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Alicorn_ Gaming
Alicorn_ Gaming - 10 hours ago
I like the 1 minute rainbow one better🦄🌈
G Gruenewald
G Gruenewald - 10 hours ago
She's not bad she's just out of practice guys
Jocelyn Alvarenga
Jocelyn Alvarenga - 11 hours ago
Because Ben gave her two teas and he said this one you can take as much time as you need to drink it but this one you have to chug in one minute so she never drink it 🤔🤔🤔🤔💔💔💔
Jocelyn Alvarenga
Jocelyn Alvarenga - 11 hours ago
She never chugged the Tea in one minute
Abby Is wild
Abby Is wild - 13 hours ago
I’m allergic to latex is there a non latex peel off thing form your fingers I’m terrified of latex
Lps Daisy14
Lps Daisy14 - 14 hours ago
Wait what if she made a holo cat clock!? 😲🧐🥰
Evangeline Harding
Evangeline Harding - Day ago
You (don't actually) know I love me a gradient, especially a rainbow gradient. 🌈
Husky kindacat
Husky kindacat - Day ago
Why Is the cat clock green?
Jaci Hamblin
Jaci Hamblin - 3 days ago
If I can do nail art then why the heck can I not draw to save my life!🤣
Bethan Sheldrick
Bethan Sheldrick - 4 days ago
My favorited one is the rainbow gradeante
Ingrid Wiström
Ingrid Wiström - 6 days ago
Did I see a white prototype?😍😍
Brandi Hardy
Brandi Hardy - 6 days ago
do you makeup for one min.
Cara Crabtree
Cara Crabtree - 6 days ago
my fave nail was the nail vinyl one
GalaxyGrill UwU
GalaxyGrill UwU - 7 days ago
You know my favorite one was... FLAKIE HOLO TACO!
Addison Harvey
Addison Harvey - 7 days ago
iTS nOt a prOBleM aNy moRE
Pennywise The dancing clown
Only have one minute?
Video is 20 minutes long *
Nicole KittyKat
Nicole KittyKat - 7 days ago
Did anyone else get legitimately sad when she was taking off her nails 😢
Emma Nataly
Emma Nataly - 8 days ago
Christine: nail art takes time, dont rush the nail art
Also Christine: **pours container of glitter on nail**
Louise LovesLace
Louise LovesLace - 9 days ago
The Glitter placement nail was so pretty 😍
Abderrahmane CHENAFI
Abderrahmane CHENAFI - 10 days ago
12:08 .... her cat has a galaxy note 10+.. i got it this week after months of waiting ( dont forget that im a human and he's a cat..😂)
Moonlight Multi chrome
Moonlight Multi chrome - 10 days ago
That long💇🏼‍♀️
And I oop-
And I oop- - 10 days ago
3:20 it’s 11 : 11 make a wish
Idun 33
Idun 33 - 11 days ago
Omg i love her intro but there were so much holo taco spilled i cant even
Animal Wonder
Animal Wonder - 11 days ago
I was drinking tea as I watched this lol
Crispy Buns
Crispy Buns - 11 days ago
Why did the 1 min glitter placement look good??? Like I want to wear that look
Daisy Elliott-Biddle
Daisy Elliott-Biddle - 12 days ago
I love your analyses! They are some of the reason I first subscribed
Sara Allen13
Sara Allen13 - 13 days ago
Alice Star Shine
Alice Star Shine - 10 days ago
Hi Sara
PipTheGamer - 14 days ago
well your 1 minute version is my 1 hour version
Adalyn Sacora
Adalyn Sacora - 14 days ago
At 38 seconds the clock is blue

Edit omg I have never got this much likes
Rosea .K
Rosea .K - 15 days ago
You k ow if she did the 1min art first she could have kept the art that took 2 hours and 12 min🙁😑
Cookie Monster UwU
Cookie Monster UwU - 15 days ago
My video froze as soon as she put up her middle finger 🤣
rosy - 16 days ago
7:50 be like: *flip em off* and me laughing my ass of-
JASMINE JENKINS - 16 days ago
Christine should make tea in a minute
Dari Zlochower
Dari Zlochower - 17 days ago
anyone else catch nail polish bottles that look like holo taco bottles at 631 or amm I just stupid?
Javeria Kayani
Javeria Kayani - 18 days ago
Ngl the gradient one kinda fucked up
KaterinaTalantliva - 18 days ago
Omg why you chose so tuff design and on all of them? (((
Hobbes Tiger
Hobbes Tiger - 19 days ago
No one noticed about how the neon colors she siding are probably holo taco tearing colors? She doesn’t show the label and next to the blue they’re the exact same size and shape
X Vanessa
X Vanessa - 19 days ago
This is really fun!🤣
Destiny Salls
Destiny Salls - 20 days ago
i found my best friend because of your channel thank you so much

so this is how it happened i was in the lunch room and i was watching your vids and she came over to my table and she sat down and asked me if i was watching simply nailogical and i said yes and now we are besties for life so again thank you Cristine
Nadia Kola
Nadia Kola - 21 day ago
did my eye catch a white holo taco creme polish at the corner? i see ya there cristine!
Pu3rple Pani
Pu3rple Pani - 21 day ago
Imagine if she wasn't recording 😰
let me sleep
let me sleep - 21 day ago
this is giving me anxiety
Official Weirdo
Official Weirdo - 21 day ago
Hey Chris-TEA-ne,
What if your allergic to liquid latex or latex in general?
Vaishnavi .R. Krishna
Vaishnavi .R. Krishna - 18 days ago
I think she's mentioned these cuticle guards in a previous video! Like you can just stick them around your nail.
Kashiqa Sam
Kashiqa Sam - 22 days ago
Anyone notice her holo phone
Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa - 22 days ago
I think that the logo on the neon nail polish next to the raloyaltea blue nail polish says holo taco
Sebrina Cottey
Sebrina Cottey - 22 days ago
Id love to see some more classic simply nail art tutorial with your holo products!
승민Seungmin - 22 days ago
Cristine: *does a bunch if nail art*
Me: *paints nails black* perfection
Paulina Sancen
Paulina Sancen - 22 days ago
I see you and Ben matching
Nina Miranda
Nina Miranda - 22 days ago
The dotticure looks like sushi🍱🍣
WHoA dOnt ZucC mE DudE
WHoA dOnt ZucC mE DudE - 24 days ago
I really wanna get her nail polishes!!!!!!
Myu monströs
Myu monströs - 26 days ago
i love ben whit all his side quests 🤣❤
Devika Prakash
Devika Prakash - 26 days ago
Calculation not exactly true 😭
Frost Baker
Frost Baker - 27 days ago
Dab dab dab!😂is she in 2020 or what because the dab is dead!🙄🙄😒😒😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😁😁
Blaq Betty
Blaq Betty - 27 days ago
poor nails they loooked so beautiful
Brooke Whiteman-Clarke
Brooke Whiteman-Clarke - 27 days ago
When I watch your videos I always get really tired, but please don't take it the wrong way. I now watch you all the time before I go to bed so I'm actually tired when I try to sleep, so you're actually helping get rid of my sleep deprivation.
minty - 29 days ago
H💿L💿 to you too
Tiger 44
Tiger 44 - 29 days ago
Why is the Cat clock green?😿
Weston Barringer
Weston Barringer - 29 days ago
The side by side was literally- you vs the guy she told you not to worry about
Yasmine Quyyum
Yasmine Quyyum - 29 days ago
~> you can see the pain in her eyes and it's sad and scary and just like- *pat pat Cristine*
AM - 08SA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)
So I am actually doing my nails rn... and I am doing my base colour as black.... ->-... I DO SHIT WRONG! ISHOULDV’E WATCHED UR TUTORIAL
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