8 031
PolarBear - 24 days ago
Ngl I was kinda hoping for a KOT4Q collab
Alexander Ross
Alexander Ross - 25 days ago
4.41-4.43 when my girl sees my peen
Tina Mayes
Tina Mayes - 2 months ago
Jesser be on fire shoot
Calev Zak
Calev Zak - 2 months ago
3:03 that noise tho
Jon Licht
Jon Licht - 2 months ago
My spine started to tingle when I saw Bone collector pull out the spine 😨
ItsKhazi - 3 months ago
Imagine if the waiter picked Zack’s...

Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai - 3 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai - 3 months ago
Shabd Rai
Shabd Rai - 3 months ago
Jaylen Smith
Jaylen Smith - 4 months ago
You blessed to be able to experience that keep grinding
Aiden Albert
Aiden Albert - 4 months ago
sike jesse da GOAT
Aiden Albert
Aiden Albert - 4 months ago
Jesse: i lost my tan

Me: you still have it on your forhead
Zion Ateba
Zion Ateba - 4 months ago
Jesser is so cool
Gurnoor Hundal
Gurnoor Hundal - 5 months ago
Who needs air mags j get the shoes jester got
Tyler Bullock
Tyler Bullock - 5 months ago
13:34 mans said lebrons the goat hm
Raffs xD
Raffs xD - 5 months ago
Can someone tell me what champion hoodie Jesser is wearing?
Sam Imlach
Sam Imlach - 5 months ago
hey jesser we have the same birthday
march 27
NateDog - 5 months ago
The food is great
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham - 5 months ago
*nice tricks*
1:14 💖🎥💖
Dwayne LEGO Productions
Dwayne LEGO Productions - 6 months ago
I’m in California
Eoin Nolasco
Eoin Nolasco - 6 months ago
Hey jesser can you give me the title of the intro song
SoSJobo - 6 months ago
He says use code jsr i say caronaviris ruined this
Whiley L
Whiley L - 6 months ago
You were in China oh shit
E L _ Y I B R A
E L _ Y I B R A - 6 months ago
Charlie Goodman
Charlie Goodman - 6 months ago
i live in chicago
the place that you went is lou Malnati's
Ohm Shah
Ohm Shah - 6 months ago
Where is Zach's backpack from??? Its so tufffffff.
Kash Star**
Kash Star** - 7 months ago
Fashion is my passion no1 will ever change that..n I love basketball"WARDROBES NEVER DEPICT HOW FAR WE GO IN LIFE BUT A GREAT PERSONAILTY N THE RIGHT MIND SET WILL"💗💗
Ethan Arnold
Ethan Arnold - 7 months ago
literally he bought one thing for his girl and rest for him
Sebastian - 7 months ago
When you realize team Giannis all wore #24 and team Lebron wore #2 so the jersey numbers aren't accurate lmao
Rohit Sridhar
Rohit Sridhar - 7 months ago
Cool 😎
Jonathan Rico
Jonathan Rico - 7 months ago
I also lobe shorts
Flavio Perlingieri
Flavio Perlingieri - 7 months ago
1:20 please tell me the name of this shooooes
NLG_ghostball - 7 months ago
I live in Chicago so this lit
Wing Stop
Wing Stop - 7 months ago
Itsroyalpanda - 7 months ago
More mafia
wetlikelava - 7 months ago
what air force 1s are Tristan jass wearing 1:20
antony gorrell
antony gorrell - 7 months ago
dude stop trying to be black and Down go into the hood and then get harassed by your white police 👮‍♀️ officers who beat down our gente - then killed them for no reason that validates their police duties
RaymondPlayz - 7 months ago
TJass: *drive to the paint*
Jesser:I'm Dead...
Vincent __
Vincent __ - 7 months ago
What is the name of those shoes they 🔥
Bass Boost Nation
Bass Boost Nation - 7 months ago
1:40 that transition nice tho
Chad Joyner
Chad Joyner - 7 months ago
Why isn’t mopi there he is the real mvp
DOCS VLOGS - 7 months ago
Bro u suck at basketball
justin mcneely
justin mcneely - 7 months ago
Go to Luhmaryanis pizzeria bro its🔥
C Wade 99
C Wade 99 - 7 months ago
Ayyeee you went giordanos that’s my favorite pizza place I live in Chicago
Jason K
Jason K - 7 months ago
3:24 can anyone tell me what this move called? I know it’s a Kobe move
Michael Basinger
Michael Basinger - 7 months ago
I dont know where you got those seats "cough cough " seat geek "cough cough "
Chiefszone15 - 7 months ago
If Jesser was a NBA player he would be Joe Harris
Bigx Papi
Bigx Papi - 7 months ago
I go to that cheese cake factory when I go to Chicago and I do that with. my fam
Scott Pearce
Scott Pearce - 7 months ago
🔥 1:34 🔥💃💯
Jay The beas
Jay The beas - 7 months ago
Chicago gang wya
손수지 - 7 months ago
I wish i can change when i slap the ground
Garrett Hess
Garrett Hess - 7 months ago
Jesse those r gay pride af1s
Magnum760 Gamer
Magnum760 Gamer - 7 months ago
Do more pubg vids
Itsalex2025 - 7 months ago
Just had to put EXCLUSIVE in the title😂
Pac - 7 months ago
Giodanos is not the best pizza in Chicago
Marvin - 7 months ago
Jesse needs to learn some new dunks
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown - 7 months ago
Get pizza from Chicago
Your a wizard Harry
Your a wizard Harry - 7 months ago
Subscribe. Or be ass a hooping forever.
Xiang Chang
Xiang Chang - 7 months ago
All star game in the most dangerous city in the western hemisphere....if you're going don't leave your bulletproof vest at home
Yanni McDuffie
Yanni McDuffie - 7 months ago
Who wants more mafia
Lost - 7 months ago
Anyone know the shoes jesser got on??
antonio ávila
antonio ávila - 7 months ago
T Jass is amazing, but he travel in 3:30
DALLAS__ JOE - 7 months ago
18sicily - 7 months ago
I’m not gonna lie but I’m 5’8 and can grab the rim and jesser’s 6’3 ass can’t even do a basic dunk
Sargis Narssi
Sargis Narssi - 7 months ago
You guys dribble too much in place wasting your energy your moves get you no where.
李善德 - 7 months ago
The program “Discovery: China’s Organ Transplants,” by reporter Matthew Hill of BBC World Service, has been repeatedly broadcast on BBC Radio and TV. Mr. Hill and several presenters discussed two questions: What is the source of China's organ transplants? Has the live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience stopped?

BBC broadcast “ Discovery: China’s Organ Transplants” by reporter Matthew Hill on August 15 and 22, 2018. The titles of the two episodes are, “Who to Believe?” and “Tourism and Transparency.”
Z- R0
Z- R0 - 7 months ago
Holy shit Back To The Future 2 predicted the adapts 😯
Artecat The thriller
Artecat The thriller - 7 months ago
I have the same name as you
AYOYA Game’s
AYOYA Game’s - 7 months ago
Check my channal out I have the best WORLDSTAR fights
Subscribe too
Modio SZN
Modio SZN - 7 months ago
yoooooooooo jesser in my city Yessssssirrrrr
Chi-Town Kid
Chi-Town Kid - 7 months ago
I LOVE my city of Chicago!! I've skated & played hockey on United Center ice!!
Smoke ツ
Smoke ツ - 7 months ago
Jesser looks so weird without his hair
Takeoff 824
Takeoff 824 - 7 months ago
“Thou shall not steal, kill, and destroy.”. A kid is a baby goat.
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger - 7 months ago
Erick Carrillo
Erick Carrillo - 7 months ago
Anyone know the name of those Air Forces 1:24
Notralu - 7 months ago
Yall at chi-town no way
CRYPTIC - 7 months ago
Boy, you are horrible at ball gee-rezus christ
Diana Kolar
Diana Kolar - 7 months ago
Who else watched Jesser OG videos
CEC HOOPS - 7 months ago
Did anyone get sad when they saw he was wearing a kyrie jersey and kyrie isn’t playing 😔
BigBoat DJ
BigBoat DJ - 7 months ago
Jessie I will actually be seeing you at all-star game my granny got ya tickets
InRoneyWeTrust - 7 months ago
8 more subscribers and I’ll be at 300 subscribers 💛💜
Veracity - 7 months ago
Marry me
Owen Beaulieu
Owen Beaulieu - 7 months ago
nice jersey my question is why isn't kyrie an all-star this year
Lord Red
Lord Red - 7 months ago

Wassup its bone collector. *holds up fish bone*
Nugget Slayer
Nugget Slayer - 7 months ago
Anyone know where Zach got his hoodie
Jonas Heneghan
Jonas Heneghan - 7 months ago
What are those air forces called
Kakashi - 7 months ago
Matt Scheffler
Matt Scheffler - 7 months ago
How’re u gonna say bron the goat when ur in chicago
funny pets
funny pets - 7 months ago
Mythical_Legendz X
Mythical_Legendz X - 7 months ago
It’s actually been cool seeing tourist in Chicago lately (I live here)
Simply Aaron
Simply Aaron - 7 months ago
Jesser the goat
Güicho Aragon
Güicho Aragon - 7 months ago
Jesser gives me Luka Doncic vibez
The ICY - 7 months ago
Everyone’s so hype about PSG but they’re not actually that good I can name over 10 teams that are better than them
Charlie Pape
Charlie Pape - 7 months ago
If you in Chicago you gotta go to portillos
Rulas 822
Rulas 822 - 7 months ago
I’m from Chicago so it’s cool to see then in my city
Jay Reed
Jay Reed - 7 months ago
Who know where to get the shorts that bone collected had on?
Owen Rhodes
Owen Rhodes - 7 months ago
Jesse, the beanie ain’t it
Luca Lopez
Luca Lopez - 7 months ago
Jesse really out here losing to rice😭😭
Ethan Keaton
Ethan Keaton - 7 months ago
they should have put Kobes face on the blue Jersey and GIGi on the red
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson - 7 months ago
The court was made in my city
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