If you haven't considered AMD's new GPUs... you should...

21 500
Got a reference 5700 with a game for $289 a couple days ago on new egg. Needed a blower card for a node 202 mitx build. Pairing with 2600.
gamer forever
gamer forever - 5 days ago
so the new consoles will have a 5800xt or something for their 4k i take it?
epicgamerclanz - 6 days ago
So what does AMD have to compare to a 2070 or 70 Super?
McBain WoW
McBain WoW - 7 days ago
Only time I say no to blow is when I see that shity GPu cooler
Douglas Mast
Douglas Mast - 7 days ago
Meh, I'll stick with my sli water cooled 2080 ti.
Delain124 - 7 days ago
So I have a question. I'm upgrading my PC new motherboard and CPU and RAM. I have a 1060 6gb GPU. I have a monitor that is 1080p.
I'm looking at GPUs because we'll I'm going to take my old motherboard and CPU and RAM and use it in a build for my niece and nephew.
Any ways what GPU should I go for? Rx580, rx590, 5700, 5700xt 1660 to, or 2060? Which would be good for 1080p when playing games?
I mean if there are sales on the 2060 in a few weeks I may get that.
Seigi Knight
Seigi Knight - 9 days ago
is 5700 above radeon vega ?
which nvidia is equivalent to 5700 and vega?
TheMoreYouKnow 1
TheMoreYouKnow 1 - 9 days ago
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 - 9 days ago
Polaris is great. My RX 580 is still performing well in modern games.
Haurjie - 10 days ago
So which GPU should I get to go along with a 3900X workstation for video editing (Premiere and Resolve)?
Convicted Templar
Convicted Templar - 12 days ago
i am looking to upgrade my GPU this blackfriday from 580 to 5700xt but i have a rog strix 370-f mobo and it only has pcie3 , and 5700xt is pcie4 but will work on pcie3(so asus says) but will it be bottlenecked by the mobo or not? should i just try and sell my curent pc and cut my losses (i build it last year) or just the GPU upgrade will work?
LOONI BEATS - 12 days ago
I put a amd rx 580 in my computer and my computer didn’t boot lol I have a old computer from 2010 but they said it’s a future system for future products lol HPE-150F plz someone help me. Only thing I’ve ever upgraded way before my new card got here was the PSU. 600 watts inland Atx-ILG-600. I put back in the old card everything works. I don’t know what I did wrong. All feedback is welcomed
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 13 days ago
Why is it dented badly.
Idrees Baksh
Idrees Baksh - 14 days ago
I want 5700xt
chiru G
chiru G - 14 days ago
AMD is actually making big boys like intel AND Nvidia sweat at the same time! Good job amd! I'm rooting you guys.
Clint T
Clint T - 15 days ago
from what i've read AMD GPU's have heat dissipation issues compared to Nvidia...I've also heard of AMD having driver issues and Nvidia seems to get better support for games so a more streamlined experience pushes me away from AMD GPU's.
Tactical Pineapple
Tactical Pineapple - 16 days ago
seriously love some AMD stuff, maybe you should build a free amd pc for me, lmao
Arthur Sperotto
Arthur Sperotto - 16 days ago
5700XT vs 1080 (non Ti)
Anon Anonymous
Anon Anonymous - 17 days ago
What's a good amd that could be compared to rtx 2070 and how much is it
platinum63 - 19 days ago
I purchased Sapphire Rx 5700xt pulse. I get what I assume to be display driver crashes, as both monitors go black, if it recovers, all windows go black, white or blurred/transparent. Sometimes it doesn't recover and i must restart my PC. Playing something as basic as WoW classic or watching youtube videos.
Kamuraze _
Kamuraze _ - 20 days ago
Forget Ray Tracing
We have mods
XBOXRULES - 20 days ago
First Radeon I owned was the Radeon All in Wonder, replaced my TNT2 Ultra.
Jabberwocky - 21 day ago
I just bought a 5700 but thinking about returning and buying a 5700xt..good idea or no? I bought the MSI mech oc card too
Janek Krawiecki
Janek Krawiecki - 21 day ago
Good to hear. Nvidia sucks on linux.
drgiorhodes - 22 days ago
I have an 80+ white 500w psu. Will it be able to handle a 5700/5700xt
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley - 23 days ago
Used amd for years and the drivers are garbage, got an nvidia card, it just works. I’ll take that over slightly better FPS.
Bailey Patterson
Bailey Patterson - 25 days ago
I will be building my first PC, it is great to know that AMD is creating a competitive market to help reduce pricing and make
good GPUs affordable for people like me as first time builders, and now after this video, I am strongly considering the AMD
5700xt as my GPU of choice.
also after seeing this video, I am now considering an all AMD desktop using the ryzen 5 2600x and matching it with the 5700xt GPU.
Safuan AJ
Safuan AJ - 24 days ago
Do an update here when all is done? I'm thinking of going w full team red as well difference being w a 7 3700x instead
Bob H
Bob H - 28 days ago
Considering what we know about NVIDIA and AMD branding it would be nice for all their shit (boxes and cards in the background) to be removed from videos unless its whats being reviewed.
Adrie van Dijk
Adrie van Dijk - 28 days ago
well here the 5700 xt is around 20 / 30 dollars cheaper then the 2070.
Mohammad Kurniawan
Mohammad Kurniawan - Month ago
who is the performer?...
Mohammad Kurniawan
Mohammad Kurniawan - Month ago
What music is that?... I like it a lot.
Kyle B
Kyle B - Month ago
These cards have absolutely terrible reviews on Newegg
J Wallace
J Wallace - Month ago
The new Radeon housings scare me because the case isn't stylish to me, it literally looks like the card got too hot and melted...lmao
eli paynter
eli paynter - Month ago
Just got an rx 5700 ref for 280$
Hunter Jackson
Hunter Jackson - Month ago
The great thing about getting a RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT is buying a cheaper FreeSync monitor than the G-Sync compatible monitors that are more expensive than the FreeSync monitors.
Béci FRASE - Month ago
what's the title of the bench music? :D finally a percussion music that fits a good red card test! :D
ninjaa22 - Month ago
Amd stock should reach 40$ soon
Mars Mars
Mars Mars - Month ago
Ti seguo nei video da tanto e per me sei il migliore in assoluto ;-D grande!
Skuttlebutt - Month ago
So basically you get about the same performance for $100ish less. BUT no ray tracing..... ummm..... from everything I have seen that tech pretty much halfs your fps when turned on. So why would I spend $100 more for half the performance? Not a troll comment just wondering.
Phobos - Month ago
5700xt is the best looking graphics card
Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar - Month ago
Yea im happy with my water cooled 2070 super..amd fanboys hype up 5700xt but never mention it runs loud and hot..plus has issues with stuttering and crashing..fuck that
The Roaming Ninja
The Roaming Ninja - Month ago
Just got the RX 5700 XT. Can't wait to crack it open.
TalkNerdy ToMe
TalkNerdy ToMe - Month ago
I picked an open box 5700 xt from Micro Center for $329. So yeah, I'm definitely happy with my performance per dollar.
Harry Longshaft
Harry Longshaft - Month ago
Is that deal on drop still valid?
Petro Bolah
Petro Bolah - Month ago
I've just made the jump back to AMD and one of these cards.. OMG driver issues galore. Until they can sort this out they'll always be second best
Floodsye - Month ago
Latest tests show the 5700 XT beating/competing with 2070 Super and 2080 cards in modern games with updated drivers. Nvidia's only real valuable card is the 2080 Ti, but the price is stupidly high. For 1440p and 1080p gamers, the 5700 XT is the current king if you care at all about price.
yaoyuan - Month ago
Need help! Should I be getting rx 5700 or the XT version
Otto Alipirjelä
Otto Alipirjelä - Month ago
yaoyuan XT version is just a little bit more expensive but it’s much better than non-XT version so i’d go with the XT.
Garrett W.
Garrett W. - Month ago
good to know. might have to recommend it now that its matured a bit. too bad its neer impossible to find thme instock. i feel like those closet mines r stil ltrying to make a comeback LOL:
Dark Matter
Dark Matter - Month ago
I've nothing against Nvidia (my first gpu was a 750ti back in it's day and it was great for my needs), but when it comes to price-to-performance, AMD gets my money. Get a little deeper into things and you've got syncing, where Nvidia's G-Sync enabled monitors go for a premium. The long and short of it is that I like to play games on a PC that I built, and I have no need to pay Nvidia's premium for shit I'll never use (which with probably garnish _another_ premium for a monitor that pairs with the card).
Doom-Slayer - Month ago
I honestly thought the card melted itself during use based on the thumbnail and you were being satirical by telling us to consider purchasing a Radeon card lol. Sweet click bait.
Lizard King
Lizard King - Month ago
Lol I'm going to buy some amd shares yay capitalism :D
Kabal82 - Month ago
If AMD was to add crossfire support back, then I would consider it.
I just built my first PC recently. Made a few gaffs, and probably the biggest one was with the motherboard. Went with the MSI 570 Gaming Edge wifi. Saw that it had multiple pci-e slots and supports Crossfire. While I did go with an rtx 2070 super for the time being, I assumed I could add a 2nd gpu down the line.... I didn't realize that the board lacks sli support, so I can't.
So right now, if I want to run a dual gpu setup, my only option is to upgrade the motherboard and get a 2nd Nvidia card, because while the MB supports Crossfire, AMD dropped support from their most recent flagship card, despite my board supporting it.
Danial Raziq Adwa'
Danial Raziq Adwa' - Month ago
can i have one of those haha XD
Doug Lyons
Doug Lyons - Month ago
i need to know the riff used in this
Dialectical Monist
Dialectical Monist - Month ago
They flip flopped.
Nvidia used to be the raw frames and Radeon used to have the features.
Oskar Durys
Oskar Durys - Month ago
How did they flop, they now have both.
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner - Month ago
But for content creators, the amd cards dont offer 10 bit open gl color depth where nvidia does now from 1000 series and higher right?
Clyde James
Clyde James - 2 months ago
They overheat extremely badly trust me i got my 3rd one from them and im not sure anymore
Robert Di Benedetto
Robert Di Benedetto - 2 months ago
I have been rocking with amd products even during the bad times. But I love my 2700x and 5700 xt
BlueSapphire - 2 months ago
Can you do an updated version with the new AMD GPU drivers?
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega - 2 months ago
AMD reverse engineering NVIDIA card to beat them
INFINATOR - 2 months ago
just wait for the update and will boom out nvidia
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