YIAY have an announcement

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Marcelo Ozorio
Marcelo Ozorio - Month ago
The tour:
1. SF
2. Tokyo
3. Sao paulo
4. London
Pointless - Month ago
So is it just that Jackbox game: Quiplash
A Different Channel
A Different Channel - Month ago
Y = yesterday.
Benjamin Kovitz
Benjamin Kovitz - 2 months ago
Do a live show in Philly, coward :P
Bianca Jo
Bianca Jo - 3 months ago
it was so much fun!!!
Lightning Powered Films
Lightning Powered Films - 3 months ago
I’m here at yiay live the show
weekmemes - 3 months ago
the word dab is in the url
Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna - 3 months ago
I’m glad you’re not Jake Paul nobody would go be at his 21 and up show
Ben Goodwin
Ben Goodwin - 4 months ago
The fact that I can't tell if this is real is a credit to how good Jack is at what he does.
ichi - 4 months ago
damn wish i lived in la
joei blatt
joei blatt - 4 months ago
People go to his show, I'm too poor to go to any other youtube shit. I know his will be the cheapest tour.
Anønymøus -
Anønymøus - - 4 months ago
the title actually makes sense because the way YIAY is pronounced is the same as the the word I is pronounced in danish. So, to me, you are just saying
I have an announcement.
I’m Not Funny blind
I’m Not Funny blind - 4 months ago
I’m broke
Huston Manning
Huston Manning - 4 months ago
That suggested videos card is way too eerily similar to what mine actually looks like.
Milly Robinson
Milly Robinson - 4 months ago
Best I try ever
The End
The End - 4 months ago
We all know he's just gonna set it up so that he will win. I mean if he can't show us he's funny he can atleast try to convince us.
Shay. W.
Shay. W. - 4 months ago
John we all know no one is showing up to the 21+ show. Your entire fanbase is 12 year olds.
L3Dominus - 4 months ago
At 17th of November is my birthday
Hjimpie_splatoon - 4 months ago
Imma explain why there are two shows
All ages: its simple, just a family friendly show
21+: or you can call it: “furries only”
Have fun there...
Me? Oh i cant come... im not a furry... and im from Holland...
Manuel escoto Jr.
Manuel escoto Jr. - 4 months ago
We Wey you Boy Pretty
Epic Bean
Epic Bean - 4 months ago
Who is joe?
Who is joe? - 4 months ago
Phase one: yiay live live
Phase two: yiay 500
Phase three: the kidzbop quiz 2
Phase four: minecraft let’s play
Carl Z
Carl Z - 4 months ago
You shitheads better go to this so he comes up to Canada. Or at least near the border.
Csörgő Bercel
Csörgő Bercel - 4 months ago
Is this the secret project?
I barely upload
I barely upload - 4 months ago
The yiay game is happening on my b-day
Nicholas Ryan
Nicholas Ryan - 4 months ago
Stop copying pewdiepies show lwaiy
Spooky - 4 months ago
Anyone else get jabaited @ 0:10?
Lol2heaven - 4 months ago
I want this in Ireland 🤣🤣
Blur OverDrive
Blur OverDrive - 4 months ago
Its funny how only the All Ages version is the one sold out but not the 21+
Eliott Lally
Eliott Lally - 4 months ago
Fucking shave you furry
koala201211 - 4 months ago
Unfortunately, I don't have airplane money
Mr. Beleidigung
Mr. Beleidigung - 5 months ago
the url has dab in it lol milennials amirite?
Moo0505 - 5 months ago
Love the beginning! I’m glad he started addressing us properly!
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood - 5 months ago
I love that jacks like the one us youtuber who would actually come to Ireland if he went "beyond" a national tour😀😀
alex - 5 months ago
Why do you have a beard
Gavin Heimann
Gavin Heimann - 5 months ago
Now you get to pay to not get picked
Amy Mitman
Amy Mitman - 5 months ago
great, another chance for my submission to get rejected IN PERSON.
Josh Meadows
Josh Meadows - 5 months ago
Im going to atholton in a few years im in middle school
Symphonia16 - 5 months ago
This is fantastic!
Casey Actually Draws
Casey Actually Draws - 5 months ago
Mimi Do
Mimi Do - 5 months ago
Finally I can use my fake ID card for something good
sad and impromptu covers
sad and impromptu covers - 5 months ago
Terra Elizabeth Liegh Webber-Haas
my pills coos mi to sfur my sfpaech, me bran doenst do well rn
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds - 5 months ago
yiay live reboot.
Alice - 5 months ago
Bitch forgetting the uk
FBI BOI - 5 months ago
I wish i can go BUT I LIVE IN GERMANY 😭😢
Aayusssh Pokhrel
Aayusssh Pokhrel - 5 months ago
Hate from nepal
Mohammad - 5 months ago
swdisk 300334920
swdisk 300334920 - 5 months ago
Wrong grammar
Sel - 5 months ago
Forest Fire
Forest Fire - 5 months ago
Please let a tour happen
Turney - 5 months ago
I want standup jack, I can't lie to you. Tour too
Chubby Dubby
Chubby Dubby - 5 months ago
I fricking hate your beard
treb M
treb M - 5 months ago
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CgFvSxIq-Z4https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.listenerkids.jlm&hl=enI just won:
Playing 'Tutorial'
with Yokee™
Mr. Andrew
Mr. Andrew - 5 months ago
Sorry I was watching in it on my phone, 0:09
NextBigHit Music
NextBigHit Music - 5 months ago

Shut it i spelled people wrong...but its how i say it okay?
Katherine E.
Katherine E. - 5 months ago
petition for 18+ instead of 21+?
Deepseagoblin - 5 months ago
I just watched the odd1sout video about you!
Aldranster50 - 5 months ago
Come to the UK next year if you don’t your a sin
Jake Henwood
Jake Henwood - 5 months ago
Oof im Australian
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