BRIAN SHAW'S WORLD RECORD 733 LB STONE LIFT | The Strongest Man in History | History

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SHAWSTRENGTH - 5 months ago
This was my favorite moment from the first season! It was really amazing to break this record on the show and with the guys there! Thanks for all the support! 💪💯
jannis joplin
jannis joplin - 7 days ago
I'm glad you are here and pinned brother.
Bloodbain88 - 13 days ago
Way to go Brian!
Vicky Lin
Vicky Lin - 21 day ago
I was so hyped seeing you breaking the record! I think my whole dorm heard me scream 😭
Veniulem - 27 days ago
luv u
Malachi arciero
Malachi arciero - Month ago
You did it gooooood job 😁😁😁😁
Raonak Kaushik
Raonak Kaushik - Hour ago
Who puts them back in place
ベジータ - 7 hours ago
These guys are fat yet stronger than 6-pack body builders. I guess I don't need to reduce my belly in order to stay fit!!! These guys are great inspiration.
BingBangBrine - 17 hours ago
Drop on foot ow no more foot
hmrhuang - Day ago
There are Strong Men. And there's Brian Shaw!
Epiclips Productions
Epiclips Productions - 2 days ago
Everybody gangsta till link picks up dinnie stone on top of his head
Phantom - 2 days ago
Luke Appleton
Luke Appleton - 2 days ago
Eddie would of thrown them off the bridge if he was fully hydrated
Buttered _
Buttered _ - 3 days ago
Imagine your kid is being bullied. You decide to go to the dads house and teach him how to raise a child. You get to the door. You knock. You turn around to see if your son is still by your side which he is. You spin back around and see Brian with 2 rocks the size of him. What do you do?
max hardcore
max hardcore - 3 days ago
Pleasure to watch, love the respect he got after doing it, couldn't of gone to a more fitting person..
X - ray
X - ray - 4 days ago
3:21 what about the half ton deadlift?
Giz Mort
Giz Mort - 4 days ago
Credit to the guy who puts the stones back! 😂
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez - 4 days ago
Ok, but who would put the stones back to starting point?
JC Denton
JC Denton - 5 days ago
if they make a tf2 live action movie, bryan shaw is the perfect canadite
GET PUMPED - 5 days ago
Amazing job mr Shaw!!!
Jason Holcer
Jason Holcer - 5 days ago
Who needs guns when you have these guys 😂😂
Mask Man
Mask Man - 6 days ago
Imagine him as your gf's ex...😆😆😆😆
Tyler M
Tyler M - 6 days ago
It seems like a prime eddie, shaw, and halfthor are in their own league.
Lucas Mills
Lucas Mills - 7 days ago
"Let's go get geared up" .... oddly appropriate
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights - 9 days ago
POWER!!!! 💪
Chad Pilkington
Chad Pilkington - 9 days ago
Justice Prevail
Justice Prevail - 9 days ago
Donna Moore a British strong women from Colburn, North Yorkshire, England lifted the stones on August 15, 2019.
Samuel-REMAKE - 10 days ago
These bois is large.
ExplodingRage - 10 days ago
Wilt Chamberlain would have carried that 20 ft
lazyartist Last
lazyartist Last - 10 days ago
the problem is they are lifting with their legs, everyone knows you lift with your back, take the legs totally out of the equation.... except the walking part, kinda need em for that.
VastSpartan - 11 days ago
"You guys ready to eat?"
Owner of a buffet: "why do I hear boss music?"
Justice Prevail
Justice Prevail - 11 days ago
Samson was the strongest man in History, of course his strength was from divine power.
Angus Mòr MacAskill (1825 – 8 August 1863) a Scottish-born Canadian giant, (7 ft 9 in, or 2.36 m) had the largest chest measurements of any non-obese man (80 inches, or 200 cm). His early adult weight was 425 pounds (193 kg). His shoulders were 44 inches (110 cm) wide, and the palm of his hand 8 inches (20 cm) wide and 12 inches (30 cm) long; his wrists were 13.5 inches (34 cm) in circumference; his ankles measured 18 inches (46 cm) in circumference; by 1863 he wore 17.5 inches (44 cm) boots.
MacAskill was well known for feats of strength such as lifting a ship's anchor with an estimated weight between 2,200–2,700 pounds (1,000–1,220 kg. to chest height, and an ability to carry barrels weighing over 350 pounds (160 kg) apiece under each arm or reputedly able to lift a hundredweight (50 kg) with two fingers and hold it at arm's length for ten minutes.
Justice Prevail
Justice Prevail - 11 days ago
On May 1, 2018, James Crossley, who was Hunter in the
90s television series Gladiators held the stones for 34.58 seconds
after his third attempt.
Justice Prevail
Justice Prevail - 11 days ago
The previous record was held by Australian strongman Pete Seddon,
from Woombye in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, who carried the stones
a total distance of 8ft 2in. on April 16, 2019.
Yuki Wu
Yuki Wu - 13 days ago
I'm the strongest ma on earth, i ca hold the earth by just doing a handstand.
Frankie Fourfingers
Frankie Fourfingers - 14 days ago
Superhuman effort, but can it go down as a record when the lifter was using a lifting belt not utilised by historic lifters?
Joe Papa Onion
Joe Papa Onion - 14 days ago
Why are they wearing skirts?!😂
jtaltorags3186 - 14 days ago
Chuck Norris doesnt lift these stones, they run scared
Theawesomeking4444 - 14 days ago
am i the only one wondering who put the stones back in place?
Edgar García
Edgar García - 15 days ago
Why do they have dressea
forestsoceansmusic - 15 days ago
Luke Fernandez
Luke Fernandez - 15 days ago
It would take 8 of me to lift the light one
Quan Quan
Quan Quan - 16 days ago
5:20 lightweight babyyyy
James Perez
James Perez - 16 days ago
No steel toes on
Jim Piper
Jim Piper - 17 days ago
I love this show, but it cost Brian his 5th WSM title.
Dave Abrams Gaming
Dave Abrams Gaming - 17 days ago
yummy beef in skirt
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil - 18 days ago
Imagine if Eddie had been hydrated.
Marius K-L
Marius K-L - 18 days ago
I love how these four are such good friends
Joe Bob
Joe Bob - 19 days ago
Why no gloves for dinnie stones?
Chezarae Yothers
Chezarae Yothers - 19 days ago
Just started watching this show on's hoping for season 2 💪💪
BGA - 19 days ago
Who is resetting the weights lol
Mike More
Mike More - 19 days ago
How are Brian Shaw and I the same animal? He’s the closest thing to the Hulk that we have.
gnaw - 19 days ago
Try to picture the brute strength of that fistpump at 4:50
Brady Thompson
Brady Thompson - 19 days ago
Maybe where steel toed shoes? Made me nervous.
Lil Yeet
Lil Yeet - 20 days ago
CORRECTION!: 332.483 kilograms
daiviking - 21 day ago
For me it’s between Brian and big Z. I love Eddie but over all these two boys for consistency. Thor obviously gets a mention, and the great polish M P.
Richard Race
Richard Race - 21 day ago
Couldn't they have used basic gloves?
Dantes230 - 21 day ago
Eddie would have broken it but he was dehydrated
Its Niwar
Its Niwar - 21 day ago
I wouldn't think they'd be that heavy if I just randomly saw then and didnt know it wasn't just a rock
Clint EastwoodenDoors
Clint EastwoodenDoors - 21 day ago
Man. White people are super strong.
ScuFF Biscuit
ScuFF Biscuit - 21 day ago
Y don't they were gloves
Braden - 22 days ago
Where's thor?
MrBarosxp - 22 days ago
Eddie was dehydrated so his hands hurt so much.
Crownz Existence
Crownz Existence - 23 days ago
Just think....if Goku and vegeta were real and stuff....this would be easy for them...they'd just carry them up and down Ireland for fun
Rocky B
Rocky B - 23 days ago
These guys have the best job in the world. Going around the world trying to beat records!
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