Cam Newton's mentality is more concerning than his shoulder - Skip Bayless | NFL | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Should the Panthers be concerned about Cam Newton this season?
Philip Williams
Philip Williams - 5 months ago
@Heavensgirl74 -Lost nine straight games.
Philip Williams
Philip Williams - 5 months ago
@Dale Denton --Same problem last year.
Rob Hill
Rob Hill - 5 months ago
On second thought. Panthers are good. They are built for times like these. Great team with a tough mentality is always a threat.
William Dillard
William Dillard - 5 months ago
No disrespect to Cam Newton, of whom I believe had the mentality and work ethic of 1 TB12, would be unstoppable. But it's painfully obvious Cam Newton would rather be famous for "fashion" and or slick sound bites that 💍 💍 s. I hope not but Mr. Newton may end up like Jeff George MAJOR talent but NEVER played up to it. Could be 😥 sad.
chase harward
chase harward - 4 months ago
Jenny Taft over all other moderators!!! One of the only reasons I tune in. I could get my sports talk from anywhere. But Jenny has me coming back every day.
Thamauro Ficil
Thamauro Ficil - 5 months ago
Watch my hoop highlights as i attempt to make it to the, NBA
Mammy Bluegum
Mammy Bluegum - 5 months ago
His mentality is looking like Buckwheat in the little rascals, doing a fine job at it
Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah - 5 months ago
Yo.. how Shannon not risking it all, i don't know.
Or isn't he...........? Gah dang unc!!!!!
Metcraft - 5 months ago
Cam is a very talented qb. If hes hurt he needs to be given time to heal.
drof nad
drof nad - 5 months ago
Dinking and dunking lol skiuuup
lamar mikell
lamar mikell - 5 months ago
Kombat Games
Kombat Games - 5 months ago
Cmac is 220 pounds. If anyone is a "little man" it's Skip.
Tval valdary
Tval valdary - 5 months ago
Even though I am a Saints fan, I think Cam did well during the press conference,he has definitely improved since the Super Bowl! Praying for Cam!!
4Gjohnson - 5 months ago
I’d pay money out of my own pocket to see Stephen A. & max kellerman on an episode of undisputed with skip and Shannon.
Ramon Mercado
Ramon Mercado - 5 months ago
Dink and dunk Dak... Yet cam has one year over 24 tds only 3 if 7 has he been over 60% cam is worth it though vs burn Dak. Cam has been crazy inaccurate
Philip Williams
Philip Williams - 5 months ago
Cam needs to be benched.Rivera just got fired.
Sexy Loving Him
Sexy Loving Him - 5 months ago
Man Cameron is going through his own growth. NFL isn't life. Let him grow. He is mentally fine. Probably better than most. He has to find his way back to his comfort level.
wandell Dell
wandell Dell - 5 months ago
Lmao im dieing shannon funny
qbconnect - 5 months ago
Does Jameis know there's not 22 players on the offense 🤣🤣🤣😂
Glenroy Charles
Glenroy Charles - 5 months ago
good thing he was wearing them pants lol
Mikhail Washington
Mikhail Washington - 5 months ago
I agree with skip
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson - 5 months ago
When will people realize that Newton is a head case. He doesn’t even want to be on the field. He will take the money and go through the motions but that’s about it. Andrew Luck was an ethical and honorable man. At least he proved that when he said, enough. You’ll never hear that from that head-case Newton. Time to bench him and cut your loses.
The Last Sane American
The Last Sane American - 5 months ago
Skip is right. Cam Newton has never been the same since Super Bowl 50. That loss cost him mentally in some way and he's never managed to recover from it.
Ben Kenobi
Ben Kenobi - 5 months ago
He got a palm tree on his head Lmao
Brad West
Brad West - 5 months ago
Cam has proved he's a thief at the university of florida.
TJ Stinson
TJ Stinson - 5 months ago
“Ahh ahttt stop it SKIUUP” 🤣😭
chris taylor
chris taylor - 5 months ago
How he have a worst rating than mayfield who threw 3 picks tho
Madrid2000 gaming
Madrid2000 gaming - 5 months ago
How is mccaffrey a “little man” he’s 5’11🧐 which above the average height for a guy at 5’9
Matt Blair
Matt Blair - 5 months ago
5'11 is a little man for football. In football we aren't talking about average sized guys.
C Taylor
C Taylor - 5 months ago
Now shannon tryna drip😄😂
Kris Hardwick
Kris Hardwick - 5 months ago
Cam Newton has been figured out by NFL defenses. Keep him in the pocket and make him play QB. He misses the layups too often! A NFL QB should be 100% on screens and 10 yard routes. He sucks
Dejuan Code
Dejuan Code - 5 months ago
He should dye his hair blonde and become super saiyan
Nannette Battista
Nannette Battista - 5 months ago
That is one good place to watch this season 2019. Check ScreenVariety Tv this year
Chad Kinsler
Chad Kinsler - 5 months ago
He will be fine , I’m worried about the defense
Esteban Soto
Esteban Soto - 5 months ago
Bumrushed Seattle? Yeah, 31 to 0 at half but then look at the final score, give Seattle 2 more minutes and the Hawks win that game easy
C jack
C jack - 5 months ago
I still think Jameis is gonna have his best season this year. Most of those interceptions looked like chemistry issues, and one of the three was a tip.
C jack
C jack - 5 months ago
Sandy Lyle blaming the OL is usually the next move
Brandon M
Brandon M - 5 months ago
It's always something. When they fix the chemistry, it will be because of the next thing.
C jack
C jack - 5 months ago
Throwing shots at christian mccaffrey “little man.”
C jack
C jack - 5 months ago
Cam looks like he’s from Florida
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford - 5 months ago
Why is Jameis still starting?
FH - 5 months ago
Jenny taft 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️🌹💍
oscar navejar
oscar navejar - 5 months ago
cam is overrated
Jonjo Jr
Jonjo Jr - 5 months ago
2:05 "when is right, best smile in sports" agree. That's all my partner likes about Cam.
wellito92 - 5 months ago
Yeaaaa YEAAA he had to. IM WEAK
D.E.P H MC. - 5 months ago
dinky dunk Brady LOL
Kaizaro123 - 5 months ago
Skip is the textbook definition of a fair weather friend.
Steve G
Steve G - 5 months ago
SS always dumping on TB,even when it's nothing to do with it.
ThatGuyThatDoesStuff - 5 months ago
Man, Shannon ragdolled Jameis under the bus. Jameis gunna throw three or four picks, so Cam's gonna get more opps to throw the ball down the field.

Truth is tough.
J real
J real - 5 months ago
Shannon needs to keep that same energy towards Dak & put it on Cam who has clearly struggled the last few seasons.
Demarion Ellick
Demarion Ellick - 5 months ago
“I’m glad he had on them pants because he pooped right on the field , we would have saw it “😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Durrell Cole
Durrell Cole - 5 months ago
God these two are hilarious. 10 seconds in and I'm already laughing hahahaha
Eashoa - 5 months ago
Skip making excuses for an overly confident,arrogant 6"5 240lbs QB. He never improved his accuracy and thought his sheer talent would last. Ever since the Broncos knocked him into reality he hasn't been the same.
Brett Malmstrom
Brett Malmstrom - 5 months ago
Its in Charlotte..smh
Francisco Davis
Francisco Davis - 5 months ago
Joy, Jenny, Jenna.... all great. Molly...maybe she'd fit if she changed her name to Jolly
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith - 5 months ago
What happened to Serena and coc gauff?
Bilge Williams
Bilge Williams - 5 months ago
Cool hair Cam.....
Cameron Potts
Cameron Potts - 5 months ago
If these qb's can't make great decisions in college they can't fix that in tha pros. Daniel Jones, Tom Brady, Joe Montana making great decisions in college. It carries over
Cameron Potts
Cameron Potts - 5 months ago
5 yard passes are extended handoffs ha ha lmao ha ha ha :D
Mongoose Laflair
Mongoose Laflair - 5 months ago
Baltimore Ravens all day everyday
usaf 93
usaf 93 - 5 months ago
Newton sucks always has
Sir Digg
Sir Digg - 5 months ago
Subscribe here to get the latest from the show Why is Jenny’s outro extactly word for word of cowherds outro? Be ur self Jenny!
GH0ST_ - 5 months ago
Jameis has more career interceptions than games played and also averages 1 interception every 19.7 completions over his career.
Lyric X
Lyric X - 5 months ago
Maybe the expectations are high for Cam but he honestly just can't take it to heart because let's be honest no one stays at the mountain for so long. Since the superbowl loss to the patriots the Falcons have been the most confusing team in terms of what happened to them drew brees and the saints were out of the playoffs three straight seasons. The patriots didn't win a superbowl after beating the eagles for about another ten years after that. Peyton manning was great but he only got one superbowl victory with the colts. You just cant take it to the heart.
Frank N
Frank N - 5 months ago
Re Cam Newton - The true test of a champion is being consistent year after year!
Pony Girl
Pony Girl - 5 months ago
Skiup, come on
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