J.R. Smith's NBA Finals blunder deserves a deep rewind | Warriors vs Cavaliers 2018

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Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith - Day ago
These rewind videos are awesome! keep up the great work
lispis - 2 days ago
Stop making us cavs fans cry
Dynamic Voltage
Dynamic Voltage - 2 days ago
"the best team in NBA history" hahahahah come on.
Ice 23
Ice 23 - 2 days ago
Is SB Nation a BRONSEXUAL💩 channel!? LeChoke cant even help the Lakers reach the playoffs in 2019! 😂😂😂
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm - 3 days ago
The George Hill missed free throw is more egregious
shadyparadox - 3 days ago
Looks to me like he forgot which basket was theirs.
jay2pings - 3 days ago
This was 2018 not the 90s. We had HD TV. Why the fuzzy picture effects?
Cherry Park
Cherry Park - 3 days ago
There's an NBA2K simulation in YouTube, where it play the Cavs Warriors 2018 Finals, four months before the actual finals. In that simulation, NBA2K didn't play JR Smith. The simulation shows the Cavs split the first two in Oracle and won Finals in six. Four months before finals, NBA2K is likely saying to the Cavs to not play JR in June.
Cade Bonneau
Cade Bonneau - 3 days ago
Worst NBA Finals of all time
Dale Brown
Dale Brown - 4 days ago
He should've had another free throw, if you watch Durant he was in the lane before the ball left the shooter's hand
Chris Amador
Chris Amador - 6 days ago
“Alright bet”
-J.R Smith after getting the rebound
mt7able - 7 days ago
"And everyone thought he was super cool for doing so"... talk about throwing shade
Jason Pagaduan
Jason Pagaduan - 7 days ago
Will you do a rewind on the Raptors winning the 2019 NBA championship please?
steven cooke
steven cooke - 7 days ago
In the MJ v Lebron debate, could Jordan have survived JR Smith? Or would he have injured him on purpose in practice?
3025adrian Villegas
3025adrian Villegas - 7 days ago
Warriors lost the 2016 finals because draymond was suspended
Healing&Build Supersayan
11:29..... 10:48. Draymond's feet and KD's right foot... 00:42
AT - 8 days ago
JR Smith, one of the dumbest player in history.
Ron Gotti
Ron Gotti - 9 days ago
How tf he pull Rihanna? 🤦🏽‍♂️
The007FMG - 9 days ago
7mins in just mentioning JR. Wtf...
Know Toronto
Know Toronto - 9 days ago
a 12 minute video on a 3 second play
NYs9thwonder - 9 days ago
Lets all give JR Smith a nice slow clap!
anddanny - 9 days ago
did this man say at the start of the video that the world expected game 1 to be close? lets be honest we thought it was gonna be 4 blowouts 😂
kosmicwizard - 10 days ago
The presser with Lebrick after this game was amazing.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray - 10 days ago
Why it's Hill to blame
shin1300 - 10 days ago
He didnt just dropped the ball, he buried it. lol
Sanders Moody
Sanders Moody - 10 days ago
NBA champion jr smith
PlainBagel - 11 days ago
and don't forget a meme legend
Zion McFarland
Zion McFarland - 12 days ago
Man game 2 I was cracking up when oracle chanted MVP to Jr at the free throw line lmfao
andrejalil - 12 days ago
As a native New Yorker and Knicks fan I was very disappointed in JR Smith’s approach to the game. It never felt like he took the game seriously. He could have been ill if he would have.
Shmayes81188 - 12 days ago
Still hurts to see.
Galin Swigart
Galin Swigart - 13 days ago
George Hill should really thank JR for saving him from being the scapegoat of this game. Nobody talks about him missing a game winning free throw because it was followed by one of the most tragic mistakes in NBA history.
R. Flash
R. Flash - 13 days ago
"The most beautiful piece of defensive artwork I've ever seen" Pewfff bro u must be joking! Must be the only block you have ever seen dumb kid.
RennaldoBoyd - 14 days ago
I remember watching JR take out Klay’s legs at home with a horrible bad trip-like fear of dread
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
On accident though... not like draymond and Zaza injuring people on purpose.
Gabriel - 14 days ago
Steve Kerr is legit the most overrated coach of all time in any sport. Basically a glorified chaperone of an all-star team.
roger johnson
roger johnson - 14 days ago
Once you started using filthy profanity, I turned you off. However God is listening to your filthy language, and you will eventually give an account for it and will surely regret it, when you stand before Jesus your creator and judge. You will regret the very day that you were born. So go right ahead and continue to store up your punishment.
Bulls Insanity
Bulls Insanity - 15 days ago
JR Smith was the real Finals mvp
Chris Fazio
Chris Fazio - 16 days ago
I remember watching this series and game 1 live
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 16 days ago
JR Hennything Is Possible Smith.
Nithilan Amudhan
Nithilan Amudhan - 16 days ago
This video just showed how great LeBron is... The man legit carried an underperforming team in the game
Lmao rai
Lmao rai - 16 days ago
How tf rihanna dated thus douchebag
kihlos - 16 days ago
Hill deciding to attend IUPUI to stay close to home due to his grandpa’s illness instead of attending Florida is very admirable.
TheWatchernator - 16 days ago
3:32 "the best team in NBA history..."
The 1996 Bulls disagree.
rejects5525 - 16 days ago
Please do Sidney Crosby's OT sudden death goal against USA for the gold medal in the 2010 winter Olympics. Such a big moment in hockey and sports definitely deserves a rewind.
John Connor
John Connor - 17 days ago
Poor LeBron. He put on an historic performance only to be foiled by his own teammate.
Eduardo Ruiz
Eduardo Ruiz - 18 days ago
When you said Lebron got them to game 7 in 2016 by sheer will you forgot to mention how the refs were also involved heavily in getting them there...
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
The refs never assisted the Cavs, your warriors just fell apart. Steph curry was complete garbage and you were relying on draymond to score atleast 20ppg to get to a game 7. the Cavs have always been the better team. If Kyrie and love stayed and never got injured, Durant never becomes a snake, the Cavs win 4 years in a row.
Tiger Style
Tiger Style - 18 days ago
J.R. Smith is one of the most frustrating, inconsistent, exciting and disappointing players I've ever seen. We've seen him stay average to below average and then bust out some amazing, highlight reel play outta nowhere so many times over the years. We've seen him come up insanely clutch when it mattered least only to flop hard when it really counted. It's depressing cause it doesn't seem like it has to be this way. He could be a lot better, but he's just satisfied getting paid to show up.
J Yo
J Yo - 19 days ago
You did everything but break down the play.
Snow Jordan
Snow Jordan - 19 days ago
Didn't know J.R. Smith was this fun.
Legendary Games
Legendary Games - 19 days ago
Draymond Green in 2016 being suspended was the key to victory, not just a single scene in game 7.
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
Legendary Games if draymond would have been normal draymond and only played defense, the warriors would have gotten swept.
Legendary Games
Legendary Games - 10 days ago
@Shaquilly o'nilly Well draymond is about defense, thats my point. I do not talk about bin making shots or being a scorer. He played the first 4 and they were up 3-1. Game 7 was very close so would be 5 and 6 with dray. I think it ist very unlikely that the cavs come out 3 of 3 with dray in all games.
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
I’m sure not having draymond green, who puts up 9.0 ppg and shoots very poorly from 3 is why you couldn’t clinch the finals. You had to get some actual players, that why you got Durant.
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
Draymond green is complete garbage and he was scoring 20+ppg in the finals and hitting 3’s. I’m pretty sure draymond averaged more points and shot better than curry in the finals which proves how bad the warriors really were. Kyrie Irving embarrasses curry and the warriors all series.If Cavs had a fair shot in 2015, and Durant never joins the warriors for 2017,2018, the Cavs win 4 chips in a row and the warriors have nothing.
Conner S
Conner S - 19 days ago
I like when people act like J.R Smith stole a championship from LeBron like they didn’t get swept.
The Explorer
The Explorer - 18 days ago
He kinda did tho. J.R Smith ruined LeBron's momentum that series. If they won Game 1, LeBron would absolutely keep his momentum. Though, I'd still think they'll lose, like c'mon that team was so stacked.
Hap Py
Hap Py - 19 days ago
I honestly kind of like Jr smith he seems like a nice guy just look at 6:23 when he reaches out to help Klay
C.Love - 20 days ago
if jordan was on that cavs team instead of lebron they would have still lost in the finals, not swept but still...
whateverdotcom - 20 days ago
Wtf are you on??? You're all over the place with your story
King Hip-O
King Hip-O - 21 day ago
Top 3 list of "The best basketball players to never know what's going on".
1) JR Smith
2) Kendrick Perkins
3) JaVale McGee
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman - 21 day ago
Many individuals in this world have less than ideal judgement. I prefer them to those who create character assassination videos. The maker of this video proves what a big man he is by presenting almost all negative information about another person. Ugh!
mason foster
mason foster - 22 days ago
Dont mention that he killed someone running a stop sign
kuroashi Sanji
kuroashi Sanji - 22 days ago
Why are they making big deal out of this ? It’s like lebum would of made game winning shoot
Shaquilly o'nilly
Shaquilly o'nilly - 10 days ago
? The Cavs were going to win this year. Look at the numbers he was putting up and the game winning shots he was hitting in 2018 playoffs, the bumass warriors didn’t stand a chance vs Lebron in 2018.
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes - 22 days ago
If SB ever does a video on a team losing the 2020 NBA finals or a playoff series in such fashion, they'd probably start the video with "First, you have to understand the Coronavirus lockdown..."
dgames - 23 days ago
This video has a whole lot of extra nothing. Wow
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez - 23 days ago
10:35 This man just threw a basketball better and with more ease than I throw a baseball lol
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor - 24 days ago
Lol jr smith
Winthrop Andrews
Winthrop Andrews - 25 days ago
3 lane violations by the warriors on that freethrow
Riccardo Guareschi
Riccardo Guareschi - 26 days ago
This gets more embarrassing by the year
uSo Dumb
uSo Dumb - 26 days ago
Jr is pure garbage. Facts
Captain Amenuku
Captain Amenuku - 26 days ago
Absolutely love how detailed this video is.
Nathanael Perez
Nathanael Perez - 27 days ago
The first minute in and thee's already a Knicks insult 😟
Juicc - 28 days ago
Jr smith smoked with me that good cali during half time of that game.
True story 🤷🏾‍♂️
nick pearce
nick pearce - Month ago
Ha I love the look of pain on Lebums face. Boo hoo.
Alberto Karam
Alberto Karam - Month ago
Why you flaming the Knicks so much
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno - Month ago
Man, remember when LeBron played defense?
Kaan K
Kaan K - Month ago
To be honest you can’t put all the blame on JR Smith, If George hill made that free throw none of this would have happened and it was outstanding from JR Smith to even get the offensive rebound, he doesn’t deserve all the blame.
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez - Month ago
I hate this guys self righteous tone. Your opinion is not fact.
L&T Events
L&T Events - Month ago
Let’s give a shout out to LBJ for all the scrubs he played with in Cleveland.
Jordan Kim
Jordan Kim - Month ago
"When he goes cold, everyone can see their own breath." I love this metaphor. hahaha #JRSwish
joe Blow
joe Blow - Month ago
Cleveland doing Cleveland things.
supermanXL - Month ago
Forgot how fun JR was
zebrasprite - Month ago
I've been avoiding watching this due to being a Cavs fan and the memory is too painful. Quarantine sucks :(
Arwa Al-Azzam
Arwa Al-Azzam - Month ago
Let’s go dubs!!!
Jason Moy
Jason Moy - Month ago
Didn’t the Cavs “Tried” to build a super team with Thomas, Crowder, D-Rose and Wade? I mean he basically carried the team
kermit - Month ago
People just forget hill missed a clutch free throw he choked too
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