Goat Simulator : Funny Moments

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Claudia Nascimento
Claudia Nascimento - 2 days ago
ELAY XB XO ZRAWHCS - 2 days ago
1:;27 Year Destroy This Evil Nazi "Triskele" Of Evil Nazi "SS" Of Evil Satanistic Inbreeding And Inzest Of Evil Blood And Honour(less)!
Charlie Stear
Charlie Stear - 5 days ago
It is funny lol😂
Josilene Silva
Josilene Silva - 5 days ago
Rakan Ali
Rakan Ali - 5 days ago
Rakan Ali
Rakan Ali - 5 days ago
Юлия Мерзликина
Damien Kurk
Damien Kurk - 7 days ago
On Xbox the ninja turtles look like kids in costumes
OsKar murguia
OsKar murguia - 14 days ago
Esa cabra es una Lokilla ejjejejeejjej
Laura Molony
Laura Molony - 15 days ago
The coolest goat in the world!
Dareen Almohsen
Dareen Almohsen - 18 days ago
help me please I’m I don’t no what is name plz
Deez Nut
Deez Nut - 24 days ago
Can’t believe these used to be funny
Kıssas Official
Kıssas Official - 24 days ago
hocam bu ne?
Mystic_ Skin Owl
Mystic_ Skin Owl - 26 days ago
Rip Infinty
cocodin27 - Month ago
mdr ta video
Tôm Nhím Meme
Tôm Nhím Meme - Month ago
Im no the
Indie Encarnado
Indie Encarnado - Month ago
Ito Goat ang mga revenge ay people *speck of filipino*
Telpad Dual S
Telpad Dual S - Month ago
Inferno Games
Inferno Games - Month ago
5:55 Game: How many sugar cubes would you like?

Goat: yes
Maximiliano Pena
Maximiliano Pena - Month ago
Jake Verse Gaming
Jake Verse Gaming - 2 months ago
You want to see more funny Goat Simulator cliips check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4iPaS2HdqI
Fennec _ Ava Dark - Heart
Fennec _ Ava Dark - Heart - 2 months ago
Eric Kort
Eric Kort - 2 months ago
lol@ going up the ladder racking its head...LMAO
DTboi DaCoolest
DTboi DaCoolest - 2 months ago
0:44 1 like for this goat
LACHO - 2 months ago
8:33 deadmau5
j andrews
j andrews - 2 months ago
Who ever made this game was proper on acid.
Muhammad Zulkhairi Mohd Nasir
Or an avid disciple of Baphomet!
Amanda Degagne
Amanda Degagne - 2 months ago
1:59 goats of the carabien HAHAHA😂😂
Sierra Moon
Sierra Moon - 2 months ago
"Goats Are Not supposed to be There!"
Charlotte Ackrill
Charlotte Ackrill - 2 months ago
Who else watching in 2020 lol it's from the new january ps plus do I got it and now I'm watching videos of it
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - Month ago
LaMario yeah i forgot to get it last month so now i missed it
Pizzatime_ 420
Pizzatime_ 420 - 2 months ago
same omg
DK GAMER - 2 months ago
SpecificD - 2 months ago
ye same
Not Cobra
Not Cobra - 2 months ago
Charlotte Ackrill me too
antonio 123
antonio 123 - 2 months ago
Mt bom video kkk😂
Anna15077 - 3 months ago
Lol this game had me in stitches like no other
Firefox - 3 months ago
I only downloaded it cause it was free on PS plus lol. Had it on ps3 2
Platinum Knight
Platinum Knight - Month ago
Na you actually just rented it for a period of time from 365 days to 1 day, nothing is really free.
Zin - 2 months ago
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts - 2 months ago
I got it for free aswell well on ps plus
Waluigi Is the true god
Waluigi Is the true god - 3 months ago
4:55 on mobile they look like shreks... 😂😂
Lennon and Bronson
Lennon and Bronson - 2 months ago
i have it on mobile YES they do
OFFICIAL! DOGE! - 2 months ago
I no
Waluigi Is the true god
Waluigi Is the true god - 2 months ago
Teenage mutant ninja shreks
Kelly Thomas
Kelly Thomas - 2 months ago
i’m terrified
Waluigi Is the true god
Waluigi Is the true god - 2 months ago
*it scares me*
Rafy and Nina
Rafy and Nina - 3 months ago
3:13 XD
honkingantalope - 3 months ago
Ps plus brought me here it looks like something I'd actually download and play.
YT SAFTY - 2 months ago
Same but I been know this game I finally get to play it free
Charlotte Ackrill
Charlotte Ackrill - 2 months ago
Same mate same
Miracle Gamer x7
Miracle Gamer x7 - 3 months ago
honkingantalope yeeeee
Romeo Opiasa
Romeo Opiasa - 3 months ago
me too,I love the game
Susan de guzman
Susan de guzman - 4 months ago
0:24 me/riddler: one night john was killed in the pool floating and the pool was covered in blood the police search and they found 5 suspects
james: i was just playing video games
julie: i was just watching TV
mark: i was just playing video games with james
Louie: i was just doing my homework
goat: baaa
the police found a horn on johns back the police said it was the goat!
how did he knew it was the goat?
be cause sometimes goats can lose there horns this was just made up please don't complain much XD
Christian Roubideaux
Christian Roubideaux - 3 months ago
You have to be like 10 💀
Erika Fast
Erika Fast - 4 months ago
Papa Chango
Papa Chango - 4 months ago
I have this game it's awesome , skateboarding goat.
RBLX_KoluYT - 3 months ago
Its a longboard
Soar The Robloxian
Soar The Robloxian - 4 months ago
cool, un FR
Manuell - 4 months ago
There's something with his tongue. Did they give Bud Light to the model goat?
sus box
sus box - 4 months ago
I haven't played this game in so many fucking years
Yeetes Beetus
Yeetes Beetus - 4 months ago
My video can I have it
Yeetes Beetus
Yeetes Beetus - 4 months ago
It’s mine your’s grammar.
iron lion zion
iron lion zion - 4 months ago
its mines not yours
tj - 5 months ago
1:56 is this goat theft auto 5
Andrew Deighton
Andrew Deighton - 6 months ago
would be ok if it was Free, but it isn't
Serial Killa
Serial Killa - 2 months ago
Andrew Deighton - It is free, with PS+
bumblebee Pro let's go
bumblebee Pro let's go - 6 months ago
whatcha talking about the hole Game is full of it I played it I still have it 2019 on my ps4 it's so stupid the most stupid game ever created
初音XxMikuVcaloidxX - 6 months ago
I have all the goat simulator games it's so fun!
Diana Denman
Diana Denman - 5 months ago
Same cuz I have switch and they all came together
شيخ الكثران
شيخ الكثران - 6 months ago
Fredbear famliy Diner?????????
MegaTurtle - 6 months ago
tu joues en français
Danila Fishing
Danila Fishing - 6 months ago
Ignited Foxy Dude 23
Ignited Foxy Dude 23 - 7 months ago
i hear a 096 scram
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning - 7 months ago
I love this game
Eduardo Ferreira
Eduardo Ferreira - 19 days ago
Me too i like this game so much
Zin - 2 months ago
@きGhoulx what's yo ID?
きGhoulx - 2 months ago
Zin N. Same
Zin - 2 months ago
@きGhoulx I'm on ps4 too, haven't tried online in the game before tho 😂
Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning - 5 months ago
@きGhoulx Sounds like a plan to me! what is your gamer tag? Mine is Volterae
SCP - GCYTZ - 7 months ago
1:03 XDDD
Gacha Fun
Gacha Fun - 7 months ago
that is not funny sorry
Starlightt - 3 months ago
I agree with you, it wasn’t funny. But gacha is also lame and for weird kiddos.
ATLAS Studios
ATLAS Studios - 4 months ago
[ЯΞÐΛϾТΞÐ] [SłТΞ] gacha sucks stuff like SCP and minecraft are for men
Gacha Fun lol is that all you got?
Gacha Fun
Gacha Fun - 6 months ago
@[ЯΞÐΛϾТΞÐ] [SłТΞ] cut boy
Gacha Fun yeah not funny like gacha fuckhead
Yanis uchxwa 忍
Yanis uchxwa 忍 - 9 months ago
Tu est fr?

Sinon super video
FRrozZi mr95
FRrozZi mr95 - 14 hours ago
Oui elle est française
Famille Dutrisac
Famille Dutrisac - Month ago
Ouai car le jeu est écrit en français 😶
Angel Saldana
Angel Saldana - 9 months ago
Automobil Elias
Automobil Elias - 10 months ago
1:33 hahahhahahahahaha wtf
R- Tuber
R- Tuber - 10 months ago
3:13 i was thinking this is goat simulator not dumbo simulator 😁😁
Siekiera111222 - 11 months ago
Very funny, good job!
The Morning Fresh
The Morning Fresh - Year ago
Let's analyse the comments for fun! (No offence intended)
1x comment praising Pilgor and getting her gender wrong
1x comment that is useless
2x comments praising the video
2x comment in French (is it French? I don't know.)
1x comment correcting someone.
1x comment saying oof
1x comment praising a word
1x comment in which I encounter my clone
1x comment replying in a way that I would
In total, 11x comments.
Gio from Giofilms Who plays Gio
The Morning Fresh 🤠
The Morning Fresh
The Morning Fresh - 11 months ago
Gio from Giofilms Who plays Gio That is a nice word.
Gio from Giofilms Who plays Gio
The Morning Fresh oof
Hullyheat - Year ago
Goat sim
Big Ben
Big Ben - Month ago
Lucia Vieira
Lucia Vieira - 5 months ago
Why did you say yes in portuguese
Molly B
Molly B - 10 months ago
Gio from Giofilms Who plays Gio
The Morning Fresh you think he had a stroke?
The Morning Fresh
The Morning Fresh - 11 months ago
Gio from Giofilms Who plays Gio Ah, I see I have encountered my clone.
Hullyheat - Year ago
Nice bro
My Demons
My Demons - Year ago
He’s got to be the best goat I’ve ever seen
The Morning Fresh
The Morning Fresh - Year ago
She. There is proof on the Goat Simulator Wiki that Pilgor, the goat, is a girl.
Nshow - 2 years ago
GG pour tes vidéos!
Nshow - 2 years ago
(très bon montage au passage) + 1 abo
Antonin Drs
Antonin Drs - 2 years ago
nice video !!!
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