
Once I wanted to make a marshmallow with chocolate and mint on top-
Ava Murdock
Ava Murdock - 18 days ago
oh my, give!!
Allysa Mae Barbarona
Allysa Mae Barbarona - 18 days ago
"That's a bad idea, i knew it but i just couldn't help". Same Rei, same .
Lilly K
Lilly K - 19 days ago
I love rie's hair, and her amazing skill
Moonsun - 20 days ago
"I'm an adult I do whatever I want" lmfao that part got me
Ztrawberri UwU
Ztrawberri UwU - 21 day ago
Rie is the waifu ill never have ;^;
TheAnime Kid
TheAnime Kid - 21 day ago
Now let’s see Rie make bud lite fancy lol
Murphy Reji
Murphy Reji - 21 day ago
Rie- I have a private collection of gold flakes
Me- well, I have a private collection of CORN flakes!
AboveAverageCat44 - 23 days ago
Foamy shmello cookie
noura ayman
noura ayman - 23 days ago
U should make fruit fancy
Sofia Alba
Sofia Alba - 23 days ago
Rie: *whips cream without electric mixer*
Me: *already give up in a minute*
Life With Sisters
Life With Sisters - 24 days ago
Is it just me or when she put the chocolate in her mouth it sounded like she had a American tone
Steffie van DOP
Steffie van DOP - 24 days ago
I would eat it as they are..
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh - 24 days ago
Does any one else noticed that she just poured that rum out of the bowl..
Franchesca Fletcher
Franchesca Fletcher - 27 days ago
She has her girl today what about her lady
Somasri Banerjee
Somasri Banerjee - 27 days ago
Rie: My ArM MuScLeS ArE CoMiNg FrOm WHIP!
Me: ThEn WhY Do We WaStE MoNeY By GoInG To GyM ?
Amran Abi
Amran Abi - 27 days ago
You must be loco to eat this coco
Seth Williams
Seth Williams - 28 days ago
3:36 I don't even wanna say what that looks like man
nurrie so
nurrie so - 28 days ago
Rie is prob the most loved tasty chef
Dave Wurst
Dave Wurst - Month ago
Make it Fancy!!!!!lol
Noam Elbaz
Noam Elbaz - Month ago
It looks so good
Chicken Milkshake
Chicken Milkshake - Month ago
No other tasty producer other than rie can match the entertainment value of make it fancy
EchoPetalss - Month ago
I was excited for the crocodile
Music fan
Music fan - Month ago
Holy moses, that really looked like smth that came out of a super fancy restaurant😱😱
nan kinanthi
nan kinanthi - Month ago
It's beutiful😍😍😍
Oyinda - Month ago
Who else skipped to the end to see if an aligator was actually judging
Caroline Soulier
Caroline Soulier - Month ago
Rie: Marshmarrows
zoya khan
zoya khan - Month ago
they told they had an alligator coming at the end!!
aba dambly
aba dambly - Month ago
I love that she did a mousse. Most people would have seen marshmallows and said "Rice Krispie Treat."
TFL Clan
TFL Clan - Month ago
You should make donuts fancy
Georgina Griffin
Georgina Griffin - Month ago
Make it fancy👈🏻👆🏻👉🏻 😂
Munawarah Fahim
Munawarah Fahim - Month ago
just realized it was sarcasm
Diane obra
Diane obra - Month ago
I love rie, and the make it fancy channel😊👍
Giulia Frantzi
Giulia Frantzi - Month ago
Am I the only one that loves Rie but thinks she is super cringe!
DavidG185 - Month ago
Rie: "In the pantry. I got.... rum."
Me: "Oh no. Not this again."
Louisa May
Louisa May - Month ago
I share the same wish to have a pillow made out of a marshmallow
Valentine Laurent
Valentine Laurent - Month ago
2:04 '100 millilitres'
Americans: wait, that's illegal
aisieukeopi - Month ago
Her accent is so cute
snaksha Rawat
snaksha Rawat - Month ago
I do what I want coz m adult 😂😂😂😂😂😂savage
Half tablespoon of rum?My mother puts in four shots!
Mary Love
Mary Love - Month ago
Happy 1st anniversary to this video!!❤️
Judo MDZ
Judo MDZ - Month ago
Does this girl have the sweetest smile or what? Thank you for making marshmallows fancy, because i never liked eating them but after seeing this video i just might try them again.
Yamilet Mia
Yamilet Mia - Month ago
Nice 👍🏻 job
Gabriel Beckham
Gabriel Beckham - Month ago
I’m an adult I can do what I want 🌚😂 the most gangster phrase she uttered
Mr.Electro - Month ago
I love it when the producers interact (but not too much )
Mr.Electro - Month ago
When anyone but rie says and finger wags make it fancy it is so cringy
Siva Jyothi Chigilisetty
tasty, please put Rie not "this chef"
Daniela Vergara
Daniela Vergara - Month ago
Im sorry but what happened to the alligator:(
berlian diaz
berlian diaz - Month ago
The producer said that there will be alligators who will be taste-test her food... where on earth is the alligator?!
Angie Liu
Angie Liu - Month ago
No alligators? :(
Milton Green
Milton Green - Month ago
Rie is just me favorite😂❤️
Mona P
Mona P - Month ago
I'm glad they got rid of the timer.
No One
No One - Month ago
where is the alligator
Midnight Mystery
Midnight Mystery - Month ago
Rie likes alcohol a little bit to much lol
greentea latte
greentea latte - Month ago
but marshmallows are already fancy :(
Anna-Kaye Fullerton
Anna-Kaye Fullerton - Month ago
I challenge you to make a donut fancy !!! Good luck # love u
Jeya ceros
Jeya ceros - Month ago
You are a marshmallow
Jeya ceros
Jeya ceros - Month ago
Why you don't like marshmallows is good for me my name is Keegan
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