International Potato Chip Taste Test

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Daw - 6 hours ago
I don’t like that woman she seems so fake
ikkelolNL/BangUrDead - 10 hours ago
This made me realise dutch people have every chip and all of those are completely normal here
Jallama Earthling
Jallama Earthling - Day ago
I come from Germany and those Paprika chips are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
yosvani. - 3 days ago
jamie lo
jamie lo - 4 days ago
Why is everyone saying Link is third wheeling? She’s responding to everything Link is saying! And she’s laughing and giving eye contact. Is it because the chip bowl is placed between her and Rhett??
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones - 2 days ago
They were just interacting a lot :)
Ryan - 6 days ago
ddo they really think slanty is spicy i feel like it's sweeT MAN are we having the same one
Ryan - 6 days ago
the closest gmm has ever gotten to my country
ASSASINKDOGG - 7 days ago
Please dont put guests in your international taste test games
Adarsh K
Adarsh K - 8 days ago
purple is the key
Cody Richey
Cody Richey - 8 days ago
I thought she had snot and a booger in her nose but it was a nose ring. I think nose rings are so gross
Illinium - 13 days ago
"Look at the flavour" wow so funny 😁😁
Katie Hanlon-Wadman
Katie Hanlon-Wadman - 14 days ago
As a Canadian all dressed are also delicious. I think we made those too
Paige Skilling
Paige Skilling - 14 days ago
You get ketchup crisps in Scotland
mama 79
mama 79 - 14 days ago
I don't think I like her being around Rhett. 😝
Matthew Bergeron
Matthew Bergeron - 15 days ago
"One of the best things canadians have offered us americans" um its actually pornhub
Joe Cashmore
Joe Cashmore - 15 days ago
Pretty sure they started over here across the pond!
Fux Musik
Fux Musik - 15 days ago
Chio sux :D Get Chipsfrisch :P
Pretty_blue_sheep123 happy camper
Mr.Chipstache v.s Cotton Candy Randy
Tahmoona Amanullah
Tahmoona Amanullah - 17 days ago
I am literally easting slanty at the moment
Marques - 19 days ago
Kinda easy for the last one isn’t it? Because if they remember which ones have been gone and which one is left then it’ll be the last one
Magnus Steinbrû
Magnus Steinbrû - 20 days ago
Um, 15 years ago or so, they tried ketchup chips here in the States.
AustralianWi-Fi - 21 day ago
Rhett: "Paprika has no flavour"
* angry Hungarian noises *
jungshook - 25 days ago
"And paprika I thought didnt have any just has flavor- what's the word? It has a look."
Lowest Effort
Lowest Effort - 27 days ago
U.S. doesn’t have ketchup chips????
Sahal Rehman
Sahal Rehman - 28 days ago
Let me tell you Magic Masala is not spicy at all, even kids eat it here, though I think Cream and Onion is more famous though.
heirofthedog1 - Month ago
Kinda wish you could have combined this with a "bring it back or nah it's whack" with some 80's crisps from the UK called "Hedgehog" flavoured crisps. (Not really hedgehog but they were marketed that way! NB They were really delicious.)
Sammi Norris
Sammi Norris - Month ago
Love Janelle
Brittney Richardson
Brittney Richardson - Month ago
Where 👏 are 👏 the 👏 darts 👏
I feel cheated 😢
Holly Holmes Horsforth
We have Ketchup crisps in England
Narmin Mamedli
Narmin Mamedli - Month ago
All this time I thought that it is Malese Jow.. Google her if u don’t know
Derick Feigum
Derick Feigum - Month ago
Its weird without the darts but still a good episode
Hamile Muneeb
Hamile Muneeb - Month ago
There are other flavors in pakistan by lays
Erin O'Kane
Erin O'Kane - Month ago
As a Canadian, I always forget that America doesn't have ketchup chips
LetsPlayDaily - Month ago
ick, I cant stand salt and vinegar.
Luke Mettam Gaming
Luke Mettam Gaming - Month ago
Ketchup, Emmental and paprika flavours are available in the UK
R R Rival
R R Rival - Month ago
rhett totally disregarded bros before h_s. she was excellent. bring her back.
Sami Jabr7
Sami Jabr7 - Month ago
🥵🥵🥵🥵Maybe not
Mybabiesfinnandbil - Month ago
When I saw her I said “HAAAA JANELLLL” I literally love her
Kheldaurus - Month ago
that girl clearly has the hots for rhett
Abraca Doodle
Abraca Doodle - Month ago
i have paprika in my country and they are my fav chips,
Harshit Mehrotra
Harshit Mehrotra - Month ago
We live dangerously with our ridges yo
qunjy - Month ago
*look at the flavor*
LordExeon - Month ago
link trying to pop that bag is now my favorite Good Mythical Moment
Solomon Stevens
Solomon Stevens - Month ago
It always suprises me when americans say they havent had ketchup chips, like god damn I love them and eat them all the time
Jon C
Jon C - Month ago
Link busy just being his goofball self.
•Sammy •
•Sammy • - Month ago
All I see are those rough looking hair extensions.
Laura Min
Laura Min - Month ago
I used to really love Rhett and I still do but something about Link is so funny and charming! 😭🤣♥️
Laura Min
Laura Min - Month ago
Star they both could definitely get it.
Star - Month ago
He's bae
New Heights
New Heights - Month ago
Cherry Blossom chips are from Japan :p 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
potato - Month ago
13:15 *Rett randomly starts laughing*
potato - Month ago
When I first heard the ketchup chips didnt exist there I was surprised because they are a iconiiccc classicccc iehsubxus
George Kallivrousis
George Kallivrousis - Month ago
hard shell tacos are american
Marco Girard
Marco Girard - 2 months ago
Whaaaaat? So you guys don't have ketchup chips in the U.S. ?! Thoses were the only kind of chips I was eating as a kid.. now I can't because I keep thinking they taste kinda sweet.. wich ruins the salty craving you usually get when you go for chips.
As a teen I was a rebel so... I was into salt n' vinegar with a big glass of cold chocolate milk... yes indeed.
Now I'm just a mix it all up kind of guy so... all dressed is my choice. Old dutch brand is my favorite, if you have it in USA give it a try
multijxde - 2 months ago
I love salt & vinegar too
raeanne goulet
raeanne goulet - 2 months ago
Ah hell nah we allowed the world in on our biggest best food secret.... POUTINE
Not Poo-teen
guineapeg - 2 months ago
I’m Indian and I’m genuinely shook that they find magic masala spicy.
Joost Ensink
Joost Ensink - 2 months ago
Why not darting?😭
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez - 2 months ago
Now introducing Chio Paprika “look at that flavor”
Serena Avery
Serena Avery - 2 months ago
The United States doesn’t have ketchup chips?
Shadowless Prince
Shadowless Prince - 2 months ago
My favorite flavor is all dressed
Alexia Sanchez
Alexia Sanchez - 2 months ago
lowkey tho, she was into rhett
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