Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

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alteredizzy1010 - Hour ago
Only people that make eating chips entertaining
Viper809 - 21 hour ago
He does not know how to fold laundry. But says he loves doing it. Lol
Alejandro Pedro
Alejandro Pedro - 22 hours ago
They should had done the blind taste test to see whats better 🤷
*goes to look up "micturation"*
victoria young
victoria young - Day ago
MegaJesusFucker - 3 days ago
Plain potato chips may be better than the low fat version. But Sour cream and cheddar baked ruffles are just hands down one of the best chips. And the unbaked version is not nearly as good.
Tousif Siddiq
Tousif Siddiq - 4 days ago
The potato FeelsBadMan
OH_KAY •••
OH_KAY ••• - 4 days ago
Now who was going to let Link drink all that water and damage his kidneys? Smh. They have it out for him.
Conner Hutto
Conner Hutto - 5 days ago
low fat cheddar baked ruffles. the best thing in the world
RandomStuff - 5 days ago
cape cod counterpart.
RandomStuff - 5 days ago
my type of potato.
Scrub Daddy
Scrub Daddy - 9 days ago
I prefer lightly salted lays because normal lays are too salty for me
pokelover02 - 10 days ago
I'll take this potato chip... and EAT IT!
Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells - 11 days ago
The "foldies" are the best chips! 100%
Lauren Darnauer
Lauren Darnauer - 11 days ago
Don't get the Lay's reduced sodium sour cream and cheddar they're horrid
Dane Dupuy
Dane Dupuy - 12 days ago
I personally am a potato loving person and there is nothing that can change that
Jeez Lazeez
Jeez Lazeez - 12 days ago
eLiTe-_- NNjA
eLiTe-_- NNjA - 12 days ago
Honesty like baked lays more that the original, similar taste and better crunch
Emily - 13 days ago
Wait, what's the difference between Spicy Sweet Chili and Sweet Chili Heat? Lmao
Jess McHanson
Jess McHanson - 13 days ago
That sweater.....!!!!! So sad it's sold out.
moreoflisa - 13 days ago
Why is Rhett eating Pringle's like that 🤣
Shaun Virtue
Shaun Virtue - 14 days ago
I eat 10 bags of Cape Cod Reduced Fate Kettle Cooked Potato Chips TM every day, and I haven't folded laundry in YEARS!
Snizzy - 14 days ago
Unpopular opinion I like baked chips better 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ely Dex
Ely Dex - 13 days ago
Me too! Especially Ruffles.
DarkMajick - 15 days ago
You should always check labels on things that claim reduced fat. Usually to make up for the fat they add sugar, so in the end it doesn't make much difference since you'll have more carbs to burn.
Michael Silve
Michael Silve - 15 days ago
I actually eat Oven Baked Lays FOR FLAVOR! lol
Hattie Lily Thavary Keene - Reinhard
i love them so much omg🥰🥰and i’m so happy i have a friendship like theirs with my bestie
Chloe Abrams
Chloe Abrams - 15 days ago
Unpopular opinion: Baked chips are better
paddy flynn
paddy flynn - 16 days ago
Your body uses sodium to retain water. Sorry, hate to be that guy I just never get the chance to sound intelligent like that and I’m taking it okay!! 😂
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wright - 16 days ago
The baked are only better if they are cheese flavored
Memeologist - 16 days ago
Lightly salted lays are insanely better than regular lays.
Kacey Plays
Kacey Plays - 17 days ago
Wait ur going to Columbus😭💖
oxysz - 17 days ago
For the ruffles I don’t like the regular ones really but the cheddar baked ones are so much better . They are probably my favorite lol.
izzy motto
izzy motto - 17 days ago
Where did link get that jacket ??
Raphael Knoops
Raphael Knoops - 17 days ago
Man always baked
Katelyn Story
Katelyn Story - 18 days ago
Reduced fat could help for those with cholesterol problems. In people who have type 2 diabetes or a health problem that can affect the rest of the body means they need to watch the percentage of different food groups that they eat. Too much bad cholesterol (called LDL) can lead to thickening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and over a period of time makes your chances of having a stroke or heart attack much higher. While chips don’t necessarily have cholesterol, the high saturated fats increases the levels of cholesterol in the body. I believe the point of low fat chips is for people with portion control problems, which is pretty much....everyone in America including myself lol.
So, I disagree with Rhett that’s it’s solely meant as a trend but I do think it does have a factor in its sales, since America is obsessed with certain products possibly making them skinnier.
Moriah R
Moriah R - 18 days ago
All the stuff on Link's side is what is sold in schools (At least mine) I don't think any of them sell. They are not good.
DxIcey X
DxIcey X - 18 days ago
I like baked more than original 😆
toasted butter
toasted butter - 18 days ago
Link is best waifu
Dario Moreno
Dario Moreno - 19 days ago
The world is not worthy of gmm
Kyler Angel
Kyler Angel - 19 days ago
I like baked chips better then any other tbh
truth speaks
truth speaks - 19 days ago
ping pong is kinda derogatory, it's table tennis, the more you know™
Justikman - 19 days ago
You don't actually have to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Just drink when you're thirsty
Gerad Vindicating
Gerad Vindicating - 19 days ago
He just mashed it 😂
CrazedSymptoms - 19 days ago
Okay but baked chips taste so much better
Jack Trombley
Jack Trombley - 19 days ago
I personally hate ruffles but like baked ruffles
Lilja Nicholson
Lilja Nicholson - 19 days ago
Link reminds me of brendon urie
SwiftWolf29 *
SwiftWolf29 * - 19 days ago
Y’all saying oven baked is gross? For shame!
Rom6nce - 20 days ago
That sweatshirt is amazing link! Is that still available to purchase?
Kaden Lerma
Kaden Lerma - 19 days ago
No it is not :(
Wiley Hause
Wiley Hause - 20 days ago
They sell the reduced fat ones at my school
Kaden Lerma
Kaden Lerma - 19 days ago
They don't even sell chips at my school they only sell diet soda :(
Jen Jenn
Jen Jenn - 20 days ago
The only reduced fat chips I like are the Miss Vickie’s original and the Miss Vickie’s Salt and vinegar because they’re more crunchy in the low fat bags
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones - 20 days ago
honestly rhett is a jerk and everyone is mean to link. is it just me?
jodi louise
jodi louise - 20 days ago
lmao they look like they're dressing up as each other XD
Audrey Vasquez
Audrey Vasquez - 20 days ago
Damn I just saw the tickets for Columbus are sold out and I literally just moved here last week 😞 come back soon!
Billys Games
Billys Games - 20 days ago
Rhett and Link have more sites that I have Friends
C Knight
C Knight - 20 days ago
i like pringles
Odchu Games
Odchu Games - 20 days ago
You are wrong oven bakedbchips are better tasting than regular one ;~;
Ghlbtsk [Sam Z]
Ghlbtsk [Sam Z] - 20 days ago
I don't like how many chips are too salty in my opinion, so I actually prefer the reduced salt chips.
Queste - 20 days ago
I'm not scared of much, but that potato chip rock.... Nope.
Mark Burn
Mark Burn - 20 days ago
Fat doesn’t make you fat sugar does
Alfred Terrero
Alfred Terrero - 20 days ago
9:16 link says “shit” and hides it well lol
Famous Dominic
Famous Dominic - 20 days ago
Hydrate or diedrate
Damitri Smith
Damitri Smith - 21 day ago
Should have done it as a blind taste test
Friendly Neighbourhood Obese
My Dude Rhett Said “Who Eats 12 Chips?” I Eat The Whole Bag My Guy
Lekker Kieken
Lekker Kieken - 21 day ago
Ovenbaked lays are the tastiest chips
Britty Brat
Britty Brat - 21 day ago
Rhett felt the potato's disrespect in his soul. That's how hard Link slammed it.
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed - 21 day ago
I cant believe how they disrespectful to food they are , and money waste is nothing to them. Its disappointing to see how they throw food, which many people would appreciate. Its just sad and really disappointing, even more knowing that the younger people are learning from them..
Andrew Carrillo
Andrew Carrillo - 21 day ago
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 20 days ago
Andrew Carrillo I need that sweatshirt
I'm Burstt
I'm Burstt - 21 day ago
Am I the only one that eats the whole can of Pringles when they get one?
That One Space Nerd
That One Space Nerd - 23 days ago
idk about baked ruffles, but baked Lay's chips are better than the classic ones in my opinion
CosmicGiggle - 15 days ago
this tbh
Spectacular Goat
Spectacular Goat - 18 days ago
That One Space Nerd your right
Blayne Kelley
Blayne Kelley - 18 days ago
That One Space Nerd amen
EddTheBob !
EddTheBob ! - 23 days ago
The RF ones are probably small cus nobody except schools like mine buy them
SuperMassiveBongHits - 23 days ago
"The Dilution of Sawt"
Violaz - 24 days ago
The sour cream and cheese ruffles reduced fat actually taste good.
Nancyhey - 24 days ago
They tryna come for baked Ruffles
BONJOOK Blouin - 25 days ago
Rhett and Link look like they enjoy acid trips, Rhetts the trippy guy, Link is the chill trip guy
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - 25 days ago
In school they served is those doritos and they were terrible
Aikano9 - 25 days ago
Tbh I don’t doubt there’s a company out there that claimed their chips had 50% less fat and either made the chips or bag 50% smaller. It’d still technicallybe 50% less fat either per serving or per bag
Aikano9 - 25 days ago
Lays had 50% less sodium and logo
Choogi / Dazed
Choogi / Dazed - 26 days ago
We all know that to fill the Reduced Fat Doritos bowl they used 3 small bags cause of all the air in the bag
Icy Family
Icy Family - 26 days ago
Rip potato 2019-2019
U didn’t get to potate ;-;
Moses Tran
Moses Tran - 26 days ago
And this is what they give us at school...
Caden G
Caden G - 26 days ago
3:16i started cracking up
Caden G
Caden G - 26 days ago
potatoes... disappointing? how dare you?
Vincenzo Foglia
Vincenzo Foglia - 26 days ago
You tempting water poisoning trying to drink 16 glasses of water in one sitting
who is vante
who is vante - 27 days ago
baked Cheetos are freaking God tier. it's almost unfair; so I understand why they're not in this video. however, I'm still disappointed.
Isabel Marie
Isabel Marie - 27 days ago
In my schools vending machines we have baked lays. The baked lays bbq was SO BAD!! It tasted like a bacon dog treat and smelled like dog food
The Legendary Unicorn Tamer
For a minute there I was afraid Link would die of over hydration
Impulse - 27 days ago
Yeah I don’t eat 12 chips... I eat the whole bag.
Eva Rae
Eva Rae - 28 days ago
"You just disrespected that potato.... so hard..."
"I just mashed it."
Seif Farag
Seif Farag - 29 days ago
I want chips now
Whiskey Grandpa
Whiskey Grandpa - 29 days ago
are the regular sweet chili doritos good at all? never tried them
Sadie Frye
Sadie Frye - Month ago
I personally think the Lays Baked chips are better then original Lays
The_Encrypted_Key - Month ago
When they said they typically don’t eat a whole bag I felt ashamed
Noodle Cup
Noodle Cup - Month ago
jaimertrtr - Month ago
They sellll the reduced fat doritos in my school
theacp127 - Month ago
Even as a southern man myself, the way Rhett says, "salt" like "saut" is funny to me.
iiXFlower Gaming
iiXFlower Gaming - Month ago
Link's hair...and his hoodie...yes.
Ray Jenkins
Ray Jenkins - Month ago
The way Rhett eats Pringles makes me want to scream
ADDButterfly - Month ago
I love Lays Baked. I never knew they had Ruffles Baked. Might try those one day. But Cheetos Baked I cannot stand.
Izzy Powell
Izzy Powell - Month ago
“I don’t usually fold a sgt. peppers lonely hearts club jacket”

Love that
Isaac Boulger
Isaac Boulger - Month ago
My lunch at my school only sales reduce fat chips
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