FaZe Jarvis - Banned 4 Life (Official Music Video)

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Jarvis - 5 days ago
I actually made a music video holeeeeeeeeeee
GUCCI BRUV - 4 days ago
That’s amazing JARVIS
jovanigaming 248
jovanigaming 248 - 4 days ago
Haters gotta hate remember that jarvis
Okesene Okesene
Okesene Okesene - 4 days ago
This is y u got report because u aimboting without even looking at ur opponents
Faze Semirmessi
Faze Semirmessi - 4 days ago
SamTheBeast ya
Jaymon Clark
Jaymon Clark - 4 days ago
Jarvis is a goat without aimbot
My Thoughts
My Thoughts - 8 hours ago
Maby try and rap
Hayden Eastwood
Hayden Eastwood - 8 hours ago
This is worst than 9-11
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez - 8 hours ago
U so cringe
WillKilpz - 8 hours ago
This is sooooo bad and cringe yuckkkkk, worse than mumble rap and he tries to make his voice sound so deep amd tough with the autotune when rlly he'd cry over someone punching in the shoulder bc hes never been in a fight the only fight he can take is a build battle fucken nerd fortnite weirdo
Chrinic_Next - 8 hours ago
Angel Armenta
Angel Armenta - 8 hours ago
Virgin for lifeeeee
Alex_. - 8 hours ago
Sv3 - 8 hours ago
Best things ever
Derrye El Quins
Derrye El Quins - 8 hours ago
I fw you Jarvis but this is just terrible like...so bad so so so so bad
SCOPE- 2126
SCOPE- 2126 - 8 hours ago
Free him
SpAC3GH0sT100 - 8 hours ago
This is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life
KGGammming YT
KGGammming YT - 8 hours ago
Me : playing Jarvis and new song
My dad : I like that song
Me : what is going on inside your head
TambreYT - 8 hours ago
Yeah yeah we see you xd
Caleb Cobb
Caleb Cobb - 8 hours ago
He autotuned this harddd
lil Andrew
lil Andrew - 8 hours ago
Caleb Cobb
Caleb Cobb - 8 hours ago
Super cringe lol
Mr.FRESHMELON - 9 hours ago
This sucks
Yt Blade
Yt Blade - 9 hours ago
Yasin - 9 hours ago
iStrolit - 9 hours ago
Asad Pro
Asad Pro - 9 hours ago
Asad Pro
Asad Pro - 9 hours ago
These kids he's killing are 10 hp literally
Hintoz - 9 hours ago
thats a controller playa....
Money Mason
Money Mason - 9 hours ago
broooo this is sooo bad
Money Mason
Money Mason - 9 hours ago
broooo this is sooo bad
Money Mason
Money Mason - 9 hours ago
Hibana - 9 hours ago
Trash 😂
Joseph Blacklidge
Joseph Blacklidge - 9 hours ago
Frankie Mcnicol
Frankie Mcnicol - 9 hours ago
Itz Ghost
Itz Ghost - 9 hours ago
Make a new account tho to play fortnite
Xan - 9 hours ago
You should be banned from making “music”🤦🏻‍♂️
Darth vader 308
Darth vader 308 - 9 hours ago
Just stop
Zacharyq Jordan
Zacharyq Jordan - 9 hours ago
Lol god faze does anything to stay relevant
Samuel Fernandez
Samuel Fernandez - 9 hours ago
Dark SpiderMan 20078
Dark SpiderMan 20078 - 9 hours ago
Mad video
Orato Sr
Orato Sr - 9 hours ago
Tf did i just watch
KE • BRACE - 9 hours ago
That American accent tho
Trippie J1
Trippie J1 - 9 hours ago
الاسطوري و الكنج، ١٣٢٣
The only way that your making money is because your brother
Josh V
Josh V - 9 hours ago
Just cringe tbh
melody_ Theo_
melody_ Theo_ - 9 hours ago
YouTube texting Jarvis:”sorry you have been banned for making everyone’s eardrums bleed”
Jarvis:”Ight I’m gonna hate on this to
PVxSef -
PVxSef - - 9 hours ago
00:28 your welcome
Mohammed Shabir
Mohammed Shabir - 9 hours ago
Flexing his designer
Conrad Welding
Conrad Welding - 9 hours ago
Lyrics and Music was shit you can't sing without autotune and you're seriously crying over a game?Get a life!
Fhati - 9 hours ago
Camron Yoachum
Camron Yoachum - 9 hours ago
Aimbot u a bot hahahah
Comedy Shell
Comedy Shell - 9 hours ago
Usually I would just ignore my alarm but if this was the sound I would get up as quick as possible to press stop
Fernando Balsevich
Fernando Balsevich - 9 hours ago
No one:
Faze Jarvis fanboys: he doesn't deserve being banned from fortnite.
Faze Jarvis: idfk i will still make videos of fortnite.
(Edit)Faze Kay: Jarvis, you are banned from playing fortnite but you are still insane.
Me: spending my life doing this.
Tyler Bravo
Tyler Bravo - 9 hours ago
ljupceljupce dona
ljupceljupce dona - 9 hours ago
I like your musik
oof oof
oof oof - 9 hours ago
Shit 😂
Ejkz - 9 hours ago
Jarvis I had to unsubscribe after this video
Jurr Senior
Jurr Senior - 10 hours ago
this is gonna be a meme for sure
Ppunky Poo
Ppunky Poo - 10 hours ago
I think its fire.... That u got banned on fortnite
Flash YT
Flash YT - 10 hours ago
NKandKKvlogs - 10 hours ago
Jarvis stick to fortnite oh I forgot u can’t play
Clyphn - 10 hours ago
Epic, please see this video and let him play again so he can stop making dogshit music
ツLFjacob - 10 hours ago
He so wants to be American
Sky Walker Cushman
Sky Walker Cushman - 10 hours ago
How much auto tune to you need?
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