Spoiled 'Pretty Boy' Thinks He Can Sing

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angelina soto
angelina soto - Hour ago
“Jamie’s like a mythological storyteller. I’ve seen people get their heads spilt open, I see some crazy— there was a dragon, came up in the jail cell.
Blue fire on all of us. Little goblins, running around. And I was like oh shit goblins.
You know, what else was it... there was a sorcerer, a sorcerer and a wizard, they came in at the same time... that’s really rare.”
Jacob_zoko - Hour ago
I see the hidden comment
Alex Sausedo
Alex Sausedo - 2 hours ago
You guys
OddConspicuous - 4 hours ago
Why is Ryan sitting next to Matt Duchane?
Lisa Beghelli
Lisa Beghelli - 7 hours ago
those piercings look like a instagram filter change my mind.
Deku_Tube - 16 hours ago
3:43 mah boi naruto wassup mah dude
MaffSlarf - Day ago
11:06 — 11:18
When the teacher calls on you and you don’t know the answer
DabKing Eber
DabKing Eber - Day ago
He doin naruto hand signs
Rustly - Day ago
Ryan more like poo poo head
Taylor Wright
Taylor Wright - Day ago
"he's just having a heart attack" omg I'm dead XD
James Lucas iv
James Lucas iv - 2 days ago
Justin would win
Justin johnson
Justin johnson - 2 days ago
leonardo chen
leonardo chen - 2 days ago
This guy love to shoot someone's toes to get three dollar
King Firelord
King Firelord - 2 days ago
Ahem.... Plz make a part 2 cuz I sing and I cant stop
kingmatt505 boy
kingmatt505 boy - 3 days ago
Next m&m
Aggressive Waffles
Aggressive Waffles - 3 days ago
Police car drove by me when I was watching this
☠️Fei☠️ - 3 days ago
Am I the only one thinking he looks like Johnny Joestar? 🏇
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen - 3 days ago
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen - 3 days ago
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson - 4 days ago
I laughed so hard
jamie Rainbow
jamie Rainbow - 4 days ago
no no
no no - 4 days ago
Cant even play the video for 6 seconds without shouting in the camera
TwiCaCaX - 5 days ago
this guy thinks hes so tough ahahahah someone go teach him a lesson
i mean fuck me he was crying about CANDLES SBIT
Mcrayfish - 6 days ago
*Aha* this *aha* video *aha* is *aha* nice *aha*
Ruffin Scartocci
Ruffin Scartocci - 9 days ago
“Oh crap goblins” LoL
Josie O'Toole
Josie O'Toole - 9 days ago
you guys remind me of jason nash
Stickman Central
Stickman Central - 10 days ago
CONCEPT - 10 days ago
Where was the singing?
FENTANYL 3.14 - 10 days ago
If this dude really shot someone in the foot the police would be on his ass. How many people are getting shot in the foot around his country ass town?
Said Silva
Said Silva - 11 days ago
Karens be complaining about furniture but let me tell all the karens that we find no interest in a piece of wood that say family in italics
Laureen - 12 days ago
RonanSmellsLikeSweat - 13 days ago
ik this comment is late but lol
3 seconds in Ryan is literally depressed and sad
Bun Bun
Bun Bun - 13 days ago
*I pointed the gun at his foot*
Maria Alonso
Maria Alonso - 14 days ago
The whole time that his mom was saying inence i thought she was saying incest
Christine Schaefer
Christine Schaefer - 14 days ago
You guys have more furniture than I do, and I have kids your age. If you wanna get rid of that couch... I'll take it...
ivailo kolev
ivailo kolev - 14 days ago
they are both retarded and ugly but whatever ..i`ll just block the channel
G is for Gerard and G Notes
Is it just me or did Justin look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo?
Uncharted Universe
Uncharted Universe - 17 days ago
I see the hidden comment
Ana Villalobos
Ana Villalobos - 17 days ago
Gangster shaggy...
Kingston Afu
Kingston Afu - 18 days ago
Thomas Linnemann
Thomas Linnemann - 18 days ago
11/10 home decoration and furniture
Singing_Girlz XxOKxX
Singing_Girlz XxOKxX - 18 days ago
MUT3-COD mobile
MUT3-COD mobile - 19 days ago
Nice rap. Emmmmmm BARZ.11:07
MUT3-COD mobile
MUT3-COD mobile - 19 days ago
That's harry potter.10:10
MUT3-COD mobile
MUT3-COD mobile - 19 days ago
Stop pausing the vid.
RubberBoa - 20 days ago
I was in the floor laughing during this whole video
Carter Burkett
Carter Burkett - 21 day ago
This was made 10 months ago and the first comment was 8🤣
Giovanni Garcia
Giovanni Garcia - 21 day ago
He said some drug thing but its is a lighter
Lexxtech18 - 21 day ago
Woooow that old skool Linkin Park shirt brings back so many great memories of the early 00s! 😍
Josh Mountain
Josh Mountain - 22 days ago
i DoNt CaRe🙃
Charles Bogert
Charles Bogert - 22 days ago
He looks like charli damelio with his gang signs
Angelo Rowin
Angelo Rowin - 23 days ago
11:05 eminem
VIPER - 23 days ago
This reminds me of Cody and Noel, i love it!
Tonnie life
Tonnie life - 24 days ago
If I talked like that to my mom she would smack me
Mr Mister
Mr Mister - 24 days ago
this second guy looks like ryans twin
Georgia Foster
Georgia Foster - 24 days ago
THANK YOU I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THAT "5 BARS 5 SECONDS" VIDEO FOR SO LONG AND NOW I KNOW THAT IS WAS CASEY FREY! I literally saw it once and couldnt find it bc i didnt know what to look up!😂
your friendly clown
your friendly clown - 25 days ago
i imagined the right Ryan having a toe for a foot lol
Subliminal Gamer
Subliminal Gamer - 25 days ago
A Yelp review in jail hahaha
Carrot Animations
Carrot Animations - 26 days ago
*Later that night Ryan and his bro get shot on the toe for bullying pretty boy*
pauli rosa20
pauli rosa20 - 28 days ago
Holy shit, that’s the guy who robbed me and threatened to blow my toe of
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