All The Easter Eggs And References In Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Music Video Explained

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Lenssa Shakes
Lenssa Shakes - 13 hours ago
3:37 ummmmmm whats up with ur hair ari.......
Amilia True
Amilia True - Day ago
3:25 Don't worry Ari. I heard Ari not Aubrey 💕
Alishba Hussain
Alishba Hussain - Day ago
7 rings the rings of her friends or HER NEW SONG she was saying her new song
undzwar - Day ago
the beat in the beginning is also a reference to 7 rings
Lia Khalifa
Lia Khalifa - Day ago
I knew i reconized Kris i just didnt know
Kokona Koko head
Kokona Koko head - 3 days ago
7 rings on the car is a new song which is out already
Aubrey Bowman
Aubrey Bowman - 3 days ago
Lgthrfwy Ggtr
Lgthrfwy Ggtr - 4 days ago
The marrage part is got to do with other ppl getting married instead of her
Katariina Virta
Katariina Virta - 4 days ago
The honest to knock me out is from an james corden episode.
Maddie :D
Maddie :D - 5 days ago
It’s pronounced auzzie 🤦🏼‍♀️
Rita Amd
Rita Amd - 5 days ago
Ariana is the best and she is not a tcheater so just shut up
Blake Belladonnaluvklance
7 rings is my favorite song😍😍😍
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen - 6 days ago
7 rings stands for her new song
Simon Wong
Simon Wong - 7 days ago
Rose Gepp
Rose Gepp - 8 days ago
From future
Lea Ilenda
Lea Ilenda - 9 days ago
kris kardashian not kris jenner :P
Siderealnote611 Xbox360
Siderealnote611 Xbox360 - 10 days ago
It’s 2019 now and the license plate refures to the song lol
deondretv - 10 days ago
I Literally thought she legit got Lindsey Lohan to reprise her role, that girl looked just like her
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson - 12 days ago
The whole 'fantasia' could be a reference to a song for a Disney film collection and it's actually a song that's like 5 minutes long
Marie Garcellano
Marie Garcellano - 12 days ago
Omg I miss Victorious and Sam and Cat
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 14 days ago
so they got the baby girl on the necklace and sweater but the didn't get the "7 rings" on the license plate of the car????
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 14 days ago
did yall notice that in the very beginning of the music video the background music is the tune she used in her song 7 rings?
XxAmazing MidnightxX
XxAmazing MidnightxX - 14 days ago
Colleen ain't a prego no more!
Slime potato
Slime potato - 15 days ago
I am from de future And 7 rings Is now a SONG!! - 15 days ago
7 rings background music
Marli Casavant
Marli Casavant - 16 days ago
WHAT ARE EASTER EGGS I’m soooo confused
Chama’ni Turmon
Chama’ni Turmon - 17 days ago
7 rings was the next song she made
Officially Bitres
Officially Bitres - 18 days ago
The 7 rings actually means the song
Karma :3
Karma :3 - 19 days ago
Idk but i honestly remember the first time i watched it a dude was talking about this not a girl
Bubbles - 21 day ago
9:40 y'all get it? 2019 anyone?
Jessica L
Jessica L - 21 day ago
um "13 going on 30" and "bring it on" are NOT ICONIC. Puleasse.
Cambell Tessendorf
Cambell Tessendorf - 21 day ago
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith - 22 days ago
7 rings is there because that's her new song she likes giving us hints
aniya woody
aniya woody - 22 days ago
7 rings also a song that just came out like 1 weeks ago....
charli plummer
charli plummer - 22 days ago
he hasn't aged much
Lotty Liv
Lotty Liv - 22 days ago
7 rings is her new single, which is also the background music at the start
aleena patrick
aleena patrick - 23 days ago
I thought the ice skating poster was from Yuri On Ice at first. I was like Ari's an anime fan but nope.
Ellie King
Ellie King - 23 days ago
Who’s here after seven rings came out

Just me, ok
707 Choi
707 Choi - 23 days ago
3:50 *wtf* why are there d***s?!
Disney on *dissapointed*
Uwu Ghostie
Uwu Ghostie - 24 days ago
7 rings is her new song uwu
Friendly - 24 days ago
At the start of the song, there was the music to 7 rings and the license plate 7 rings is one of her new songs
Jewellee Chiara
Jewellee Chiara - 25 days ago
I knew the rooms in the dollhouse looked like the rooms in the video.
Becky Sergison
Becky Sergison - 25 days ago
I know! It said 7 rings because that is her next song! And yes I'm late
Stargazer Sings
Stargazer Sings - 25 days ago
Idk about 13 going on 30 but mean girls, legally blonde, and bring it on were all turned into musicals so that's awesome
leeyah and the tambourines
"ossy popstar" sis use a z
Why Are You Here
Why Are You Here - 26 days ago
Anyone else see the number plates 7 rings? I found that out as soon as it came out
Mia Madison
Mia Madison - 26 days ago
Does anyone else not see that 7 Rings is from her new song???????
The Boss
The Boss - 26 days ago
7 rings Ariana's new song
xxcяүsтαl ρlαүzxx
xxcяүsтαl ρlαүzxx - 27 days ago
*Regina George is flawless*
Ava Kennedy
Ava Kennedy - 27 days ago
doesn't this "Linsey lohan" loom so like actual linsey
leona gardas
leona gardas - 27 days ago
Litlle did they know 7 rings is the next songs title
• mr sunshine •
• mr sunshine • - 27 days ago
yknow... 7 rings... *her new song*
Ryan Lam
Ryan Lam - 28 days ago
the 7 rings egg was true
Cory Animations
Cory Animations - 28 days ago
I was so happy to see Liz, Matt, and Dani back.
Believe_in_besson - 28 days ago
BonnieJess _
BonnieJess _ - 28 days ago
'7 rings refers to the 7 best friend rings she got' and the name of her next hit song ....
AbbyHodges Łøvearianagrande
7 rings is also for her latest song❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Burgio
Olivia Burgio - 29 days ago
Its not pronounced aussie, its pronounced auzzie
Kayla Feltner
Kayla Feltner - 29 days ago
Actually 7 rings is now a song 😂
Madnation - 29 days ago
7 rings in the licence plate actually stands for her new song "7 Rings"
Call me Your Dai5y
Call me Your Dai5y - 10 days ago
which was inspired by her friendship rings.
Edmire Foster
Edmire Foster - 29 days ago
They missed 7 rings on the plate
cami j
cami j - Month ago
Shout out to all the ladies who were teens during when these movies came out..we had some great movies yall 😊😊😊 #im32now
Sofia Dog Lover 123
Sofia Dog Lover 123 - Month ago
and her new songs
Pragya - Month ago
7 rings is a song!!
Overreacting Lele
Overreacting Lele - Month ago
The plated "7 rings " in her car is actually her new mv now
Tiffany Gwengo
Tiffany Gwengo - Month ago
So many people hate on Ariana but ha e people realized how smart she is her songs all have meaning to them and she is really good at hinting for real Arianators
Princess Unicorn
Princess Unicorn - Month ago
No, 7 rings is a song she made and the intro song to 7 rings is the same to thank u, next, next time look it up for reasearch.
Shania King
Shania King - Month ago
Cooking With Maddeline idiot they didn’t know this was months ago tf now they know
The Unicorn
The Unicorn - Month ago
they should get a more interesting voice
sosha20 - Month ago
something i haven't really seen people talk about is how each film she re-enacted for her video are stories about finding yourself, finding love, and moving on with life--they all fits the song perfectly
10MIL subs with no videos
“Arianators” seriously
Sheila MacKenzie
Sheila MacKenzie - Month ago
Karmesha Dingui
Karmesha Dingui - Month ago
Victoria wants justice!! 😂
• I P U R P L E Y O U •
Who else came here from Ariana’s Instagram post saying 7 rings coming out soon I can’t believe it she was saying that she’ll release it in her thank you next video
Dimitrije Pesic
Dimitrije Pesic - Month ago
babygirl is most likely a new song about the girl that has the baby that is very nice!
Cody Sanford
Cody Sanford - Month ago
So she technically reunited with her cast of victorious too
Tarcia Smith
Tarcia Smith - Month ago
I just hope Lindsay Lohan sues her like she did with Pitbull
unicorns Dj
unicorns Dj - Month ago
Just let the song be if it's the number one song on the radio then why are we doing all these Clues the song is okay
gaming avatar
gaming avatar - Month ago
3:50 at the back ground it looks like di*k mountains.
Jose Arreola
Jose Arreola - Month ago
Hey my guys and girls. Just stop it . Caught myself real quick. Just stop. Peace 💓
Laura O
Laura O - Month ago
Esella Casillas
Esella Casillas - Month ago
Cat from victorious :one time,my brother went roller skating and fell on his face jade:tell me more!!!!!!!!
kellie77381 - Month ago
If she would just learn to enunciate when she sings it would be great. And she needs to stop with the babydoll dresses and high ponytails.
Justin Seagull
Justin Seagull - Month ago
I like the old Arianna
Brooklyn Huckaby
Brooklyn Huckaby - Month ago
Thank you for including the meme community😂😂
j. r
j. r - Month ago
3 musicals me likey
Owen Collins
Owen Collins - Month ago
I know it was mean girls.
laura alvarez
laura alvarez - Month ago
Why did Ariana copy mean girls
Tais Martijn
Tais Martijn - Month ago
but why those 4 movies??
Magic Eadie
Magic Eadie - Month ago
Ok.. your kinda getting this wrong (I think) When she was reading the *Law and blah blah blah* In the Legaly Blonde sene In the REAL Movie she was studying the law in stuff.... ya...
Magic Eadie
Magic Eadie - Month ago
* I did not know Karen would touch her *boobs..* O.O
GraciePlayz 101
GraciePlayz 101 - Month ago
Omg so much copying and um that bedroom in that dollhouse and her room kinda scary
Teal Girl
Teal Girl - Month ago
I saw the 13 going 30 lmao I was like 'yuh'
Tayla - Month ago
3:22, wow I didn’t even hear Aubrey, but now I can’t stop hearing it.
EddyTheElephant Plays
EddyTheElephant Plays - Month ago
rania almlaiki
rania almlaiki - Month ago
brittany collins
brittany collins - Month ago
i feel bad for ari because 1 of her boyfriends died by drugs
Subrina Ally
Subrina Ally - Month ago
Liz Gillies and Ari are always gonna be the greatest
jama newman
jama newman - Month ago
All her music videos are genius!! There's always something behind it! Like god is a woman! That's my favorite music video of hers!! 💋😍💞
Jocelyn K
Jocelyn K - Month ago
I caught them all!! 😁
Kookies Pjs
Kookies Pjs - Month ago
Didn't she has the actress jennette mcurdy used to imitate her in the video
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