Low Fat vs. Regular Chips Taste Test

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stev6963 - Day ago
God I’m so happy I started watching GMM. This might be my favorite YouTube channel now.
Felipe Perez
Felipe Perez - 7 days ago
The look Rhett gave when Link slammed that potato. 0:34
Rohan Maharana
Rohan Maharana - 8 days ago
Link's hoodie ❣️🔥
Liz Hernly
Liz Hernly - 12 days ago
you should make more of these sweatshirts cause I totally want one
Cassandra Dodson
Cassandra Dodson - 15 days ago
Does anyone know where Rhett's shirt is from?
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas - 17 days ago
You guys eat food live in concert in London?
Entertainment has really gone downhill
j1mmy enkoodabaoo
j1mmy enkoodabaoo - 17 days ago
The way this is scored is awesome, love the calorie thing. Great idea
CookingWithEli - 18 days ago
It’s July, they don’t have that hoodie anymore and I’m genuinely
Evan Sizemore
Evan Sizemore - 26 days ago
I'm 99% sure Frito-Lay laces Doritos with crack
Cheryl A
Cheryl A - 28 days ago
Drinking 16 8oz glasses of water might mess with the electrolytes and could cause mild water poisoning.
the prince that wasn't promised
Spicy sweet chili is the best lol
Emily Raszka
Emily Raszka - Month ago
I love Cape Cod chips!!! They are so good
Minus Forty
Minus Forty - Month ago
Lowfat Cape cod is MUCH BETTER than original Cape cod and I will fight someone over this
Gay Orange
Gay Orange - Month ago
*”thiS wOnT evEn gO in mY moUtH”*
Baleigh Wheeler
Baleigh Wheeler - Month ago
Where can I get Link's hoodie?! 😍😍😍
Liam’s Lair
Liam’s Lair - Month ago
*Who Watching This 5 Months Past The Publish?*
Space Moth
Space Moth - Month ago
Dilution of sot
Apple Souse
Apple Souse - Month ago
Chips were made by a man
Ammar Jaber
Ammar Jaber - Month ago
Where can I buy wrinkle release
Wolf boy 117
Wolf boy 117 - Month ago
Rhett and link I want to go to your guys show and meet you but we can afford it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please send me a code for a free ticket or VIP I really want to see you (salt lake)
maycee leblanc
maycee leblanc - Month ago
so i did a test, so Pringle’s r better for u than veggie chips and u can eat more😱
Billy Lee Goodman
Billy Lee Goodman - Month ago
They should have called it Pring pong lol
WeeGee WooGoo
WeeGee WooGoo - Month ago
Rhett + Math = ?
Maddux Teh Pers YT
Maddux Teh Pers YT - Month ago
With the Doritos try the nacho cheese
Rose - Month ago
Is this video just an excuse for you 2 to eat chips and play games?
toastynotes - Month ago
Drinking too much water is dangerous. Don't drink more than four cups in an hour.
100-Mason - Month ago
I get reduced fat sweet and spicy chili Doritos everyday at lunch lol
Owen 99
Owen 99 - 2 months ago
It would be cool if you guys did an episode where you had to guess how many grams were in a single recommended serving size
Barcelona 2
Barcelona 2 - 2 months ago
"Nobody eats the whole bog"
Me: eats the whole bag every time there is a bag in front 😐
Lauryn Stewart
Lauryn Stewart - 2 months ago
Salt binds to water creating water weight
Dominic DeVivo
Dominic DeVivo - 2 months ago
7:28 he says it’s not life changing of coarse it’s not your just eating chips
Daniela Jana Cartago
Daniela Jana Cartago - 2 months ago
ugh thats rough!!!
Hayley Breitbach
Hayley Breitbach - 2 months ago
We love a chip mukbang
Dinner-fork tongue
Dinner-fork tongue - 2 months ago
Potato? I just love them boiled, no salt or seasoning.
MooMoo Marie
MooMoo Marie - 2 months ago
0:36 all of Idaho is shaking in fear
Hope Renee
Hope Renee - 2 months ago
you guys should do a great value vs the original
Hardwoman - 2 months ago
Link, where can I get that sweatshirt? I love it.
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 2 months ago
Gab F.
Gab F. - 2 months ago
It's better when they don't know the "best" or "good" product
Michael Haburay
Michael Haburay - 2 months ago
Why does rhett put the Pringle in his mouth in the wide side
Kymmy Schmidt
Kymmy Schmidt - 2 months ago
0:35 — BOYYYYYY... you crossed a line, Link!!!!!!
CommieIrishZalio - 2 months ago
New Orleans September 5 Saenger Theatre. Hm, Let's Hope I still like you guys at that time and I can go and my mom can find the theatre. LOL
huntman1412 - 2 months ago
You REALLY needed to do Cheez-Its!
Simon Strömblad
Simon Strömblad - 2 months ago
2:47 yeah that's kinda my feeling about pringles
Keilah Lenahan
Keilah Lenahan - 2 months ago
Why are they saying saat??? Isn't it salt?? Where are they from ;x
Moar Of WoW
Moar Of WoW - 2 months ago
All the lays lightly salted is waaaaay better than their original ones.
Marcus Trelle
Marcus Trelle - 2 months ago
Some people think crips and oven chips with only 3 percent fat means you get 120 percent if you have 40 chips. My teacher in school did.
Christian Olsen
Christian Olsen - 2 months ago
Watching Link chug water, makes me wonder how he would look if it was beer😂
JOSETHEGAMEPLAYA 777 - 3 months ago
9:17 did anyone catch link saying shit
BuF EDiTs - 3 months ago
They sell those Doritos at my school for lunch and they are disgusting
Allfeim Rebecca
Allfeim Rebecca - 3 months ago
Potatoes dead.
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