Scientists Have Shown Who The Yeti Is

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Anil Khanal
Anil Khanal - 12 hours ago
I live in nepal
sonia delmas
sonia delmas - Day ago
you're such a liar
AakritAakash Neupane
AakritAakash Neupane - 2 days ago
I am from Nepal
Kyle Animation
Kyle Animation - 4 days ago
Is it a ice bear xD
Adrian Cyril
Adrian Cyril - 5 days ago
i am a yeti fan
Kirby Yecla
Kirby Yecla - 6 days ago
What the yeti is just a albino Gorilla.
Niranjan Shrestha
Niranjan Shrestha - 9 days ago
make fact about nepal
McDonnell Douglas
McDonnell Douglas - 9 days ago
The Yeti is not yet proven.
Muhammad Waseem
Muhammad Waseem - 15 days ago
Wait my mum and dad were born in Pakistan.🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋
Mark The Pianist
Mark The Pianist - 17 days ago
Maybe they are real bears but they have albanism
PETER DAMIAN MBAMA - 17 days ago
i dont think it is either tho cause no bear has a humans foot and yetis...... are not real m8
Sub Scribe
Sub Scribe - 18 days ago
I am from Nepal
Ariyadev Chawla
Ariyadev Chawla - 19 days ago
Reshma S
Reshma S - 20 days ago
GAMER DEADX - 21 day ago
when I was young I thought YETI was caveman from stone age who survived the ice age and as he was tall he got snow-covered on him and turned out to be a monster as his nails and teeth grew too big
amina abins
amina abins - 22 days ago
Amazing & terifing
Huzaifa Poonawala
Huzaifa Poonawala - 23 days ago
Yetis exist
Like Princess
Like Princess - 25 days ago
Make a video just for Nepal
SDENWP CM - 25 days ago
I believe it is a type of bear.
petr shastitko
petr shastitko - 26 days ago
I highly doubt the the yeti is actually a bear because it walks
Karen Chen
Karen Chen - Month ago
The legend of the yeti Is false that’s because some people already reached the peak of the Himalayan 🏔
ARC trooper Fives
ARC trooper Fives - Month ago
Hesh Ramsis
Hesh Ramsis - Month ago
Such a shallow useless video
Hanh Ngo
Hanh Ngo - Month ago
The yeti........I'm not real I am maybe find out yourself....
Jasmin Akter
Jasmin Akter - Month ago
I saw the movie small foot there I heard the word Yeti
Someone _Random
Someone _Random - Month ago
I just thought that the yeti was a big gorilla
Princess Margareth Ocampo
who's watching this after watching ABOMINABLE movie 2019?
Hahahaha bright side said it is very rare to find a person whose not seen a yeti the cartoon I mean.
Well my family has never seen it which makes it six people
Jesus Enrique Solano
Jesus Enrique Solano - Month ago
Paarth Dubey
Paarth Dubey - Month ago
1:25 okay,you cannot believe Pakistan
Syed Adnan
Syed Adnan - Month ago
I have also heard abt yeti...My grandma told me when i was a kid...I m frm kashmir ...Its called "" Wan Muhnew" in kashmiri...
ANGRY TOUCAN - Month ago
since 1951
ANGRY TOUCAN - Month ago
I sawn yeti !!!!!!!
in clash of clans
and also in videos
Janell Packer
Janell Packer - Month ago
It could be a really big polar bear that is able to walk
Hans Kamat
Hans Kamat - Month ago
Bear ain’t no less than a yeti
Jiro Todoroki
Jiro Todoroki - Month ago
Brendon Tang
Brendon Tang - Month ago
Human: *sees yeti footprints 👣*
Human: The yeti is in my sight!
Vijay Samant
Vijay Samant - Month ago
'You Know You Just Broke My Heart'
Alex's Game Play
Alex's Game Play - Month ago
It is actually India not Pakistan
Gavin Pang
Gavin Pang - Month ago
watching it at 2020
Gavin Pang
Gavin Pang - Month ago
I am
EliminatoR - Month ago
I think the concept is based on clash of clans
Aleah Talleyrand
Aleah Talleyrand - Month ago
MrBright Side:”Yeti-Locks and the Three Bears”
ADI DUDE - Month ago
almost 80 percent of this vid is not true about yeti
joshua gamer
joshua gamer - Month ago
it is a hard decision
joshua gamer
joshua gamer - Month ago
i am
Swetlana - Month ago
I just knew what is yeti in this video ,😅😅
Nisha Hachhethu
Nisha Hachhethu - Month ago
That's Nepal not Bhutan.
Swadhee Sharma
Swadhee Sharma - Month ago
But don't forget that scientists were those who believed that we come from monkeys
Jeremyriel Inamac
Jeremyriel Inamac - Month ago
I'm late
Hustad Family
Hustad Family - Month ago
Nigel R
Nigel R - 2 months ago
Jian Liu
Jian Liu - 2 months ago
Yetis are real
slurp ninja26
slurp ninja26 - 2 months ago
I thougt the yeti is on the ape familly
Barik Rehman
Barik Rehman - 2 months ago
Me the real sceintist 😂😂😂:
Yeti is a prankster
Barik Rehman
Barik Rehman - Month ago
@Noglo Jessica Pretty much nothing
Noglo Jessica
Noglo Jessica - Month ago
Barik Rehman what do you do in a science lab then?
Dark John
Dark John - 2 months ago
Isn't that the same mountain were siren head was spotted?
Ritesh Padmawar
Ritesh Padmawar - 2 months ago
I think it's fifty fifty
Tyree Family
Tyree Family - 2 months ago
I know I know it I know it Hey have you ever thought of being a friend to the yeti
KB - 04MJ - Northwood PS (1533)
Tibet is also known as a country in china
KB - 04MJ - Northwood PS (1533)
Tibet is in china
Gary Yiu
Gary Yiu - 2 months ago
Im waching this at 2020
Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson - 2 months ago
if not many people have seen yeti`s then they are almost extinct
pigeon empire varshith
pigeon empire varshith - 2 months ago
Yes it is real, I saw one in Malaysia
Henry Adams
Henry Adams - 2 months ago
Uzair Niazi
Uzair Niazi - 2 months ago
its a bear
Banana Gaming
Banana Gaming - 2 months ago
I have seen a yeti Its my sister
Stephanie mavinthiran
Stephanie mavinthiran - 2 months ago
what if yetis are in space😂😂😂🤦‍♀️
omar salous
omar salous - 2 months ago
b r u h this thing is not real
Saima Tabassum
Saima Tabassum - 2 months ago
I think its a scam
Celestial - 2 months ago
No such bulshit exist, only scary thing in this world is Human
Newar Freedom
Newar Freedom - 2 months ago
why Tibetan
every since are from Nepal
why not Nepal
Gerald Spessard
Gerald Spessard - 2 months ago
It's William Tully, lives down on 4th st.
THANOS THE MAD TITAN - 2 months ago
Legend says that the yeti is still hungry for a crabby patty
Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon
Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon - 2 months ago
Show more about dinosaur return
Thanh Nguyen Trung
Thanh Nguyen Trung - 2 months ago
yeti is not batutut in Vietnam
Fatima likes puppies
Fatima likes puppies - 2 months ago
Who’s watching this at 2020 ???
Me : Only me I guess am always late
Owen James
Owen James - 18 days ago
To many me
Mustafa Alobaydi
Mustafa Alobaydi - 25 days ago
DarkAnimate7250 - Month ago
RAL Plays
RAL Plays - Month ago
Bat Clara
Bat Clara - Month ago
Sen Studies
Sen Studies - 2 months ago
Spoiler--- No one in the comment is in the support of the scientists.
Like---If you are checking the comments to know that who wins (science or yeti)
Senaka Senanayake
Senaka Senanayake - 2 months ago
Science rocks...
'PENG6' Family
'PENG6' Family - 2 months ago
Tanvir Hasan
Tanvir Hasan - 2 months ago
Yeti are bears.
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