Spoiled 'Pretty Boy' Thinks He Can Sing

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Bread Studios
Bread Studios - 2 days ago
A kid who was in my math class this year is just like this
Can we get 1k subs without vids? Thx!!!
Bru you acually sound like emeinem
Ally Toombs
Ally Toombs - 4 days ago
i see the hidden comment ;)
ZR Gamer
ZR Gamer - 6 days ago
i was loading then the loading thing was right on his nose
Rohina Sahebzadah
Rohina Sahebzadah - 8 days ago
i guess 113 571 peoples doors is held by door hinges and oranges
JJ Fagan
JJ Fagan - 8 days ago
I see the hidden comment
Aimen Ayaz
Aimen Ayaz - 9 days ago
4:09 is it me or he is looking like zayn malik🤔
Clinton Richards
Clinton Richards - 10 days ago
Trahan looked like a 12 year old basketball player that doesn't have a girlfriend
In his 16 year old pic
Jack Of course! Who do think I am?
Giraffe Boi
Giraffe Boi - 11 days ago
“He got some drug thing too”
The electric Muffin
The electric Muffin - 12 days ago
God: so how many offences do you want
Random beanie “rapper“: *Y E S*
Jack Szrom
Jack Szrom - 12 days ago
He looks like shaggy after 2 years in prison
Abigail Johnson
Abigail Johnson - 12 days ago
And the little goblins running around and I was like "oh shi* goblins!"
I freakin died XD
ThinkExtreme - 13 days ago
2:53 too much swag but one of them is wearing a mickey shirt lmao
Timothy Sarmiento
Timothy Sarmiento - 13 days ago
7:38 imagine hearing this next door
james likes69
james likes69 - 13 days ago
i miss this content
Patricia Toth
Patricia Toth - 14 days ago
Love how he keeps in his language but everyone else's language is replaced with more appropriate language.
Eden James
Eden James - 14 days ago
Rewatching old favourites videos and this is BY FAR one of my favourites 😂
mila reimerink
mila reimerink - 14 days ago
when ryan started rapping it kinda sounded like eminem
BeanieSloth - 14 days ago
who else thought that was creekkraft in the thumbnail
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 15 days ago
I’d bring my entire LEGO collection to impress the prison boys
Doing_Great - 17 days ago
My phone falls
Thats literally what happened lolololol
Crystal-UwUz - 18 days ago
i thought they were talking about that one tik toker that goes "yEaH yEaH" at the beginning of every video-
Disiree - 18 days ago
this guy has some sick bars..
*but he's also behind them*
Mia R.
Mia R. - 18 days ago
Aaaaaah yes, i miss your commentary days...
Deril - 19 days ago
Bruh don't talk shit to this guy, or he'll take your shoes and blow your toes 😂
Savannah Elyard
Savannah Elyard - 21 day ago
Firefox 20
Firefox 20 - 21 day ago
He looks like Shane Dawson from 10 years ago, but also KJ Apa at the same time
TheSacredBandana - 21 day ago
Hogwarts Halfblood
Hogwarts Halfblood - 22 days ago
*oh, shit, goblins-*
Anna - 22 days ago
*i see hidden comment*
Shadow Caleb
Shadow Caleb - 22 days ago
You made me mad 😡 is a girl 👧
Gabriel And josh 2
Gabriel And josh 2 - 24 days ago
Thumbnail looks like jake Paul
Cool Dude Cuber
Cool Dude Cuber - 24 days ago
Anyone during 2020
samsonFN - 24 days ago
When your verified but not your brother
Moldy Spud
Moldy Spud - 25 days ago
1:58 ummmmmm that’s a lighter
Zara Massey
Zara Massey - 25 days ago
they sound like the Kardashians lol
ashley bautista
ashley bautista - 25 days ago
MrFabi - 26 days ago
That dance at the end XD
Boringfanhuman _alex
Boringfanhuman _alex - 26 days ago
ri pEeP
Bas engel
Bas engel - 26 days ago
Next day Ryan lost his toe.... ?
Comet Gaming
Comet Gaming - 26 days ago
Title: Spoiled “Pretty Boy” Thinks he Can Sing
Reality: Spoiled “ -Pretty Boy- “ Kid Thinks he Can Sing
Mia Velasquez
Mia Velasquez - 27 days ago
You guys are so funny! Love your content!!😆💗
Justin Gandia
Justin Gandia - 27 days ago
When I think of Justin I think of my dad. No my dad is not a psychopath who shoots peoples toes off. His name is Justin.
Oreo lol
Oreo lol - 25 days ago
So your on your Dads account then lol
Jana dweny
Jana dweny - 28 days ago
Lois Neafsey
Lois Neafsey - 28 days ago
3:18 That pic on the right doe. ITS BOOTIFUL *me continues to wheeze*
also, did anyone realize that Ryan (the one on the left) at 4:52 was sippin BANG!
Juliet Sterling
Juliet Sterling - 29 days ago
His dance moves look like Charli D’Amelio’s
Raelyn’s Channel
Raelyn’s Channel - 29 days ago
DOORS are held together by DooR HingeS and ORangES😂
Daddysawblades - Month ago
Raelyn’s Channel
Raelyn’s Channel - 29 days ago
Ashton Bolden
Ashton Bolden - Month ago
If he does that in my cell the cop will find him dead
Ella Ekenseair
Ella Ekenseair - Month ago
Cristen Morton
Cristen Morton - Month ago
When they where 16 they look like the Boys going into 7th grade at my school
Bruk Laykun
Bruk Laykun - Month ago
Wow I just realised this was uploaded on my birthday
RecqnFN - Month ago
stop talking so much pls
Xxx LiLegend
Xxx LiLegend - Month ago
George Webb
George Webb - Month ago
Roslyn Rodriguez
Roslyn Rodriguez - Month ago
you guys literally have the same laugh. I'm scared...
nathan brown
nathan brown - Month ago
Doesn’t he look like Lachlan
Alex H
Alex H - Month ago
Me watching this in 2020 is he in the ghetto???
James Sullivan
James Sullivan - Month ago
This guy spat so monay bars now he 's on the wrong side of 'em
Adeline Rose
Adeline Rose - Month ago
Why does his singing sound like lil tay
The Moses Sisters
The Moses Sisters - Month ago
you guys should start these kind of comedic videos bc i'm dying😂🤣¯\_(ツ)_/¯
this is really funny an fun to watch!!!(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
Lori H.
Lori H. - Month ago
If somebody is watching this in 2020 pls like
Sailor Cat514
Sailor Cat514 - Month ago
I thought that the apartment was an actual house lol, great apartment
oh holy temmie god
oh holy temmie god - Month ago
door hinges
floor board
carpet cleaner
other Ryan:
Jason Mccaghren
Jason Mccaghren - Month ago
Guy:I’m In A Gang Called HSMM And We Do Drugs And Make Money
*Proceeds To Pull 3 Dollars Out His Pocket*
Max Hydro
Max Hydro - Month ago
10:55 why do they sound EXACTLY like Eminem
Dominic Martino
Dominic Martino - Month ago
This guy looks like my sisters boyfriend
Hs3646 Xx
Hs3646 Xx - Month ago
The drug thing Is called a lighter
Pizza Man
Pizza Man - Month ago
0:08 A**
King. - Month ago
16 yr. old Ryan's forehead: Hahaha I have a 1 head
20 yr. old Ryan's Forehead: Haaaaa wHy dO I hAvE a 6 HeaD?!
Emilie Gilpin
Emilie Gilpin - Month ago
10:53 LOL 😂
oi man boi
oi man boi - Month ago
Justin will loose the 2v1 because the Ryan’s will have too much swag that Justin can not handle but Justin might kill you with the “drug thing” and his 3 dollars but the Ryan’s might stop him with their commentary and comedy and the Ryan’s might make Justin eyes blind with their swag and justin will shoot you in the toe but it doesn’t matter so the ryans will win
Charlene Fane
Charlene Fane - Month ago
Duude lmfaoooooooooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lazy couch potato YouTube browser
Can I just say I was i haven’t laughed so much in my life and my mom walked bye and my mom was like honey, are you ok? And I be like HAHAHAHAHAAHHA yeah yeah I’m fine
Typical_BTD God
Typical_BTD God - Month ago
U dont spill yo gang cuh U finna get Shot up rq nigga
Holly Bradbury
Holly Bradbury - Month ago
Beatz Drøp
Beatz Drøp - Month ago
I laughed so hard OMG
Iateapotato • 87 years ago
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