International Potato Chip Taste Test

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Jennifer Williams-Cook
Jennifer Williams-Cook - 2 days ago
literally eating ketchup chips while they try them
Elaheh Rose
Elaheh Rose - 6 days ago
I wish you guys did all dressed for Canada
Bilal Ghani
Bilal Ghani - 7 days ago
When I saw that Slanty I was like wait that's my childhood
Krish Gandhi
Krish Gandhi - 8 days ago
I am from india and I have tried magic masala but it is not that spicy
Krish Gandhi
Krish Gandhi - 8 days ago
We got MUCH more spicy food in india
PleaseStop You'reGurtingMe
Look at the flavor. LOOK AT IT!!!
Megan Bumstead
Megan Bumstead - 10 days ago
As a Canadian, ketchup chips are my favvvvv😍
Sohan Chaudhuri
Sohan Chaudhuri - 14 days ago
Good one Link., that you got India. I am from India. Lays' India's Magic Masala is very famous in India.
Thatketchupbottle - 15 days ago
International potato chip taste test with Rhett and Janel... oh and I guess Link's here too
Rachel Nicole
Rachel Nicole - 16 days ago
She was my favorite Bratz character😂😂❤️
Aamra's Kitchen
Aamra's Kitchen - 16 days ago
Finally Pakistan is on GMM...! I recommend u to try more Pakistani snacks n food, they are amazing...!
Mary Wonderland
Mary Wonderland - 20 days ago
Jojo - 24 days ago
i hurts seeing link crushing the chips bag. i always pull the bag apart thisway i dont crumble my chips
kushagra tiwari
kushagra tiwari - 27 days ago
Being an Indian they picked up my favourite lays❤️❤️.
Aezilia - 27 days ago
aint that jade from bratz movie
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge - 28 days ago
LOLOLOLOLOL when they kept waving the bag that said "SLANTY" in front of the Asian chick.
Bella D
Bella D - Month ago
i'm so sad that the rest of the world doesn't get to experience ketchup chips
Catherine Haney
Catherine Haney - Month ago
I love eating ghost peppers they are yummy
ZillasNemesis - Month ago
Anyone else watching in 2020 like, "Damn I forgot Rhett ever had small hair."
Dominic - Month ago
LOOK AT THE FLAVOR 😂😂😂. They don’t eat lotion Switzerland
Haeinscute - Month ago
Ketchup chips have been in America for quite a while. I first had them like 15 years ago probably.
neutron564 - Month ago
What do we want?!? Darts! when do we want them? On this episode!
Abigail Bell
Abigail Bell - Month ago
Me: binging PLL and pressing on a random vid then getting excited bc it’s Mona😂
Freakin Xbox
Freakin Xbox - Month ago
Link: There’s some darkness in this one
Me: There’s some darkness in all of us
Kal Stormboy
Kal Stormboy - Month ago
"belgum is germany if you just turn it" or you know, if you're in 1940
Hasaan Anjum
Hasaan Anjum - Month ago
You should have gone with local companies.. like from Pakistan instead of Kolson which is a Korean brand you should have gone with Super Crisp which is the best local brand..
ACDCRocksmay Yoboiyoboi
Let’s talk about that in the same tone
Ariel Coffin
Ariel Coffin - Month ago
I have never in my life seen Rhett so subdued. Is that how he is around pretty girls? Dude. The saving grace: Link is always himself.
Derrick Washington
Derrick Washington - Month ago
Looks like she’s flirting with Rhett and it’s making Link salty asf🤣
Ana Bee
Ana Bee - Month ago
love her hair
hallieberry - Month ago
Håkon Vestby
Håkon Vestby - Month ago
9:31 they’re aryan crunchy
Andrew S
Andrew S - Month ago
In Mexico they typically put mustard on fresh chips. Just saying....
T.Macca17 - Month ago
Jade Miears
Jade Miears - Month ago
She's wants in Rhetts pants
SkeltonJack Gaming
SkeltonJack Gaming - Month ago
Seems like she likes Rhet...
smokeydbob - Month ago
She really liked those paprika chips I hope they sent her home with a bag. I know I really want a bag now😄 thanks for the awesome content guys!
Joey Graw
Joey Graw - Month ago
Rhett and link simpin hard in this vid
Jenna Harmon
Jenna Harmon - Month ago
Where are the darts in this episode?? :(
This is Jade
This is Jade - Month ago
I’m from Belgium and never have seen that flavor 😂
PHANTOM SkillZz - Month ago
Does it ever occur that almost everyone I know (I live in Canada) does not like ketchup chips yet they say it’s the one of the best things we offer
Muhammad Bhatti
Muhammad Bhatti - Month ago
First American to pronounce Pakistan right
ariana caballero
ariana caballero - 2 months ago
They said Mexico for those lotion chips 😅🤭 nooo Mexicans would never.
Ehtesham Hashmi
Ehtesham Hashmi - 2 months ago
it's funny how no one really knows how to pronounce Pakistan
Maz - 2 months ago
Link is the obvious third wheel oddball weirdo... Finally someone I can relate to 😂
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting - 2 months ago
The fact Rhett says sbf instead of spf is great
J S - 2 months ago
I'm half Thai and all we eat is plain lays lol
ZM Tube
ZM Tube - 2 months ago
*This video is just 15 minutes of Janel hitting on Rhett while Link is jealous* 😂😂😂
Amy Stone
Amy Stone - 2 months ago
Any other Canadians confused by the guys saying our ketchup chips are PURPLE? Huh?
They are red. At most a burgundy
Marilu Soto
Marilu Soto - 2 months ago
Mexico has the ketchup chips too I brought like 30 bags bag back 😍
Agata Bińczak
Agata Bińczak - 2 months ago
I swear salt and vinegar chips are the most disgusting thing ever. I thought only UK people were crazy enough to eat this 🤢
anime0wolfs12 - 2 months ago
??? Ketchup chips are also a Pennsylvania thing because of Heinz Ketchup.
Manicat - Month ago
Yeah in Germany too
Zelf - 2 months ago
from 5:30 to 5:36 same
cassie c
cassie c - 2 months ago
They should’ve done everything chips for Canada because it’s way more difficult to guess because you can’t pinpoint the taste if you’ve never had them
Marc visalli
Marc visalli - 2 months ago
I used to work at applebees and we used to throw the penne in the fryer n put this one seasoning they called topical seasoning on it. The seasoning was an applebees only kinda thing but the penne in the fryer was a me thing. definitly just like bugles and very good snack
Syeda Eshal Salman
Syeda Eshal Salman - 2 months ago
I know Slanty. I am from Pakistan
KaiaSaurus - 2 months ago
I didn't know ketchup chips were Canadian. I thought they were everywhere.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 2 months ago
i swear, anytime a woman is invited on the show, they and rhett instantly become friends
Tato - 2 months ago
In Canada we literally bathe in ketchup chips
Amrita P
Amrita P - 2 months ago
Dang, they found masala lays spicy, I can't stop laughing!!! XD
Ethan Willingham
Ethan Willingham - 2 months ago
Why is there a person sitting in the middle of Bret and link. This is a large issue
CurlyKJames - 2 months ago
Not a soul:
Link: MAGIC MASSAGE!?!?!?!?!?
Dayton Brown
Dayton Brown - 2 months ago
I feel like Link is pretty much the third wheel in every gtoup - 2 months ago
Pakistan and India together lol :p
Krissy - 2 months ago
I love them ❤
Faisal Malik
Faisal Malik - 2 months ago
I wish the flavor of the chip was at the bottom of the video with the country half the video I had no clue what flavor they were eating or I would have to scroll back a few times to get it. Idk it was really like a mosquito in my ear.
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese - 2 months ago
From UK and I love ketchup crisps
Bills Mafia Member
Bills Mafia Member - 2 months ago
Paprika most definitely has flavor. its smokey, hence why you thought bbq. come on rhett
The gamer KM
The gamer KM - 2 months ago
Anyone Indians here😊😊😊
hanna jones
hanna jones - 3 months ago
They’re all married😂 leave them alone lmao
GoodVibesTV - 3 months ago
This is like watching me trying to fit into a conversation where a female clearly doesn’t give a damn about my existence
snek. - 2 months ago
it might have something to do with the fact that you say 'a female'
Igor Tolstov
Igor Tolstov - 3 months ago
Like every single country besides US has ketchup chips 🙄
Michael Murray
Michael Murray - 3 months ago
“Purple is the key.” 😉 hahahaha
瑞礄 - 3 months ago
"The Bugle Consistency", a new novel by Rhett and Link
queen - 3 months ago
the chio chips are from czech republic
Bitch Say, What?
Bitch Say, What? - 3 months ago
Canadians have a lot more to offer than ketchup chips ☝️
JCglitchmaster - 3 months ago
The ketchup chips are also in the UK
marlee marz
marlee marz - 3 months ago
I'm Canadian and watching them try ketchup chips is like someone asking what an iPhone is
Hayley Brown
Hayley Brown - 3 months ago
She totally crushed all over Rhett! Amazing!
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper - 3 months ago
Canada should have been All Dressed Ruffles.
Reda Deroua
Reda Deroua - 3 months ago
I just don't enjoy the episode when they
bring other people in it
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