Scientists Have Shown Who The Yeti Is

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Youtube King
Youtube King - 7 hours ago
Yeti exists.....but no one has found it's remains.
Shadow mor
Shadow mor - 16 hours ago
I learn what a yeti was in the American Pie movie
Bisma Junejo
Bisma Junejo - Day ago
YETI:sorry guys I'm already in paying tax
Amani Anthony
Amani Anthony - Day ago
Who is here after watching Abominable and Small foot?
aryan clair
aryan clair - Day ago
Yati word coming from India when some people going to Himalayan mountains for meditation then civilian people told them yati
Daniel Chiasson
Daniel Chiasson - Day ago
yet in truth, the scientists have fabricated the yeti lied with their experiments on human beings. do you have any idea what will happen to them?
Federation FHS
Federation FHS - Day ago
you cant say anything you dont know..........
Phindile Mkhonta
Phindile Mkhonta - 2 days ago
Bright side you rock
nkryptchn 02
nkryptchn 02 - 2 days ago
There is no such this this is all a hoax
Frank Graham
Frank Graham - 2 days ago
Bears are more dangerous than a Yeti.
QUEVOY - 3 days ago
En Rusia un grupo de científicos decidió escalar una montaña y los 9 desaparecieron. Ahora se conoce como el incidente del paso Dyatlov. Para finales de los años 50 se hizo esfuerzo por dar con ellos, solo encontraron el campamento destrozado y los cadáveres mutilados y esparcidos por un gran área. Los indígenas locales fueron acusados y torturados para que confesaran, lo que resultó en la muerte de uno. Solo cuando interrogaron a los niños se detuvieron. Ellos le hablaron de criaturas abominables blancas que solo los niños podían ver. Los cuerpos de los alpinistas mostraban quemaduras por radiación, extirparon la lengua a una, otros con grandes traumas al torso, todos tenían el cabello blanco como si hubieran envejecido de repente. Estaban en las tiendas cuando fueron atacados. Para escapar rompieron desde adentro las tiendas y escaparon mal vestidos para el clima y algunos descalzos. Algunos solo murieron de hipotermia.
Deborah Norsworthy
Deborah Norsworthy - 4 days ago
Why do you lie and coverup? Are you cowards or what. You know there here but you work for the world order. God Bless your lying tung.
Bharat Gourav
Bharat Gourav - 4 days ago
Face reveal please
eridas lekavicius
eridas lekavicius - 4 days ago
it`s a bear
Wolfie - 5 days ago
Wilf Jones
Wilf Jones - 5 days ago
I believe in the yeti , i also believe they occasionally mated with tories ...i mean humans . Boris J is a throwback .
Isaiah Brains
Isaiah Brains - 5 days ago
Bears grew long arms and walked on two legs to fool us?
Sanjay Punalur
Sanjay Punalur - 5 days ago
Me : who was that guy in the white dress
A guy who plays Pubg : It a guy from pubg being a snake
Tom Griffiths
Tom Griffiths - 7 days ago
It was androids controlled by the supreme intelligence
Nydia Li
Nydia Li - 9 days ago
It is called mountain Everest
Cory Franz
Cory Franz - 9 days ago
This article is from a yeti. They don't want to be found. And they're good story tellers.
Sangpi Zo
Sangpi Zo - 10 days ago
Yetis are alien only alien can hide from human
Bloom 21
Bloom 21 - 11 days ago
Mr. Food Trcuk
Mr. Food Trcuk - 12 days ago
We have a satellite that can read a newspaper from space but we cant find an ape.
syed sunny syed asmani
syed sunny syed asmani - 12 days ago
Yeti and mermaid are all made up stories from the one who like to fool people nothing more who ever simply believe them well go see doctors they might be something wrong some where in the brain!.
Thug life MF
Thug life MF - 15 days ago
This video just trying to hide Yeti🐵🐾❄ existence..
Black Boycott
Black Boycott - 16 days ago
The yeti is nothing but neanderthals who stay away from modern society.
SIDE CUT - 16 days ago
It might be snow gorila😏
Joe Blenden
Joe Blenden - 17 days ago
I knew you guy's would say it was a bear what else would you guy's say.
Embr_wolf - 17 days ago
Valir Vale
Valir Vale - 5 days ago
And Mitochondria is the plural form of Mitochondrion
kimberlycurtsinger72 - 18 days ago
NARKOHAMPON TV - 18 days ago
The Yeti is 💯 FAKE that was someone with a costume own setting up the kidnap
Anthony Baransky
Anthony Baransky - 18 days ago
I think there are alot of species yet to discover on earth. And if they exist they understand were agressive and barbaric and they choose to avoid humanity
יוסף מנטסנות
יוסף מנטסנות - 18 days ago
the yeti is just a big myth, resulting from incorrect indification, however the bigfoot (sasquach) is real, and i have a pictures.
Shaun Elliott
Shaun Elliott - 19 days ago
Just because the things they tested aren't Yeti it doesn't mean they don't exist. And Yeti are supposed too be "HUGE".
Dan Bugenhagen
Dan Bugenhagen - 19 days ago
Ya, those tracks they found in the snow are bear also, deformed from interbreeding, low population probably of polar bear brown bear crossbreed.
Rhaissa Santos
Rhaissa Santos - 20 days ago
funniest vid ive ever watch! 🤣😂
Daniel Jones vlogs/games
Daniel Jones vlogs/games - 20 days ago
But it’s white
All In The Mind
All In The Mind - 21 day ago
yeti airlines is of nepal not bhutan
Rahul Adhikary
Rahul Adhikary - 21 day ago
Go through Praveen Mohans YouTube channel..
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