Are Axions Dark Matter?

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Doodle Dee
Doodle Dee - Day ago
"CP Violation" Why do scientists pick the worst names for things lol
David Schaftenaar
David Schaftenaar - 3 days ago
4:51 Yeah, okay, physics wins, I'll admit it: I'm too stupid to even begin to make sense of that Greek alphabet soup. Anyone who sees that formula and actually understands it is essentially a wizard from my perspective and has my respect and admiration.
Josiffrank - 8 days ago
Why don't they call it wrong until is solved? Big egoes?
Edward Galliano
Edward Galliano - 11 days ago
It has never occurred to a majority of people and perhaps only me that we are in a small spherical volume of space inside an atom and with the atom part of a separate reality.
Lewis Shrubb
Lewis Shrubb - 13 days ago
If axions are real and are responsible for the extra gravity, how large would the actual size of a galaxy have to be to account for the extra gravity observed? where would the axions sit in galaxy, would they be evenly distributed throughout, or would they be mostly (or perhaps all given the failure to detect them thus far) be on the outer edge of the mass we see in a galaxy because it has the least mass? lastly could the axions orbit larger masses? thank you. Lewis Shrubb.
Rasputin Disclaimer101
Rasputin Disclaimer101 - 17 days ago
This is a work of non-fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are factual. Any resemblances to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
We do not take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this video. Nor, do we take responsibility for decisions taken by the viewer based solely on the information provided in this virtual application, any dimension visited, or any dark energy attached or removed.
Delta Design
Delta Design - 18 days ago
I hope this video explains something.. 3rd time's a charm.
Norman Thornton
Norman Thornton - 19 days ago
Their is no dark matter, Their is enough photon masses to equal all of the observable matter which we can see.. In the area boundary of a universe, perhaps less than two percent is composed of physical masses. The rest of the space is composed of electromagnetic waves in transit. While we do not give a value to the mass of a photon, it none the less has a mass value based on its frequency. A million cycles per second has a mass ten times less than a ten million cycle frequency per second. Photon frequencies are created from the amount of mass converted into electromagnetic waves in a given seconds worth of time as we know it to be. A Gamma Ray frequency may be carrying a million or more times the mass of our visible light spectrum frequencies.and electromagnetic waves fill every iota of space in existence in the universe, That is the so called dark matter of the universe . . .
Michael Sommers
Michael Sommers - 9 days ago
No. That's not how it works. You need to retake all your physics courses.
Justwantahover - 20 days ago
Well actually...

I wouldn't have a clue!
LARTY LAB - 21 day ago
Congrats! This exceptional lecture indicates that you (unlike many others) really understand what you're talking about.
Virtual Axion Institute
Virtual Axion Institute - 22 days ago
If you want to follow axion research in the making, right at the edge of our current knowledge, head over to our Virtual Axion Institute [ ], where early-career scientists present their recent work on axion physics in short workshop-style talks.
Cancel Culture Doesn't exist
The universe is an aliens a+ project
Roblox Zaara
Roblox Zaara - 29 days ago
This is SOOO confusing lol
Жан Бек
Жан Бек - 29 days ago
The DARK ENERGY curtain is opening, gentlemen. Without fear of simplicity, imagine such a blooming UNIVERSE:
Quantum gravity is the vibrations of waves in a spherical quantum field. Or the wave pressure in the quantum membrane in the "rosebud", where the transfer of wave energy during the drift of the center in the "rosebud" is possible through the quantum of the string.
Quantum entanglement is a mixed transmission of information without intermediaries through the quantum of strings and with intermediaries in fractals from the quantum of "rosebuds".
The visible Universe is crumbling over the skeleton - Immeasurable a quantum of strings on which fractals grow, quantum "rosebuds" in the form of dark energy.
Beta Centurion
Beta Centurion - Month ago
Hello PBS Space Time. I'm finishing up my REU with the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) with the University of Washington, and I just wanted to thank you for presenting axion physics in such a clear way. I was aware of the strong CP problem during the whole internship, but since I was focused on studying microwave cavities I never got the chance to learn more about it. This video helped me sound like a boss at the end of my presentation, and of course, the video was awesome regardless of the context it has to me. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me out.
Musky Elon
Musky Elon - Month ago
Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson - Month ago
Apes ARE monkeys. Give it a search.
Sazse 007
Sazse 007 - Month ago
How could you say "inflation has started 13.5 billion years ago"? Is there any indication at all that time flows outside our bubble universe?
Ali Aseman Bakhsh
Ali Aseman Bakhsh - Month ago
Now you’re just making stuff up.
intrepiddevildog - Month ago
Great channel
Nathan Goldberg
Nathan Goldberg - Month ago
Axions are probably something much more complex and probably comprised of something much smaller if you know physics history you know that last time we had the idea in our collective heads as physicists that we knew it all we got our heads knocked around by the next discoveries. We discovered that the universe did not rotate around the sun, that electromagnetism was a single force, that light was both a wave and a particle, radioactivity, quantum physics, and more. I doubt that axions will fully wrap up BOTH dark matter and CPT violation although it would be poetic.
david nelband
david nelband - Month ago
i did some science to me portal gun morty, now its a real gun
NotMe, - Month ago
Totally lost me there at the end. Throw some numbers on the screen.
R. Rod.
R. Rod. - Month ago
Close enough to me. I'll called dark matter are Axions. Case closed. Pack it up guys.
J P J - Month ago
I used to watch Big Bang theory and think I was smart.😬
callejondorado - Month ago
If I understood well dark matter, in this case Axions, would interact via the electromagnetic force, since it would decay into photons. So far it has been said that it was only through gravity.
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins - Month ago
When you're really clever and then try to sell a private VPN
N Marbletoe
N Marbletoe - Month ago
Can you pronounce Principia Mathematica as a superposition of all possible pronunciations?
N Marbletoe
N Marbletoe - 9 days ago
@Michael Sommers ok that's right lol
Michael Sommers
Michael Sommers - 9 days ago
No. There is no superposition in classical mechanics.
Shervin Manickam
Shervin Manickam - Month ago
Longest way to say maybe axion exists or does not
Shervin Manickam
Shervin Manickam - Month ago
The caption timing is very bad
Cyrill Azarkhin
Cyrill Azarkhin - Month ago
Wow, when he suddenly pronounced ''revolver ocelot"
isleofatoll nz
isleofatoll nz - Month ago
dark plasma
Gsup7s - Month ago
Wow. So much wasted effort. I'm not saying Axeion's couldn't exist. I'm saying if they existed in such quantity as dark matter. They would have certainly been detected by now. With even the first attempt of detection.
Assuming axions can actually spontaneously gain energy and release a photon. And while it is true we cannot produce the magnetic field strength of a galaxy. We don't need to. In the localized region like the space of the size of an Axion. Vastly less energy would be required. Well within our capability of producing.
One of these days the scientific community will stop referring to the lowest energy State as a vacuum. As in the absence of anything. Because space itself is a form of matter. And in great enough density. Produces its own gravity. Yes. The Gravity produced by Dark matter. Is the measurement of spatial density. How about a video on that.!
Although I guess it's not a complete waste. The information that you are wrong. Is still pretty important information.
Gsup7s - Month ago
I did actually notice the monkey thing. But I thought semantics. I don't want to be a d***. But next time I'll be sure to correct to you on every little thing.
Gsup7s - Month ago
Also there is no such thing as infinite inflation. And while the lowest energy state is not a vacuum. It is the lowest energy state. And through inflation all the available energy is spreading out. Which is referred to as kinetic energy. But eventually the universe will reach a lowest energy state. And cease inflation. Hope that clears up Infinit inflation for you. There is no such thing as infinite. Not in the universe in which we live. I can't say for sure about the multiverse. What is more likely. Is the existence of nothing. With no dimension. No time. No space. No energy. Nothing.! And the multiverse is just an island within it. How it got there. Or how it came to be. Is a mystery. You might assume it got there in the same way all of its constituent universes did. But no. That's where the buck stops. And while there may be an in comprehensible number of universes. It's still vastly short of Infinity. I think you will agree. So not in this universe. And very probable not even the multiverse.!
Baalsguestjar - Month ago
Well Tachyons are Dark Energy. The are the Anti Photons, because they travel FSOL, which would be in a inverted way is the opposite of Speed Of Light formula is SOL = -FSOL or Photon = -Tachyon. The reason for this is that neither one can cross the equal sign without no longer existing and so they become polar opposites. In other words if a photon goes faster it becomes a tachyon and if a tachyon slows down it becomes a photon. Did I just invent a teleporter? When do I get my Nobel Prize?
Pure Pressure
Pure Pressure - 2 months ago
It’s incredible how much his hand movement adds to the video
Caleigh Fisher
Caleigh Fisher - 2 months ago
Assuming there was a beginning
Caleigh Fisher
Caleigh Fisher - 2 months ago
What frequency are the photons from this exchange? Are they specific? Harmonic series (quantized)? Have a distribution curve?
Project Management
Project Management - 2 months ago
What emmits axions? How are they emmited from atoms?
T - 2 months ago
One way to work out how to pronounce Principia would be to find some contemporary poetry where someone rhymes it with something else.
Craig Laycock
Craig Laycock - 2 months ago
The electromagnetic force is many magnitudes stronger than gravity and reaches out to infinity in the inverse square law. I have a theory that electromagnetism is responsible for the currently unexplained attraction found between stars inside galaxies. After all, stars are giant magnets due to their flowing plasma. This seems far more likely to me, than the existence of "dark matter".
Turin Horse
Turin Horse - 2 months ago
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The strong CP problem happens when mods are asleep.
Simon Ingram
Simon Ingram - 2 months ago
Should say "sponsored by NordVPN the not so private network."
Robert Schlesinger
Robert Schlesinger - 2 months ago
Excellent video. Interesting and informative. Max Tegmark has authored some relevant papers.
And thanks for the reminder to head out to buy some Axion!
Roli Rivelino
Roli Rivelino - 2 months ago
Is there a follow up on this, citing the xenon experiment?
Larz - 2 months ago
If space is infinite, there are universes beyond our universe. And they are likely spewing mass outwards with infinite inflation, into our universe, which will end our infinite inflation by increasing our mass, which will increase gravity, which will cause our universe to contract. Hence ending infinite inflation and leading to another Big Bang.
Tim Brumaghin
Tim Brumaghin - 2 months ago
The axions are the strings in M Theory?
Jim Jimmy
Jim Jimmy - 2 months ago
If Axions are dark matter and the dark matter is mostly needed inside galaxies, to explain why they don't fly apart, and these galaxies have strong magnetic fields then that dark matter should have turned into light by now providing human made CAST can turn it into light, shouldn't it? But then again i could not turn into light because it's needed for us to explain why galaxies don't fly apart.:) So i guess we need some math to explain that:)
AnimeShinigami13 - 2 months ago
Physicist: I sense a disturbance in the forces!
Axion: Come to the dark side! of physics!
Olan Dyurai
Olan Dyurai - 2 months ago
I am so happy I found this channel! Fairly sure I've watched every video twice and some of them 10x!!! I'm constantly pausing and going on a google wormhole lathered in critical thinking lol it truly gives me so much joy that words fall short!!!! Love that I can still watch PBS just like when I was a kid!!!
Scott West
Scott West - 2 months ago
Why aren't neutrinos dark matter
Magnus Juul
Magnus Juul - 2 months ago
Wow. A 17 minute long video and it "only" took 11 minutes and 20 seconds to actually get to the point... which there wasn't any of anyway. Good job mate
p a
p a - 2 months ago
Physics abandons the ether instead calling it "the quantum field"
p a
p a - 2 months ago
Tri Biz, same experiments are well explained using pilot wave theory, and the ether. The problem isn't the experiments that are explained, it's the many that conflict.
Tri Biz
Tri Biz - 2 months ago
But experiments have demonstrated effects that are explained extremely accurately by quantum fields
zero15388 - 2 months ago
i just about follow along... and then i dont
Thak You
Thak You - 2 months ago
I hate advertisements... Especially in science. 😑

Why Axions??? Looks like even the universe has got ads 🤣
UNDERHILL - 2 months ago
So Nord VPN creates Axions to populate the universe for a low monthly price. Got it.
Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers - 2 months ago
Nerd all the way. Brilliant.
impossiblemission4ce - 2 months ago
"the weak force is not CP symmetric"
Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig
Klaus ATHEIST Bolvig - 2 months ago
Brilliant using nature to explore new particles? But if!!
Conor Corrigan
Conor Corrigan - 2 months ago
"It seems like some of you are, let's say, quite detail-oriented"
That's the nicest way of calling someone autistic I've ever heard on the internet...
TheVergile - 2 months ago
science: we found a new particle/force/field/effect/metal genre
science: is it dark matter??
Tolen Tarpay
Tolen Tarpay - 3 months ago
Your description of Axions makes them sound like Neutrinos (unviolated ones, of course!)...
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz - 3 months ago
Take a shot every time Matt says "Ten to the power of"
Rich Mitch
Rich Mitch - 2 months ago
Christopher Kinslow
Christopher Kinslow - 3 months ago
As a late 70's punk rocker I never was truly happy till "Nerd all the way"!!!!!
Science is Punk!
Spinnetti - 3 months ago
What about the dendrites? little biology joke lol
Danielle Spargo
Danielle Spargo - 3 months ago
while i saw and liked this video four months ago, i was directed here once again by the wonderful person anton petrov, who reported today on a new discovery seeming to give credence to the axion's existence. it use i think a 10,000 ton tank of liquid xenon, and they had far more detections than theorized. there are several other explanations, but the axion seems to be far and above the most likely answer. i would love a followup to this video that includes these new observations. but i'm thinking you'll probably give it a few months for confirmation of the data before making a video. still, can't wait to find out if we've finally found dark matter.
Jens8502 - 3 months ago
Hello, wonderful Person!
sgd fdg
sgd fdg - 3 months ago
Dark matter are not Axions first he should prove that Axions exist before asking that question
Axions are fake hypothesis partikels that nobody have found
sgd fdg
sgd fdg - 2 months ago
@Night Beard yes i have Axions are fake hypothesis partikels that nobody have found
Night Beard
Night Beard - 3 months ago
sgd fdg, I guess you’re not read up on current astrophysics news. 🙄
M S - 3 months ago
Wilczek is read as "Vilczek".
Rich Mitch
Rich Mitch - 3 months ago
Back here from Anton Petrov.
*hello wonderful person*
Manj Sher
Manj Sher - 26 days ago
@Rich Mitch Matt O'Dowd channel, let's not let channels cross. May end reality as we know it.
Rich Mitch
Rich Mitch - 26 days ago
@Manj Sher wot
Manj Sher
Manj Sher - 26 days ago
This is not the place for that kind of commentary.
tibor bogi
tibor bogi - 3 months ago
Me too. Now I get deeper explanation, so my un-understandig is way deeper. So I am deeply happier. I became a nerd? :-) ;-o
Sachin Shriyan
Sachin Shriyan - 3 months ago
Rich Mitch same here, thanks to wonderful person Mr. Petrov.
Never Stop Never Stopping
Never Stop Never Stopping - 3 months ago
Black Matter Lives
C Fitzgerald
C Fitzgerald - 3 months ago
Herne Webber
Herne Webber - 3 months ago
Perhaps axions are the material of Spacetime itself? We would detect them similarly to gravitons, via their waves. Given that phantom quarks pop in and out of existence, some leaving photons behind, perhaps others leave axions? If so, this explains Inflation, as well as confounding seeing axions from potential sources. Seeing them from a distant star might be akin to trying to see a ripple made by a pebble dropped in across an ocean. Thoughts?
Sven Vossenberg
Sven Vossenberg - 3 months ago
Is it a possibility that axions are so incredibly small, of low energy, and abundant that they create 'space' between every particle, object and ultimately; create space in the universe entirely?
Almir Ahmedic
Almir Ahmedic - 3 months ago
Yes i think its about vacuum
rylan buck
rylan buck - 3 months ago
Last semester I finished my first proofs class, linear algebra, and diff equ. This semester I’m starting vector analysis, the second proofs class, and a symbolic computations class
I’m excited but idk anything about coding so the third class will be interesting
Jacob Duran
Jacob Duran - 3 months ago
It’s peculiar now that the Italian xenon observatory was designed to detect Dark matter and started hearing “pings”( which may be background noise or might be a newly discovered sub-atomic particle- Axions!)
Patiparn Pojanart
Patiparn Pojanart - 3 months ago
Now, they found it !!!
John Werner
John Werner - 3 months ago
"CP Problem = Bad Theory"
PeriNKinG - 3 months ago
Dark matter lives matter.
Alos - 3 months ago
Looks like we might need a new episode for this topic.
Sai - 3 months ago
We have detected axions! Only 4 months after this video was uploaded!
MarsJenkar - Month ago
I'd advise caution, as the detection was only at 3.2 sigma confidence (5 sigma is what's required to be *really* confident in scientific circles). Still, it's encouraging.
PurpleFerret - 3 months ago
I literally had an ad of a washing-up detergent play at the beginning of the video!
mark banes
mark banes - 3 months ago
Dark matter is the canvas and light is the medium .
DSO Movies
DSO Movies - 3 months ago
Just answer the question. Yes or no
Mario Luna
Mario Luna - 3 months ago
melodramatic bore
Malvakai P
Malvakai P - 3 months ago
"Ten to the power of ten to the power of ten to the power..." I feel like I live in Whoville.
zzasdfwas - 3 months ago
Doesn't Ockham's Razor suggest Theta=0? I'm not clear on why Theta should exist, unless it is required by experiment.
Casius CBU
Casius CBU - 3 months ago
ShadowTani - 3 months ago
I'm still more partial to hexaquarks being dark matter, which have the necessary qualities to qualify as dark matter within known quantum physics and particles as explained in a recent paper. Though would be fun to have more particle discoveries like the higgs down the road, axions or not.
Messiah Immanuel
Messiah Immanuel - 3 months ago
Verily Verily I say that Dark Matter is a renounce of time. Used time gets dark and
empty and lifeless... negative matter... overly filled with death... dead matter...
drained matter that needs to be charged again, as a drained battery.
This is used matter, what will be left when the light is gone. Let there be light and there was light. I divided the light into light and darkness.
Kerry Begeman
Kerry Begeman - 3 months ago
Could you destroy a black hole by feeding it a large amount of antimatter?
prakash govindwar
prakash govindwar - 3 months ago
Same is explained as
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt - 3 months ago
Seems it has more in common with *Calgon* ......
Hound19745 - 3 months ago
I wish this had been around when I slept through my HS physics class.
Seth Apex
Seth Apex - 3 months ago
when would eternal inflation have begun if it had to have a beginning?
garrett hamilton
garrett hamilton - 3 months ago
Love your channel you have any book recommendations ?
Blockistium - 3 months ago
so that's where the Half-Life 2 song comes from
EvilOmniscience - 3 months ago
All monkeys are monkeys, even humans. Humans are simians, literally, monkeys. Simiiformes includes apes (monkeys), humans (monkeys), and pretty much the rest of the monkeys currently living.
Dan X2
Dan X2 - 4 months ago
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