Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum

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sammy duran
sammy duran - Hour ago
I love it when dudes are non bias, hella cool. Driving a GMC picking up a Ford. Good video, looking forward to the rebuild 👍
Elroy Dennison
Elroy Dennison - Hour ago
20Bailey Osborn
20Bailey Osborn - Hour ago
For the love of god don’t put wheel spacers on this and take the wheel spacers off the other truck in this video. It’s a truck not a ricer
Towing on tune 6 he’s gunna blow that thing up you should never tow on anything higher than 2
Alex Rangel
Alex Rangel - 2 hours ago
The ram has both heated and cold seats in the back jeje
Michael Schweigert
Michael Schweigert - 2 hours ago
The new Ram trucks have rear seatheaters too.
Chad Kolakowski
Chad Kolakowski - 3 hours ago
The number one rule about a deleted diesel is You never film or talk about a deleted diesel. Smh 🤦‍♂️
Keye Haze
Keye Haze - 3 hours ago
0:03 calm down dude!! you scared me!! i jumped 😭😭😂😂
hilham 89
hilham 89 - 5 hours ago
I'll take the f450 of your hands. Y'all need to invest in a winch.
Tom Mater
Tom Mater - 6 hours ago
What hitch is that
Tom Mater
Tom Mater - 6 hours ago
Probably 26000 lb towing on the ferd
Mark Volker
Mark Volker - 6 hours ago
*About how much did you spend on it at auction, if you don't mind sharing?* $20,000-30,000?
Richard Koehler
Richard Koehler - 7 hours ago
Tow capacity is 35000 pound F450
Kyle Singer
Kyle Singer - 8 hours ago
What’s up with the new shop location?
Hustler - 9 hours ago
PS3 fifa 16 well its actually 14
David Pontnak
David Pontnak - 9 hours ago
Taken apart NOT tooken dang no such word but good luck on the rebuild. Go Ford!
Rene Villarreal
Rene Villarreal - 12 hours ago
I wonder how much he got the truck for? $$
Bryce Seal
Bryce Seal - 13 hours ago
Should be a card by ford in the owner’s manual with your code for the door
saonik - 13 hours ago
8:49 no its not fifa 16 .
Its fifa 14
Victor Pascual
Victor Pascual - 15 hours ago
Y'all should build a race truck
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf - 15 hours ago
Door Codes are usually on a card in the owner manual if your lucky you will have it or locate the module which is behind the passenger side kick panel which has the factory code on it. Or if you can get Forscan and a ELM327 Scan Tool With Switch for fords off ebay you can access the code that way too.
Chase Case
Chase Case - 15 hours ago
There might be a card on the back of the owners manual that has the door code.
Ricky V
Ricky V - 15 hours ago
How much did you pay for the truck?
Jesus Morales
Jesus Morales - 15 hours ago
Que emocionados estos cnavalos muy vuenos cnamacos. keremos verla vien arrejlada cnavalones 👍👍
Dee Jay
Dee Jay - 15 hours ago
Dang son!! Rule #1...Never go to an auction site to p/u a vehicle, with a trailer that doesn't have a winch on it!! A winch and a snatch-block, are 'Must Haves' whenever you go to Auction House.
And your weight distribution on the trailer isn't what you should be concerned about. It was fine the way it was loaded, as you want the heavier part of the truck (the front half), on your tongue...forward of the trailer axles.
It's a combination of things that made your drive home, very sketchy:
#1 - that intermediate hitch "adapter thing" you got going on that a Complete No-No! If you have to run a pintel hitch adapter, don't buy one that adds more length to your set-up! That added length to the hitch assembly (it looked like 12"+ long?), just adds trailer sway. And even worse, adds some serious weight past the center-line of your truck's rear axle, and it also takes needed weight off of your front axle too. So your steering probably felt like it was "floating or wandering", while you were on the expressways while driving?
#2 - Those offset wheels and rubber band tires on that truck, are the other issue too! They might look really cool at a mall parking lot, and at Saturday night cruise, in town...but for towing & hauling...Not So Much! Those tires were screaming & straining, every mile your two were driving! I wonder what the 'Load Rating' is for those tires? I'm pretty sure...very inadequate for what you were hauling, or for what the truck is really tow rated for from the factory stock O.E.M. condition. Not lifted, and with off-set wheels.
#3 - That squat in the rear of the truck, that you guys thought was so cool, was another factor as to why pulling that F-450, felt sketchy! Serious squat like that, is Never Cool! Throw some air bags on that truck. And you guys should really consider installing a weight distribution hitch w/anti-sway control device on your truck/trailer, the next time your hauling a heavy load, for long distances! Luckily, you guys made it back home safely. It probably took a couple of days for the color to return in your knukles, after that White Knuckle drive home too!?! : )
But you guys got a Great F-450. With some serious elbow grease, some time, and lots of'll have a Great Towing Truck, for all your future purchases, adventures, and long as you don't turn it into a "Asphalt Queen" that is. TBD
Jzamora26 - 15 hours ago
How much
pete carlton
pete carlton - 16 hours ago
If you are lucky the door code will be on a card in the owners manual the factory code always works and if you have that you can program your own code in.
MC3 - 16 hours ago
How much did you pay for it
SOGbryan - 16 hours ago
What did you pay at auction??? I can't be the only one who wants to know.
Mark Conley
Mark Conley - 17 hours ago
Use a 4x4 lumber under the front wheels, it will go up and over the trailer fenders
David Skerritt Jr
David Skerritt Jr - 17 hours ago
The code for the truck should be in the manual it should be a card that has the numbers on
Dylan Adkins
Dylan Adkins - 17 hours ago
Shouldn’t ever tow with it turned up like that hard on stuff tow on half of what you normally run
Lickedy Split
Lickedy Split - 18 hours ago
Dang DUDE, Dude that's legit, dude what, guys your really getting old with the Dude comments...Too bad you guys don't know what your talking about when it comes to trucks..I wish you guys would have one person do the talking it's so aggregating listening to each of you talk over each other..your a long way from knowing what your talking about..son, son,son. Totally sound illiterate
LawF250 - 18 hours ago
Hitch safety chains supposed to be connected to the tow vehicle and not just the hitch FYI. Be safe.
Stefan Markovic
Stefan Markovic - 19 hours ago
Waste of time watching This, dont watch it
Cloud Ryse
Cloud Ryse - 19 hours ago
Finally A Enjoyable Build Been Skipping So Many Videos Lately
Gunrunner 87
Gunrunner 87 - 19 hours ago
11:45 I'd recommend crossing the chains so if the trailer unhitches the chains will catch it instead of dragging it
Tae Str
Tae Str - 19 hours ago
Drinking game: take a swig of beer everytime they say dude
Good vidja!
Tyler Whitehead
Tyler Whitehead - 20 hours ago
The Cummins has all the same stuff in the back seat
Zachary Ryan
Zachary Ryan - 23 hours ago
I want a truck like that lol
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