All The Easter Eggs And References In Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' Music Video Explained

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꧁ɑesthetɪc kᵎtteŋ꧂
She copied the movie 13 going on 30
yeshua and soonhoon
yeshua and soonhoon - 12 days ago
jade west ahhhhhhh
nina l
nina l - 21 day ago
The cheerleaders were played by Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx, her best friends and also co-writers of the song.
And their cheer uniforms say “LOVERS” instead of “CLOVERS”
Mikey sharpe 4 1
Mikey sharpe 4 1 - 22 days ago
malcolm 1846
borkie borkie
borkie borkie - 27 days ago
-mean girls has left the chat-
Hope Show
Hope Show - 27 days ago
7 rings is a clue for her next song
7 rings
Gloria Akpan
Gloria Akpan - 28 days ago
Did you know there is a song called "7 rings"
Cheryl Bombshell
Cheryl Bombshell - 28 days ago
Am I a stalker if I say I new all off this?? 😬😬😬
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter - 29 days ago
7 rings is for her next song lol
Cracked Egg
Cracked Egg - 29 days ago
Lyla Rivers
Lyla Rivers - Month ago
Not to mention that the black cars licensed plate was labeled 7 rings
Beautygirls 683
Beautygirls 683 - Month ago
Frankie grande is not a figure skater it is actually Max Aaron at the 2014 US Championships and Frankie’s head/neck line was photo shopped.
Hope Ricci
Hope Ricci - Month ago
you didn't say that they were playing the intro to 7 Rings in the beginning. How would any true Ari fan miss that?
Gretchen Bassil
Gretchen Bassil - Month ago
My name is Gretchen my mom actually named me after her because she loves toaster strudles. Give me a like
Aileen SAndoval
Aileen SAndoval - Month ago
Her license plate ‘’7 rings “ actually her new song💖💜😱🤯
Vanessa Y. Valle
Vanessa Y. Valle - Month ago
In 0:43
She said araina grotten
Alice Preshaw
Alice Preshaw - Month ago
7 rings is her new song
ѕωιfтѕтαя σғ εмвεяclαη
Oh, I just finished reading da book Mean Girls.
Chloe Kirkwood
Chloe Kirkwood - Month ago
I love how she is Dong about 7 rings lol
Britain Mangu
Britain Mangu - Month ago
The song playing in the start like the BEGINNING where everyone is talking is also the start of 7 rings!
I got a Bellyache
I got a Bellyache - Month ago
licence plate ‘7 rings’
Arbela Rama
Arbela Rama - Month ago
*victoria justice is quacking*
Unicorn Doughnut
Unicorn Doughnut - Month ago
yessss victorious is the best!
LucyPlayz559 Official
LucyPlayz559 Official - Month ago
Ha the Smule ad about this song came on
Amelia Moore
Amelia Moore - Month ago
9:38 7 rings is her newer song
Sea Shard
Sea Shard - Month ago
go gabi!!!!!
Smiley Vlogs
Smiley Vlogs - Month ago
The beginning of the song is also the same as 7 rings!
R¡cha El¡zabeth
R¡cha El¡zabeth - Month ago
*wE aLl CaN hIt NuMbEr OnE sOnGs*
India Barlow
India Barlow - Month ago
7 rings is the name of her next song
MintyBlox - Month ago
If you see Arianas shirt going down the hall it says I can get needy. In which she later dropped a song called needy and a lyric reads I can be needy.
Carlos Ayala
Carlos Ayala - Month ago
While Ariana was on the treadmill the MacBook had heart rather than an apple
Mia Morgan
Mia Morgan - Month ago
Her song 7 rings is at the start
Georgie Z.
Georgie Z. - Month ago
You can tell this was made before seven rings because she only mentioned the rings ari gave her friends, not the song
Drewberry E
Drewberry E - Month ago
Thank you next video
squishy diction
squishy diction - Month ago
My name is aubrey
Grade Berkley
Grade Berkley - Month ago
Yo um 3:03, lol 7 rings on the license plate 🤨🤨and coincidentally 7 rings comes out later
Kelly Dy
Kelly Dy - Month ago
7 Rings is the song...
Tyler - Month ago
Andrew 1001
Andrew 1001 - 2 months ago
I said Ari fam ♥😭
『Itz Katelyn』
『Itz Katelyn』 - 2 months ago
The 7 rings is fricken for HER NEW SONG!
Susheen 51
Susheen 51 - 2 months ago
YOU MISSED NEEDY ON ARI’S SHIRT!!! I know it came out later.
Hannah Sweet
Hannah Sweet - 2 months ago
I heard "Her name is Aubrey , and Im F*ckin with that....*
And thats probably exactly what she said....SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING.
Emily Basham
Emily Basham - 2 months ago
When u look back and realize she threw 7 rings at faces
Intro song, car number plate and others
Fun with Alexis
Fun with Alexis - 2 months ago
There is a Thank U,shrek and my bff always listens to it and I hate it bc i like Thank U,next better
Crazy Clo 0908
Crazy Clo 0908 - 2 months ago
Whose after flynn
tejaswoman - 2 months ago
Marvelous job, but how on Earth did they skip the fact that the little chatting scene with Jennifer Coolidge makes a sly allusion to the rumors of Pete being well-endowed, but substituting a guy with a big front tooth.
Frank Mlaki
Frank Mlaki - 2 months ago
never really knew what 7 rings ment on the car seen 9:44 but is the title of her song after. MIND BLOWN.
Cady Heron
Cady Heron - 2 months ago
My favourite movie is Mean Girls
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan - 2 months ago
am i just here for victorious cast
Nichola Dickens
Nichola Dickens - 2 months ago
7 rings actually meant the next song she sand called 7 rings
summers clara
summers clara - 2 months ago
2:52 ossie
KittiesR2 Cute
KittiesR2 Cute - 2 months ago
I knew it,its Collen!!!!!
Chloe Dring
Chloe Dring - 2 months ago
7 RINGS !!!!!!?!?!?!

breakfast at tiffanys
And bottles of bubbles
Girls with tattoos
Who like getting in trouble
Lashes and diamonds
ATM machines
Buy myself all of my favourite things
Amilia True
Amilia True - 3 months ago
3:25 Don't worry Ari. I heard Ari not Aubrey 💕
Alishba Hussain
Alishba Hussain - 3 months ago
7 rings the rings of her friends or HER NEW SONG she was saying her new song
undzwar - 3 months ago
the beat in the beginning is also a reference to 7 rings
Lia Khalifa
Lia Khalifa - 3 months ago
I knew i reconized Kris i just didnt know
Cat Lord
Cat Lord - 3 months ago
7 rings on the car is a new song which is out already
Aubrey Bowman
Aubrey Bowman - 3 months ago
Lgthrfwy Ggr
Lgthrfwy Ggr - 3 months ago
The marrage part is got to do with other ppl getting married instead of her
Katariina Virta
Katariina Virta - 3 months ago
The honest to knock me out is from an james corden episode.
Maddie :D
Maddie :D - 3 months ago
It’s pronounced auzzie 🤦🏼‍♀️
Rita Amd
Rita Amd - 3 months ago
Ariana is the best and she is not a tcheater so just shut up
Blake Belladonnaluvklance
Blake Belladonnaluvklance - 3 months ago
7 rings is my favorite song😍😍😍
Unicorn Queen
Unicorn Queen - 3 months ago
7 rings stands for her new song
Simon Wong
Simon Wong - 3 months ago
Rose Gepp
Rose Gepp - 3 months ago
From future
leaiixo Turtle
leaiixo Turtle - 3 months ago
kris kardashian not kris jenner :P
Siderealnote611 Xbox360
Siderealnote611 Xbox360 - 3 months ago
It’s 2019 now and the license plate refures to the song lol
deondretv - 3 months ago
I Literally thought she legit got Lindsey Lohan to reprise her role, that girl looked just like her
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson - 3 months ago
The whole 'fantasia' could be a reference to a song for a Disney film collection and it's actually a song that's like 5 minutes long
potato mallows
potato mallows - 3 months ago
Omg I miss Victorious and Sam and Cat
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 3 months ago
so they got the baby girl on the necklace and sweater but the didn't get the "7 rings" on the license plate of the car????
shasiela z.
shasiela z. - 3 months ago
did yall notice that in the very beginning of the music video the background music is the tune she used in her song 7 rings?
XxAmazing MidnightxX
XxAmazing MidnightxX - 3 months ago
Colleen ain't a prego no more!
Slime potato
Slime potato - 3 months ago
I am from de future And 7 rings Is now a SONG!!
• •
• • - 3 months ago
7 rings background music
Marli Casavant
Marli Casavant - 3 months ago
WHAT ARE EASTER EGGS I’m soooo confused
Chama’ni Turmon
Chama’ni Turmon - 3 months ago
7 rings was the next song she made
Officially Bitres
Officially Bitres - 3 months ago
The 7 rings actually means the song
Karma :3
Karma :3 - 3 months ago
Idk but i honestly remember the first time i watched it a dude was talking about this not a girl
-Em- - 3 months ago
9:40 y'all get it? 2019 anyone?
Jessica L
Jessica L - 3 months ago
um "13 going on 30" and "bring it on" are NOT ICONIC. Puleasse.
Cambell Tessendorf
Cambell Tessendorf - 3 months ago
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith - 3 months ago
7 rings is there because that's her new song she likes giving us hints
aniya woody
aniya woody - 3 months ago
7 rings also a song that just came out like 1 weeks ago....
charli plummer
charli plummer - 3 months ago
he hasn't aged much
Lotty Liv
Lotty Liv - 3 months ago
7 rings is her new single, which is also the background music at the start
aleena patrick
aleena patrick - 3 months ago
I thought the ice skating poster was from Yuri On Ice at first. I was like Ari's an anime fan but nope.
Ellie King
Ellie King - 3 months ago
Who’s here after seven rings came out

Just me, ok
707 Choi
707 Choi - 3 months ago
3:50 *wtf* why are there d***s?!
Disney on *dissapointed*
Uwu Ghostie
Uwu Ghostie - 3 months ago
7 rings is her new song uwu
Friendly - 3 months ago
At the start of the song, there was the music to 7 rings and the license plate 7 rings is one of her new songs
Jewellee Chiara
Jewellee Chiara - 3 months ago
I knew the rooms in the dollhouse looked like the rooms in the video.
Becky Sergison
Becky Sergison - 3 months ago
I know! It said 7 rings because that is her next song! And yes I'm late
Stargazer Sings
Stargazer Sings - 3 months ago
Idk about 13 going on 30 but mean girls, legally blonde, and bring it on were all turned into musicals so that's awesome
leeyah and the tambourines
"ossy popstar" sis use a z
Why Are You Here
Why Are You Here - 3 months ago
Anyone else see the number plates 7 rings? I found that out as soon as it came out
Mia Madison
Mia Madison - 3 months ago
Does anyone else not see that 7 Rings is from her new song???????
The Boss
The Boss - 3 months ago
7 rings Ariana's new song
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