Spoiled 'Pretty Boy' Thinks He Can Sing

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Tobias Aaskoven
Tobias Aaskoven - 2 hours ago
Trahan actually sounded a little bit like Eminem🤨
Maya Starrs
Maya Starrs - 2 days ago
2:49 you’re welcome
Jessica Sacks-Kilback
Jessica Sacks-Kilback - 2 days ago
Justin is just white zayn malik
Mr Best
Mr Best - 4 days ago
I see the hidden comment
4:46 Me when I try to convince my mom I'm sick so I don't have to go to school.
Sweetiebear - 6 days ago
Oh no goblins
Sach Nam
Sach Nam - 6 days ago
You are so cute went you are 16😊
Hana - 7 days ago
The end dancing is so funny omggg
Lottie B
Lottie B - 9 days ago
Not even gonna lie but at 11:11 Ryan really sounded like Eminem in his recent music 🤣
Jeremy Leslie Earnest
Jeremy Leslie Earnest - 10 days ago
I see the hidden comment
spirit wolf
spirit wolf - 15 days ago
"To this day I'm a disgrace... hit em in the face with a mace and a phone case."
-Ryan Trahan 2019
Kaylin Shebo
Kaylin Shebo - 16 days ago
I've never laughed this much in any of your videos🤣
Psyche Wizard
Psyche Wizard - 17 days ago
I see the hidden comment
Humanity_disappoints_me Vasdev
Remember when Alec Benjamin did the can I sing for you? He sings like a angel 🥺
Lance Castelein
Lance Castelein - 20 days ago
Regularz - 20 days ago
Bro ryan when he rapped he sounds like emenem.
It’s just Mal mal
It’s just Mal mal - 20 days ago
I see the hidden comment
Redditory - 21 day ago
dammnn Ryan funny! i love this guy
Teddy Dobi prod.
Teddy Dobi prod. - 22 days ago
i love the contebt keep it up
Grace Reid
Grace Reid - 22 days ago
3:20 ur telling me the dude on the
left is not matty b?
guti_angel12 - 22 days ago
3:42 me when I watch to much naruto
Warous Junior
Warous Junior - 26 days ago
This dude lookin like the rip off shaggy
Plane - 28 days ago
Cheese sheep
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes - 28 days ago
16 teen year old Ryan looks like Justin Bieber
Torrah D
Torrah D - 29 days ago
Don't ever insult the legend himself Lil Peep like that again 😔✊🏼
Morgan Mac
Morgan Mac - 29 days ago
how is this only from a year ago
stream folklore or else
stream folklore or else - 29 days ago
9:59 when i tell u i snorted i literally snorted like a pig
the foxy girl
the foxy girl - Month ago
omfg this was posted on my 13th birth day ty for the present that took me a year and a half to open
Im Weird Accept It
Im Weird Accept It - Month ago
Everyone talking about Eminem

What about NF people
pink anonymous
pink anonymous - Month ago
Did it get go gone tho?
Monica Velma
Monica Velma - Month ago
When Ryan realized he’s 16 😂
Thundrr - Month ago
i see the hidden comment
Nishka Shah
Nishka Shah - Month ago
They could actually earn millions from rapping
Eazy Ero
Eazy Ero - Month ago
I see the hidden comment
Custard Ness
Custard Ness - Month ago
I thought it was kreekcraft no cap
Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez - Month ago
4:58 had me dying hahaha
Azania Atsedewoin
Azania Atsedewoin - Month ago
Dancin wite boyeees
Aidzory - Month ago
i see the hidden comment
beam no
beam no - Month ago
That blurry thing was c o c a i n
PrizeSung - Month ago
Daelyn Gilreath
Daelyn Gilreath - Month ago
@ 1:40 does anyone else see a dude in the background just looking in or is it just me?
• Lewi_Kun •
• Lewi_Kun • - Month ago
I know two other guys who are both named as well Ryan XD
*(hrm hrrm, Bazamalam and 8-BitRyan)* british ppl.
Khaheil's World
Khaheil's World - Month ago
Let me fix the title spoiled kid thinks he can sing
Jonahs World
Jonahs World - Month ago
It is a white board
The Spirit Tree
The Spirit Tree - Month ago
i wiLL siNg a lUlLaBy fOr yOu
Henry Winter
Henry Winter - Month ago
haw is your fiber bending beder then the live ackshen remark
Mizo Bannana
Mizo Bannana - Month ago
This is just shaggy on drugs
DJ Duckie
DJ Duckie - Month ago
this was fuckin hillarious!
Inject Iilo0203
Inject Iilo0203 - Month ago
Stillman B
Stillman B - Month ago
Why he kinda look like Johnny Joestar in the thumbnail
nora - Month ago
“little goblins runin around i was like oH sHiT” LMFAOO
Trepa, thanos peppa Pig
He looks like the old shane Dawnson lol
Jorge ghost 851
Jorge ghost 851 - Month ago
He kinda sounds like shawn mendes no 🧢
Ryan pls respond to my dm
UR MOM - Month ago
I gonna find this guy and take his shoes
Just a regular Person
Just a regular Person - Month ago
This is so cringy!:|
Dee Rawrz
Dee Rawrz - Month ago
"Imma blow your toe off mom" Lmao. You guys are hilarious. xD And don't even get me started on the prison dude and the dragon. Oml. Here's another one. "I got mace in my briefcase" Bars. Lol
CC16743 - Month ago
Am I the only person that thinks the guy in the thumbnail looks like creek craft?
Matt - Month ago
who else is in 2020
Keithh Tann
Keithh Tann - Month ago
Keithh Tann
Keithh Tann - Month ago
Keithh Tann
Keithh Tann - Month ago
Keithh Tann
Keithh Tann - Month ago
Jadrian Davis
Jadrian Davis - Month ago
Ryan T. when hes 16 looks like a tom holland wannabe tom hollow lol
James Barnes
James Barnes - Month ago
3:33 mans doing the renegade
Harper McKuin
Harper McKuin - 2 months ago
the 16 yr old pics... :D *laughzz*
Tiffany Ypanto
Tiffany Ypanto - 2 months ago
*yes I came over :>*
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - 2 months ago
The "pretty boy" looks like creekcraft
aka inaaya
aka inaaya - 2 months ago
I laughed throughout the whole video -
Sydney Cullis
Sydney Cullis - 2 months ago
I love that in the middle of the rap he just says beef
SippyMTB - 2 months ago
Really seriously
Xxshadow_beast0xX - 2 months ago
now we know you have a foot fetish as you say "I'm a big fan of toes"
PugzAnimation - 2 months ago
He looks like shaggy
ventes - 2 months ago
ryan:three dallors and some drug thing.
me:thats a lighter not a drug thing
Human Being
Human Being - 2 months ago
That outro has even more *BARS* that that kids rapping and it had no words!
Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus - 2 months ago
lol the voices
Fat Yoshi
Fat Yoshi - 2 months ago
Seth: I like to do parkour!
Justin: so I shot someone
Rainbow Stuffies
Rainbow Stuffies - 2 months ago
Jack Jordan
Jack Jordan - 2 months ago
you are the opposite lazarbeam
Rainbow Stuffies
Rainbow Stuffies - 2 months ago
Cheesy Chicken Gacha
Cheesy Chicken Gacha - 2 months ago
I see the hidden comment
Vuurluber - 2 months ago
We all know hes not 16 hes has a beard use your head peapole
Tiger AJ100
Tiger AJ100 - 2 months ago
At 5:27, Ryan’s making fun of this dude who isn’t looking at the camera but it’s not his fault because the camera crew fool him and bring out two cameras and tell them to look at one of them and then film in the other.
James Joyce
James Joyce - 2 months ago
8 Bit Ryan Wif Persin
Finn Vaughan
Finn Vaughan - 2 months ago
16 year old Ryan looks like Niall from One Direction
MATTHEW ROBLES - 2 months ago
Honestly bro just stop talking to much we just want to watch jeez stop talking to much
Blnkz_Out Yt
Blnkz_Out Yt - 2 months ago
3:55 he doing gang signs
DaveDoesAnimations - 2 months ago
I see the hidden comment
SSA Spencer Reid
SSA Spencer Reid - 2 months ago
no one would win
Paul Coppedge
Paul Coppedge - 2 months ago
The guys a terrible singer lol
Paul Coppedge
Paul Coppedge - 2 months ago
The guy on the show
SC Senpai
SC Senpai - 2 months ago
the title of this video perfectly describes justin bieber
rafael bagaskara
rafael bagaskara - 2 months ago
Lia Mulkey
Lia Mulkey - 2 months ago
The neighbors be like 👁👄👁 the f-
Danthemoonman 09
Danthemoonman 09 - 2 months ago
Hey who knew my lighter is actually a drug thing
cofeusr - 2 months ago
12:45 everyone in fortnite lobbies be like:
RM MBNR - 2 months ago
i love how you say good words when you cuss
Myst Vexy
Myst Vexy - 3 months ago
Kate May
Kate May - 3 months ago
i would time stamp my fav roasts and my fav parts but i cant they are all to good
RM MBNR - 3 months ago
Its over nine thousand!!!!!
B Roko
B Roko - 3 months ago
Toe soft money losers ***
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