'Superman dive' at finishing line gives university athlete dramatic win in 400m hurdles

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SOWAH LARYE - 48 minutes ago
But he was wining 😂😂😂😂
SOWAH LARYE - 49 minutes ago
Really 😂😂😂😂
GasTheKikesFucks - Hour ago
Hhhhh I waited for this moment for a very long time
Malik Jones
Malik Jones - Hour ago
Youuu Crank Dat Soulja Move! 😂😂😂
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz - Hour ago
Why was his mom on the track?
Jamie Fitz
Jamie Fitz - Hour ago
He was trying to do a belly flop finisher
nehomar flores
nehomar flores - Hour ago
nojoda tengo 42 años y yo creia q lo abia bisto todo
hen ko
hen ko - Hour ago
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam - 2 hours ago
That's cheating
Cynthia Kila’
Cynthia Kila’ - 2 hours ago
I hope he don’t mix seed with the beast and destroy his genetics .. “ nice looking man
Tyler Thorne
Tyler Thorne - 3 hours ago
Lane 5 is the winner !!!!!!!
The Essence
The Essence - 3 hours ago
Plot twist: he was really auditioning for the next black panther movie
bek TT
bek TT - 3 hours ago
Cheat !
adil bin talat
adil bin talat - 3 hours ago
amazingly done
Sagatuppercut SF2
Sagatuppercut SF2 - 4 hours ago
He could've injured himself. Sheesh!
Bini Yig
Bini Yig - 4 hours ago
That's cheating homie
Сссддд Сссддд
twinky666666 - 4 hours ago
he needs to be thrown off the team for doing such an underhanded thing 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
Ismail Alay
Ismail Alay - 5 hours ago
Gülme krizine girdim ag :D
ynforme - 6 hours ago
Nuevo reglamento hay que pasar meta corriendo no volando
Peter Smith
Peter Smith - 6 hours ago
This is absolutely ridiculous as this is a running event, not diving, therefore surely the rules would state that the athlete has to run through the finishing line. The result should have been given to the second athlete.
FindItFixIt - 7 hours ago
sp g
sp g - 8 hours ago
m'yootoob celery
m'yootoob celery - 8 hours ago
Its a shame we live in a world where people feel ashamed of wanting to win
lollo bollo
lollo bollo - 9 hours ago
At least he is honest... typical bs from black guy
dave d
dave d - 10 hours ago
I respect a man that wants to win.
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper - 11 hours ago
Jumped to give it a hug 🤗
Neo Khesa
Neo Khesa - 12 hours ago
巨人駆逐会社 - 12 hours ago
-heathen- _-
-heathen- _- - 12 hours ago
he made history.
It doesn't matter he won or loose but he made the crowd laugh😂
His interview answer tho.. Best part 🤣
Uren Mingesske
Uren Mingesske - 12 hours ago
Хитрожопый негр
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 13 hours ago
Мел дик ву ала.
whodatcall - 13 hours ago
Looked like it hurt
Make it Easy
Make it Easy - 13 hours ago
Adarsh SS
Adarsh SS - 14 hours ago
To all the glory bolt has brought to this track... this man is capable of making mockery of it. Disgusting finish.
fadel Kanoute
fadel Kanoute - 14 hours ago
Karl Clyde Fajarito
Karl Clyde Fajarito - 15 hours ago
Jane Katz
Jane Katz - 15 hours ago
low IQ
Gary Owen
Gary Owen - 16 hours ago
He should become the new batman
The World Tv
The World Tv - 16 hours ago
😁😁😁another way to win or to remain champion 😁😁😁
Denis Herrera
Denis Herrera - 17 hours ago
The Big superan👊👊👊
Soham Dalal
Soham Dalal - 17 hours ago
Did he win ?
Georgia Uwoms-Colahar
Georgia Uwoms-Colahar - 18 hours ago
Dishonest!!! He did NOT win..
Eric Bland
Eric Bland - 18 hours ago
To give my mom a hug?! Thats all it was?! Hahahaha
Brenda Meza
Brenda Meza - 19 hours ago
This should be considered cheating. Hope it hurt you cheater.
Sidney Chia
Sidney Chia - 19 hours ago
They have to invite all the participants' mom standing at the finish line from now on! If a runner's mom doesn't show up, he can't dive - new rule.
Lucas Browne
Lucas Browne - 20 hours ago
That's cheating straight up. You need to be on your feet when you cross the line you fucken cheat
DJ Meku
DJ Meku - 20 hours ago
This is how Women jump into conclusion...
Martin Louie Macalinao
Martin Louie Macalinao - 20 hours ago
Thats painfull
Alex Qiu
Alex Qiu - 21 hour ago
Gotta do what u gotta do
panggop jio
panggop jio - 22 hours ago
Lol 😂 It looked Quite funny I must say
Ghs Hshdhd
Ghs Hshdhd - 22 hours ago
Мел дик ву ала.
Tech Hustler
Tech Hustler - 23 hours ago
Well, that is giving it your all. And if you want to give it your all; help me get to 10k. Thanks in advance.
Vieux Eusse
Vieux Eusse - Day ago
Vraiment felicitation !
TheBeofox - Day ago
Somewhere in his brain, his ancestors warned him, *How you gon let that white boy overtake you boi!*
Kohli salah
Kohli salah - Day ago
Reporter to the 2nd athlete : btw why did u jump
2nd athlete : his mother is my aunty
Paddy Pup
Paddy Pup - Day ago
Bigger shock is how the hell did the white lad almost win??
8bit Flea
8bit Flea - Day ago
This is funny
Armando Villarreal
Armando Villarreal - Day ago
Ching9n Compadre...Te las vistes negras al ultimo pero sacastes la garra de Puma!...Eres Chingón. Cuando gustes venir a Mexico...aquí te resibímos con chingo d3 cervezas!. Salu2
James Storey
James Storey - Day ago
the dive definitely slowed him down
Jose Huerta III
Jose Huerta III - Day ago
Talk about stupid
Spiderman - Day ago
That's not a real name.
Elisha - Day ago
That wasn't done in the right spirit of competition.
Madison Mcgrew
Madison Mcgrew - Day ago
If you look closer, that man that dived actually tripped and that was the reason he dived
cris89446 - Day ago
He Was falling down and so he decided to jump... otherwise it Wouldn't be a nice behaviour To do in sprinting
Mustache Man
Mustache Man - Day ago
Black people am i right guys. Guys?
spartaknumerouno - Day ago
unnecessary. Didn''t add anything to his time.
Geo fadak
Geo fadak - Day ago
😂😂😂😂i love youuu
Ike Swp
Ike Swp - Day ago
moon cricket
Sun Randolph
Sun Randolph - Day ago
There both 1
Jamaican Stone 100% original
Lol 😂 It looked Quite funny I must say
Alan C.
Alan C. - Day ago
"No guts, no glory"
I Have No Name
I Have No Name - Day ago
probably the funniest sports moment ever..
Jason SCAR KiD
Jason SCAR KiD - Day ago
She- But baby I din shave..
Me- 0:10
Josef Taffmann
Josef Taffmann - Day ago
Black panther in action
Lauren McGinty
Lauren McGinty - Day ago
i mean as long as he passes the line lol
Camilo Izquierdo  Jaramillo
Eso es valido? Quien responde en español
Safi Syed
Safi Syed - Day ago
Jumping should be out from atletics. Disqualified.
Mie Knaem
Mie Knaem - Day ago
Total miss tap.
Ammir Ian
Ammir Ian - Day ago
he might die if he do it again
Pan Eak
Pan Eak - Day ago
You is best .from Thailand
Junior Campbell
Junior Campbell - Day ago
Never give up never surrender that's his motto ..
Алексей Стародумов
Уголек стрельнул
A L F ALO MAFIA - Day ago
S U P E R - V I D E O ) ) )
habib mohammed
habib mohammed - Day ago
Amazing! He is showing an admiring mindset! He could have won without that move! but he managed to give us a free lesson of having a vision and working hard! Well done brother! you motivate me every time I click replay! this needs to be downloaded! this is GOLD man! I thank you for sharing us your Winning mindset! RESPECT.
Mamou Dacko
Mamou Dacko - Day ago
Iba montana
Sainiana Bola
Sainiana Bola - Day ago
by any means necessary
Wow he jumped like a frog lol
Darnell Barney
Darnell Barney - Day ago
That's legal?
west carter
west carter - Day ago
..He did a Johnny "Cash"- in' to win'.. "Because you're Mine'.. i Cross The Line" 🙀🙊🙈🏆😹👀😉✨
Prs Grind
Prs Grind - Day ago
He must be banned from this... "sport"
Jesus IsLord
Jesus IsLord - Day ago
He just gave this race a jump 👌
Shrihari Kulkarni
Shrihari Kulkarni - Day ago
happens frequently in cricket
To prevent getting run out batsman jump to touch the line with bat
Alex F
Alex F - Day ago
😂😂 no mames mejor se hubiera sacado el pito😂😂
lakeofx - Day ago
Why did the second guy dive after the finish? Didn't look like he tripped or anything
TheKoolKing- Gaming
Did I Just Hear A Roblox Oof When He Jumped
uber goober
uber goober - Day ago
Running for your welfare check like
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez - Day ago
Soulja Boy off in this oh
Watch me crank it, watch me roll
Watch me crank dat, Soulja Boy
Then Superman dat oh
Now watch me Youuuu!!!
Alex - Day ago
Can they do that? If so, why not more people do it?
поп Андопуло
Such behaviour should be prohibited. Running is not diving!
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