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Ma. Isobel Ilui Dela Rosa - Espino
I heard hot oil when he’s eating at Mcdonalds, i laughed out to well hehehe u make me happy Mike
Kyle Francine
Kyle Francine - 20 hours ago
Still a Mcdo Fan hehehe, watched all your videos in a day, skipped some parts but hey! I did!!! I love you 💖 Sincerely yours from the Philippines hehe
Dani Banana
Dani Banana - Day ago
shake shake my fries

ok mike
Jaya Thilagam
Jaya Thilagam - 2 days ago
Why don't you taste KFC all over the world
NKAS Gamer23
NKAS Gamer23 - 3 days ago
The Gravy is for the Fried Chicken.....watching from Seoul....SEOULTAN Kudarat..lmao
mellisa munroe
mellisa munroe - 3 days ago
Mike if you ever come to the state of Washington and go to the city of tukwila they have one at the south center mall. I haven’t tried it yet but just thought I would let you know :)
Doggo Henriquez
Doggo Henriquez - 3 days ago
Im not filipino but where can I get one of these?
Christian ME
Christian ME - 3 days ago
if you ate filipino dish try using spoon :)
Bravest Ant
Bravest Ant - 3 days ago
Wish they had jolliebee in America
Bravest Ant
Bravest Ant - 3 days ago
Mumbling Marvic I mean have it more popular and in more places
Mumbling Marvic
Mumbling Marvic - 3 days ago
They do .. they have for intance one in queens and one in manhatten NY those are the ones i know of . Definetly a lot more in cali and las vegas where more filipinos reside
gilbs72 - 6 days ago
We Filipinos dip the chicken in gravy, like turkey or roast beef. 😁
Amanda Nicolae Abion-Domingo
You have to come back again a little later in the day to try the regular menu, what you had is only the breakfast menu options, they change it at 10-11 am. You missed a lot! Part 2 please!
Miguel Mercado
Miguel Mercado - 7 days ago
My mom taught me how to cook beff tapa
scienz chic
scienz chic - 8 days ago
HA! Love the t-shirt "Control Your Tempura!"
katherine gella
katherine gella - 8 days ago
Dude, the gravy is for the chicken. Even if you go to KFC in the Philippines, you get unlimited gravy - they used to have a thermos of hot gravy on every table but took it out cause people abused it. And yes, Jollibee Chicken Joy is the best; it's "juicylicious" and "crispylicious" for a reason.

Filipino style spaghetti is sweet and has hotdogs and tons of grated cheese. I'm glad you like Jollibee. Jollibee Chicken Joy in the US is still as good and crispy - huge too!
Cornelia - 8 days ago
You should try the Hawaiian burger from Jollibee next time. It will blow your mind.
Lol yeah
Lol yeah - 8 days ago
You should also try the secret menu in McDonald's its all burger btw
Gem Gulmatico
Gem Gulmatico - 8 days ago
Mang inasal unlimited rice be like
"Ah sh*t here we go again"
Rodney Mark Estrella
Rodney Mark Estrella - 9 days ago
Filipino loves sweets, even our traditional snacks kakanin are sweet based. Thats our food culture that some foreigners cant understand because they preferred savory or spicy rather than sweets.
Franz Josef Benjamin Macapagal
try jollibee kalentong branch, they have a much better jolly spaghetti and you should not miss the jollibee palabok! you should also try mang inasal another very popular fast food chain in the philippines! :D
Christian Añasco
Christian Añasco - 9 days ago
You should have gotten the peach mango pie. That one is WAY BETTER!
Touch Vlogs
Touch Vlogs - 9 days ago
The Light
The Light - 9 days ago
That's it. Jollibee for dinner
tenornie channel
tenornie channel - 9 days ago
The gravy isnt for fries
jeric basilio
jeric basilio - 8 days ago
tenornie channel it depends on thr culture of human being smh -_-
Mindy Arceta
Mindy Arceta - 10 days ago
Ube pie 🥰😍🥰
Taya Owens
Taya Owens - 10 days ago
what did you say at 13:47? you sounded happy 😂
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham - 10 days ago
Taiwan donald looks so wierdo... .. And i just single right now... Or i have opptunity marry with sweet j korea purple.
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham - 10 days ago
Jackie chan love you dadalala
Stanford Leeham
Stanford Leeham - 10 days ago
Yeah phiphine donald is so looks wierdo
Why do you want to know?
Why do you want to know? - 10 days ago
Is it better than Nathan's hotdog
What's Up Everybody
What's Up Everybody - 11 days ago
Am i the only one that got triggered when he didnt mix the spaghetti
Athena - 11 days ago
I was nervous at first when I saw the intro because I felt like he wouldn't like the foods these chains have. I mean he's been in different countries, tried foods that looks much better that our foodchain could offer. But I'm surprised that he liked it and said a lot of good things about it. lol.
Jc Lc
Jc Lc - 11 days ago
I hate you 😅😅😅, that food looks amazingly good 🤣😂🤣enjoy!
Lucas Figueroa
Lucas Figueroa - 11 days ago
Everytime I eat food I watch his videos....
pavkrn - 11 days ago
The next time you come to the Philippines, please try mang inasal. I like it better than Jollibee.
And also, the gravy is for the chicken.
Bella Catalan
Bella Catalan - 12 days ago
The O Face
The O Face - 12 days ago
McDonald's Chicken Is better than Jollibee's Chicken because Jollibee Chicken sucks
draxx Sklounst
draxx Sklounst - 12 days ago
6:35 "this morning" dude it's like pitch black outside behind you lol
Christian Añasco
Christian Añasco - 9 days ago
its like 3-4am probably that led to the rise of the sun because they dont serve that corned beef and beef tapa dish the whole day, just in mornings
Harvester Pascual
Harvester Pascual - 12 days ago
These food are eaten by poor people that is why we have them low prices
fernando tito
fernando tito - 13 days ago
Como quisiera q el restaurante de jollybee estuviera en mi país =, vvv
Minwon Jang
Minwon Jang - 13 days ago
Am I the only one who really really enjoys Tropical Hut?
Jonathan Baldomero
Jonathan Baldomero - 13 days ago
Honest review..
Just like best food review show, yours is absolutely a good food review show as well
its jesusin
its jesusin - 13 days ago
looks nasty
belat /
belat / - 13 days ago
Sinikatan kana ng araw hahaa
Christine Gosey
Christine Gosey - 14 days ago
I'm late to the first viewing of the video bu none the less I will not be the last. I would like to say the I love Jollie 🐝 chicken. I believe it is way better than KFC 🍗. My favorite is the spicy flavor with that ole so delicious gravy. Out here in the USA 🇺🇸 we have peach mango pies. I would like to try the kind they have in the Philippines 🇵🇭. I do not descriminate everyone tasting palette is different. There is so many flavors of herb to the many creation which contributes to foods to give them the aromatic flavors we all desire. Just to be clear I was not viewing this because I'm hungry. I really wanted to see what was the out come of the comparison among the two.
jamms theman
jamms theman - 14 days ago
That spaghetti looks like something you'd get at a dollar store. Lmao
Minwon Jang
Minwon Jang - 13 days ago
Looks can be deceiving, Jollibee Spaghetti is borderline crack in terms of taste and just as addictive.
ShodaiGoji1954 - 14 days ago
wonder why he's using a fork for rice, filipinos use spoons
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3 letters M S G
Luiz Pagdilao
Luiz Pagdilao - 15 days ago
Mike try the Mang Inasal in the Philippines, it so good
fat matt
fat matt - 15 days ago
Why is the bee
damien helm
damien helm - 15 days ago
A little beet of garlic rice makes everything nice
Carlo Jose Isaac
Carlo Jose Isaac - 16 days ago
Jollibee have no tapsilog (the beef dish) in US. You should try peach mango pie
kapzek09 - 16 days ago
9:00 Me to Westerners: Ever heard of a spoon?
Lia ManuéL
Lia ManuéL - 16 days ago
🤤🤤🤤 wondering when can I try Jollibee, when...
tusukeros06 - 16 days ago
mcdo has that rib part chicken, if u prefer more crispy skin then rib part is the part u must choose, just tell the cashier hehe
2732 Hustler Videos
2732 Hustler Videos - 16 days ago
Nice one Mike. Also visit Baguio City once and try all the delicacies here.
nam man
nam man - 17 days ago
Magically Yours with Melisande
The world is a better and tastier place thanks to the many groups of Asia sharing their food with us. It pains me to think that America repaid them by sharing McDonald’s with them.
jade vong
jade vong - 17 days ago
hello mike , yummy foods:)
Reinalyn Saromo
Reinalyn Saromo - 17 days ago
Mike come to national city California the food there it's really great from tita's kitchen
Reinalyn Saromo
Reinalyn Saromo - 17 days ago
Mike why don'ts you try palabok from jollibee it's really good
anis chem
anis chem - 17 days ago
That painful moment when you're so into mike's videos and just realise you're in a country that doesn't even have Mc.....
lovemyvan - 18 days ago
Bravo Jollibee!
lovemyvan - 18 days ago
VhonChainnel - 19 days ago
JOLLIBEE is coming soon in Calgary Alberta,Canada
Check it out guy's out there
I will upload soon.
Thank you so much 👍👍👍👍
Mohit T
Mohit T - 19 days ago
The million dollar question is, where is the palabok?
mike tan
mike tan - 15 days ago
Wla ata palabok pag bteakfast
virgilio tee
virgilio tee - 19 days ago
the gravy is for the chicken
Nico Niel Divinagracia
Nico Niel Divinagracia - 19 days ago
You forgot to buy peach mango pie
John Araneta
John Araneta - 20 days ago
I myself like the JBee Champ or Junior Champ than McD's Big Mac. I don't like JB spag either, too sweet for my taste. No salads in either JB or McD, so have KFC salad for healthier dish.
Stebi Uang
Stebi Uang - 20 days ago
Bro you gotta dip the fries in ice cream
Lui Ronduen
Lui Ronduen - 21 day ago
Why does it feel like McDonald’s is copying some of jollibee’s foods?
Stella Fantasia
Stella Fantasia - 21 day ago
Filipinos have grade schooler taste. Our food is usually on the sweeter side. And uh, the gravy is actually for the chicken. I love Jolly Hotdog so much 😍
Ma. Guadalupe Macalma
Ma. Guadalupe Macalma - 21 day ago
Me:okay, he’s enjoying the food, okay..
7 seconds later
Kylie Espina
Kylie Espina - 8 days ago
Ma. Guadalupe Macalma yeah I found that weird too when I moved to the US. People ate with just a fork
Noreen Grace
Noreen Grace - 21 day ago
wait, what? no peach mango pie at jollibee?
Noreen Grace
Noreen Grace - 21 day ago
Gravy "I think this is for the fries"
Me: Nooooo it's for the chicken joy!
Ella Saluria
Ella Saluria - 21 day ago colored hotdogs
Josh Perez
Josh Perez - 22 days ago
Your videos are amazing dudee...makes me hungry everytime😂
Theskxinnygrxzzly. - 22 days ago
I bet the honey butter fries taste like the donut sticks
eeybisi - 22 days ago
I love the desserts, fries and chicken fillet ala king meal of McDonald's. On the other hand, I love everything in Jollibee😍
Jaja Tv
Jaja Tv - 22 days ago
Use spoon please
Josh Hartoon
Josh Hartoon - 23 days ago
“There might be some in the USA” 100s in each state
Mhat Tagalay
Mhat Tagalay - 23 days ago
Jollibee is better than McDonald's
Hopeful Spirit
Hopeful Spirit - 24 days ago
Filipino style spaghetti is sweet 😊
AD_ Greyx
AD_ Greyx - 24 days ago
Anyone know if Jollibee cooks their chicken with milk or eggs?
Delhi - 24 days ago
i grew up liking jollibee, but now i prefer mcdo over jollibee.
but mcdo will never beat jollibee's chicken lmao.
Christian Lancin
Christian Lancin - 24 days ago
Try mang inasal next
Hannah Prudenciado Jul
Hannah Prudenciado Jul - 24 days ago
You should try dipping the fries in the soft-served ice cream cuz... that's what I always do.
instax Lens 60mm Focus Range 0.6-Infinity
Im a fanboy of both tbh
shouta Watanabe
shouta Watanabe - 25 days ago
Philippines is the worst country in the world
Mary Amadora
Mary Amadora - 26 days ago
i think your getting inlove of the filipino food
happy pilipina here seeing you eat the filipino foods
Veronica Jodi
Veronica Jodi - 26 days ago
I searched makeup shts but ended up in these types of videos.... btw its currently 12:27 AM and I'm really hungry right nooooww
Florence Solis
Florence Solis - 26 days ago
you should try jollibee aloha burger and try tapa with vinegar
do you like messi ?
do you like messi ? - 26 days ago
Why isn't he using spoon?!?!?
fufufuaru - 26 days ago
mcdo chicken in PH is cardboard compared to jollibee chicken yessss
fufufuaru - 26 days ago
also lmao you should hear pinoy stand up comedian Rex Navarrete talk about pinoy spaghetti. ashamed of the hotdog and says people still love it even if it can cause diabetes. made me laugh so hard esp since i love pinoy spag (as much as spag bolognese.)
Kirby Villegas
Kirby Villegas - 26 days ago
Comment: Jollibee to be the King of fast foods
Like: Mcdonald to be king of fast foods
Kirby Villegas
Kirby Villegas - 26 days ago
Im here
Nikki Ainza
Nikki Ainza - 27 days ago
i literally died the moment he didn’t mixed the pasta with the spaghetti sauce.

cedric burrell
cedric burrell - 16 days ago
BRO I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?! it's not spaghetti if u don't mix the sauce
Cheryl Dizon
Cheryl Dizon - 27 days ago
No wonder that bee is always happy :-D
fagiolification - 27 days ago
As an Italian, those spaghetti will haunt my nightmares...
Nathan Jhong
Nathan Jhong - 27 days ago
That gravy is for the chicken not for the fries 😂
PePe XD P3P3
PePe XD P3P3 - 27 days ago
You are supposes to use the spoon on the rice
Honey Cepada
Honey Cepada - 28 days ago
This makes me so happy! ❤️
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